It was a beautiful day in Equestria as the Apple Family gazed at their crops with pride but there was a problem on that day "boy howdy I got my work cut out for me that there is the biggest crop of apples I've ever laid eyes on" Applejack said to her brother as the two looked at all the apples "Eeyep to big for you to handle on your own" the red fured pony said to his sister "come on big brother you gotta rest up and make yourself better I haven't met a Apple orchard yet I can't handle" Applejack said before noticing that her brother had a pained look on his face before realizing the reason why "oops sorry" she said as she removed her hoof from her brother's tender ribs "I'll take a bite out of this job by day's end" she said while her brother looked unconvinced biting off more than you could chew is just what I'm afraid of" he said making her glare at him "are you saying that my mouth is making promises that my legs can't keep?" She questioned "Eeyep" he answered her bluntly "why of all the...this is your sister Applejack remember the most loyalest of friends and the most dependable of ponies" she said while deciding not to add her latest title of element of honesty "but still only one pony and one pony plus hundreds of Apple trees just doesn't add up" he pointed out "don't use your fancy mathematics to muddy the issue I said I can handle this harvest and I'm gonna prove it to you. I'm gonna get every last Apple out of those trees this Applebuck season all by myself" Applejack said proudly before gulping nervously.

An hour later

"Well I better get started these apples aren't gonna buck themselves" Applejack said as she walked up to a tree before she suddenly heard a rumbling noise "oh no" she said knowing what it was.

In Ponyville

"STAMPEDE!" Somepony shouted as a herd of cows were heading towards Ponyville with everypony running around in a panic, well almost everypony "hey this makes my voice sound silly" Pinkie said giggling as the ground shook under her "Pinkie are you crazy run! Twilight said in worry "everypony calm down there is no need to panic" the mayor said "but mayor whatever shall we do?" Rarity questioned dramatically "look!" Rainbow said pointing in the direction of the stampede "yeehaw!" Applejack said as she and her dog winona running next to the herd causing the mayor and the rest of the mane six to cheer for their friend "move aside Winona" Applejack told her dog who barked in response as she moved into position "round 'em up girl!" Applejack said as they began to round up the cows "this is the best rodeo show I've ever seen" Pinkie said as she held a tub of popcorn in her hooves making her friends shake their heads at her "Applejack!" A voice called out causing her to turn to see that it belonged to Ash "do you need any help?" He asked "actually yes see if you can find the herds leader" she told him "alright I'm on it!" Ash said before flying towards the front of the herd he looked around for a second before he found what he was looking for "Applejack I found the leader!" He said "good thanks" she said before she used her rope to lasso the lead cow causing all of the cows to stop in their tracks "whooie now what was all that about?" Applejack questioned after spitting out the rope "oh my! Begging your pardon Applejack but Moo-riella saw one of those nasty snakes" she said as her herd shivered remembering the snakes "and it gave us quite the spook doncha know" she said "that's fine ma'am just next time make sure to steer clear of Ponyville" Ash said "we sure will Prince Ash so long" the lead cow said as she and the rest of the cows left ""Yee-haw! Ride `em cow-pony!" Pinkie pie said as Applejack ran back to Sweet Apple Acres "prince Ash, Applejack that was just just..." the mayor said trying to find the right words to describe the feet that Ash and Applejack just did "Apple-tastic" Pinkie said "exactly we should do something to thank Prince Ash and Applejack for single hoofingly saving our town" the mayor said "oh I know a party!" Pinkie pie said with everypony agreeing with her before leaving to get the party ready.

