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"Takumi, I'll be with you in a moment."

Miss Andrews, clutching a pink envelope in her hand, left her loud, noisy classroom, where the students were trying to complete their Roman projects in History class, which were to be due on Monday.

Takumi sighed and put his elbow on the table, where a computer lay in front of him. It was the only computer at East Yokohama Middle School, where Takumi was being educated. The computer was password-protected, and only Miss Andrews and several other teachers, including the principal, Mrs. Falle, knew the code. This was an unfortunate thing for Takumi, which meant he would have to wait for his teacher to get back to type in the password.

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon, and he didn't feel like he should waste it by staring at a blank screen all day.

He looked around the room. Masami Okabe, a small boy with huge glasses, was having trouble gluing a picture of the Roman Coliseum to his paper, and after he completed the task, his hands were quite sticky. Yuuko Waterfield, the teacher's pet, was writing in perfect cursive the history of the Roman empire. Chiaki Bonanza, a heinous troublemaker and winner of the loudness competition, was flashing pictures of nude Roman goddesses, much to the amusement of the other boys, who howled with laughter.

"So then Satan steals that god's daughter, or something like that . . ." he was saying, flashing a picture of a goddess.

Yuuko looked up from her paper and brushed back her soft brown hair. "How many times do I have to tell you," she snapped, "that Satan and Hades aren't the same thing. Hades wasn't really evil . . ."

"I should have known," was the reply from the troublemaker. "Satan has a forked tail and a small, tiny bottom. But Hades -" he said, flashing a nude picture of the god of the dead from behind, "had a big, big -"

Takumi looked away from the other students and looked at the screen of the computer, which was completely black besides a large box where you would type in your log-in password.

"Stupid thing," he muttered. He played around with the keyboard, typing in various numbers and letters and such, but he could find no combination that was the password.

"I know," he later said to himself, grinning. "Satoshi." Miss Andrews had been the one who selected the password, and she had a gigantic crush on the gym teacher, Satoshi Akimoto. Whether he returned those feelings or not was anybody's guess.

He typed the word 'Satoshi' in and then pressed the ENTER button.


Takumi had successfully logged in to the computer.

"Yes!" he cried, grinning wildly.

He had surprised himself, he seldom grinned. Life for him, as well as five of his friends - Ryota, Miho, Naoki, Shun, and Yuka - was serious, and sometimes even scary. Life was a struggle, a struggle to be in control, a struggle for freedom.

They all had the powers to be transformed into Digimon - digital monsters who had immense power and special attacks. Any other student in Takumi's occupied classroom would kill for the change to transform into a fire-breathing monster, but to Takumi and his friends, it was no gift, it was rather a curse. They had been selected by four people of a sinister group called the Shadow Gang, whose identities were unknown, but they were endlessly searching for the people and their mission.

Helping him in his quest were his friends.

Ryota Surashi, a boy of Takumi's age who was educated under Mr. Katsumata, another teacher in the middle school, was a boy with many friends. Under the pressure of keeping his friends, he had always agreed with them and always had been "in the crowd" as some expressed it. But his true feelings came through when some kids had badmouthed Shun, another member of their group, and Ryota became Takumi's friend. He could transform into Kibamon, a Digimon of the ice element, who resembled a large snow leopard.

Naoki Reda was the proposed "leader" of Takumi's group (even though he was the youngest) and their mission - to track down any other digital humans, and to find the members of the Shadow Gang. He usually took charge and was the only one (at first) who could control his Digimon powers. He could transform into an ice wizard named Sorcerimon.

Miho Sugiyama was the oldest member of the group, sans Shun Oshiro. After having a bad year in eighth grade with Shun, she entered high school and was then diagnosed with the powers to transform into a Digimon. She could transform into Jikimon, a freakish plant Digimon.

