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Okay, let's pretend the Rido Kuran Arc did happen. But everything afterwards was just a myth. Nobody left, nobody thought of revenge or any of those angsty things, and everyone simply reverted back to their daily lives. Happy?

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Chapter 1

"It's just a game, Zero." Yuuki huffed as she demanded that he comes to the damn Moon Dorm too. She was already dressed, simply waiting for Takuma to escort her there. However, she didn't want to leave unless he comes together with her.

"A game?" Zero almost snarled at her. "Do you even realize what you're saying?"

"Of course, I do." Yuuki rolled her eyes. "Ichijou-senpai invited the two of us to join them for a kind of bonding game. It's not like it's the first time I'm attending too so I know that it's really safe. I go there to play every Saturday night, you see."

"A vampire just invited us to play some vampire game in the vampires' den, Yuuki." Zero cleared things out to her, in case she was too idiotic to notice. "And 'bonding'? What the hell do you think I am? I'm a hunter and I don't want to bond with any of those filthy bloodsuckers."

"In case you've forgotten, we're both vampires too, Zero. And besides, Kaname-senpai will also be there." She stated, as if that was already enough of an explanation.

Instead of easing his mind, however, it only added to Zero's glare. "That will be there too, huh." He purposefully voiced out, making Yuuki fume.

"Fine! I'll just go there on my own then! To think I even went to the trouble of asking them to allow you to join!" Yuuki huffed as she stormed out of the Sun Dorm. "I'll tell nii-sama how stubborn you're being right now!"

"Yes, do tell him that." Zero added. "And also the fact that I will not go to that fucking vampire's den no matter what happens!" She gave him another huff before she was out of sight in vampire speed.

"Really, you're always so gentlemanly, Zero-kun." Zero immediately stood up and pointed his gun at the vampire in front of him.

Takuma simply raised both his hands in surrender. "I didn't come here to fight."

"If it's Yuuki you want, then she's already left." He said the words with a glare directed at the blonde, although he did put the Bloody Rose down.

"I know." Takuma answered with a smile, making the hunter's eyebrows crease. "I simply wanted to know if you're actually so scared of the vampires' den that you wouldn't even want to go there and play. It was just a simple game which allows us all vampires to bond."

"I'm not interested in your games, vampire." He growled. "Now leave." He specifically left out the fact that he wanted to be as far away from that as possible.

"Too bad." Takuma voiced again, as if really feeling hopeless. "I thought Zero Kiryuu was more fearless and have more audacity than this. I guess I gave you too much credit to even invite you, Zero-kun. I'm sorry."

"You bastard…" Zero growled. Takuma simply smiled.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Ah, Kiryuu, good to see you." Kaname greeted when he saw the hunter together with Takuma. The blonde was smiling while Zero looked in between murderous and embarrassed – or maybe he was just plain embarrassed and that was how he looked when he was.

Even Yuuki looked surprised. She thought Zero made it clear to her that he would not come to the 'fucking vampire den' no matter what happened. However, one look at her brother's surprised but genuinely happy face and she knew Takuma deserved a reward.

Since it was a weekend, everyone was wearing simple casual clothes. However, casual clothes, when worn by model-like handsome and beautiful students, still looked so damn cool.

"Shall we start?" Aido asked with an innocent smile and tone, his eyes twinkling with malice.

Zero's scowl simply deepened as he grunted his assent. He agreed to play the game simply because he didn't want Yuuki to play it alone with the vampires. He needed to at least be there to be able to guard her. Or at least that's how he convinced himself for the reason why he even agreed in the first place.

Contrary to his belief, however, the game was concocted very carefully by none other than Yuuki herself. She hid a grin when she saw Zero agree to play it before she winked at her nii-sama.

They went to Kaname's study hall and sat down on the floor without further ado. The participants included Zero and Yuuki from the Sun Dorm and Kaname, Takuma, Aido, Shiki, Ruka, Kain, and Rima from the Moon Dorm.

