Sonic still couldn't figure out how he ended up here like this. One minute he was running across the country to stop someone from stealing a chaos emerald and then next he was fucking said thief. Things could've ended worse however as Sonic came back to reality and looked up to see Rouge the Bat bouncing on his cock. She was stunning with her large breasts jiggling with every movement and his hands firmly attached to her gorgeous ass.

"Fuck me Sonic! Show me why you're the best hedgehog around!"

Sonic finally got his act together and began matching Rouge's pace as he pounded into her faster and harder. Sonic flipped things around as he began fucking Rouge doggy style. He starting pounding into her from behind as he watch her ass jiggle with each thrust. Rouge moaned loudly as the speedster fucked her hard. She could feel her big tits swaying beneath her as she was pounded.

"Fuck Rouge you're so tight! I just want to fuck you forever!"

"Go ahead big boy! You can fuck this thief's pussy until the end of time! Fuck Knuckles! I'm your bitch now!"

"You are my bitch! You're my slut now! You are mine and mine alone only I get to fuck your slutty pussy!"

"You bet your blue ass I am! I want you fucking me all the time Sonic! You can fuck me, that pink bitch, Sally, and fuck I''ll even fuck Blaze with you!"

"Is that what you want? You want to be my slut and fuck a bunch of other girls with me?"

"Yes! Yes I do! Fuck! Yes! Yes! YES!"

Rouge pussy tightened as she came all over Sonic's dick. Sonic then pulled out and with his new found lubricate shoved his cock up her ass.

"OH FUCK! Yes fuck my tight asshole!"

"Fuck I love how dirty you are!"

"You're giving me such a good fucking! Fuck my tight ass! I want to feel your big cock stretching my ass Sonic!"

Sonic began fucking Rouge's ass harder and faster. Rouge's tan ass was constantly rippling with each thrust and Sonic fucked her at astounding speeds. Sonic was beginning to feel his orgasm approaching as he plowed into her ass.

"Shit! Rouge I'm going to cum!"

"Do it Sonic! Blow your load up my ass!"

That was all he needed as Rouge clenched her ass around Sonic's dick and he fired his load. Spurt after spurt fired up her ass. Rouge could feel her bowels fill with his seed and this caused her to cum again.

"FUCK!" They said in unison

They both collapsed onto the bed after their long fuck laid together with Rouge on top with her large breasts pressing into Sonic's chest and his cock resting in her ass crack.

"You know I meant everything I said Sonic. Even if I said it while you were balls deep in my asshole." Rouge laughed

"Me too Rouge. I don't want this to be a one time thing. And I could definitely go for some threesome action!" He winked

"You ready for more stud?"

"You know it beautiful"

The two sex fiends proceeded to fuck for the rest of the day. They fucked in every position and everywhere around the room. By the time they were spent they were covered in each other's juices and sweat. The room was covered in sexual juices and smelled of sex, things were knocked over and scattered across the room.

"I think we need a shower" Rouge said

"But first I was wanna lay here with you" Sonic smirked