2258 ā€“ Starfleet Academy

"Graduation's in a few hours, Jim," Leonard said, grumpier than usual because he and Arianne had just broken up for the final time and she was now elsewhere. "Why are you even in here?"

Jim, who had slipped to their dorm to get some shut eye before he had to face what they had left of Starfleet and their class, sighed as he flopped down on the bed, "I'm just having a nap, Bones."

"Do I need to hustle you over to Medical?" Leonard asked worriedly. "You look kind of beat."

Jim sighed and closed his eyes, "The last few weeks have been crazy," he said in a tired voice. "Iā€¦"

"I can get you a hypo," Leonard offered grumpily. "It's not like I have anything else to do."

Jim, however, was asleep and found himself dreaming what would have happened if he hadn't succeeded or if Nero was smarter. What would have happened to all of them if Nero had won?

April 2258 ā€“ Narada

"Nero, order your men to disable the drill, or Iā€”"

The blow was quick and heavy. Jim found himself knocked to the floor and quickly restrained by strong hands. His eyes met those of Nero's and fear immediately dominated the person that was James Kirk.

"You're a fool," Nero hissed menacingly as he pulled a knife from his coat. "You're going to fail and I'm going to take you and your life as a reminder. Your worthless self now belongs to me."

Jim shook his head, "Over my dead body," he hissed in a tone of vengeance. "I belong to no one."

Nero easily kick-flipped Jim on to his stomach and touched the tip of the knife to Jim's spine, "This knife contains a poison that induces fast and painful paralysis," he hissed as he prepared to stab Jim. "Your world will be destroyed and Spock will be left alone, deprived of your friendship at his doing, at his will."

"You will be stopped," Jim gasped, struggling to fight back. "Spock will succeed and you will fail."

Nero cackled and stroked Jim's spine with the blade, "You wish, Kirk," he hissed. "Victory to me."

With a roar, Nero plunged the knife into Jim's back and Jim let out a scream that faded into silence.

On the Enterprise, Arianne came into the transporter room and saw Scotty working at the controls with a strained expression on his face. "Any sign of Jim and Spock yet, Monty?" she asked, very worried.

"Nay lassie," Scotty replied in a worried voice. "Tis well past the time they should have been back."

Arianne was silent for a moment and then Leonard suddenly came into the room, "The Bridge is reporting that Jim's signal is untraceable and Captain Pike has not been located yet," he stated in a worried tone. "Sensors have also detected a small ship containing the green-blooded hobgoblin-"

"What did I tell you about calling Spock that, Leonard?" Arianne said in a stern voice.

Leonard sighed and ignored the look Scotty was giving him, "Sorry," he replied. "I'm just worried."

"And you think I'm not?" Arianne replied as she gently patted his hand. "This plan was a bad idea."

The ship suddenly rocked, sending Arianne flying into the transporter console, "Attention Enterprise, this is Captain Nero," a grave voice suddenly spoke over the intercom. "My ship has disabled your weapons, your communications relay, and I have taken your precious Captain Kirk as a prisoner. As a show of my power before I destroy your world, I will perform one final act of hope deprivation."

Without warning, the ship rocked again and Arianne suddenly gasped in pain and dematerialized.

"Arianne!" Leonard shouted, his heart pounding wildly. "Scotty, try and get her back!"

Before Scotty could try however, a light began flashing on the transporter console, "Aye got a transport signal coming in fast," he said in an anxious voice. "Maybe it's Spock and Kirk. Energizing now."

Scotty quickly worked the controls and Leonard was horrified to see that Spock alone materialized.

"Where's Jim and Captain Pike?" Leonard asked, his voice full of concern. "Spock, what happened?"

Spock, however, had no sufficient reply and instead, he turned and looked blankly at the transporter pad. He had failed spectacularly and now both Jim and Captain Pike were prisoners of Nero.

"You need time to learn proper respect," Ayel hissed as he dragged a battered Arianne into the filthy evacuation room of the Narada and over to a filth encrusted escape pod, which he quickly opened.

Since her hands were bound, Arianne was powerless to stop Ayel from shoving her roughly into the pod and sealing her in with a lock of the door. She heard a hatch open and felt the pod being thrust outward.

Thoughts of her father suffering indescribable torture crossed Arianne's mind as she felt the pod floating through space. A sudden explosion caused the pod to quake and send Arianne to the floor of it.

The last thing Arianne remembered was sudden, deafening cracking sounds from outside the pod. She could see the Earth from the pod as the two got farther apart and everything was darkening.

Two ships above her engaged in a vicious firefight; the Narada and the Enterprise and it looked as if the Enterprise was losing badly. Arianne then knew in her heart that Jim had failed and all was lost.

Suddenly, a blast of weapons fire hit the pod and it careened off into the blackness of deep space.