A/N: Because I love them.

(The song used is Wonderful Life, by Katie Melua, and obviously, Titanium.)


your voice, my favorite sound


The first time she heard her sing was late at night, with the full moon reflecting in the cold water of the lake Trini now knows to be one of Kim's favorite spots.

She remembers walking along the forbidden premises of the still mine, headphones slung around her neck to give her already ringing ears a much needed break from the loud drums, screeching guitars and screaming voices. The air was still and warm, but her hands were still buried in the pockets of her yellow jacket and beanie slipped onto her head. She walked and walked, trying to stop her mind from going back to the argument she had had with her mother earlier that evening, the one they seemed to have every night. As usual though, her head wouldn't allow that.

Why are you the way you are? What's wrong with you? Why can't you be the daughter we want and had so desperately wished for?

Of course those were never the actual words that left her mom's mouth, but they might as well had been.

So as she mindlessly traveled around the place she always came to when she needed a breather, and the floor beneath her feet changed from hard gravel to soft grass, Trini heard it.

Her brows furrowed at the soft bass line, and as curiosity got the best of her, she followed the sound deeper into the little wooden area. Getting closer to the source, Trini recognized the song playing to be one of those bubblegum pop songs she avoided like the plaque and rolled her eyes at the sound, before figuring she might as well turn around before her ears might fall off.

But then the song changed. And she heard that voice.

A shiver shook her body, the hairs on her arms rose underneath her jacket, and her breath hitched in her throat.

Gulls in the sky and in my blue eyes, you know it feels unfair, there's magic everywhere.

Trini swallowed and with bunched up hands, she slowly walked closer. Her heart puckered like crazy, more out of excited curiosity than anything else, but that changed as soon as she found the owner of the voice that made her want to investigate.

Kimberly Hart.

Look at me standing, here on my own again.

A very sparsely dressed Kimberly Hart.

She stood by a lake, nothing but a pink bikini on her body, her long dark hair wet and quickly being tied into a messy ponytail by Kim's hands. Who on earth would have figured that one of the most popular girls in school, one of the prettiest ones too, would have such a lovely voice? Some people just have everything.

The sun's in your eyes, the heat is in your hair. They seem to hate you… because you're there.

Her hips seamlessly moved with the beat, her hands securing her hair in the hair tie, before she lifted them over her head and gave the song her all. Trini swallowed again, attempting to focus on solely her voice and not the little droplets still shining on her skin and slipping down tan shoulders and arms, but she found it incredibly hard from keeping her eyes from not noticing it.

I need a friend, oh, I need a friend. To make me happy.

Trini left then, quietly but as quickly as she could, the heat on her face making sure to keep her warm well into the night.



Kimberly flashed an apologetic smile over her shoulder before rushing out of the door and Trini's initial irritation of having her hip gently collide with the doorway dispersed immediately as images and sounds from that one night flashed up in her mind.


I do not have a crush on Kimberly Hart. I do not have a crush on Kimberly Hart. I do not have a crush on Kim-

She told herself this every night when she went to sleep, before she dreamt of that voice and eyes and smile and her.


Trini still visited the mine all the time, but she didn't dare to go near that damn lake again.


She didn't see her – as fucking usual – but in return Trini saw her all the more as she strutted down the stairs after being gone for a few minutes, with a confidence so enticing and hair suddenly so much shorter.

The classroom erupted into calls of approval and disbelief and Kim smirked and flipped her hair as she sat down and the teacher told everyone to quieten down, and there really was no denying anymore.

I most definitely do have a crush on Kimberly Hart.


With a scowl on her face she looked down the cliff Billy, Zack and Jason had jumped off of and then moved her gaze to the only other remaining person standing with her. Kim's smile fell when she saw there to be no hope in getting one in return, and Trini turned to leave when Kim stopped her.

"Hey, can I get a sip of your water? I'm dying."

Trini glowered at her, but who was she to deny her this simple request when she was so nice and pretty and- Just give her the damn water. Begrudgingly she reached for the water bottle stashed in the side of her backpack and stepped closer to hand it to the other girl. "Okay, just don't finish it."

