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What is a destiny? We are all connected by it, some say by chance, while others say it is prewritten. One thing for certain, it is something nobody can escape. Once it has gripped something, it will never let go. We simply must hang on and ride wherever it's river path takes us.

Each destiny has a start, the beginning of a grand story. This tale is one of them.

The endless realm was awash in silence. Stone monoliths lay strewn about, shattered and broken. Reminders of conflict past, grand battles of tales left untold. Within the starry sea, there it lay, the great crystal. It remained motionless, shining brilliantly in the darkness of space. It shone with the colors of the rainbow, yet within a white center. Some could say it was rainbow quartz, but the material would not be listed by any common minds. Such a great formation must indeed need a guardian, and there she lay, standing as silent as the crystal itself.

She was a tall mare, very much befitting a horse. Her coat a violet esque shade of dark blue. Her mane flowed freely, as if it were entranced by magic. It's color sapphire blue with the brilliance of the stars themselves. A black crest hung about her chest, an insignia of the moon inscribed on it. Upon her flank lay a black patch where a mark of the crescent moon stood out, a twin to the moon upon the crest. Lavender hoof shoes connected like armor and a black tiara lay upon her head. To many this would appear to be an average horse. But it was no horse, but a pony. Yet not just any pony for the twin wings that fanned freely and the horn spiraling up told otherwise. This pony was an alicorn. Her name? It had not been forgotten, even by the passage of time.

"Princess Luna."

The alicorn's eyes opened, revealing cyan irises. They were wide with shock, awaiting whatever words entered her head.

"He has come."

Luna immediately took to the air, horn pointed defensively. A metallic whizz cut through the air, aiming at the princess. It impacted against her horn, but there was no sign of pain or even a shatter. A bright glow emanated from the horn warding off whatever had stricken it. The metal slid back, a great slab connected by a chain. Once it found its place, it connected with a chink. With a dull thud, it struck the ground, held firmly in place.

"Well met daughter of the moon." A deep voice echoed. The echo was in place behind a metal barrier, a helmet.

Stepping into view was a tall figure. A humanoid shape, much akin to the humans spoken of in the scribes of Princess Twilight Sparkle. But no human shape was solidified. The figure was clad head to toe in silver armor. It was ornate, grand, and looked very well protected. A blue jewel lay within the belt buckle, and also upon the elbows and the back of the hands. The helmet itself obscured the face completely, save for the golden eyes that shone underneath. Two horns jutted out, just like a devil's. An indigo cape lay draped upon the figure, no a knight. Said knight also had a sword. It was large in size, just about the length of his body. The blade interlocked and connected together. A tuft of red fuzz lay upon the pommel, ending the description.

Luna narrowed her eyes as she stared at the knight. "Skip your pleasantries knight of chaos."

In a flash, the two jumped at each other, blade against horn. Just as before, the magic repelled one another as they stood on opposite sides. Luna took to the air, as did the knight. Light accompanied their clashes, sword and horn fending one another off. From Luna's horn, a great glow shone, twin beams of lunar energy shot forth, spiraling together into a single beam. The Knight outstretched his free palm and from it shot a light of iridescent energy.

"Ruinga!" The knight bellowed.

The spell collided with the lunar beam. It rapidly grew in size and began to push back Luna's own spell. When the two could not contend with one another anymore, the ruinga exploded banishing away the beam. Luna was flown back, momentarily stunned. Taking this moment, the knight thrust his sword. As he did, the blade leapt forth from the hilt connected with a chain. The chain wrapped itself around Luna's body, the weight of the blade heavily pinning her.

"Frankly our battles are beginning to bore me." Said the Knight. His eyes centered upon the great crystal. "Why do you serve a fallen goddess? She sits there stationary inactive of the world beneath her."

Luna struggled to break free, but the more she struggled, the tighter the chain became.

"Why reside in harmony when chaos is the natural order of the world? It would be easier to just submit."

Luna groaned as she could feel her breath escaping her.

"Even now your homeland succumbs to the chaos, growing weaker by the day. Ah I can see her light, it too dims. Just as you will soon be."

"No!" Luna proclaimed.

With a bright flash of lunar light, the chain broke free, and the sword snapped back in place. Yet the light did not end there, it continued to shine brighter and higher forcing the knight to shield himself. As the light reached its zenith, the force struck the knight sending him into a pillar with a grunt. He slid down until he collapsed upon the ground, his sword propping himself up.

"I see you still have light of your own remaining." The knight said amused. "I was hoping for that."

Luna descended, her wings spreading out in a defensive manner. "My light will never end. So long as I have breath I will not allow you to defile this holy realm!"

