We see our hero Ash Ketchum walking home after winning at the Kalos league and to say he was excited was an understatement "man I can't wait to tell my mom that I finally won a league right buddy?" Ash asked excitedly "Pika Pika" Pikachu said happily causing Ash to smile "alright then race you home!" Ash challenged before running with Pikachu in tow after a while they had made it home "hey mom are you home?" Ash called out as he and Pikachu walked into the house "ASH it's good to see you" Ash's mother Delia said as she hugged him tightly "hey mom it's good to see you too but I can't breathe" Ash said as she let him go "oops sorry so Ash did you win the league?" Delia questioned causing Ash to smile "yep it wasn't easy but we won" Ash said "congratulations Ash I'm so proud of you and I'm sure that your father would be proud too" Delia squealed in joy "do you really think that he would be proud of me?" Ash asked "yeah if only he was here with us" Delia said in a sad tone causing Ash to look at her in concern "mom are you alright" Ash asked as she wipes the tears from her eyes "yes I'm fine now go wash your hands I'm cooking you a a delicious meal" Delia said getting Ash excited "awesome I'm starving!" Ash said as he went upstairs Delia pulled out a pendant with a picture of her, her husband and her two daughters which was a mystery "I wish that you could see your little brother again" she said with a tear running down her cheek.

With Ash upstairs

"Man I hope mom is alright" Ash said in concern but while he was washing his hands he suddenly heard a voice 'we miss you little brother' causing Ash to look around in surprise "huh who's there?" Ash questioned there was no response then he starts to have a vision where he sees some kinda creature with wings and a horn then he saw another one with a long tail and a long brown mane suddenly he heard the two creatures speak "we must hide our son until he is ready" the first creature said with a male voice "but where can we hide him?" The other creature questioned with a female voice the male creature looks towards the female one "I know of a place but it's not from here" he said "where is it?" She asked "it is called the pokemon world" the male creature answered "but will he be safe there?" The female one questioned in worry as the male one looked down towards their son "if he take him there he will be safe" the male one told her the female one looked uncertain but then sighed in defeat "very well if you're sure" she said the male one nodded "okay let's go" but as Ash's vision started to fade he saw the male creature speak to his son "may you always continue to grow up and become stronger Ash" he said as the vision faded completely "what was that and how did that creature know my name?" Ash questioned he was thinking but still had no idea what was going on so he decided to just go and have dinner "Ash sweetie lunch is ready!" His mom called out "okay mom I'll be right down" Ash called back as he ran back down the stairs.

"So Ash after lunch do you want to see your pokemon?" Delia asked as they ate Ash to look at her "yeah but mom I have to tell you something" Ash said "what is that Ash?" She questioned Ash told her what happened in the bathroom after he told her she began to get nervous causing Ash to give her a worried look "mom are you okay?" He asked her making her jump "OH YES I'm-just-fine and what you've told me should be nothing to worry about now go on and eat your dinner" Delia said nervously Ash looked at her suspiciously before shrugging his shoulders "okay then mom" he said as he continued eating. After Ash finished eating lunch he decided to head out to professor oak's lab "bye mom I'll see you later" he said before running down the path towards the lab "okay sweetie be safe" Delia said as he left "well Arthur I think it's time for him to know the truth" she said.

With Ash and Pikachu

"Hey Pikachu did mom seem to be acting weird to you?" Ash questioned "Pika Pi Pikachu" Pikachu answered "yeah I should talk to her when we get back" Ash said as they made it to the professor's lab and walked into the building "hey professor Oak are you home" Ash called out "Yes Ash I'm right here" Oak said sitting in the living room drinking tea " hey professor how have you been?" Ash asked "I'm doing fine Ash my boy so how was the Kalos region?" The professor asked Ash smiled "it was awesome professor I got to meet a lot of strong trainers" he said as Oak smiled back "that's great my boy and what about the league did you win?" He asked "you bet I did" Ash replied "well then congratulations my boy I'm sure your father would be proud of you" Oak said "maybe anyway is it okay if I see my pokemon?" Ash asked "yeah sure go ahead" Oak said "okay thanks professor" Ash said as he walked towards the corral.

