Yuuichirou stood frozen in place.

Just a few seconds prior the kids from the Hyakuya orphanage had been running towards the exit, towards their salvation. Yuu and Mika were supposed to distract the noble vampire while they ran for their lives, but before they could even move, Ferid had already passed by them, so fast that they couldn't even see his movements.

But they saw it when the vampire attacked the kids, slashing, cutting, ripping, while the blood was spilled and the drops fell on the ground like a scarlet rain.

Ferid's movements were as deadly as they were gracious, barely making a sound, so the only noises filling the hall were the pitter patter of blood and the thud of the bodies and limbs hitting lifelessly on the floor.

"Yuu-chan… Give me that gun."

Yuu was dragged out of his trance and turned around to face Mika, not really comprehending his words right away. "Uh?"

Mika started towards him. "I'll attract his attention at the cost of my life. You at least have to escape."

The words finally sank and Yuu's eyes widened. "Eh? No way, you idiot. I won't let you do that!" Mika was the only one still alive, he wouldn't let him just run for his death, not Mika…

But before Yuu could process what was happening, Mika took the gun from his hand. "Remember, Yuu-chan… We are all part of the same family," and then he sprinted towards the vampire.

Yuu yelled at him in protest, but shock paralyzed him. He watched in horror as the Noble's hand made its way through the blond's chest, ripping flesh and cloth and spilling blood all around him, staining his shirt and the white tiled floor.

The impact and the pain caused Mika to lose his grip on the gun, dropping it. As he stumbled on his feet, curling on himself – a vain attempt to minimize the pain, - Ferid calmly lowered himself down to pick up the gun.

"Were you going to try to shoot me too? Honestly, I expected a little bit more from you, Mikaela-kun. Unless your intentions were to make some sort of distraction, that is. After all, these bullets aren't able to kill a vampire. Humans, on the other hand…" Mika watched, hopelessly and stunned, as the vampire raised the gun, aiming at him.

That was what stirred Yuu into action. He ran as fast as he could, not exactly knowing what to do. Should he tackle the vampire? Or push Mika to the ground? The answer came when he heard the shot. He didn't think, he just jumped.

And then everything seemed to be in slow motion. Mika's eyes widened as a mass of black hair appeared in front of him, inching closer and closer to the bullets route. Ferid's expression, that up till then was a sadistic one, morphed into shock.

The moment passed and Yuu fell flat on the ground, the only noise being the one of the impact, echoing through the wide and empty hall.

The bullet had hit his head.

Mika made a struggled noise and half kneeled half collapsed beside Yuu. Pain forgotten, Mika struggled with his hands for a moment, not knowing if he should reach or not for the ravenette. But the doubt didn't last long and he soon flung himself towards the boy, shaking him.

"Y-Yuu-chan?" He desperately called, tears running freely down his face.

Ferid, still not entirely over the shock, watched the scene with concern, brows knitted together, one hand on his face and the other – the one still holding the gun – hanging limply besides his body.

He wasn't supposed to harm Yuuichirou. Damn, he wasn't even aiming at anything vital on Mikaela, but he certainly wasn't expecting the sudden turn of events, and that's the result.

And then it hit him.

It was troublesome, yes, but he couldn't help the thrilling sensation of facing something that he had not foreseen, which was extremely rare these days. A smirk made its way back to his face, the concern twisting into excitement as he waited for the situation to unravel.

Meanwhile, Mika was still shaking Yuu and begging for him to wake up.

The pain was finally returning in full force, despite the adrenaline running through his body. Because of the blood loss – the blood still streaming down his chest through the wound, soaking his shirt in a vicious red – he was starting to feel light headed. His grip on the ravenette weakened and keeping on that kneeling position became a struggle by itself.

Mika slowly lowered down and laid his head on Yuu's chest, taking notice of the slow and faltering – yet still existing – beating of his heart. Amidst his hazy mind, this fact calmed down slightly the blond. Although, if he were on his right mind, he'd have known that despite that, Yuu'd never wake up again, for he was certainly already brain dead.

But Mika had more and more trouble forming coherent thought as time ticked by. He paid no mind to the guards that had entered at some point, and he barely noticed when they left and a petit vampire entered the room and had a somewhat violent conversation with Ferid Bathory.

He did notice though when the pink haired vampire kneeled beside Yuu and held his wrist. Mika felt a sparkle of anger lit inside him. He wanted to snap at her and say that she wasn't allowed to touch his Yuu-chan. But he felt way too weak, and instead he remained silent and listened to her saying, most likely to herself, "Still alive… somewhat."

