Unluckily, for me when I decided to part ways with Brian I did not calculate the fact that even though I no longer want us to be married he still is my boss. So, when he called me up to his office I could not do anything but obey. Surprisingly, he wasn't he wasn't behind a desk with papers everywhere. If anything he was prepared to leave.

Of course, he wouldn't care about our impeding divorce and would go to a business trip. It's seems that's all he knows to do. I scoffed inside my head.

"Sunshine, first of all, how is Hunter?" He asked, acting as if he really was concerned about the boy he adopted.

"Better, but he still has nightmares" I answered "But you don't really care now, do you?" I added, simply to be mean.

"You know I do" he replied, looking pained by my comment "Sunshine, I am so sorry for everything I made you go through... For what I made our kids go through. I know I have no forgiveness but I want you to give me a second change, if you still want the divorce in a month I'll sign the papers. But you need to know that I did not cheat on you. Since the day I saw your photo in Ryder's office I did not touch any other man, in any way. You have to believe that"

No matter my grudges against Brian, one thing will always stay the same: Bri is no lair.

"I believe you" I replied "I will give you another change" I sighed and rapidly added "Only for the kids. They deserve to have both pair of parents together"

"Thanks" he sighed, softly- smiplying as if his reason of living was back.

After that he left. During that month he wasn't in New York, but he texed and called constantly. Even skyped every night, so he could se our pretty faces... or at least, that's what he said. I then found out that he donated a large amount of money to Hunter's school so their security will be much better- no other accident like the one that hunter suffered will happened again-, he contacted Hunter's physiologist for weekly updates and the same with Hunter's self defense teacher.

He even bought me a car and renovated my art studio, for the birthdays he lost, he claimed. He also contacted with a good New York publishing with the idea of selling Rage, the comic Hunter and I have been working on ever since the day we met. That's for the anniversary he missed. He even said that for this year's anniversary he had a big surprise for us.

For the first time in almost two years I felt loved again. Felt that I had my partner backing me up, that someone was listening to me and cared about how my day went. But... for how long will this continue?

Bri was the same way when we began dating, but after we got married he was so inversed in work that it seemed like I didn't exists. Right now he was in a work trip, FOR A WHOLE MONTH! The same month he asked me for, to show me that he changed. He kept sending me mixed signals, which was very confusing. I didn't know what to do anymore...

It wasn't until I heard that Kinnetick lost a couple of clients that I found out what Brian was really doing this month.

"Ted! What's this about Kinnetick losing two clients?" I had asked Gus' godfather, after I had barged in his office.

"Well, most clients understood that Brian took a hiatus month for family troubles. But those twp weren't happy with Cynthia and I in charge of everything and they decided to break their contracts with us" he has replied, freezing me on the spot.

"What do you mean by 'a haitus month'? Then, where the hell has he been all this time?!" I had yelled, not liking at all being out of loop.

"He didn't tell you? Of course, he didn't tell you" Ted has scoffed "After you asked for the divorce he was so desperate to make things right that work was the last thing he thought about. He left everything to us and flew to Pittsburgh to hunt down all the friends the bitch of Hunter's biological mother has and her little boyfriend she almost pimped Hunter to. Of course, with the help of the police. He just needed to make sure his family would never suffer like that ever again"

Ted's words made me cry, they made me feel like the worst shit out there. When Brian came back form Pittsburgh I let him back into the penthouse and stopped talking about a divorce. But I still made sure that he knew he wasn't completely forgiven. Brian knew that and made his best to gain back my trust. With time he proved that my leap of faith was the right choice.

He started to come to Hunter's school events. He no longer forgot about the special days and was there with me to organize the celebrations. He made me feel that I had a say in this family, that my voice was heard and not ignored like before. He made me feel so loved that I could burst with happiness. It wasn't until our anniversary that I finally forgave him 100%.

He surprised me with a two weeks vacations for both of us, to Paris and London- to relive our honeymoon. I was so moved by that grand gesture that I had no other choice but to forgive him. After all, he made it right by me.

After that, anotrher year went by. Ted and Blake got married. Gus turned four and Hunter fourteen. Brian and I celebrated our third year anniversary. I graduated from college. And we decided to move back to Pittsburgh. Leaving Cynthia in charge of the New York branch. Ted, Blake and the girls moved back with us. After all, Pittsburgh is very important and special for us. We already had our adventure in the big city. Now... now we were going back home.

Daphne and Chris still had one more year to go, but from what I've hear they decided to stay in New York for now. Chris liked the city a lot and wants to work there for a while. Also, Daphne might be finishing pre-medecine but she still has a few years before he graduates as a doctor. Though, I believe they will be coming to Pittsburgh for a wedding. My sources- Emmett- tell me that Chris is planning on proposing soon.

To sum up, in these last four years there were fights, tears and troubles. But this mismatched and broken group made it through each setback together... as a family.

Because that's what we are.