The knight rose himself up, blade never leaving his hand. "Well it appears our battle has ended in a stalemate yet again. But it will not last, as I said, her light is dimming, and so long as chaos grips the world, it will soon extinguish. Be wary for the Destroyer will come."

With his final warning said, the knight stepped backwards, and vanished into a black mist.

Luna watched the scene, waiting for any sign of a trick. When nothing came, she relaxed. Her body at least, not her mind. She turned the crystal, eyes full of regret and somber. Slowly she bowed before the crystal, eyes full of reverence.

"Oh Cosmos, he gets stronger with each encounter, I don't know how long I can hold out. But I know I must remain strong. For your sake, for the world's sake." Her mind turned, and began to alter. Her thoughts were not towards just herself. "But I fear for him as well." She stood up, eyes still just as somber. "Oh Tempest. I wish I could prepare you for what's to come."

And so the moon princess returned to her post. The guardian of Cosmos must always stand ready.

Final Fantasy: Equestrian Chronicles

The stormy skies resounded with lightning and thunder drummed a beat. Raindrops pattered to the ground turning it gradually into mud. The sound of hoofprints squished and stomped as soldiers poured in. in the sky great crafts roared as their engines halted.

"Esper has emerged! Pursuing target!" One soldier spoke into his headpiece. All of their helmets were equipped with radios, for reporting was just one duty a soldier must undertake. A vast assortment of armored ponies stomped and descended from their airships. Pegasi took to the air, while earth ponies stood at the ready. Unicorns held their horns high, ready to charge a spell.

They all circled a center as something was emerging. In a flash, a creature appeared. It loomed over the ponies, almost tattered in appearance. Golden skin, a ribcage pushing against the chest. The creature had two arms, bound in cloth to prevent movement. Chains entrapped it, furthering the boundary. A smaller pair of arms cradled the head, which appeared to be some sort of bandaged demon. A larger entrapment lay around it, a venus fly trap of sorts, indigo in color but not enclosing.

Many of the ponies stood in awe at it's presence, for an esper was a sight to behold. Yet it was quickly taken aback as they all prepared for the signal.


From their horns, the unicorns fired a black magic spell. The fireballs soared through the air striking against the creature. The esper grunted, but showed no sign of wear.

"Earth ponies move in! Pegasi distract it! Unicorns keep firing!"

The order was driven as the earth ponies stormed in. The pegasi soared in distraction. The esper followed them, allowing the earth ponies to move in. Once they were near, they pounded their hooves against the creature's skin. Their hooves were bladed, allowing some damage, all they had to do was wear it down.


The unicorns fired more black magic spells, stronger variations. With everything striking the esper, it finally gained noticed of the insects before it. It let out a roar, it's single eye turning upward into it's head. The air around it began to distort, a great whistling breaching. With a final gasp of a roar, the monster let loose what it had been building up. In an instant, all of the earth ponies were blown away while the pegasi lost their flight. The unicorns were pushed back. They could tell the esper was annoyed, and it had finally gained notice of the creatures before it.

The unicorns slowly got to their hooves, yet the attack had still left lingering debilitations.

"Why'd I sign up for this?" One unicorn soldier asked metaphorically.

"The pay is good." One unicorn joked.

Some of them got a good laugh out of it, but one wasn't laughing.

All of the unicorns halted as somepony stepped into view, the soldiers looking on with awe and reverence.

"Princess Midnight."

Upon hearing her name spoken, the mare looked to the soldier whom said it. "Leave this to me." She said softly.

Taking a moment, she pointed her horn high and she uttered a spell. "Haste!" A symbol of a clock appeared before her, the hands spinning wildly. As soon as it was finished, she flapped her wings and took to the air. As soon as she ascended, she peppered a few fire spells at the esper. Just as it had done with the soldiers, it didn't take notice of such a low level spell. Midnight showed no fear as she soared to the being, adding a few blizzards as well as a thunder or two. The esper showed some register of annoyance, so it concentrated on the pony before it.

"Come at me! I'm ready!" Midnight declared.

The esper delivered a roar and charged up it's attack. Midnight's haste spell was still in effect so she took advantage of it's speed granting powers.

"Thundara!" She shouted, sending out a stronger variation of the thunder spell.

But just at that moment, the esper's attack had finished. Midnight was thrown from the sky with a yelp, landing hard upon the ground.

"Princess Midnight!" Several soldiers shouted.

They crowded around her, taking care as they lifted her up.

"Are you alright your highness?"

Midnight shook herself off, but still felt weak all the same. "Yes, I'm fine." She half lied. She would definitely need a cure spell, maybe a cura, but she knew they needed something more. "Release the dampners!" She ordered.