They all sat down in a seemingly random order from left to right: Kaname, Aido, Ruka, Takuma, Zero, Yuuki, Kain, Rima, and finally, Shiki. Kaname was directly across Zero, Yuuki across Aido, Ruka across Kain, Takuma across Shiki, and Rima who simply sat down where there was enough space. There was no one directly across her since she was facing the space in between Takuma and Zero.

Takuma brought out three bottles with long neck. The first one was an empty and clear bottle which they would use for the game while the other two – one blue and one red bottle – contained different types of liquor which was saved from the prefects' inspection. Aido brought out a jar filled with folded papers and a small drinking glass which could only fit about a gulp of liquid.

Zero's eyes narrowed at the sight of the liquor. Those bastards really knew how to hide their contrabands. Not to mention he could actually feel slight apprehension at the sight of the bottles. Takuma, noticing Zero's discomfort, simply smiled at the hunter as if nothing was out of the ordinary and there was nothing to be nervous about.

"Takuma-senpai, Aido-senpai, and I decided that we will play 'Spin the Bottle' for our Bonding Game today." Yuuki started enthusiastically, not even minding the death glare he received from the hunter.

"So it's just a simple 'spin the bottle' game this time?" Rima asked, getting slightly suspicious about everything although it didn't show on her poker face. She then took a short glance in Zero, Shiki, and Ruka's directions. It would definitely end up in a disaster too. She knew that much because every game they had played until now always ended up like that.

Ruka even arched an eyebrow at the lame game. If only their Dorm leader wouldn't participate, then she wouldn't even think of playing such a childish and lame game. If she would be more honest to herself, however, she knew that it was also a good opportunity for her to be closer to Kain. It was actually her greatest regret. Just as Kain was finally moving on from his feelings for her, Ruka belatedly realized that she was falling for him. Her pride prevented her from chasing him until now but Yuuki finally managed to convince her to go for it. The young princess promised her that she would definitely help her through this game. Now she didn't know how that could actually happen.

Kain could only look at everyone coolly. He knew something was up the moment Zero walked into the Moon Dorm together with Takuma. She even saw Yuuki's barely audible smirk and Ruka's nod to her. He could also feel Aido's gaze on him before the blonde would look at Ruka and grin. Somehow, he had a really bad feeling about everything.

Yuuki gave everyone a really sweet smile before she spoke once more. "The rules are simple: We will determine on who will spin the bottle first. The one who spins the bottle will have to drink a gulp of this vampire liquor that we prepared. The vampire liquor is the one in the blue bottle. When the bottle stops and points its mouth on a person, that person will have to pick whether he wants to play 'Truth or Dare'. If he chooses 'Truth,' then he will have to answer the question of the person who spun the bottle. If he chooses 'Dare,' then he will have to pick a dare from this large-mouthed jar here filled with dares. Afterwards, he will be the next one to spin the bottle and drink a gulp of the liquor."

"Oh, by the way, we are not allowed to back out from the 'Truth or Dare'." Takuma voiced out with a smile. "There's no use lying either for those who will choose 'Truth.' All of us here know how to detect if someone is lying so there's no use, right? And if you really want to pass, you will have to drink three gulps of this vampire liquor from the red bottle."

"What a lame rule." Shiki spoke monotonously. "Then many of us can just choose to drink."

Aido snickered at that. "I'll say this now so there will be no complaints later, but the tolerable vampire liquor here is only the one in the blue bottle which everyone will drink when they spin the bottle. The punishment for backing out of the 'Truth of Dare' – the red bottle – contains something else." He then grinned evilly. "If you really want to back out that much, then all you have to do is drink three gulps from this red bottle here. I assure you though, you will wish you had taken the 'Truth or Dare' instead." Everyone suddenly felt a cold shiver run down their spines at that declaration.

