It has been 5 years since Oliver Queen came back from the dead and things in his life had never been better. He was now the mayor of Starling City and perhaps its most effective one ever, since he had instituted new policies such as the Anti-Crime Unit, rezoning for low income housing in Orchid Bay, and establishing the Starling City Firearms freedom act, as examples.

Also, after stopping the siege of Starling City, being led by his former friend Slade Wilson, an attack from the League of Assassins, saving not only the city, but also the world from Damien Darhk's plans at a nuclear apocalypse and stopping the throwing star killer Prometheus, aka, Adrian Chase, Oliver's alter ego the Green Arrow as now the hero of Starling City. His team had also expanded to include Thea's boyfriend Roy Harper, who went by the codename Arsenal and Cisco, who after being exposed to the dark matter from the particle accelerator explosion in Central City 3 years ago, had caused him to become a metahuman with the ability to manipulate the vibrational energy of reality, which he had learned to weaponize into vibrational blasts and thus, he decided to call himself Vibe, and the tech genius Ray Palmer, who had invented a super exosuit which he used to call himself, the Atom.

On the Oliver Queen side of his life, things were just as good, since after about a year, Laurel had told her dad and sister about everything and they had understood, and Laurel had even confronted her father about keeping her birth defect a secret from her, but they worked things out.

At the end of Oliver's second year back, Laurel revealed to him that she was pregnant, which caused her to step down as the Black Canary, since while she loved being a vigilante, she knew in her heart that she couldn't be both a vigilante and a mother. Oliver had originally wanted to retire from being the Green Arrow to, but Laurel had convinced him that the city still needed the Green Arrow. On October 8th, Laurel gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that they named Riley Sara Queen, since Laurel downright refused to have their daughter named after either of them, since she was named after her mother and she'd always hated sharing a name with her.

John had remarried Lyla and they had a son about a year younger than Riley named John Jr., or JJ for short and since Lyla had become the director of Argus a year ago, Laurel found herself babysitting for JJ, which she loved, considering how well Riley and JJ got along together, she swore they were going to start dating some day, since according to her dad, Laurel and Oliver had been the same way when they were that young.

Oliver still could not believe how much his life had changed. 5 years ago he'd never thought he'd come home. Now he had everything he'd ever wanted. A wife he loved, a daughter he adored and every day he woke up feeling like the luckiest man alive and the truth was that he practically was and he wouldn't trade this life for anything if he could.

Hope you all liked A Different Arrow, but all good things must come to an end, especially since after watching the Arrow Season 5 finale, I've started to come up with a new idea for Laurel's return from the grave in a turn of events on how I think the episode Lian Yu should've gone down that I will try to have up as soon as possible, I hope you all enjoyed this story