Shun Oshiro was a plump boy of fourteen years of age. Although older than Miho, he still attends middle school due to a bad score on his exams. His real interest was not school, but art, and he wished to become an artist when he grew up - and in Takumi's opinion, he was a very good one. Due to a misunderstanding, Shun landed in juvenile hall, which fueled Takumi into trying to find the Shadow Gang. Shun could transform into a robot Digimon named Mekanorimon, who often expressed his feelings through hums and buzzes.

Yuka Hamada was a small girl of eight. Innocent, humble, and caring, she made a good companion for Naoki. And although she usually never showed it, she's usually the most stressed out of their group, due to her feelings for them. She could transform into a lightweight cat Digimon named Mikemon.

Takumi grabbed a small sheet of paper beside him, containing various notes on ancient Roman gods and goddesses. He was about to convert his illegible notes into fancy, legible font on a word processing program when the door to the classroom opened, and in stepped their teacher, Miss Andrews.

He gulped at the love-struck teacher strode toward him. If she found out that he had logged in and knew the password, then . . . well he didn't want to know what she had planned for him.

"Hello, Takumi," she said, brushing back her hair. "Sorry to keep you waiting."
He tried his best to look puzzled. "You already logged me in, remember?" he reminded (or lied, both are fine).

"Oh yes," she said strangely, as though she had knew all along. "of course. Well, I'll leave you alone then, it's almost time to go . . ." She made her way back to her desk, but not before warning Chiaki that comparing her to a Titan was a personal offense and that if he did it again she would send him straight to the principal's office.

Takumi let out a sigh of relief. "Close shave," he muttered, as he began to type. A little later, he had not written one paragraph when the bell sounded.

"Darn," he said, exiting out of the program after saving his work. He then left the classroom, bidding good-bye to Miss Andrews, who was reading Love and You at her desk.

The instant he left the room, he began to zoom out of the hallway. Two days - two days all to himself! The weekend had begun! Unfortunately for him, Mr. Mes, the ill-tempered janitor, was standing in the middle of the hall, serving no purpose but to yell at speeding student.

"'Scuse me!" he shouted, as Takumi rushed past him. "If 'yo goin' go runnin' round in the hallway, you has gotta have detention tomorrow - I mean Monday!"
"Bye!" Takumi sang out, waving a sarcastic hand at the teeth-gritting janitor, meeting Ryota at the door.

"Jerk," his friend was muttering. "Giving us homework on a two-day weekend, doesn't he know any better?"

"Well, I have my Roman project to do," Takumi reminded him as they stepped outside, "a little homework is nothing compared to a big project. But I'm just about finished, anyway, just have to do a little typing on the computer."

"I'm writing mine long-hand," a voice spoke up. Takumi turned around to see the girl he liked, Reina Yoshida. She held a binder in her hand containing her Roman project. "I don't know about you, but I don't like computers." She smiled, dimples showing.

"They take a while to get used to," Takumi remarked, trying to continue the conversation, "but it takes a lot longer to write long-hand."

"Is that why they call it long-hand?" Reina asked.

"Maybe," was the reply, and he was about to say more but had trouble keeping his balance as he almost fell down the stairs and crashed into several students in front of him.

"Well, I've got to go," Reina said, pointing out her bus. "See you on Monday, then."

"See you too, then," said Takumi, blushing. He had hardly noticed Ryota, who was behind him, and it took him a while (he was watching Reina clamber into her bus) to realize that he was talking to him.


He zipped around as he realized where he was, and the school, as well as the voice, became more distinct, clear.

"Takumi, would you hurry up? We have to get on the bus! See, route sixteen is almost leaving . . . you don't want to stay here for two days, do you?"

He didn't reply, he only followed Ryota as they climbed into the bus and took their seats near the back. The front was far too noisy and crowded, full of loud kids who were a bit too excited about their break from school.

He sighed as he set his book bag beside him and waited, waited for a time that never seemed to end. Their new bus driver had missed several stops the day before, including Takumi's. Miss Dilect was on bus duty and was currently speaking to the driver. She was a short, blonde-haired woman with a voice like a squirrel and an amplifier like a siren, was teaching the bus driver where all the bus stops were.