He went to the corral to see his pokemon he finds his Bulbasaur and told him to send out a signal beam to gather his pokemon "thanks Bulbasaur hopefully they all saw it" Ash said then all his pokemon came to him but Bayleef tackled him to the ground "hey Bayleef it's good to see you too" Ash said in a daze she then nuzzled him in affection while licking him which tickles him "Hey stop that Bayleef it tickles" Ash laughs as she stops he gets back up hey everyone how have you been?" Ash questioned they all greeted with a roar of happiness making Ash "that's great to hear btw guess what we won the Kalos league" he said they all roar in excitement as their trainer won a league for the first time since the start of his journey "but of course I know that our journey isn't over yet" Ash said as he let out his Kalos pokemon "everyone meet my pokemon friends from the Kalos region" Ash introduced they all greeted each other then suddenly it was getting late "well I better head on home see you guys later" Ash said he then returned his Kalos pokemon gave them to professor Oak and said goodbye "come on Pikachu let's head on home" Ash said Pikachu nodded before they left the lab as they headed home Ash remembered what he had to talk to his mom about 'I still need to talk to mom about her strange behavior earlier' he thought.

When they finally made it home Ash took a deep breath and was about to enter the house only for his mother to open the door "Ash I've been waiting for you" she said making Ash confused as he asked her "why would you be waiting for me and why were you acting strange earlier is there something you're not telling me?" He questioned "come in it's time you knew the truth about where you come from" Delia as he came into the house "you and Pikachu please sit" she beckoned as Ash sat down with Pikachu sitting on his lap "so mom what's going on?" Ash questioned as his mom sat down as well she soon takes a deep breath as she was about to tell him "Ash have you ever wondered where I and your father come from or if you ever felt different from everyone else?" She asked causing Ash to look down at the table "I guess I have been feeling like that sometimes like I was feeling out of place from the others why is there something wrong?" Ash questioned "well the truth is that we're not from this world" she told him "WHAT!? What do you mean that we're not from this world?" Ash questioned in shock "just what I said we're not from the pokemon world and what's more Ash we're not human either" Delia said "but if I'm not human then what am I?" Ash questioned "to put it simply Ash we're ponies" Delia said as she began to explain how they're ponies from the land of equestria where ponies differ in types such as unicorns, Pegasi, earth ponies, and alicorns. "But why did you keep this a secret for so long mom?" Ash questioned "because it was the only way to protect you until the time was right because your power was strong when you were born" Delia told him "protect me from what and what do you mean by my power?" Ash asked her "when you were born your father and I saw that you were destined for great things but an evil king known as sombra sensed it and wanted to kill you before it could happen fearing for your safety your father and I ran to escape while the guards held him at bay however he managed to corner us your father fought him off while I escaped with you to this world however during the your father had imprisoned sombra it cost him his life but before we escaped your father gave me this" Delia explained as she showed him a large stone "what is it?" Ash asked "remember the world called equestria?" She questioned "the place that we're from right" Ash replied "yes well with this you will be able to go to equestria to see them for the first time" Delia said "really it can?" Ash questioned Delia nodded "yes and now it's time for you to go there and see them" she said and the word "them" confused Ash so he asked her "who are these 'them' you keep talking about?" Ash questioned Delia couldn't help but giggle as she wasn't surprised that her son didn't know so she told him "well you see the thing is that you aren't the only one born in our family" she said "I'm not?" Ash questioned as she nodded he kept thinking about what they are to him when it suddenly hit him "I have siblings don't I?" He asked "well yes they are they're your sisters celestia and luna the princesses of friendship" she explained causing Ash's eyes to widen "princesses but wouldn't that make me?" But before Ash can say anything else the stone started to glow "what's happening with the stone?" Ash questioned but Delia knew what it meant "Ash it's time for you to go to equestria" she said "but what about Pikachu and my other pokemon?" Ash asked in worry "I'm sorry Ash but they can't go with you but don't worry I'll keep an eye on Pikachu and professor Oak can watch over your other pokemon for you" Delia said as she and her son hugged each other with tears in their eyes "l love you mom" Ash said with tears running down his cheeks "I love you too son" Delia said also in tears as and Pikachu joined in the group hug in tears. As they let go Delia gave Ash the stone and soon it started to glow brighter, but before the stone teleported him Delia said one last thing that was heartwarming "Ash remember to always have faith and that me and your father will always be with you" she told him causing him to smile "thank you mom I will" Ash said and with that he vanished.


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