They who Create the Creators

Three women sat around a low table, a large fire roaring in the fireplace next to them. Around the table sat chairs and chaises, low to the ground like the table. On one side of the table, in front of a blue haired woman, wearing a dress in varying shades of blue and glasses on her face, sat a pile of books, thick and leather bound, the pages yellowed with age, smelling of mold and dust. In her hands, sat an equally large and yellowed book, her eyes flitting from side to side as she read the ancient text, her hand occasionally pushing her glasses back to their proper position.

Across from her, sat a fiery haired woman, in breeches and a shirt of a deep, almost blood red. She sat with her legs crossed, a short bladed throwing knife in her hands. She guided a whet stone along the blade, sharpening it as she did so. On the table in front of her, sat numerous other knives, all of varying lengths, and arranged almost meticulously. She had a look of righteous fury on her face.

In the chaise directly opposite the fire, sat a younger girl, her green hair tied up in two buns on either side of her head. She sat, upside down, head dangling just off the edge of her seat, legs thrown over the back of the chair. She peered into the flames, with a sad, somber look on her face.

The room around them was bathed in shadows, no discernable features standing out. Over in the corner, a large lump could just as easily have been a statue, as it was a globe of the world. That one there, just to the right of the fire, could as easily have been a desk, as it was another set of shelves.

"I don't see why I can't go down there, and tear him limb from limb!" Raged the red head, fury blazing in her eyes.

The blue hared woman glanced up from her reading, before looking back down at the book in her lap. "We spoke of this before, sister. This isn't like her-" she pointed to the green haired girl "- and her prepubescent chosen and his fancy ocarina. Nor is it like my chosen and the dreams I sent her. We agreed not to directly interfere."

The green haired girls head shot up, a look of anger on her face that only a ten year old could beat. "Hey that's not fair. He was too young to brutally murder someone."

The red haired girl bit back a scowl, looking to her youngest sister. "Yeah, but he still had the mind of a ten year old. I'm surprised his muscles hadn't liquefied because of how long he had slept for."

"And yet, I still managed to do it without directly interfering, big sister" the green haired girl shouted, a smug look on her face.

"That's enough you two" the blue haired one said, without looking up from her book. "This is not up for discussion. We shall not displace him without good reason, even if we have to break our agreement. But only then. And even if we do, we must inform Chaos of our interference." There was a slight pause, before she muttered "Even if we did create her."

"But what of Hylia? She interfered directly!" the red haired growled out, standing from the chair she was on, knife in her hand.

"That was before our pact, big sister" the green haired girl called out, voice calm and collected. She was acting as the mediator she always had been. "Besides, she shed her divinity after the Sealing. You know that. We helped her do it."

"But her Divine Light still showed up in every one of her blood descendants, didn't it! If she can use a loophole then so can I. He is not to be in the care of those vile creatures" The red head growled out. She continued to grip the handle of the knife, her knuckles going white from the force she held it with.

"That doesn't change anything" the blue haired girl stated, snapping the book shut and placing it beside her on the chair. "We agreed not to interfere in the affairs of mortals, even with our champions. Especially not after the events of the collapse."

"How was the collapse our fault? We shouldn't be bound by the whims of mere mortals."

"Yes, but it wasn't just mortals who influenced the collapse. Even He-" she spat the word out with utter scorn and contempt "-who is still sealed within the sword has influence upon our creation. We cannot risk it."

"What does out fallen brother have to do with this?" the red head spat out, growling as she did so. "The Sword does its job in keeping his power contained."

"But for how long? Fi has not been heard from in millennia" the green haired girl said. "Contained within the Sword, his spirit is, but what of his magic, his curse? He will return, given time. And with our dear Lord of Time stirring within his tomb, who knows when that would be."

"Please, do not mention our second failure" the red head spat out, seemingly, almost impossibly, slightly disheartened by this thought. "I am still disappointed with how that turned out."

The blue haired girl spoke up here. "It does not do us well to dwell on such thoughts." She, too, looked saddened by this. She turned to the red head, a devious smile on her face. "What of the Imp? Have you managed to breach her realm?"

The red head sighed, a look of disappointment flashing across her face, before immediately being replace by one of anger. "No I have not. And on that note, how is that not directly interfering with the affairs of mortals? She might be ageless but she can still die."

The other two sat there, in silent contemplation for a few minutes, realizing what they had done, how they had angered their sister so. Finally, the green haired girl shifted on her chair, so she was sitting up properly. "I propose that we simply watch. For now." She added that last part, at the furious look her older sister gave her. "However, if things get as bad as you say they will get for him, then, and only then, shall we step in."

"Thank you" the red head said, with complete sincerity, the anger on her face not yet abating.

"However" the green haired girl cut in. "We are only doing this, as he is your champion. We shall not change the destiny of one person, simply because he is your champion again, nor shall we do it again for ours. If his destiny changes because of our interference, then it is that destiny he shall forever bare and it will be our job to enforce it."

"Thank you, Farore" Din voiced aloud, as Nayru returned to her book.