"Thanks," she said with a smile, then, "And, I'm really sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

Trini surely didn't expect to plummet down into what could be her sure death, but all her stupid brain could think of were Kim's arms around her and her stupid short hair tickling her nose.

What a bitch.


"Why do you guys keep looking at each other? Is that some sort of human thing?"

But even with the little robot questioning them, Kimberly's eyes refused to leave Trini's, which made her a little less scared.


Her eyes caught Trini's all the time.

Sometimes she would turn in Biology class and wouldn't turn back around until she got a smile in return, which Trini couldn't help but to always give her.


"This whole thing with… being responsible for earth's fate and Rita supposedly coming in a few days, not being able to morph… it's a lot, you know? For all of us." Trini nodded and tried to do her best to swallow the panic rising inside of her at the mention of every single human life depending on them. Kim seemed to do the same but still sent her a weak smile, before turning away from her.

Trini seized that opportunity to observe – her friend, classmate, fellow Ranger, what? – Kimberly, took the chance to look at her slumped shoulders, tense forehead, and worried eyes, and frowned at the sight. It's not something that should be put on the shoulders of five teenagers and on more than one occasion she had wondered why the coins decided to find them of all people. Why not someone else? People, people who might have been more suitable? But every time she thought this, she realized that there must have been a reason. This was their fate. They were the Power Rangers.

But she hated that, upon looking at the girl that had given her so much confidence the last few days, that had been giving her comfort with just a look, she saw that she actually wasn't so sure about what Trini herself knew had to be true. Sighing quietly, she looked at the remains of the donut she and Kimberly shared.

They were done with feeling helpless.

The forceful way the fork drove through the baked good and hit the wooden table underneath with a dull thud brought Kim's attention back and after a short moment of confusion, she did exactly what Trini had hoped she would. They playfully fought over the donut, practicing small moves and training their reflexes, and at the end there was a smile on both of their faces.

Kim's face had never looked more beautiful.


"You're not going home?"

Looking over her shoulder, Trini squinted against the setting sun and lifted her mouth into half a smile when she saw Kimberly approaching. She thought everyone had already left and hoped they wouldn't notice her staying behind. "Not yet."

With a nod and smile, Kim closed the distance between them and stopped right next to her. "Crazy, isn't it? We did it," she said while looking at the remains of the town. Trini watched her instead. Awe filled the pink Ranger's face and her brows creased as she shook her head. "I can't believe we did it."

A smirk pulled at Trini's lips. "Well, you better." But the smile on Kim's face quickly got replaced by a grimace as Trini playfully bumped her shoulder with hers. "Sorry."

Kim shook her head, forced a smile through the pain she was feeling while reaching up to gently massage her shoulder with her hand. Trini's eyes couldn't help but stay glued to Kimberly's flexing fingers, and followed them as the girl moved her hand up the side of her neck.

"Are you hurt anywhere?"

Sucking in her bottom lip, Trini let her eyes wander up the other girl's neck, over plump lips – where she did linger a bit… - before meeting Kim's gaze… that she now realized had been fixed on her the entire time. Looking away, Trini blinked rapidly and glanced at her shifting feet.

"I'm fine." Idiot. Trini cleared her throat from the embarrassment. "Guess I'm much stronger than you, princess."

An offended gasp reached her ears and a smirk pulled her lips upwards when she looked up and saw Kim staring at her with an open mouth, the corners lifted. "Battle injuries are cool injuries. Guess I'm much cooler than you."

She snorted. "Whatever helps you sleep at night."

Kim simply grinned and then, taking Trini completely off guard, she leaned forward, close to her face… and started to sing quietly. "You shout it out, but I can't hear a word you say. Talking loud, not saying much."

There was no way she could possibly ignore the huge butterfly wings batting against the walls of her stomach, not when this voice had been the start of everything and certainly not when this time around Kim was singing only for her. "I'm criticized, but all your bullets ricochet," she sung, while stepping back and pretending to brush dust from her injured shoulder. Then, once she reached the chorus, she made a show of stretching her arms out as wide as she could, wincing in pain but laughing it off while loudly singing that she was, in fact, titanium.

This was the second time Trini had heard Kimberly Hart sing… and she never wanted it to end.