"Don't stop at Winter Fields -" she advised him, "the replacement stop is Blaine Park ... it may be a bit farther, but as you may know, it seems a bit safer . . ."

"We don't care, Miss Dilect!" a rat-like voice shouted. "Just stop at Winter Fields! Closer to my house!"

"Be quiet, Mr. Bando . . . now, remember to stop at Shady Springs . . . that's the one you missed last time, from what I hear."

"Right," said the bus driver, an old man, who, unlike the other bus driver, looked patient and pleasant.

The engines of the old bus started, and, after half running over Miss Dilect, finally exited from the school. Ryota was the one who noticed that they were the last bus which had left.

"I hope this old, stupid driver doesn't miss our stop again," he grunted. "I don't want to end up halfway back to the school, him not realizing that there was still us on." He dropped his book bag from off his shoulders and soon settled down in his seat.

Moments passed, the bus passing through several stores and shopping centers. Soon the bus would be entering Takumi and Ryota's neighborhood. The wind blew. The sky looked peaceful, there was no thundercloud in sight. Everything was normal.

But not for long.

The bus turned into the neighborhood where Takumi had grew up in - where he lived - where Ryota lived - where Hiroshi Watanabe, the boy who had made fun of Takumi, had been brutally murdered - where Mr. Felters, an old friend of Mrs. Hito, had been severely burned - and frozen.

It was at that moment when the strange thing happened.

* * *

About fifteen miles away, on a lonely sidewalk, was a boy. He had a shock of red hair, and a huge scar which cut through his cheek. People passed him on the streets, staring. But it was not the face they were staring at. It was his clothes. They seemed quite out of the ordinary. Upon first glance, they seemed normal - blue jeans, and a yellow shirt. But it was made out of some sort of strange cloth - like some sort of future clothing. And that's what they were. But he never told them. He also didn't tell them about the blue device with lightning bolts at the side, which he stored in his futuristic belt. In fact, he hadn't spoken at all today. He was too filled with wonder. The town, to him, seemed to be some sort of treat. This boy's name was Devin Marsukii.

At around the time Takumi's bus turned into his neighborhood, Devin heard a familiar sort of sound - merry music. He knew this sound; he tried to remember: when he was very little. Yes, he now knew what the sound was. An ice cream truck.

As it smoked down the lonely road at a very slow rate, Devin jumped at the side of it and held out some money from his pocket.

The driver stopped upon seeing this opportunity, then rolled down his window.

"Yeah, kid?" he asked. He had light brown hair and an impatient look in his eyes, possibly from getting orders from too many little kids who demanded ice cream. This was one reason, but another was the fact that he felt like an idiot, driving through town in a big truck with a hundred pounds of ice cream in his trunk, playing merry music that sounded - well - gay.

Devin didn't mind though. He was full of nostalgia from his past, on his street, waving and shouting for the ice cream truck to come by. When he was younger, he had made good friends with the ice cream man. But he couldn't help notice that this one didn't have the same sort of cheery face that the other one had. Still, he smiled politely at the man, and was probably the only one in town who was at least trying to be polite to him. It was a hard job being ice cream man, and the impatient driver, who they called "Fudge Man", was really named Komatsuzaki.

"Do you have cherry chocolate bars in stock?" he asked politely.

The man looked at a clipboard beside him. "Don't know what the hell - I mean, heck - you're talking about, kid. There ain't no such thing. Now, do you want real ice cream, or do you want to just go home? Do you even have money?"

"Yes, I have money," the boy said, flashing his bill. "Here, I'll settle for a normal fudge bar. How much will that be?"

"Two hundred and sixty yen."

At these words, Devin felt embarrassed and shocked.

"Oh," he said, blushing. "Well," (he flashed the bills again) "this is all I have. Will this do?" He handed "Fudge Man" the money, then looked up at the window hopefully.

