The Rise Of Rocket.


"Crash!" The noise was coming from a small bedroom in Lumios City where a boy was rummaging through a set of draws looking for something. The crash had been made by a pile of books next to the bed falling over. "Found it!" The boy called joyously, "now I can go meet professor Sycamore and get my first Pokémon!" Just then his mum walked through the door and gasped in mock horror at the mess on the floor. "Well I certainly won't miss all this mess while you're out adventuring all over Kalos." She sighed. "Remember to come back before you set off okay James?" She asked. James stood up and pulled on the cap he'd been looking for and gave his mum a hug. "Will dad be back to say goodbye when I come pick my things up?" He asked his mum, pulling his jacket on as he did so.

"You bet!" His Mum replied, ruffling James' hair the way she used to when he was younger. "Have you thought about which Pokémon you want to join you on your journey?" She asked him.

"Mmhm." James nodded, "but you'll have to wait till I get back this afternoon to see which one it is!" His Mum laughed. "You'd better get going!" She warned, "you don't want to be late on your first day do you?" But James was already at the door, ready to go pick up his very first Pokémon. "I'll see you later!" He called as he headed out the building. He walked for a while before Prism Tower came into view, this wonderful tourist attraction also doubled as the Lumios Gym, whose powerful gym leader Clemont specialized in electric types. James had met Clemont a few times and knew him well enough. James couldn't wait to come back to Lumios and battle Clemont to earn the Voltage badge! He'd have to train a lot before then though! As James rounded the corner and Prof. Sycamore's lab came into view, he realized how little he knew about Pokémon. This really would be a learning journey, both for him, and his Pokémon!

"Wait here please." The professor's assistant asked James to sit and wait to be called in to see Prof. Sycamore. James was feeling impatient however, and decided to go looking for the Prof himself. He hadn't gone far when he thought he saw a Pokémon's tail go around a corner. He started to run to catch up with this mysterious Pokémon. He was soon running as fast as he could down the corridors, finally it stopped and he was able to get a good look at what it was. He soon realized it was a Fennekin, one of the three starters available to new trainers here in the Kalos region. It walked up to him and pawed his foot then walked towards the wall and came back again. "What do you want?" James asked the Fennekin, "Do you want to show me something?" He asked. It felt strange talking to it, as he knew it couldn't talk back. He'd never really been close to many Pokémon as he hadn't been old enough to look after one till now, and his parents were usually too busy to have been able to care for one. The Fennekin yapped at him, and then ran to the wall again. "What is it?" James asked, crouching down to talk to it. When the Fennekin came back this time he reached out to stroke it, he gently placed his hand in between Fennekin's ears and rubbed its head. Fennekin squealed with delight, it pushed its head into James' hand every time he lifted it a bit. Once Fennekin had been petted to its satisfaction, it gently took James' hand in its mouth and dragged him towards the wall. Once there it stood on its hind legs and pointed up the wall. And then James saw it! A shelf further up the wall with some poképuffs in. James laughed, then reached up and grabbed the box. "Here you go!" He grinned, holding one in front of Fennekin, "just one though!" He laughed when Fennekin tried to get its paw in the box. After feeding Fennekin the poképuff, James decided to go on further down the corridors. Fennekin wanted to come soon and before long the both of them were walking along the corridors together. They wandered along several corridors before hearing voices behind a door. James knew it was bad to eavesdrop but suddenly he recognized the Prof's voice, and he sounded worried. James only caught snippets of the conversation such as: "I know it's a problem..." "We know what will happen if..." and "last summer was stressful enough. We don't need anything worse than that for a long time..."

Suddenly James heard footsteps coming towards the door as the voices got louder, with a jolt he realized that Prof. Sycamore was going to come through the door! Soon James and Fennekin were running as far away from that door as they could get, when the stopped to catch their breath, James urged Fennekin to go back to wherever it had come from in the first place. "They'll be missing you now." He told it, "you should get going, I'll see you later!" He gave it one last stroke before it ran off. James himself soon made his way back to the waiting area, but all he could think of was, 'what could be more stressful than last summer!?'

He remembered quite clearly what had happened last summer, a young trainer called Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town in Kanto had come, but the evil team Flare had tried to destroy the world! Thankfully Ash, along with the legendary Pokémon Zygarde were able to stop them. The whole incident was the reason why James was getting his first Pokémon at 12, not 10.

Just then Prof. Sycamore came through the door. "Hello James!" He called, "are you ready to pick your Pokémon partner for life? If so, come with me please." James took a deep breath as they walked trough the door. Whatever the professor had been talking about, at least James would face it with a loyal Pokémon by his side.