Ruby was dreaming.

Her mother had just finished telling young Ruby her newest favorite story. The story was about a beautiful princess who kicked butt and took names. She wasn't sure why the taking names thing was so important, but it sounded cool!

But this story didn't end there. No, this story followed the princess throughout adventure after adventure, showing just how cool the princess really was. But the princess would never have been succesful on her adventures if not for her precious companions, including her single most precious friend: the nameless Knight.

This Knight was there for the princess whenever she needed him, no matter how dire the situation. He stood by her when it seemed the entire world would turn against her, he was there for her when her dear mother passed away and he even was the only one who supported her when she decided to spare the demons. And, at the end of it all, he was the one who married her, working in tandem as King and Queen to usher in an era of peace and prosperity for all.

It wasn't that their relationship was perfect or anything. They argued, they fought and they even had their attention sway to other people. The knight had even dated the princess' closest friend for a time, the thieving bitch she was, though after a time they broke up and the knight returned to the princess. However, these flaws made their relationship all the more beautiful to Ruby.

It would be this last tale by her soon-to-be departed mother, all too tragically disappearing on a special mission assigned by Ozpin, that would cement itself in her mind, pushing her on the path of not only becoming a hero like the princess but also on finding her own Knight. In time, she would fixate more and more on the idea of a Knight of her own to join her on her path to become a hero.

Perhaps if they shattered remains of her family had recognized the signs early on, they could've nipped this in the bud and saved Ruby from her obsession. Sadly, however, they were far too hurt themselves to notice the signs in Ruby. Perhaps if they had, they could've saved the world from what would come.

Come hell or high water, Ruby would find her Knight.

Be careful what you wish for...

AN: Something I came up with. The story will mostly focus on Jaune's POV, but I might ocassionally write snippets like this to show other characters and, more importantly, explain their changes.

An example here is Ruby. Even in canon, Ruby definitely has a romantic view of the whole world. She wants to be a hero, but there's also aspects of her wanting to find her perfect knight in shining armor. In this story, however, she'll fixate a little more on the finding her knight.

Unfortunately, she won't be too happy with this knight.

I will say, while Ruby will not be Sill, she will be equally important to the plot of the series.