"So, shall we start?" Kaname smiled before he took the bottle. "I want to be the first one to spin this." Nobody could argue to that. Aido poured a liquor for him to drink before he started.

Zero actually wanted to argue just for the sake of it but he knew he wouldn't like to be the first to spin the bottle either since he would have to drink. In the end, he could only give Kaname a glare before he watched as the brunette spun the bottle at such a high speed they all thought it would break.

After a while, the bottle settled on Yuuki who looked surprised. "Yuuki," Kaname called. "Truth or Dare?"

Yuuki heaved a soft sigh in order to calm herself down. She'd rather be tormented with questions than to choose the dares written in those papers. She and Aido were the ones who wrote those things so she knew how dreadful they all were. "Truth, nii-sama."

"I want to know what you were doing in Hanabusa's room the other night." Kaname was wearing a gentle smile but Yuuki and Aido visibly gulped in dread.

Even Zero looked curious as to what they were talking about.

"…T-Thinking up of… the dares..?" Yuuki tried to lie to save her skin but they immediately knew she was lying because of the abnormal blood rush in her body. It seemed even she realized it too since she sighed and made a pleading face at her nii-sama. "W-Well, Aido-senpai and I were…" She gulped before she continued, this time a light blush adorning her face. "…doing the 'dares'." Aido cleared his throat too before he tried to appear calm in front of everyone.

Zero's eyes narrowed at that. He now wondered just what kind of dares those two idiots made…

Yuuki drank one gulp of liquor too before she spun the bottle. After a while, the bottle settled on Kain who couldn't help but gulp, especially when Yuuki's chocolate gaze almost gave away the revengeful thoughts that she had. "Kain-senpai, Truth or Dare?"

Kain felt nervous just at the thought of what his Kaname-sama's crazy sister wrote in those dare-papers so he chose to simply let Yuuki be the one to torment him directly. "Truth, Yuuki-sama."

Yuuki closed her eyes for a while, as if trying to think of what to ask. When she opened her eyes again and spoke, Kain wished he chose 'dare' instead. "Kain-senpai, have you ever imagined Ruka-senpai naked while you were masturbating?" She finished asking while wearing an evil grin.

All their eyes widened at her daring question. Zero actually looked aghast. It seemed he didn't know Yuuki quite well yet. Ruka was frozen on her spot. She didn't know if she would turn pale or if she would blush. She didn't dare look in Kain's direction because she knew she would lose her cool composure if she did so.

Kain, on the other hand, could only gape at her. He actually looked at the red bottle and tried to weigh whether it was worth it to answer or if he would simply drink. But then he remembered Aido's warning and he knew his cousin wasn't joking about it. He braced himself and answered the question while trying to maintain his composure. "Yes, I have."

The silence that followed his revelation felt like eternity for the redhead. Yuuki covered her mouth to prevent herself from squealing in delight. Ruka couldn't help but hide a deep blush on her cheeks. Zero looked in between wanting to leave the place and wanting to murder all its inhabitants. He could feel that a few more rounds with those types of questions and there would finally be a war breaking out. Kaname simply looked at each and every one of them coolly. Aido hid a snicker at his cousin's answer. Takuma appeared cool too but the corner of his lips were tugging upward.

Now Kain felt really revengeful for what happened. He didn't look into anyone's eyes as he took the small drinking glass with slightly trembling hand before he gulped down the liquor in one shot. The heat of the liquid seemed to travel from his throat down to the pit of his stomach. It made him calm down a little bit. Then it was his time to spin the bottle.

It took some time before it settled down in front of Aido who didn't know if he would smile or grimace at the sudden situation, especially since Kain looked really murderous at the moment.

"So, Hanabusa." Kain had a small smile but his eyes looked really feral. "Truth or Dare?"

Aido gulped at that. He knew his cousin would try to corner him with humiliating questions so he clenched his fists and with all the confidence he could muster shouted out, "Dare!" Yuuki and Takuma loudly cheered for him since they knew what the dares were.