Then she stood up and made her way towards Mika, finally approaching him. "Oi, human. Do you want to live? I can give you life. Eternal life."

Eternal life? Even in this state Mika understood her implications, and he promptly – although with some struggle – said, "I don't want that."

It's funny though. The prospect of becoming a blood-sucking monster wasn't even the worst part. It was living.

Why would he want to live when Yuu-chan was dying? When their entire family was dead? Dead because of none other than himself and his childish belief that it would be easy… no, possible, to scape this place.

No, he didn't want to live. As the seconds passed by, death seemed more and more like a blessing.

But she didn't give up. "And what if I also save this boy… Yuuichirou?"

His eyes widened for a split second. Save Yuu-chan? But he quickly shook off this thought. Turning Yuu wouldn't save him. "No," he said firmly, or as firmly as someone in the merge of death could.

"I see," though by the way she said that didn't seem like she did, and her next words proved that right. "But I'm afraid that you have no choice."

And so, she pressed her lips together and a trail of blood leaked from the corner of her mouth. She then sat down beside Mika and pulled him close – away from Yuu-chan, - but he had no strength to fight, so he just let himself be pulled.

And again, if he weren't in that sorry state, her next action would have shocked him more. The vampire pressed their lips together in a pseudo kiss and Mika felt himself swallowing something. Her blood, his mind provided.

For a second, nothing happened. But it was like the calm before the storm, because not two seconds later an excruciating pain hit him and spread throughout his whole body, as if it was liquid fire running through his veins. The pain was worse than when Ferid's hand broke through his skin and flesh, crashing the bones in its way as it made a hole in his chest. It was worse even than the pain that he faintly remembers from when his body kissed the asphalt of the road when he was only five and his mother had pushed him out of their speeding car.

Suddenly, the room became too bright, the agony blinding him. Everything was white, except for the black spots that appeared in his vision. And then, with a hint of surprise, he felt his body pressing against the hard floor, the cold bringing relief to his boiling skin. Except, that numbing sensation only lasted for a second.

All senses overwhelmed him, and amongst the cacophony that was his thoughts, he could hear a scream.

His scream, he noticed at last, before blissfully blacking out.

The first time that Mika woke up, he noticed that he was on the floor of a dimly lit room. That's it, that's all he could take from his surroundings. Somehow, the pain managed to get even worse, and as he screamed at the top of his lungs, he wondered how he still had voice.

For the next… Hours? Days? – he had no idea – he would drift between being awake and asleep. He didn't stay awake for much long each time, but the pain was so bad that every second seemed like an eternity.

The already agonizing pain escalated mercilessly and, by the third – or was it fourth? – time he woke up, it seemed to reach its epitome, and then Mika wasn't just screaming, no, he was begging. Begging not for it to stop, but for his death.

At that, a few guards entered the room. Mika knew, though, that the guards hadn't attended his wishes, because as darkness embraced his clouded mind, it wasn't to a dreamless sleep.

He was back at the white hall, all the kids from the orphanage around him, alive, and Yuu-chan by his side. They were walking towards the exit, but when they reached the middle of the room, the image started to flicker, to change.

Mika was still standing in the same place than before, his clothes still spotless. But the same couldn't be said about the others: the kids were scattered around the room, all bloodied and lying on the floor, a puddle of their own blood surrounding them. Some of them had missing limbs, some had large gashes on their stomachs - blows that hadn't been deep enough to cut their torsos in two, but so deep that cut through their flesh and was able to expose their guts.

He heard a laugh and his head snapped to the direction it came from.

"Mikaela-kun, are you appreciating the display?"

He felt tears streaming down his face. "Shut up, you bastard! What have you done?!"

He woke up panting. The relief that once was provided by his slumber had now been taken away. Now the only thing that switched was the type of pain. Whether it was physical or mental didn't matter, he suffered all the same.

The next two nightmares that he had were almost identical to each other, but slightly different from the first one.

It started pretty much the same way: everyone alive, a flicker, and they were dead. But that's where the similarities ended. Instead of Ferid appearing, he would hear voices. It was the orphans, they were calling him, even though they were still all bloodied and lying on the ground.

"Help me!"

"It hurts!"

"I don't want to die!"

Mika would then waltz through the room, going from kid to kid, trying to tend their wounds, stop the bleeding, do something, but it was all in vain.

