Recently, a man/woman (I don't really know) by the name of AustinDR is deleting his story Shattered Innocence. His reasons? Dicks. Cold-Hearted people telling him that his story is terrible and he is depraved. Reviews that were just kept pointing out errors but never even bothered to tell him to fix it. No, I'm not being hypocritical. There's a difference between honesty, and just being a straight up dick. See, I do point out the mistakes, sometimes show aggression, but I never EVER forget to tell him to improve on his/her writing. These people are not critics. They're people who bully others because they know they can never be as good as them. If I could, I'd jump them. And as for AustinDR, don't degrade yourself man. You're not perfect. No one is. No one should be. Hell, half the people I review receive 10/10 and that's because I ignore their mistakes. But please, don't delete the story. Your story is great the way it is. And one last thing to those haters, if I ever see you on here ever, prepare for the choice words you said to Austin... You have been warned... -The Critik