What happens when Jackie doesn't exist and Marco's mom leaves them alone for the night. Note this wont be inappropriate but just a little fluff. Also there is some spoilers on the movie Alien. STARCO!


It was such a chill night. I was so happy when Marco's mom told me that we would be alone for a night. "Ok don't worry about us we will be fine!" I said as i closed the door. I run to Marco and scream "We are alone for the night!" He smiled and grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the couch with him. He kissed me lightly on the cheek as i snuggle up next to him. "So what are we watching tonight Marco." I ask him. He says "Oh just the movie "Aliens!" He said.


I am a genius. Ok Alien is a Sci Fi/Horror film. So she will get scared and have to snuggle up next to me and be closer to me. It will be perfect because when she does that to me i am going to look into her eyes and kiss her. We snuggle up as the movie begins. "It's boring at the beginning but it gets better." I say She kisses me lightly on the cheek i blush. We watch the movie while laying next to me on the couch. Then the Chest Birther Bursts out of the guys chest. She is super scared at this part and i feel bad. Maybe i shouldn't have tried starts to scream. She then hides her head under my hoodie and is laying on me at this point. She looks up at me and i look at her. I smile grab her head and pull her towards me. Are lips touch. We kiss for around two minutes than i have to pull her back so i can breath. Her eyes turned to stars. "I ah." She smiles looks at me again and kisses me. We that for another two minutes this time Star has too stop to breath. She then hides in my hoodie while watching the movie. She got scared a couple times and screamed and would bury her face in my chest. I was still to shocked to even pay attention. I hold her close when she gets scared but besides that we don't move much. At the end of the movie she gets out of my hoodie and looks at me. "Goodnight Marco. " Then kisses me on the cheek one more time before going into her room for the night.

I thought this would be cute and it was. I hope you like this and will scroll to the next one.