Snowbound-Ch 20

Epilogue- 6 Months Later

Derek squeezed Penelopes hand and said, "you're doing great baby girl", she collapsed against the pillow and said, "hotstuff I love you butt", he said, "I know, I know, shut up". She winked at him and said, "how much longer, how much longer"?, the doctor said, "one more push Penelope, can you give me one more big push"?, she nodded her head yes as another contraction hit her body.

Outside in the waiting room Jack said, "how much longer, it's been foreverrrrr", Henry said, "is her habin a boy or gurl"?, Reid picked up his son and said, "we don't know yet, they wanted to be surprised". Henry said, "it's a gurl", JJ said, "a girl huh"?, he nodded his head and said, "uh huh tause we aweady gots me and Jack" causing JJ to smile as she kissed the top of her sons head.

About an hour later Hotch looked down at his beeping cell and smiled and said, "she's in her room, they're ready for us to come up and see Garcia and the baby". Fran said, "any word on the sex of my first grandchild"?, Hotch shook his head and said, "nope, nothing" as they all headed up the hall toward the elevator.

When they walked into her room a few minutes later they walked into the room to see Penelope holding the baby and Derek was right beside the bed looking down at the newest addition. Savannah and Sam had joined the family in the waiting room a few hours into Penelopes labor and stayed so that they could meet the newest Morgan.

Fran walked closer and said, "welllllll"?, Penelope said, "everybody we'd like for you to meet the newest member of our family, Madison Francine Morgan". Henry looked up at his mom and said, "seeeeeeee", Derek said, "what's Henry talking about"?, Reid said, "he said that Penelope was going to have a girl and sure enough here is little Madison".

Penelope looked up at Fran and said, "would you like to hold your granddaughter"?, Fran nodded her head and said, "I'd love to", Penelope gently handed the baby over and smiled as she watched Fran kissing the baby on the forehead. Savannah said, "ohhh Penelope she's gorgeous", Penelope said, "thank you, speaking of beautiful where's Shannon"?, Sam said, "she's at home sleeping, her grandma is watching her".

Derek sighed and said, "I still can't believe it, I can't believe that our little girl is finally here", Penelope intertwined their fingers and said, "believe it hotstuff", he leaned down and kissed her lips gently and said, "now I have 2 baby girls to love". Jack said, "she's so tiny uncle Derek", he said, "right now she is but soon she's gonna start growing and then she'll be as big as you and Henry".

Penelope looked at Henry and said, "what do you think about Madison"?, Henry grinned and said, "her pweetttyyyyy", JJ grinned and said, "she's beautiful", Derek said, "of course she is, she's just like her momma". Penelope grinned and Dave said, "how are you feeling kitten"?, she said, "exhausted and oh so happy papa bear" causing Dave to smile.

The team spent the next couple of hours passing baby Madison around and spending some time with Penelope and Derek, it wasn't long before they noticed that Penelpoe had fallen asleep. Fran said, "bless her heart she's worn out", Derek said, "it was a long, hard delivery for her", Reid said, "so how are you doing daddy"?, Derek smiled and said, "amazing pretty boy, amazing, how could something so little own my heart only seconds after her birth"?, Reid said, "Henry owns my heart to, I completely understand", Hotch nodded his head in agreement and said, "fatherhood, their's nothing like it".

As Derek looked around the room at the smiling faces he knew that he owed all of his happiness to being snowed in with his baby girl, if they hadn't gone to the mountains with the team he wouldn't be the happy husband and father that he is today. He glanced down at his daughter and knew that no matter what he had to do she was always going to be happy and safe.

A few hours later when their family had gone he toed off his shoes and climbed in the bed with his wife and snuggled close and as he drifted off he knew that from this moment on his life was going to be filled with nothing but joy, love, happiness and family.