"The hell is this?" said Komatsuzaki, surveying the money with nothing but impatience. "Is this some sort of foreign money?"

"Um, no," said Devin. "It's Japanese market. It says so on the - uh, bill."

"Kid," said the driver, throwing the money out the window, "I don't have time for games. You're making your own sort of money, and let me tell you something - it's counterfeit, and I could get you arrested for passing that sort of stuff around. Not that anyone will a right mind would fall for it, of course. But I make real money. Get my drift, kid? Hell, I've been up since eight 'o clock in the morning, getting ready for my job, then I have to come down here and do my business as a damn fudge man. You're wasting my time, kid. Good day!" With these strong words, he closed the window and sped away, leaving Devin to pick up his "counterfeit" money in a cloud of dust.

"Well!" he exclaimed, picking up the last bill and dusting off his pants. "That sure wasn't very nice. But I've got a lot of things to get used to, here. I should have learned all of this in history class, but I never did pay attention. Darn! Well, I guess I'll just have to learn some more."

He put the bills in his pocket and strode down the sidewalk, as casual as someone (well, someone like Devin Marsukii) could be. When suddenly -


A loud, terrifying scream filled the air. It came from the red-haired boy, Devin. A surging pain had stroke him in the forehead, and he felt as though his head would split in two. He felt his whole body give way, and felt something enter it.

"NOW!" something screamed.

"No!" Devin screamed back. "No! Not now! No! You can't - you can't -"

"IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED!" boomed a voice from somewhere near him.

Devin's heart stopped beating, but he was still alive. As this happened, he still screamed - until finally, the pain left. His heart started beating again. He opened his eyes. He had closed them when he had felt that surging sort of pain.

If one had been watching him, someone would have noticed something remarkably different about his eyes. They seemed cold and sneering.

But no one had been watching him. But many people had heard the scream, and found it horrifying. But afterwards, they dismissed it from their thoughts. Devin Marsukii was not seen in the area after that sharp scream. But no one knew him. He hadn't had any parents or other relatives to take care of him.

In fact, Devin Marsukii was not even born.

* * *

The scream could not be heard where Takumi was now - inside of the bus. It crept up long, winding roads, through the neighborhood, when something happened unexpectedly.


Takumi almost jumped. He had heard that sound before. It was his D-Monster. He grabbed it. What could it be? News on the Shadow Gang? A new Digimon appearing? Would they have to defeat it?

He grabbed the device, which was inside of his book bag. If it had beeped during class, it would be silenced. His D-Monster was the color of red, which suited Takumi just fine, it was his favorite color. He turned the device on. The familiar LCD screen looked back at him, but something was different. His D-Monster digivice had intercepted a message. But from whom? He read the message aloud, after making sure that no one was around, like Bando:


Takumi had realized that both he and Ryota had read the message aloud, and it was displayed on both their D-Monsters.

"I guess we've both been invited," Ryota remarked. Takumi was going to ask what exactly they were going to be invited to, when suddenly . . .

A vortex LCD appeared on their D-Monsters. When it began to suck them in . . .

"What's happening!?" Takumi shouted, but could receive no answer, because both he and Ryota were spinning, spinning, faster and faster. Then, in a matter of seconds, they vanished from the bus.

The old bus driver then stopped and opened the doors, waiting for kids to get out. But only one student did.

"Wha in the world?" the old driver exclaimed, scratching his head and watching the one boy step out onto the platform.

* * *


That was the word uttered from Takumi. Gradually, his eyes opened, and wherever he was focused into view. He stared in front of him. It was very dark outside. Up, on a high hill, stood a large, intimidating castle. And walking up the path to the mansion were - Digimon. Hundreds of Digimon.

He sprang to his feet. He was ready to fight them all. He noticed Ryota at his side, his D-Monster out as well, both ready to transform. It was a strange scene. The many Digimon entered the castle, without destroying anything. This surprised Takumi, for the Digimon he fought liked to fight each other to the death and destroy things in the process. Well, at least when they weren't controlled. Could it be that all of these Digimon were humans that could control themselves? Perhaps this was where the Shadow Gang lived?