And then, suddenly the blood leaking from their wounds would start streaming down like rivers. It'd start filling the room – no longer white, but pitch black, in a way that made him lose all senses of direction – and, in less than one minute, Mika would be drowning in it.

When he woke up from the third nightmare, he noticed that the pain finally started to subside, although it was still unbearable. But it was a relief nonetheless. Mika had started to think that the pain would never fade away and it would haunt him for all eternity.

And when darkness once more crept on him, he didn't break on a cold sweat, fearing in anticipation. No, as he started to lose consciousness, he had the feeling that it'd be the last time.

The dream once again started the same way, this time following just like the first one.

"Are you appreciating the display?"

"Shut up! What have you done?"

Once more Ferid's laugh echoed through the room. "Me?" He put one hand on his chest, what was certainly a fake display of innocence. "I haven't done anything." And then his sweet and overly dramatic tone became serious… cold. "You did."

Mika's eyes widened, and suddenly he felt… sticky. He looked down on himself. His clothes were splattered with blood, his hands were soaked in it and he could feel a liquid trail leaking from his mouth.

He swallowed the lump on his throat, which might have been a terrible idea. Mixed with the saliva was a faint irony taste. Suddenly his throat felt dry, painfully so.

And then came the voices.

"Why did you do this, Mika-nii?"

"Nii-san, it hurts!"

"Mika-san, I thought you cared about us."

Mika raised his hands to his ears, trying to block the voices, but it was almost as if they were inside his head instead of around him, and it was probably true. Everything was spinning, it was too much, it was to-

"Oi!" his eyes snapped open. Everything went silent, blissfully so.

Mika turned around, facing Yuu. He was standing about five feet away from him, his clothes were spotless and there was a serene smile gracing his features. Mika practically ran towards him, towards his Yuu-chan, stopping only when they were at arm reach.

Yuu took one small step towards Mika, one hand rising to Mika's head, caressing his cheeks. "Mika."

But, despite his soft voice, his tender touches, his smile-

"I thought we were family."

-It broke him.

Mika took one desperate step back and looked down, down from Yuu-chan's deep emerald eyes to his exposed neck. There was blood streaming down from two punctuated marks, tinting his neck and soaking his shirt.

It hurt, not only because his family was hurt, but mostly because the blood – Yuu-chan's blood, - scarlet and shining under the bright white light, was tantalizing.

Mika wanted to lean closer, to smell it, to taste it, to drink it-

He woke up with a gasp. The dream was gone and so was the pain that had been torturing him for who knows how long. But now he was feeling a different kind of pain, of ache.

His throat was dry, too dry, almost as if it was on fire. His hands instinctively moved to his neck, trying desperately to make the pain more bearable, but before he could start clawing himself, two guards entered the room and took him.

The whole walk was made in a daze. Mikaela both didn't care about where they were going and was in too much pain to pay attention, although he would easily prefer this pain over the previous one.

Mika only attempted to make the effort and look at his surroundings after the guards unceremoniously dropped him on the red carped floor. The room was wide and with a high headroom - just like the rest of the rooms of this place, apparently, - and was mostly empty, apart from a few decorations along the walls and a throne on the back wall, which was occupied by the petit, pink haired vampire that had given her blood to him. He could now faintly remember that she was, indeed, the queen, Krul Tepes.

"Hello, Mikaela."

Mika, still on four on the ground, panting, tried his best to take his attention from the burning on his throat, instead choosing to focus on anything else, which ended up being the manicured nails that Krul leisurely tapped on her throne.

Tip. Tap. Tip. Tap.

For a moment, Mika let himself be lost by the monotonous sound that a human ear wouldn't be able to register from this distance, but that he could hear just as clearly as if he was just beside it.

Krul had paused for just a couple of seconds before continuing. "You were out for eight hours, if you're wondering." Her voice unnerved him. He couldn't decide if it sounded friendly or amused, or maybe even a mixture of both, but considering who she was, it was most likely the second option, he decided.

"I wasn't." The short answer came out with great effort.

"Well then, we have more important things to be taken care of." Mika wasn't up for small talk, and apparently the same could be said about the queen, despite her demeanor.

But what Krul considered 'important' might not apply to Mika's point of view. Although, before the boy could even decide if he wanted to know about whatever Krul meant or if he simply didn't care, he noticed - or rather scented - something.

He had lost it in his inner struggle of redirecting his attention, and it was only when Krul's words broke his concentration that his brain registered the smell. A smell so sweet and so tempting that Mika was sure that he had never experienced such crave in his entire life, it was really a wonder how just then he smelled that.