The blonde scowled at his cousin before he took the jar filled with folded papers and took one. He was even glaring at Kain before he opened the paper. But then his expression turned from a scowl into that of dread, much to everyone's curiosity. "Shit." He mumbled before he read the dare out loud for everyone to hear. "Kiss the person you like the most in the group…" His face was a mix of dread and embarrassment. "…with the use of your tongue."

"What kind of dare is that..?" Kain was the one who reacted. He looked ready to say 'I quit.' "Don't tell me the three of you wrote similar dares in those papers?!" Even Zero looked shocked as he glared at Yuuki. Takuma and Yuuki, on the other hand, simply smiled innocently at everyone and remained silent.

Aido gulped as he glanced at Kaname. He knew it used to be Kaname whom he liked the most in the group. However, things had changed for the worst. Who knew what his precious Kaname-sama would do to him if the brunette found out what he and Yuuki had been doing…

In the end, the blonde sighed. He had no choice but to carry out the dare if he didn't want to drink the punishment liquor. He walked across the group to where Yuuki was and knelt in front of the brunette who immediately blushed. Aido took another glance at Kaname who was already looking at them with an unreadable expression before the blonde looked at Yuuki once more. His cool blue eyes immediately softened as he stared at those chocolate eyes that he had learned to love. Even Zero wasn't able to react when Aido closed the distance between him and Yuuki.

The kiss started out as sweet and gentle, as if the two of them were savoring each other's scent and taste… at least until, Aido grinned and licked Yuuki's lower lip to offer him entrance. The brunette girl immediately did so. And afterwards, the rest of them were either gaping or wide-eyed with shock as the scene in front of them developed further and further.

"Enough." Kaname's voice cut them both from their wonderland as the brunette male glared at Aido. And only then did they stop. The two looked like they just remembered they were making out in front of everyone.

Zero didn't know how to react. He had always thought Yuuki was a pure and innocent girl who only had her Kaname-sama as the person she liked. To think she would fall for Aido of all people… He honestly didn't know what to feel. If it was him before the Rido incident, then he knew he would have already lashed out and tried to pry Aido off of Yuuki. He knew he had mellowed down a bit after that incident but to think it was to this extent… The one who reacted strongly, as expected, was Kaname after all. Zero knew that the siblings were actually betrothed to one another. Yuuki told him once when they were having a serious conversation. He half-expected it but he was still shocked at the time. And yet… and yet it was Aido?!

"I knew Yuuki-sama had a change of heart from that time." Ruka voiced out with a small smile. "After all, wasn't it this idiot Aido who acted like her Knight in shining armor during the time when Rido Kuran attacked us all?"

And Zero understood it then. Indeed, Aido and Yuuki had gotten much closer during that time. Even he had no choice but to acknowledge the Night Class students during that incident. The hunter couldn't help but sigh. So it was something like that… His amethyst eyes then looked in Kaname's direction and saw how cool and composed the brunette was. The pureblood had his eyes closed and was wearing an unreadable expression. As usual… he's still trying to pretend that he had everything under his control…

"Kiryuu," Zero almost held back a flinch when Kaname suddenly opened his chocolate eyes and stared directly into amethyst ones. He felt like he was caught doing something he shouldn't. "Are you perhaps… feeling pity towards me?"

Zero immediately recovered and gave the brunette a glare. "…I'm not." Kaname simply gave him a gentle smile which he didn't buy. He knew more than anyone how evil the owner of that smile was. He evaded his gaze and scowled.

Aido took a gulp and finally spun the bottle. And much to the hunter's chagrin, the bottle stopped with its mouth pointing at him. While the hunter was so distracted by the bottle, Yuuki and Aido used that chance to share a knowing look. Rima saw the whole encounter and couldn't help sigh at the idiotic lovers.

"Kiryuu…" Aido then grinned at Zero who immediately glared at him. "Truth or Dare?"




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