"What is this place?" Ryota asked, apparently with no expectation for an answer - but one came.

"So, you've been invited too?" said a high, squeaky voice. Both humans jumped and turned around at the same time, their D-Monsters in a threatening position. They expected to find a large, powerful Digimon behind them. They did find a Digimon. But it certainly wasn't large. And it didn't look too powerful.

"Hello," the squeaky Digimon greeted. It looked like a blue tadpole with a long tail. "My name is Otamamon."

"Otamamon?" Takumi said blankly. "Well . . . what's your real name?"

The Digimon looked a bit flattered. "That is my real name."

"You mean, you're not a human?"

The tadpole Digimon shook it's head. "No. I've never seen a human before. Well, besides those others that I just saw . . ."
"What other humans!?"
"There was a small boy . . . another boy, a girl, and a short girl . . ." Otamamon shrugged, best it could, not having any shoulders, and all.

"Looks like they've been invited to whatever this thing is!" Takumi exclaimed. "Come on, let's go!"
"Who's been invited?" the Otamamon asked curiously.

"Gotta run!" Takumi shouted back as he ran off in the distance, towards the castle. "Thanks, Otamamon!"

He passed through a gruff-looking Digimon with two faces and a long sword, then past a fish with boxing gloves who was floating in the air, and had to apologize for bumping into a winged serpent with a skull on it's head. Past them, he saw a humanoid figure. He recognized it.

"Yuka!" he shouted.

The humanoid figure turned around. Takumi jumped back upon seeing his mistake. Staring back at him was a female angel Digimon with large wings and an arrow in her hand. She wore a thick helmet over her head, so he couldn't see her eyes.

"Sorry?" she asked, holding her bow in a way that made Takumi jump.

"Um . . . never mind. I thought you were someone else." He dashed past her, then saw all of them: Shun, Naoki, Miho, and Yuka.

"Hey!" Shun said, turning around and seeing Takumi. "You've been invited, too." And, upon seeing Ryota, he added, "Hey, and you too!"

Ryota shrugged.

"I wonder what this whole thing is about?" Miho wondered, a sort of impatient tone in her voice. "I mean, please. I was just about to get home when I get transported here. I'm going to have to miss my haircut."
"Oh, please," Shun rolled his eyes. "I think this will be fun. It's about time we interact with Digimon who aren't humans."
"Oh, what do you know, 'F-boy'?" Miho shrugged.

"I agree with Shun," Yuka said warmly. "This will be fun." Miho groaned at these words.

"We've already met some very nice Digimon," Naoki spoke up. Using his clear green D-Monster, he transformed into Sorcerimon, then spoke to a humanoid Digimon that looked quite like him.

"See?" Naoki grinned. "Meet Wizardmon."

"How do," Wizardmon let out his hands for Takumi to shake it, when -


"Hahaha!" Wizardmon laughed merrily. "My Magical Game worked again! So much fun!"

Takumi's hand had been fried. "Yeah. Whatever."

"Oh, and here's Angewomon," Yuka added, addressing the female angel Digimon which Takumi had seen before. "She's beautiful, isn't she?"
"Now, really," Angewomon blushed. "But I guess I do look better than some Digimon here. Like that Lillymon I just saw passing by. Can you believe it? She's dying the bulb of her head yellow. Such a disgraceful color! I've already told her that I like it just fine the way she is, but she appears to be doing it for that Zudomon over there." She pointed to a turtle-like Digimon. "Now, I don't like men because they're strong, I take appearance, personality . . ."

The Angewomon babbled on.

Some other Digimon were gossiping in a corner.

"I hear we're invited to some sort of tournament," remarked a bird Digimon with a crown on his head. "That'd be nice! I'd love to use my new attack that I just learned."