But, as the sweetness invaded his nostrils, the already painful burning on his throat only got worse - way worse, - and so did the aching on his teeth. Well, not regular teeth, fangs, which Mika had already noticed but opted for ignoring, what could no longer be done, once they seemed to elongate and nip on his tongue with their needle like tips, all while a liquid that he suspect wasn't saliva filled his mouth with a somewhat bitter taste.

For a second, he let instinct take over him, jerking his head way faster than humanly possible towards the direction where the smell came from. That's when he saw the kid laying, unconscious, just a few steps behind him.

For a frightening moment, he felt the urge to pounce and attack him, do anything in order to drink what was sure to be as sweet as how it smelled.

The blood.

But the realization came - almost not quick enough but striking him like a lightening, - and he came crashing back down to reality.

His eyes widened in horror and he closed his hand into fists, clinging hard onto the fabric of his shorts. The bloodlust was then mixed with disgust - disgust for what he almost did and somehow still wanted to do. Mika tried to avoid the sight of the kid and stare at the ground instead, which he is ashamed to admit that he did with great effort.

If Krul had noticed his internal turmoil, she didn't show it, opting instead on elaborating what she had started saying, even though Mika already had some idea of what was so 'important'.

"So, Mika. Suck this human's blood. When you do, your cells will stop moving, and you'll transform into a complete vampire… with powers that transcend humans and an ageless body." As she spoke, his situation both started to feel more real and more ethereal, and he seemed to be taken in a state of stupor, loathing just what he had become and not getting over his crave. "Become one of us!"

These last words were enough to snap him out of it. "I… I won't. I don't want to turn into a monster." Mika practically spat these last words, throwing all his spite into them, even though he was still panting and sweat dripped down his face.

But the queen did not take the offense, she might actually have thought that funny. "You say that, but… Your whole body can't resist." Krul stood up from her throne and walked towards him, but Mika didn't raise his eyes from the spot on the carpet that he had been staring at this whole time. "It hurts, right? Your whole body, that is." Not just the body, Mika bitterly thought. "Your insatiable thirst for blood…" She raised her hand and grabbed his chin, making him look at her, although the gesture wasn't exactly rough. "Just stop enduring it and give in… To your own desires."

Her words stirred more of a reaction in him than her gesture, but Mika slapped her hand away from him, confusing the vampire for a split second. "Shut up!" He snapped at her.

Krul quickly recomposed herself, though. "So, you want to die, then? Just like this?" There was mirth on her tone, but Mika was having none of that.

"It's better than becoming a vampire! Just kill me instead!"

"I see…" And her expression faltered, becoming less happy and, for the first time, more… concerned, almost pitiful even. "Well, I can't blame you… It's pretty boring living through the centuries. A wise choice, I guess? But still… You are different now. I changed you. Even if you starve yourself, you can't die, you will only become a violent, mindless demon." Even while glaring at her, he knew she wasn't lying.

Mika's eyes stung, and even though they were still dry, he felt like he would be crying because of any of the emotions that overtook him, be it anger, hopelessness or sadness. Although, above all of this, ironically, he mostly just felt hollow.

"Why- why would I want to live? Why when they are all d- dead?!" The words felt constrict when he spoke them, barely noticing that he even said that out loud.

When Krul approached him once again, he was taken aback by feeling her fingers softly caressing his cheeks in an affectionate way. "Shh, I know it must be hard, but it was also necessary. Besides, you're not actually alone." Once more Mika was surprised. Surprised by her tender, almost mother like tone. Mika had always believed that vampires didn't have any actual emotions, and to acknowledge all the concern that the queen had been directing him during this entire conversation as real was hard.

Doubts aside, the boy finally registered her words. But before he could ask anything, the hand left him as Krul stood up from the kneeling position that she had previously taken. She called out for a guard, asking "Is the other one awake yet?" The guard nodded and left the room once more.

As soon as the door was closed, a dead silence overtook the room while the queen patiently waited. With the lack of a distraction, Mika's mind started racing in a mad attempt to figure out Krul's words, struggling to work amidst the haze. But not one minute later, and with little to no progress, Mika's swirling thoughts came to a halt.

The voice was what he first registered, and it was some good ten seconds before the doors of the throne room went open again, allowing the noisy complaining to invade the room.

From the very second that his heightened hearing caught it, Mika knew exactly who it belonged to, but - moved by fear or by some shard of hope - he tried to shrug this off as some misunderstanding. But now that the voice was so close, it was so undeniably familiar that it hurt.

