Takumi gasped in sheer horror at the previous scene. The thunderbolt heading straight for the twitching body of Devin Marsuuki, the shouts from his friends on the ground next to him, and the cackling form of ImperialLightningdramon as the red-haired boy disappeared under the yellow streak, never to be seen again.

It was only then that he realized he and the rest of the children were disappearing as well. For they had been hit by the lightning bolt as well. They too were condemned to the horrors of death. He held out his hands, his white, fragile hands, and watched them disintegrate. He would have screamed; but he couldn't make a sound. Because his mouth, his entire face was vanishing too. He had no eyes anymore, he could only see an eerie white flash, but his body was no where, his body did not exist anymore, not even as dust.

When he was able to see again, his vision was blurred and he did not know where he was. All he knew was that he wasn't in the dark area with ImperialLightningdramon anymore: He was in a familiar place - sitting on a sidewalk near a street on which many cars hustled and bustled through the rush hour traffic. Near the other side of the street was a small park, where kids played on the swings, supervised by mothers engaged in sweet gossip. The sound of the horns honking and the kids squealing had awoken him. First his sense of sight, then his sense of smell: He realized he was breathing fresh, clean air, and he was neither in the darkness of the night area nor the shouts of the spectators of the stadium. It was clean, wholesome air, with space to breath. But that wasn't to say their weren't people.

A couple of teenage boys walked by, alongside their girlfriends. One remarked, "Hey, look - kid hobos!" The others among the group laughed and laughed.

It was then that he knew where he was - this was the park where his mother sometimes visited. And there he was, sitting on the ground, around him Ryota, Miho, Naoki, Shun, Yuka, and Devin. Their clothes were messed-up, it looked as though they hadn't eaten in days, and they were sweating horribly due to the humidity of the tournament. They certainly did look like tramps, even though they were too young to be living on the streets, especially in their country.

"Where are we?" Ryota was the first one to speak. He brushed back his dark brown hair and peered around at the others, then at the people looking at them, passerby on the street.

"Whoa!" he shouted, realizing what was going on and standing up, to avoid looks from the people. He motioned for the others to follow, and one by one they stood up, Devin being the last.

"Is this heaven?" Ryota asked aloud to himself. Another person on the street sneered "You wish!" The boy jumped, embarrassed. "Where are we?"
"You're at the park, kid. Next time, try not to have a nappy-nap on the sidewalk!" His friends cackled and left, feeling very impressed with themselves, the superior ones.

"What a jerk," Ryota remarked, dusting off his pants, which had been covered with the dirt of the sidewalk. "I'd like to get him someday."

"Well at least we're not dead," Takumi comforted. "I thought for sure we'd be goners by ImperialLightningdramon's attack. Hey, how - wait - where's ImperialLightningdramon?"

He looked at the others, who were dumbfounded as well.

"It doesn't hurt to try," Yuka shrugged. "I'm sure someone would have seen him, if he was here. Come on, let's ask!"
"Alright," Takumi sighed, and approached a well-to-do man who was carrying his briefcase. Feeling cowardly, he asked:
"Have you seen ImperialLightningdramon around here?"

The man turned around and faced Takumi, staring at him in confusion. "The Imperial what?"

"I mean, have you seen a dragon?"
"An Imperial dragon?"

"Yes, sir, I mean no - it's - have you seen an ordinary dragon?"
"Is this some sort of joke?" the man demanded the younger one, with a note of impatience in his eyes. "What dragon?"
"Um . . . never mind," Takumi said, yet again embarrassed.

"Never you mind, either!" replied the man who adjusted his cap and walked off, muttering, "Kids these days . . ."

Takumi sighed, watching as the old man staggered away, until he was out of sight range. "I think I left my brain back in Lightningdramon's world," he said, rubbing his forehead. He had a headache, and being embarrassed and harassed three times in a row had not made it any better.

"Well, at least we know ImperialLightningdramon isn't here," calmed Naoki. "Now we might be able to rest."

Devin kicked a bit of rubbish. "Rest?" he scoffed. "I don't think so. I don't think ImperialLightningdramon is done yet . . ." Sighing, he dropped to the ground to tie his shoe.

"What do you mean?" Naoki asked curiously. "He's already digivolved to his mega form."
"That's only why he was using me," said Devin, backing to his full height. "He just needed my power. Now that he has that power, I don't dare to think what he might do next."

"He's tough!" Miho commented, looking down at the pavement. "If it hadn't been for your kooky dimension-hopping thingy business, I think he might have killed us all with one blast."

"I don't think he's after us anymore," supposed the red-haired boy. "He said he wanted revenge on the three other dragons, and the Digital World itself. From what he said earlier, I think he's out to delete it all."
Yuka gasped. "Those poor Digimon!" she wailed.