A week later

"We all ready?" Twilight questioned as she walked over to Rarity and Fluttershy as they were decorating city hall "just one last thing" Rarity said as she used her magic to tie a banner to the third floor balcony on the outside of city hall "now we are ready" she said "are Ash and Applejack ready?" Twilight questioned before hearing the familiar flapping of wings and saw Rainbow Dash flying towards them "actually we haven't seen Applejack all week" she said after landing on the ground "not since the stampede" Pinkie said "but she'll be here for sure, applejack is NEVER late" said Rainbow dash "Welcome everypony, today we are to honor, a pony we can always count on to help in matters both great and small, a pony whose contributions to-" said twilight but got cut off "did you see Applejack slick moves out what an athlete! This week, she's going to help me with my new flying trick and i know it's going to be so awesome!" said rainbow dash "exactly…and-" said twilight cut off again "this week, I get to run sugercube corner for the very first time" said pinkie pie "what does that have to do with applejack?" said twilight "Oh, applejack, one of the best bakers ever, is going to help me, applejack makes everything great so free sample for everypony!" said pinkie pie "ok that's great, now if i can just make a point without being inter-" said twilight getting cut off once again "twilight" said fluttershy "-upted" said Twilight finishing her sentence "Twilight i'm so sorry but I just wanted to mention that applejack is also helping me this week with the official bunny senses where we count up all the baby bunnies that were born this season she is going to help me gather them with her wonderful herding skills" said fluttershy "anyone else, anyone no? Well as i was trying to say-" said Twilight before finishing her sentence as see the mayor "urg nevermind" said twilight "so no further ado it is my privilege to give the prize Pony of Ponyville award to our beloved guest of honor, the Pony with the utmost trustworthiness, reliability and integrity, Ponyville most capable and dependable friend APPLEJACK!" said the mayor "awkward" said spike "I'm here, I'm here 'yawn' sorry I'm late i was just- did i get your tail" said applejack "ms. Mayor thank you kindly for this award thingy 'yawn' its bright and shiny hehe i sure do look funny woo woo woo woo woo" said applejack "okay thank you applejack for saving us from that scary stampede and for always being there for everypony ""'yawn' yea I sure do like to helpin the pony Folks and stuff 'starts to fall asleep and then starts to wake up' oh uh yeah thanks" she said groggily as Twilight walked up to thank her "okay well thank you Applejack for saving us from that scary stampede with Ash's help of course" She said knowing that Ash didn't care about a reward "and always being there everypony" Twilight said "yeah I like helping the ponyfolk, and...and stuff" Applejack said before dozing off on stage for a second before waking back up "oh...yeah" she said as she walked off while dragging her award with her "was it just me or did Applejack seem a little..." Twilight said before being interrupted

"Tired?" Rainbow said

"Dizzy?" Fluttershy questioned

"Messy?" Rarity said before seeing the questionable looks from her friends "what? Did you see her mane?" She questioned before everypony noticed Ash approaching "hey girls" he greeted before noticing that everypony was staring at him "ummm is there something wrong?" Ash asked nervously before staring in shock as everypony bowed down in his direction "Wh-why are all of you bowing?" He questioned "Ash they're bowing because you're royalty they're showing they're showing they're respect" Twilight explained "umm that's nice but you all don't have to bow" he said uncomfortable with the attention as everypony went back to what they were doing before he sighed "Ash are you okay?" Twilight questioned "I'm fine Twilight I'm just not comfortable with ponies addressing me as by my title not that I don't like being a Prince it's just that it makes me feel distant from others" he told her making her pat him on the back "don't worry Ash they just need to get to know you that's all I'm sure that once they do they'll address you without your title" Twilight said making Ash smile "thanks Twilight" Ash said "no problem Ash" she said "btw did you see how tired Applejack was?" Ash questioned in worry "yes I have I'm going to go talk to her right now" Twilight said "can I come?" Ash asked her as she smiled "of course Ash" she said "cool let's go then" Ash said before they headed off to Sweet Apple Acres.