Mika couldn't help turning around to see it for himself, just so he could be sure if he had officially gone mad or if the impossible and the wrongness had just combined and taken form.

But as he caught sight of raven hair and emerald green eyes, Mika couldn't decide if his worse nightmares had become true or if, against all his morals, a selfish happiness was about to overwhelm him.

Regardless of his feelings, he was almost startled when, for the first time since Krul's blood made its way down his throat, he felt his eyes get wet and tears stream down his face.

Yuuichirou wasn't sure about what was happening. The last thing he remembered was the sound of gun being shot, a gun that was pointed on Mika. In an instinctive reaction, he was pretty sure that he had jumped - if he jumped over Mika, Ferid or in front of the damn bullet was a mystery.

A moment later he was waking up in a dark room, as if he had suddenly blacked out. He had no idea of what happened exactly, but in that moment it was the least of his concerns.

The room he was lying in was so dark that he could have easily mistaken that but unconsciousness, if it wasn't for the agonizing pain that he felt. His body was so hot that Yuu honestly thought that he was starting to melt. He couldn't even check if this was an accurate assumption or not, because, even though he could somewhat discern the hard ground on which he laid, he still felt slightly… numb.

The pain was so much and the whole situation was so damn confusing that Yuu soon started hyperventilating. He tried to move, but it only made things worse. Every attempt amplified the pain, and even though he still had the sensation of swirling around with random movements, he found that he had lost all senses of direction, and soon became nauseated.

He stopped moving altogether in hopes that it would make it better, but the damage had already been done. So he just shallowly breathed in and out for what felt like an eternity before his brain mercifully shut down.

The whole process was long and excruciating, the pain only getting worse and with he feeling more hopeless by the time. Yuu could somewhat recall some nightmares that he started having at some point. They were mostly repetitive but somehow getting worse each time.

In them, he would watch again and again Mika being shot and his family – yes, his family – being murdered. Lots of limbs had been severed, many heads had been decapitated, several throats had been cut and a mass of stomachs had been slashed.

And liters of liters of blood had been spilt. There was so, but so much blood it didn't really seem to end. And it was also really weird. By the last dream, it was almost as if the blood was-

Yuuichirou shook his head. He didn't want to waste his time thinking about these nightmares at the moment, not when two blood suckers held him by each arm in a vice grip, leading him to who knows where.

Yuu screamed in protest and yelled at them demanding answers, such as where they were going and just what the heck had happened to him. But they didn't say a thing, of course – not that the lack of response discouraged the boy in any way.

There was also this slight discomfort on his throat, which only made him more pissed off. He wasn't actually paying much attention to it, but it was something that he couldn't completely shrug off, which was really annoying.

So he just kept struggling and generally being noisy even as they entered an even fancier room, only shutting down for a second when he was caught off guard being thrown on the floor with no warning or whatsoever.

Yuu quickly got into a sitting position and was already turning his head around, ready to glare at the offensive guards some more, but stopped mid movement when his eyes caught a mess of curly blond hair instead.

"Mika…?" Guards completely forgotten, Yuu just stared at the blond with his mouth agape and a lack of words to say. He couldn't believe it. Mika was here and very much alive, and also seemingly fine, even though his shirt still had a huge stain of dried blood.

But the reassurance that he felt by seeing the boy quickly faded away when he took notice of the blond's expression. It was a mix of emotions. Overall, he seemed shocked, his face contorted into horror, as if he had just seen a ghost. Although, he could still easily see the glint in his eyes, which could be hope, perhaps?

But what did call his attention the most were the few tears running down his face. Mika, who have always been so strong, crying? That concerned Yuu. "Mika... are you okay? What's the problem?"

Yuu raised his hand instinctively, but the other boy was too far from reach. So he lowered both his hand and gaze while pondering if he should move closer to him, but his thoughts were cut short when he heard a hiccup coming from the blond.

In the split second that it took Yuu to look up, Mika had already covered the distance between them, and the next thing that he knew was that the blond's shaky, but strong arms were circling him into a tight embrace.

Usually, when Mika was over him like that, Yuu would start complaining and telling him to get off - even if he hardly ever actually pushed him away, - but not in this case.

The shock from the sudden approach faded away and Yuu's features relaxed, a worried smile making its way to his face, and he hugged Mika back.

"Y- Yuu-chan."

Yuu moved his hand up and started caressing the blond's locks. "I'm here, don't worry."

