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Percy POV:

The last thing I remembered was closing my eyes, when suddenly I felt weird like I was being turned inside out, but sighing I knew what was happening. I was summoned. My eyes were still closed, not because I meant to be disrespectful but because I was tired, tired of feeling so empty. When someone coughed to get my attention, I forced my eyes open. What I saw in front of me , replaced my melancholy with surprise , I didn't bow, I didn't speak, I just stood there with my jaw hanging, it may sound comical but when you stand before a group of primordial gods you would know the feeling. "Perseus" a voice boomed, I turned my head to what was the head of the throne room and I saw something that made my blood boil. Gaia. I stormed up to her, anger blinding me from thinking logically, not that I'm used to it, but trying to decapitate the primordial goddess of earth in the throne room of the primordial is probably not the brightest idea. I swung my sword, but at the last moment my sword flew out of my hands. I raised my hands but time suddenly slowed down around me, I tried forcing my hand towards Gaia's face but it would not budge. I just wanted to scream. "Hear Chaos out Perseus" urged Pontus, "Why should I even consider listening to you" Percy snarled, Pontus' face fell immediately, "Because we would like to give you our blessing" Pontus said quietly while walking away. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. "Why do you want to give me your blessing?" I asked, for a second, pure rage was etched onto the face of Chaos, then as suddenly as it came, it disappeared. "Gaia was corrupted when…" She trailed off. At first it didn't register, but after a moment of letting it sink in, I finally registered the words Chaos had said a few moments ago. "What?' I said quietly, all the emotion from the past two years hit me in moments, none of the primordials looked at me. It's not her fault. It's mine. "I'm sorry Perseus " Gaia said tears streaming down , before anyone registered what was happening I rushed at Gaia, Pontus charged but stopped immediately when he saw me envelope Gaia in a hug "It's not your fault." I said, all my feelings were churning inside me. I didn't know what to feel. Anger? Sorrow? I just felt empty, like something is missing. I missed all the looks of admiration from the primordials. Chaos cleared her throat (AN: Yes, Chaos is a woman here.) "It's time" Chaos said, and with that I was blasted back by a beam of pitch black energy, I'm not sure if I was seeing stars or it was the colour of the beam but I swear I saw white spots, a tingly felling ran through my entire body at first then it became unbearably hot, when it was done I barely had a moment to recover when I got hit by another beam, this cycle continued till I was hit by a greenish-brown beam of energy, sent by Gaia. I bent over, hand on my knees, drenched in sweat, who knew getting blessed by primordials could be so taxing? I closed my eyes for a second and I felt like the world came crashing down then I heard someone scream my name. A voice I never thought I'd hear again. Annabeth's voice.

Everything turned blury, but when it cleared out I was in my cabin, I felt a weight on my chest and looking down I saw a mess of blonde hair, I inhaled sharply, Annabeth. "Annie?" I whispered, she turned around and I found myself captivated by the most beautiful grey eyes, "I miss you so much" I said, my voice threatening to break with the amount of emotion it contained. " I know Percy but you have to move on, please, do it for me" She said tears in her eyes. I held her close took in the smell of her hair, the sight of her eyes and with one last kiss, the taste of her lips. I buried my face in her hair and whispered "I'm sorry". When I opened my eyes I was alone, "Annie?" I said a little more than a whisper, no reply. "Annie?" I said a little louder. Still nothing. "Annie!" I screamed. With that the world around me shifted into a different scene, the primordials were crowded around me. I had woken up.

Seeing me awake, all the primordials returned to their thrones, "I'm sorry Percy" Chaos said. She called me Percy. That's not good. "You've become immortal" She confirmed my doubts. "Why?" I asked more tired than angry. "You would have exploded with the amount of power you had" Chaos explained. I gave her a questioning look, sighing she sent over a black ball which hovered over my head and it dropped down, after which it felt like I knew everything. I had gained the powers of the entire primordial council. "But why?" I asked. With a nod Chaos dismissed the council, the council flashed out leaving me with a fairly intimidating Chaos. "We need you to keep an eye on the gods, to make sure they don't get corrupted like Gaia, I've blessed the primordial council, but even I have limits." Chaos said slowly as if Chaos was unsure of the words coming out of her mouth, I then realized Chaos was unsure. She just gave a crazy amount of power to an almost suicidal hero who declined godhood twice. "I will do my best, Lady Chaos, but I fear Zeus will see me as a threat" I said half laughing at my uncles paranoia. "Then I think it's time we introduced you to the Olypians" Chaos smirked.

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