"Oh, please," sighed Miho, "how will that affect us? I mean, those Digimon were nice and everything, but really, if what he said is true, that they'll be 'alive for a second and gone the next' and it wouldn't hurt at all, then what's the big rush to stop him? They're just a bunch of, like, computer creatures . . ."

"Is life that unimportant to you?" Devin sneered. "How about that plant thing that you turn into? Isn't that a 'computer creature' as well? How about you join the other Digimon?"
Miho crossed her arms at being spoken to in such a way. "For your information, I'm a real person! So what if I'm half and half?"
"Well, those are real life Digimon!" shouted Devin.

"He's right!" agreed Shun. "Can't you appreciate life?"

"Be quiet, Shun!" Miho yelled. "It's just like deleting something out of a computer. If you're going to whine when some data is lost, you might as well turn your recycling bin into a graveyard for crumbled up bottles!" She laughed at her own joke.

"Recycling bin?" supposed Devin. "Wait a minute! That's it!" Jumping in joy, he cheered, "come on!" He trotted off down the corner, whooping and yelling, not pausing to wait for the remaining crew.

Shun made a face. "What's he up to now?"

"What'd I say?" Miho wondered aloud, looking around in confusion.

The others stared blankly at the corner in which Devin had disappeared and blinked. "What do we do now?" Ryota asked, a somewhat disgusted look on his face. "Future-boy seems to be pretty psycho, if you ask me."
His friends said nothing but simply gazed at their surroundings. The trees planted near the sidewalk swayed wildly, but there appeared to be no wind in the area. It was odd; very queer, and if one hadn't been turned into a Digimon, thrown into a tournament in another world then zapped back to earth via a dimension traveling machine, it was hard to notice, but things always stood out more when you were a monster hybrid.

What the businessman walking by did notice was the sudden drop of temperature, brought by a wave of chilly wind. A man clad in a business suit hunched over and held his hat tightly in fear that it may be blown off.

"My, it's freezing out here!" said a mother who was pushing a stroller, alongside her other child, a four year old girl. "You should have put on a jacket."

"Cold, mommy, cold," whined the child.

"Yes, that's right, it's very, very cold."

The digital humans stood on the sidewalk, puzzled. This strange drop in temperature was not common, though it was not paranormal, either, so it didn't call for any force. Something that would be rare enough to think extremely strange. What would cause for such measures would be, oh, say a drop in temperature of perhaps twenty, thirty degrees and a storm on the horizon.

Which, by the way, happened.

The clouds over the nearby trees appeared so suddenly one would think they were conjured by an angry being. Woods curved downward as to let the wind pass through their branches. Thunder boomed, seeming to shake the whole earth.

"Mommy, it's funder, mommy, please . . ." spoke the toddler as rain began to fall on her delicate head. "We must get home. Home, mommy!"

The woman gasped at the storm that had developed in front of her. "Oh my goodness!" She began to push the stroller at a speedier rate, motioning for her small daughter to follow.

The crowd too began to move a bit faster, and although still slow, there was an unavoidable way of panic. Only the digital humans seemed to remain among the people who did not move, with the exception of some hard-working smokers. Very used to this type of weather, they did not let it stand in the way of their plans for the rest of the afternoon.

"Bad storm up ahead," reported a man to his friend, both of whom were sitting on a bench, smoking a cigarette.

"Yep, bad storm up ahead, yep," said his friend, looking up at the dark thunderclouds.
"You going home early tonight, Toshiaki?"
"Yep, going home early tonight, yep."

"Won't get a raise that way, Toshiaki."

"Nope, won't get a raise that way, nope."

Ryota rolled his eyes at the men on the bench, then turned to face his friends. "I guess we'd better go home too. We're far away from that dragon guy, and future-boy has gone off somewhere. We'll meet again tomorrow, and see what's going on."

"No, we can't leave now," said Takumi, marveled at the storm. "We've got to figure this out."
"Figure what out?"

"This storm!"

"Huh?" Ryota asked, startled. "There's nothing wrong with this storm. Just - a storm, that's all."
No answer was heard, and even if there was a reply, it probably wouldn't be heard over the howling of the fierce wind.

"Umm, right - guys?" Ryota inquired again. "Come on, you people must have led very sheltered lives if you think there's something weird with a little old storm."

Yuka continued to gaze at the foreboding clouds, her hands clasped to her shoulders. A shiver, and a soft voice. "I don't know. I feel an evil presence."

Ryota laughed. "Yeah, sure . . ." But the thought of it seemed to make him, and everyone else in the little group shiver too.

"Lightning . . ." Miho gasped as the infamous bolts came down from the heavens like a ladder to the sky.

"ImperialLightningdramon . . ." Takumi said, gritting his teeth.


It was possibly the loudest thing that Takumi ever heard in his life. A lightning bolt had shattered down from the clouds and pierced a nearby tree.

