Iron God's

People fled as their god continued its march through the village, trampling buildings in its wake. It raised its right hand and fired a blast of lightning that destroyed a grain silo. Its voice boomed out across the valley, "Your tribute was lacking. Do not try to deceive me again. I know how much your farms grow, and how much your mines produce. Now taste my wrath!" A second lighting bolt destroyed the village hall in a shower of sparks.

The god turned and walked back to its castle.

Fort Sinclair, Saint Sebastopol, Deep Periphery.

Dexter walked his Panther through the gates of the old Castle Brian and into the Mech repair-bay. No sooner had he shutdown then Tech's swarmed over the Mech, cheeking it for damage. He reached the ground and walked over to a dark figure that that hung back in the shadows. He saluted, after a fashion "Well, I blasted them a few times with my PPC, and deliver your ultimatum. Although this job is easy than that raid we tried on Veil, stopping yokels in nowhere near as much fan as going up against the Clan's. Any idea of when the tech-heads will be finished?"

Susie 'One-Eye' Ryan took a long drag from the cigarette in her hand, "Soon Dexter, soon. And if they find what we expect them to, this is going to be the biggest score ever. Just think, an intact SLDF Castle Brian, full of all sorts of toys: Mech's, fighters, weapons, spear parts and money." Dexter smiled, "And if they find the codes we need, a WarShip. Not even the Clans will stand against you with that sort of firepower." Ryan nodded "That's the plan Dex, that's the plan."