A female Digimon, Blossomon, seemed to disagree. "You're not going to use that - that - Royal Smasher thing, are you?"
"Oh no, Deramon, please, I don't want to be made a fool of . . ."

Naoki grinned. "You know your D-Monster device? Well, you can look up data on all these Digimon!"

"All of them?" Ryota asked, interested, and very much excited.

Looking up data for numerous Digimon was very fun for Takumi. He scanned data for Geremon, Muchomon, Thunderballmon, Baromon, Musyamon, Airdramon, Gekomon, and a dinosaur Digimon that he was very interested in, Allomon. By speaking to a Mamemon that he later scanned, he learned that Digimon were divided into six levels: Fresh, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. He learned that the Digimon he could transform into, Hiamon, was at the champion level, as well as Sorcerimon, Jikimon, Mikemon, Kibamon, and Mekanorimon. He wondered if he would ever digivolve. He learned about digivolution by speaking to a Centarumon in the corner.

"Well, it takes a long time for a rookie to evolve into a champion, but you have to win a certain number of battles to go to the ultimate level, but the way you told me, it could be different . . ."

Takumi was just talking to a Digimon who introduced himself as AeroVeedramon, who claimed he won every battle he fought, when suddenly a voice was heard over a megaphone.

"Ladies and gentlemon! It's time to begin! You are all invited to a grand tournament, to determine who is the strongest Digimon out of all of you!"
Cheers were heard from the crowd. Obviously, the Digimon there loved battles, and especially loved tournaments.

"Is Tyranomon invited?" Allomon asked curiously, sniffing around. "I do hope not. Losing battles against him all the time, it is dreadful!"

The voice over the megaphone continued: "Please, all gather round in the Great Hall, where we will begin selecting the battles. All battles will take place in the Grand Coliseum, which is to the stairwell to the left of the Great Hall. There will be five battles taking place at once! The tournament will start at star thirty! Thank you, and enjoy the tournament!"

Allomon smiled (was he smiling? Was there any way to hide those great teeth of his?) brightly. "That must mean I am stronger than Tyranomon, for it doesn't look like he was invited. Har har har!"

Takumi was a bit curious over the Digimon's way of telling time. He asked Allomon what time star thirty was, whatever that was, but the dinosaur Digimon seemed to busy roaring shouts of victory. So he asked another dinosaur Digimon, Stegomon, what time it would be when the tournament started.

"Look at the sky," the wise Stegomon said. Takumi looked up. It was extremely dark. The stars were coming out. "When there are thirty stars visible in the sky, the tournament shall begin," Stegomon explained. "Good luck to you."

Takumi thanked him, then left to tell his human friends. Just after he had finished talking to them, a scuttling of feet came. He looked up at the stars. He tried to count them, and ended up with twenty-nine, but a second time proved him wrong, there was thirty in the sky. The tournament was to begin now!

Takumi, Ryota, Shun, Naoki, Miho, and Yuka hastened into the castle, being pushed by many large Digimon along the way. They decided to transform so they would be treated with more respect. Hiamon, Kibamon, Mekanorimon, Sorcerimon, and Mikemon replaced them, and they felt more "in the crowd" in their Digimon modes. They entered the large castle without much trouble, where numerous Digimon were surrounding three large desks, each occupied by a Digimon: one carried a Salamon, one's owner was a Veemon, and the remaining one held a Monodramon.

To their surprise, everything was already sorted out. They all received charts which showed them who they were going to battle first.

"I'm battling Otamamon first," said Hiamon brightly.

"That little Digimon that we met at the gates?" Kibamon asked, looking at his paper.

"That's the one."

"Well, I'm up against Gururumon."

"I'm up against Wizardmon!" Sorcerimon cheered.

"Deramon," said Jikimon, looking glum.

"I'm against Doggymon," said Mikemon happily.

"BUZZ," said Mekanorimon in wonder.

"Hey, look at this," said Hiamon, staring at his sheet as they entered the gigantic coliseum on the left. "I'm one of the first five that will be battling."

