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Artemis POV:

Tears were streaming down my face, first Zoe, now Thalia, why do all the hunters I get close to die? I let my arrows fly as I felt tears streaming down my face. I was surprised to hear that Perseus, broke out of Gaia's trap, maybe he's not as dumb as he projects himself to be. Coming to think of it, it's like he died the day Gaia fell. He didn't smile, he barely ate or talked, he didn't even look at another girl. It was a shame Gaia had to destroy the one decent male there was on the planet, curse that bitch!

I was heading back to my tent when Hermes flashed in front of me, "Urgent meeting on Olympus, NOW!" He said with a solemn face, he too had grown serious since the day Gaia fell, I flashed on to Olympus wondering what could have been so important.

I flashed to my throne, everyone had come barring Aphrodite and Poseidon. Aphrodite flashed in two minutes later. Five minutes we all sat in silence until a hysteric Poseidon flashed in "He's not there!" Poseidon bellowed, Hades followed up saying "He's not dead or in the Underworld" Poseidon's facial feature relaxed slightly, "But where could he be?" Athena asked more concerned more than curious, before anyone could answer a pitch black hole appeared in the middle of the throne room. A cloaked figure, besides someone who I'd never thought I would see, the creator herself.

Zeus POV :

What I saw made my eyes widen, Holy Chaos, it was Chaos! Beside her, was a cloaked figure all in black and what was the most surprising thing was that the 6'4 figure had prominent muscles but I could not detect his aura, a question for another time perhaps, I was bought out of my musings, by Hera's elbow, which introduced itself to my gut. I forgot my manners, I was stood up to bow, but Chaos dismissed it with a flick of her hand.

"Do not waste your effort on futile actions of effort" Chaos said casually. I nodded and complying with her wish I sat back down.

"Olympians, today I address you, to inform you of another threat. The primordials have sent our champion to monitor your actions to protect you from this threat, harm him and die." Chaos said seriously, superiority evident in every word. With that Chaos left.

I cleared my throat, "Introduce yourself."

The cloaked figure responded "Hello Uncle."

Percy POV :

As soon as I said that word, the entire Olympian council became unruly. Most were happy others were just confused. I saw my father walk up to me with a proud smile "Champion of the primordials?" he asked, his voice full of pride. "Yeah" I said awkwardly. I still had the cloak on but no one had asked me about it yet, I made eye contact with Hades. I should atone for what I hadn't had the strength to do for all this time. I walked to words Hades to apologise.

Hades POV:

I saw my nephew walking up to me, a solemn face, like always, but there was a sadness in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Uncle." He said quietly, looking down.

"Sorry for what Percy?" I asked, befuddled with his sudden apology.

"Sorry for letting you down, I couldn't save Bianca first, now Nico…" he continued but after he mentioned my two children I stopped listening, I was drowning in my emotion, how cruel were the fates? I am the God of the underworld and the dead, but both my children are dead. Even though I'm grateful that I can see my children in Elysium, that is simply not enough. I cannot feel them, I cannot play with them, I will never attend their wedding. Nothing.

"It's not your fault Percy, if anyone is to blame it's Gaia" I spat the name out like it was bitter.

"That's the thing Uncle, Gaia was corrupted, she did not mean for this to happen" He said, at which most of the Olympian council gasped. "It IS my fault" he continued.

No. Percy was like a brother to Nico, I can't see him like this. "I want to adopt you" I blurted out, surprising myself as well as the entire Olympian council "with your father's permission, that is" I continued after I noticed Poseidon glaring at me.

Poseidon nodded at me in confirmation, and Percy smiled and nodded. Smiling to myself I adopted Percy.

Percy POV:

More power. Great. Just what I need right now. It was not until I caught the hopeful look on the face of Hades that I accepted. For the first time in what seemed like a millennia I smiled and nodded. But after Hades adopted me a really weird thing happened. The fates came in. I was blessed by Ananke for the sake of Chaos! Shouldn't I be free from them. I groaned.

No prophecies this time. They were straight and direct. They said something that shocked the entire Olympian council and me and left like nothing ever happened.

I was supposed to accompany Artemis on her next few hunts. This is going to be painful, not the fact that I'm going to be travelling with a group pubescent, man-hating girls, but because this would freshen my memories of Thalia and how I failed my friends.

I heard Chaos speaking in my head "Stop your moping and get to work." Wow. I don't even get time to mope. I got up and walked to Artemis, "I'm sorry about what has been decided but even I cannot change this" I said.

She dismissed it with a wave of her hand.

Okay. Time to go visit my parents.

I walked into the shadows and when I walked out I was home. Erebus, Nyx and Hades were awesome.

"Percy?" came a voice, I turned around, to my mom, who looked slightly older but still had that shine in her eyes. My eyes fell on to the bundle of cloth she was carrying, or rather what was in the bundle of cloth. I was an elder brother.

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