At Sweet Apple Acres

"What is that pony doing?" Twilight questioned as they made it to Sweet Apple Acres and saw Applejack trying to buck a tree but was wobbling too much causing her to kick over a barrel of apples "whoops" Applejack said in Exhaustion "Applejack, Applejack, Applejack" Twilight called out but was ignored "APPLEJACK!" Twilight yelled getting said pony's attention "well howdy there Ash, Twilight" Applejack said "hey Applejack what is all this?" Ash asked "why it's Applebuck season of course" she said "Apple-what season?" Twilight questioned "it's what the Apple Family calls harvesting time" Applejack explained "but why are you doing it all alone?" Twilight questioned in concern "cause Big Macintosh hurt himself" Applejack told her "what about all those relatives we met when we first came to Ponyville can't they help?" Twilight questioned her "they were only here for the Apple Family reunion they actually live all over Equestria and are busy harvesting their own orchards" Applejack explained "so I'm on my own" she said as she walked over to another tree before noticing Ash and Twilight in front of her "which means I should get back to work" she said before adding "ahem hint hint back to work" she said they hesitated for a second before Twilight sighed "fine" she said as they moved out of the way "ugh could you guys step aside?" Applejack "umm Applejack we already did" Twilight said making Applejack turn to them "Applejack are you sure that you're alright?" Ash questioned in concern "don't none of you twelve worry none I'm just fine and dandy" Applejack said as she trotted to another tree "do you...want any help?" Twilight questioned "help! No way no how" Applejack said with a shake of her head "are you sure Applejack not to rag on your bucking skills but no one pony would be able to buck all these apples" Ash said "is that a challenge?" Applejack questioned getting in the young prince's face "no not really" Ash said "well I'm gonna prove to you that I can do it now if you excuse me have apples to buck" Applejack said before walking away with a sigh Twilight began leaving before noticing that Ash still standing there "Ash are you coming?" She questioned Ash turned to her "you go on ahead Twilight there's something I have to do" Ash told her Twilight looked at him for a second before leaving for home. Later that night Ash is standing in Sweet Apple Acres looking at the orchard "alright let's get to it" Ash said as he began to buck apples.

Later that morning

Ash had just gotten home after bucking apples all night and he was extremely tired he was about to enter the library when he ran into Twilight "oh sorry Twilight" Ash said groggily "that's alright Ash" Twilight said before noticing Ash's current state "Ash are you alright?" She questioned in concern "yeah I'm fine just a little tired" Ash said before asking her "so what are you doing right now?" He asked "I'm going to see Applejack so that I can talk to her about what happened earlier today" Twilight said "why what happened?" Ash questioned "well applejack has applebucking the day and night base on how tired she looked she must be so exhausted from all the work that she can barely stay awake" Twilight explained "I see well let's go talk to her" Ash said as they left for Sweet Apple Acres

After an hour

After arriving at Sweet Apple Acres the two see Applejack still bucking apples Twilight walked up to her hoping to talk some sense to her "Applejack can we talk?" Twilight questioned only to find that Applejack didn't seem to hear her "Applejack can we talk?" She asked again but Applejack in her tired state misunderstood Twilight "can bees squawk? I don't think so?" Applejack said while rubbing her neck uncertaintly "no she said can we talk?" Ash said "twin stalks? bean or celery?" Applejack asked still not getting it no we need to talk to you" Twilight said "you want to walk to the zoo? Well who's stopping you?" Applejack said "we need to talk to you!" They shouted "oh why didn't you say so what can I do you want to talk about?" Applejack questioned "Rainbow Dash dropped in to see me today" Twilight said "that's quite neighborly of her" Applejack said "maybe but she crashed onto her balcony because you launched her into the air" Ash said "oh yeah I wasn't feeling quite myself this morning" Applejack said "because you're working too hard and you need help" Twilight said "what kelp I don't need kelp I don't even like seafood" Applejack said misunderstanding Twilight again "YOU NEED HELP!" Ash and Twilight yelled "nothing doing you two I'm going to prove to you, to everypony that I can do this on my own" Applejack said before walking into a tree branch "ow! Now if y'all excuse me i gotta go help Pinkie" she said before walking off "come on Twilight I'm sure that she'll be fine" Ash said as he began walking away Twilight hesitated for a second before sighing and following him hoping that he's right.

Later that night

Ash is seen standing in Sweet Apple Acres "alright here we go again" he said before walking towards a tree to begin his nighttime bucking again so busy he didn't notice somepony watching him before walking away.