"BUZZ?" Mekanorimon looked interested. "BUZZ. BUZZ."

"Well, I don't," Hiamon grinned. "But I hope Otamamon is prepared!"

Kibamon scoffed. "I wouldn't be so sure of yourself." He leaned against a pillar. The coliseum resembled that of an ancient one. "I mean, you don't know how powerful a natural Digimon is. We've never faced one."
"You have a point there," Hiamon agreed, scratching his dragon chin, but an instant later, he jumped up, his claws raised, and yelled:
"Well, I love a challenge!"

Once everyone had been sorted out and had entered the coliseum, a scratchy voice sounded through the megaphone:
"And now, ladies and gentlemon! The tournament of the ciencircle! The battle of the milturn! It's -


The crowd cheered, but a Seadramon nearby, who looked at the person with the megaphone, a red reptile Digimon, said, "Please, can we get an announcer without speech impediment?"
The Guilmon continued his talk:
"And now, our first battle . . . Hiamon . . . versus . . . Otamamon!"
Hiamon flew to the ring, and (with difficulty, considering his little legs) Otamamon made it to the battle scene as well.

"Everyone knows the rules, don't you?" asked the Guilmon. "Battle and absorb! And . . . five . . . three . . . two . . . four . . . one! Go!"

"Stun Bubble!" Otamamon shouted. A bubble was emitted from his mouth, which floated across the ring.

Hiamon flew into the air, then met the bubble with a nosedive. In an instant, the bubble disappeared. Hiamon picked up speed, then hit the Otamamon with a hard hit. POW! The Otamamon disappeared in a cloud of dust. Eventually, the dust left, leaving a wounded Otamamon on the floor.

"Ooh, Otamamon is down!" Guilmon the announcer shouted, "but is he dead? No!" Otamamon slowly got up to it's normal position, a scar on the side of it's head.

Something went through Hiamon the dragon when he heard those words. But is he dead? Did all the people in the coliseum expect him to kill Otamamon? He had committed murder to a human before, but that was when he couldn't control his own power . . . killing someone intentionally, Digimon or not, was a sinful thing.

"Stun Bubble!" the cute tadpole shouted. The same bubble that had appeared before came. Came . . . hit Hiamon . . . then popped. Hiamon didn't make any attempt to counter the attack. He didn't know what to do . . . he didn't want to kill Otamamon.

"Stun Bubble!" the tadpole shouted again, for the whole coliseum to hear. Again, the bubble popped when it hit the dragon Digimon. It didn't even make a mark. It did nothing at all.

Stun Bubble after Stun Bubble after Stun Bubble came . . . and went. Until Hiamon's battle had been about twenty minutes long. The crowd was already shouting for Hiamon to finish it, but he did no such thing.

"Come on, Hiamon, you've got to beat that Otamamon, kill it, and absorb it, or this battle will go on forever!" Guilmon shouted. This Guilmon loved battles. He also enjoyed seeing how other Digimon met their match and died, and then were absorbed by the stronger one. He himself believed in the dog-eat-dog theory, and played a small role in it. He loved seeing the battles even more than his boss, who was in his room in the castle. His boss would normally have enjoyed watching the tournament, as he attended Digimon tournaments on a regular basis. However, tonight, duty called. Suddenly, a telephone rang from within the Guilmon's office.

"Yes?" the reptile asked to the receiver. "Okay . . . you'll check on the tournament every twenty minutes, right - no Hiamon hasn't won yet . . . he's just taking his time . . . no sir, I don't think you - yes sir, of course, yes sir. Whatever you'd like sir, you see I . . . oh, he hung up." The Guilmon tried to put the phone down, but apparently it was stuck between his claws.


Hiamon felt dust from the ceiling fall on him as another bubble hit him in the chest, doing no damage whatsoever. But what really caught his attention was the ceiling. The Otamamon was interested too, as well as the monsters in the stands.