"Release the dampners!" Another unicorn relayed the order.

From the airships that still hovered, a small hatch opened from each of them. Several small balls emerged floating towards the esper. As soon as they were near they released an electrical charge. The esper hissed in pain as the shock coursed through it's body. It reared up to attack again, but found itself unable to.

Midnight watched it all with anticipation. She didn't want to use the dampners, but they had no choice. Though she would have rather showed the might of the pony race, this was the only course. Slowly, little by little, the dampners were weakening the esper. Midnight knew this moment was all they needed.

"Alright! Everypony! Focus!" She shouted.

She along with every unicorn soldier ready charged up a focus spell. They waited and stored up their remaining energy. When it was ready, they knew it was time to unleash it.


From their horns, a spray of frost spewed forth coating the esper in a diamond blanket. It hissed at the pain, but more so from the dampners. It continued on for some time, the spells and the shock, and the esper could only take so much. It could feel its strength ebbing away. Once it was at its lowest, it finally gave way. With a final hist, it's body began to dissolve. Evaporated for likely as it broke away into a sea of sparkles. They floated into the air, dust on the wind. The esper no longer remained, but in its place lay a small stone, golden with hints of violet. Right away, several ponies crowded it and slammed it in a glass container.

"Esper is secured! Repeat! Esper is secured!"

Midnight smiled at the good news. "Good work everypony. Let's rest up and head back to Paradise City."

Everypony cheered at another job well done. Taking the free moment, everyone took a moment to cure the injured and chat away at their fortune.

Midnight herself cast a cure spell, healing her wounds instantaneously. "Woo. That was a tough one." Midnight told herself. Midnight herself was a pretty young mare, her coat violet with a pink and lavender mane. Her eyes a brilliant fuchsia. She held breastplate armor, pink in color and neatly polished as well as armor for her hooves. A sword lay strapped at her side, but leaving her cutie mark free. Said cutie mark was an ornate looking star, very similar to the legendary Twilight Sparkle, but with some key differences as well. Her wings and as well as horn told others she was an alicorn and atop her head she held a pink tiara with three gems encrusted: red, blue, and green.

"Princess Midnight Shimmer!" A voice shouted.

Midnight looked to see a unicorn pony trotting up to her. He was young like her, around the same age, with a cyan coat and a blue mane with toppled slightly over his right side, just draping a little over the eye. Said eye along with the other one was green in color. He had a pack straddled on his side leaving the other side free to show his cutie mark which was a quill pen.

"Quill." Midnight said.

Quill Pengrove was his name, personal attendant to Princess Midnight.

"Princess Midnight, are you alright?" He asked.

Midnight chuckled. "Yes i'm fine, little beat up, but nothing a little white magic won't cure."

Quill let out a sigh. Oh good, I just wouldn't know what I'd do if anything happened to you."

"Oh don't worry Quill, I had it handled." Midnight reassured. "But I could use a little pick me up."

Knowing what she meant, Quill used his magic to levitate something out of his pack. It was a rectangular box and with his magic, he opened it up revealing several cigars. Smiling to herself, Midnight levitated one of the cigars and brought it to her horn. She charged up a small fire spell and it up the end. Once it was lit, she brought the other end to her lips and began to puff. Once she was done, she inhaled and withdrew a breath of smoke.

Midnight sighed. "Thanks, I needed this."

Quill looked slightly perturbed at the sigh of the smoking princess, but was glad to make her happy. Midnight after all was an unconventional princess.

"Well it looks like another victory for pony kind eh?" Said Quill.

"Indeed, but this esper was powerful." Midnight took another drag of her cigar. "And I wonder what made it emerge? Do you think it could have been the chaos mist?" She suggested.

Quill shrugged, who knows? The mist is rather unpredictable."

"Well all I know is some beer would go great with this cigar. Come on let's go." Midnight said casually.

Beer and cigars. Hardly something a princess would indulge in. Then again, Midnight was an unconventional princess. And Quill wouldn't change her for the world. "Yes your highness."

And so the ponies boarded their airships, just as the rain was starting to fall. Soon the area was empty leaving nothing of a trace of their presence.

Anima had fallen and pony kind had earned another victory.

So the battle was won.

Yet this was only the prologue of the tale.

The story now unfolds.

Authors Note: Well this was a long time coming. Something I have been working on and planning for what seemed like forever. But it is finally here now. I really hope this is an improvement over my last story Mommy Dash. I know it was popular on FIM Fiction, but I still consider it the worst story I have ever written. Hopefully this will be the best MLP story I have ever written. Well read on and enjoy!