Mika was a mess, and he needed Yuu to reassure him, and that's the only thing that he wanted to do at that moment. But questions started to flood on his head, and he had the feeling that Mika might know some of the answers. Although begrudgingly, Yuu spoke up. "Mika... do you know... what's happening?"

The boy stilled in his arms, and even if it only lasted for a split second, Yuu noticed. But then it passed and Mika hesitantly pulled back slightly, just enough to look at him in the eyes. His face looked pained.

"Yuu-chan... Didn't they tell you what's happening?"

Yuu slowly shook his head, now more than a bit concerned. "Mika, what is it?"

Mika bit his lip out of a nervous habit, but dropped the gesture almost immediately. Yuu saw a glimpse of something.

"When... when we were trying to scape... Ferid hurt me really bad and- and the bullet… it hit you. On the head." Yuu stilled. On the head? He shouldn't be alive if it was true.

Mika moved his hand over Yuu's face, making his attention go back to the blond. He had a pained smile, as if he couldn't quite reach the mask of happiness and confidence that he, more times than not, wore.

"Yuu-chan... We were both d- dying. And they didn't want that." Yuu blinked. They who? What could someone even do against death?

He looked back and stared into Mika's eyes, blue and... slitted. Yuu stilled and Mika's smile faltered even more. Yuu pulled the hand that still rested on the back of the blond's head, and apprehensively reached the boy's face, moving it under his bangs. Mika flinched, but let Yuu do it nonetheless. Yuu moved his hand further and reached for his ear, always hidden by his fluffy hair, and that now was... pointed.

And he had already seen a glimpse of it on Mika but... 'We were both dying'. With all his kicking and screaming, and by being absorbed with the fact that Mika was alive, he might have missed it. So, he reached with his tongue to his teeth, just to feel that his canines were indeed way sharper than what they used to be.

Mika had told Yuu, more than once, that he would miss everything around him when he was set on something. And then everything would come crashing back on him.

He did notice that his senses were keener, but didn't pay much – or any - mind to that before. And that discomfort that he had been feeling since waking up? It turned into a painful burning sensation on his throat, which was so, so dry, as if he had swallowed sand. The pain hit him so hard and suddenly that he gasped.

"Yuu-chan!" Mika now held his face with both hands, his voice dripping with worry.

"So, are you two aware now of your predicament?" Mika's expression twisted into one of hatred that didn't fit him in the slight, and snapped towards a pink haired vampire that Yuu hadn't noticed up till then.

"Why did you have to do that?!" Yuu flinched at the sight of Mika yelling at the vampire, while baring his-... fangs.

The vampire sighed, but didn't seem to be that annoyed. "I thought we were already over this, Mika dear."

Yuu, starting to get pass the shock, looked pensively at Mika. Yuu had an idea of what passed though the blond's head. Yes, he hated the fact that they decided to, uh, turn them against their will. But, if it was the only thing that would have saved Mika...

"Mika..." but the boy didn't deviate his gaze from the vampire, so Yuu said it again, more surely this time. "Mika, it's fine," and he pulled on the boy's sleeve slightly to get his attention, timidly smiling when the blond looked back at him, in a way to reassure the other.

"So you're willing to drink blood?" That caused both boys to look at her.

"I never said that!" Yuu tried to sound angry and disgusted, but his whole body protested at his words.

Once more the pink haired vampire sighed, putting her hand on her hips and throwing her head back with eyes closed, thinking. A moment later she dropped her hand back to her side, looking back down at them.

She raised one of her hands, nails sharp like claws, and slashed on her own wrist. The blood started flowing almost immediately, pooling mockingly on her wrist, with a single drop falling. The two boys stared wide eyed as it slowly descended, right before splattering on the ground as silently as a bomb. Mika took a sharp intake of breath and Yuu gulped. "Would you rather drink mine, then? I'm not human." Her voice was sweet and luring, not unlike a siren's song.

Both boys stilled for a second before quickly glancing at each other. The pain was too strong and it was starting to get the best of them, they were barely keeping themselves together by then.

The pink haired vampire took their silence as a yes and moved closer to them, offering one arm to each, in a way that embraced both. They refused to look at each other while they shakily reached for her arms and bit, guiltily feeling the sweet flow of blood invading their mouths, but feeling the ecstasy of having their thirst being quenched by it.


She sounded relieved.

"That's right. Drink my blood. From now on, you two can't leave my side. You are mine now, my loyal servants… for all eternity."

They felt ashamed.