The sound came a second time. Part of the ceiling collapsed, leaving a hole wide enough for a Digimon to fall through. And something did fall through. But it wasn't a Digimon. It was a human, with a shock of red hair and a scar on his cheek. The boy landed between Otamamon and Hiamon, amazingly not getting hurt in the fall.

"What's all this, what's all this?" he asked.

Hiamon was surprised. Was he a digital human as well? "Who are you?" he asked.

"Who am I?" the boy sniffed. "I'm the master of this tournament, for your information. Now tell me this - why aren't you killing that Otamamon? You know you can, and yet you're not doing it! If you don't kill it, I'm going to have to disqualify you!"

Hiamon sneered. He didn't care if he was disqualified. He only wanted the Otamamon to be spared. "Go ahead," said the dragon Digimon. "Disqualify me."

But the boy seemed to read Hiamon's mind. "If you care about the Otamamon, that wouldn't be a good idea. You see - if you don't kill the Otamamon, someone else will." The red-head narrowed his menacing eyes. "Like me. Will I be a better opponent?" He looked back at the pitiful Otamamon.

"Don't touch it!" Hiamon ordered.

"I'm sorry, but I'm the master of this tournament, and I can do what I want."

"Oh yeah?" Hiamon breathed. "Do you want to take this outside?"

The boy smiled evilly. "As you wish." He held out a device from his belt.

A D-Monster, Hiamon gasped. It was blue, with lightning bolts at the tips.

"TRANSFORM!" the boy shouted. He began to glow a denim blue, then transformed to - "ExLightningmon!"

The Digimon which replaced the human resembled a dragon, except he was yellow and his ears were in the shape of lightning bolts. A lightning bolt mark also appeared on his forehead. A large horn was on his nose. His claws, his red eyes, and especially his teeth - looked menacing.

He jumped from the area of which he was standing, his wings the color of snow, his claws out. Hiamon jumped too, and it was hard to tell which one looked more threatening. But ExLightningmon was too quick. He grabbed the large horn on Hiamon's head and yanked him upside-down. Hiamon opened his eyes, feeling dizzy. He could feel himself being lifted; lifted out of the arena, over the collapsed ceiling - and then he felt his horn being free from ExLightningmon's bitter hands. He then felt his whole body crash against the remainder of the ceiling. He fell to the floor of the arena with a loud PLOP.

"Whoa!" shouted the Guilmon with the megaphone. "Wow! Has the boss killed him? It sure looks like it!"

"No," Hiamon breathed. "No. I'm not dead. Not yet." And then he heard someone - or something - plop down beside him.

"Now now," the thing said threateningly. It was ExLightningmon. "This battle has gone on far too long. It's time - that I finished you!"

Hiamon covered his eyes, which probably looked rather stupid, for no one was trying to kill him. He heard a high-pitched squeak of pain, then bits of data dissolving. He opened his eyes, then sat up in horror at the scene.

ExLightningmon had killed the Otamamon. He could still hear the high-pitched scream in his ears, even when the data was floating in the air. But the data wasn't floating for long.

"Now," said the evil dragon Digimon, puffing out his chest. The data began to enter it. "To gain the power I deserve!" After all the little bits of data had entered his body, he began to glow.

"What's going on?" Hiamon asked himself.

"Wow!" yelled the Guilmon with the megaphone. "It seems that the boss is digivolving

to his ultimate form!"

"No!" Hiamon shouted, the ones in the stands gasped in wonder. The glowing Digimon grew bigger and bigger . . .

"ExLightningmon . . . DIGIVOLVE TO . . . Lightningdramon!" The replacement, a large, hulking ultimate Digimon, was much bigger, and looked much different. Hiamon had witnessed his first digivolution. Lightningdramon was a large, yellow dragon, with red, dangerous-looking wings. His claws were long and thin, and a thick, brown skull with three horns covered his head.

"RAGHHH!" it roared. The big Digimon was almost the size of the ring itself. "Now," it said, in a loud, gravelly voice, "the real battle begins."

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