(A/n okay for now Caitlin is in no hurry to express her feelings to Eric and considering I sometimes write from my own experience Caitlin and Eric aren't going to hook up any time soon the reason why is because I don't think there are enough stories out there that are honestly open about how hard relationships and friendships can be and im not sure yet if ill make Eric ever have feelings for Caitlin but there may be a little accidental kiss in the story later on if it sounds right this is gonna be pretty long I think. any way feel free to make any suggestions for the story)
Caitlin walked into class a few weeks later Taylor sat in the seat next to her.

Caitlin didn't see Lauren anywhere "where's your friend" she asked Taylor

"You mean Lauren she went back to la"

"How come she was only here for like two weeks?"

"She was here for a month her family in la she was only staying with relatives," Taylor said.

Caitlin knew a lot of people hadn't liked Lauren much She thought that she would have an argument with her at least because shed heard Nikki say that Lauren had said something about her.

Caitlin thought back to a few weeks ago when Eric Griffin and Brett had come to the creek it had been fun but still Eric didn't show any signs that he was interested in her.

No guy had ever been interested in Caitlin really.

But she had an idea what might turn them off her she never knew how to react around guys so the thing she was most comfortable with was defence I mean what was she to say to a guy if he asked her out yeah sure ill go out with you Caitlin thought. She wasn't that sort of girl.

She wished that someone would care for her at least.

Eric probably was as nice as guys came but he didn't really show much compassion For her

Like if she was upset he wouldn't give her a second glance.

Caitlin began to draw circles around her paper Caitlin wanted to tell Eric how she felt about him but she couldn't the last thing Caitlin wanted to do was wreak their friendship.

Not that it was a strong friendship it was more like a bond and Caitlin hoped that they'd be able to keep it.

She turned around in her seat and waved to Griffin who'd just come in "so is Eric coming over tonight" she asked him

Yeah he's staying the night

Oh cool she responded.

Later that afternoon

Caitlin lay under the tree that she usually sat under looking at her photography magazine. "Bandit boy she said if horses could talk what would you say

I guess it's a good thing you can't talk huh that's the thing I like about animals They listen and they aren't judgemental they don't care what you look like they are just content with company" she smiled up at bandit who was munching on grass.

"And you know what other animal I like dogs I wish I had a dog of my own I asked dori if I could have a dog for my sixteenth birthday which is in a couple of months away"

"And guess what dori and Jim are going away to Florida for a couple of weeks and doris mother Gina is staying with us she's so paranoid she probably wont let griff and me out of the house and she nags Jim all the time and he gets sick of it."

Caitlin yawned she usually came here most days if she wanted to read or lay in the shade.

Her mind wandered to Eric they didn't see each other very much only once a week if they where lucky and they didn't get much of a chance to talk in school mainly because she felt a little embarrassed chatting to him and she wasn't sure why but she didn't want to make it obvious that she liked him and by talking to him more Griffin and Brett and the others would surely tease her.

A car pulled up outside the lows it was Eric Caitlin got up and dusted her self off and walked bandit back to his stable she took a few minuets to untack him and then headed inside.

Eric had his bags next to the couch Eric came into the living room he didn't really seam to notice her.

"Hi" she said brightly.

"Hi" he replied.

Just then Dory came into the living room.

"Hi Eric, Caitlin"

"Hey" they both replied.

"Well Eric you can take your bags to the room next to griffs alright"

"Sure Mrs Lowe."

Caitlin followed Eric she started to think of a conversation

So what are you doing this weekend she asked him?

"Um I have no idea why."

"Just wondering see Dory and Jim are going to Florida on Saturday and aunt Gina Dory's mother is coming to stay with us its gonna be so boring.

Eric smiled "so you know Gina pretty well or you don't know her."

"Yeah I see her once in a while."

Eric dumped his bags in the room Griffin came out of his room "so you ready to go fishing tomorrow" he asked Eric.

Yeah got my rods Eric replied.

Fishing? Caitlin asked.

They turned around to face her "yeah you can choose fishing for a sport at school didn't you know" Griffin said.

"I didn't know you both did it" Caitlin responded.

They shrugged and made their way downstairs Griffin waited for her.

"Why are you suddenly so interested in hanging out with us all the time?" he snapped.

Caitlin shrugged "I dunno its fun I guess"

"Do you like Eric or something because I don't think he's very interested in you?"

"He happens to be my friend Griff is that a problem."

"Well in case you've forgotten he's my best friend and I really appreciate it if you weren't following him around and trying to get him to talk to you I don't think he likes you so don't bother in trying to impress him."

"Griffin you are so selfish and for your information I do not like Eric more than a friend" Caitlin retorted. "Sure you don't you just won't admit it and Eric finds you annoying anyway."

"What because I m nice to him I don't believe it" with that Caitlin ran down the stairs to catch up with Eric.

"Hey Eric I can I ask you something."

"Yeah sure" he responded.

"Do you find me annoying" she asked?

Eric looked at her "no why would I think that you're annoying."

"Well Griffin reckons that you think that im annoying."

Eric laughed "why worry about what griffin says I don't think your annoying okay."

Caitlin smiled "okay so im nice"

"Well you never used to be but you are now.'

"Oh right thanks and how come you never."

"Hey lets go for a drive Eric Griffin interrupted."

Caitlin glared at him "wait a sec im asking Eric something."

"Well hurry up" Griffin spat

"Yeah you never come on the net anymore why is that" Caitlin asked him.

"Well I don't used msn anymore it keeps stuffing up all the time so I don't bother" Eric replied.

Caitlin nodded "okay well thanks are you going to the café"


"Oh okay see you later then."

Dory stood beside Caitlin "drive carefully its raining and the roads can be very slippery so go slow" she warned them.

Griffin didn't whinge like normally he just said "yeah okay"

Dory watched Caitlin "you really like Eric don't you"

"As a friend."

Dory nodded "its nice to see you making new friends Caitlin."