The next morning

After another all nighter of Apple bucking Ash was extremely tired and looked ready to collapse any minute so tired he wasn't paying attention before bumping into somepony he looks to see Twilight in front of him "oh sorry Twilight I wasn't paying attention" he said "that's alright Ash" Twilight said before noticing his current state "Ash are you alright?" She questioned in concern "yeah I'm fine" Ash said while getting back up "so how's Applejack?" He questioned Twilight looked at him in worry before explaining that a tired Applejack messed up Pinkie Pie's cupcake recipe, and scared a bunch of newborn baby bunnies that destroyed ponie's gardens after she finished explaining ash had a serious look on his face "alright enough is enough we must talk to Applejack" he said "I'm actually on my way to talk to her right now" Twilight said "good let's go" Ash said and with that they were off to talk to Applejack.

In Sweet Apple Acres

After walking through the front gate Ash and Twilight find Applejack who looked ready to pass out "Applejack we need to talk" Twilight said as they walked up to her "can't talk must keep bucking just a few more must finish harvest" Applejack said "look Applejack your Apple bucking hasn't just caused you problems it's over propelled Pegusi, practically poisoned plenty of ponies, and terrorized bushels of brand new baby bunnies so we don't care what you say" Twilight said "YOU NEED HELP!" Ash and Twilight said together as the apples fell in to the basket "ha no I don't look I did it I harvested the Sweet Apple Acres without your help how do you like them apples" Applejack said with a lopsided smirk before hearing Big Macintosh call out "um how do you like them apples?" He said before she looked to where he was looking at only to see a bunch of other Apple trees she hadn't touched yet before collapsing "now Applejack I completely respect the Apple Family ways you're always there to help ponies in need so maybe you can put a little bit of your stubborn pride aside and allow your friends to help you" Twilight explained as Applejack looked at the trees before sighing "okay Twilight" she said "and I'm not taking no for an answer" Twilight said not listening before Ash nudged her shoulder "Twilight she said yes" he said making her gasp in surprise before looking towards Applejack "yes Twilight yes please I can really use your help" Applejack said making Ash and Twilight smile before gathering the rest of their friends and getting to work on finishing the harvest.

Dear Princess Celestia,

My friend Applejack is the best friend a pony could ever have, and she's always there to help anypony. The only trouble is, when she needs help she finds it hard to accept it. So while friendship is about giving of ourselves to friends, it's also about accepting what our friends have to offer.

Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle

as Spike was writing the mane 6 were busy with bucking apples after an hour Applejack came out with drinks "how about y'all take a break I have some fine Apple juice waiting for ya" she said as her friends walked over to the table "guys I can't thank ya enough I was acting a bit stubborn" Applejack said making Twilight look at her "a bit?" Twilight questioned making Applejack chuckle "alright a might stubborn and I'm awful sorry now I know the town gave me this prized pony award but the real reward is having you lot as my friends" Applejack said making her friends smile before Twilight noticed someone missing "hey where's Ash?" She questioned causing them to look around "I don't know but he looked really tired I wonder why" Rarity said before a voice spoke up "I know why" the voice said as they turned to see Applebloom walking towards them "what do you mean Applebloom?" Twilight asked " Ash is tired because he had been up all night helping Applejack with the Apple bucking" the young filly said causing her sister to look at her in surprise "really he was helping me?" Applejack questioned as Applebloom nodded "but where is he?" She questioned as Big Macintosh pointed to the other side of the orchard Applejack looked to where her brother was pointing before walking into that direction after an hour of walking she soon finds Ash asleep with his back against a tree "you silly pony helping me out knowing how tired you were" Applejack said as Ash slepted on when she suddenly felt a strange feeling in her chest "you know you're a real great guy Ash" she complemented not noticing the red on her face "sleep tight you definitely earned it" she said before kissing him on the cheek making him move in his sleep what other adventures awaits the young Prince we'll just have to wait and see.


hey everyone sorry for taking so long I've been busy with stuff going on at home but I finally finished chapter five of hope Prince of equestria let me know what you think of it and I will see you later.