'Startled' was too small a word to describe their reactions to this split-second event. The tree was soon ablaze having being hit by the sharp bolt.

Miho gasped, and saw what was happening before anybody else did.

The tree turned from an army of fiery colors to a brilliant, crimson yellow, growing brighter and brighter each second . . .

"Cover your eyes!" Takumi ordered, knowing that having them remain open could result in permanent blindness.

Their hearing increased greatly during the absence of their eyesight, but what they heard was not a pretty sight - or rather, sound - screams from all around. A scorching tree. And a low, loud breathing, then a growl.

Takumi gasped. He had heard that sound before - ImperialLightningdramon! With instinct, he opened his eyes and saw, in place of the burning tree, the deadly dragon Digimon.

"Surprised to see me?" the yellow dragon asked in a deep, raspy voice. He stared around at the digital humans, and at the remaining normal people on the sidewalk, who cringed in fear. "Well, not much of a welcome party to the Real World, but I wasn't expecting much, anyway." Breathing smoke from his nostrils, he began to flap his wings, and a dust storm began, adding to the already atrocious thunder and lightning.

One of them on the bench sat, transfixed, at the beast. He stood up slowly, shivered, and alerted his friend. "Toshiaki - it's a m-m-monster! We'd better run!"

"Yep, monster, we'd better run, yep," said Toshiaki, who didn't even seem to be paying attention, as his companion sprinted down the sidewalk, forgetting his briefcase on the bench.

Soon the only people that seemed to be on the street were the digital humans.

"What are you doing here, shark-face?" Ryota asked furiously. "You may get Devin, but you're not going to get us!"
ImperialLightningdramon smirked. "We can test that little theory." He flapped his wings, signaling his dust storm attack.

"Transform, everyone!" The battle call was executed by Ryota.

"TRANSFORM . . . Hiamon!" "TRANSFORM . . . Kibamon!" "TRANSFORM . . . Sorcerimon!" "TRANSFORM . . . Jikimon!" "TRANSFORM . . . Mekanorimon!" "TRANSFORM . . . Mikemon!"

The six Digimon stood together against the evil dragon.

"Well, well, well!" said the lightning monster. "My lower form tore you apart, I wonder how much damage this form can do!"

Mekanorimon hummed in his robotic voice - "I'm going to bet - not much! Twin Beam!" His vacuum-like arms touched the red circle on his chest, and a wave of electricity was brought forth, scattering the dust and lighting the way for the charging Digimon.

ImperialLightningdramon easily evaded the attack with his muscular arms. "Is that the best you can do?" he taunted. "Come on, I'm getting bored down here!"
Kibamon jumped high and paused in mid-air. The dark dragon gazed upwards.

"Arctic Arrow!"
"Positron Pull!"
The attacks collided, Kibamon using a blue energy and pouring all of his power into the attack, the armored dragon doing the same and using lightning-colored energy. It looked at first that the attacks were equal in strength, but the yellow soon overcame the chilling blue arrow. Kibamon knew that this could be the end, he could no longer muster the energy any longer, he watched as his arctic arrow was rapidly being consumed by the lightning bolt -

The cry was heard from not the snow leopard, but from ImperialLightningdramon. Hiamon had hit him in the abdomen with his sharp talons. The thunder dragon cringed and begin to vomit orange flames. The fire dragon landed on his hind legs and nodded at Kibamon.

Feeling confident, the arctic arrow strengthened again and hit the storm dragon on the side of his head.

"URGH!" came the grunt again. The lightning dragon closed his eyes and breathed savagely. This was all he could take.

"Now, now, I'm not here to battle, or to kill any human!" assured ImperialLightningdramon. "All I need, is a little help, from you. That's all I'm asking for. You see, I want you to -"

"We already know what you want," Kibamon growled. "You want to destroy the Digital World. And we're not going to assist you in doing that awful deed."

"Right!" spoke Mikemon and Jikimon.

Strangely, a wicked smile appear on the dragon's face. "Hmm. You're a rather stupid bunch, for humans. You're going to help me either way. You can make it the easy way - or the hard way."
None of the children said a word at this threat.

"Very well," sighed ImperialLightningdramon, though Takumi saw that this wasn't a real, sad sigh that he usually heard. "I will just have to go the hard way."
"You're going no way!" Kibamon snapped - "Arctic Arrow!"

The evil dragon jumped and barely evaded the attack. "The feather has just broke the camel's back!" he shouted fiercely. "I did not want to have to do this, but you are slow learners. Say good-bye to some of your friends!"

Hiamon grunted. "The only one who's going to say good-bye is you!" He flew into the air, large horn out, ready to jab into ImperialLightningdramon's skin. This proved to be a mistake; as the larger dragon did the same and the head bash ended in Hiamon being knocked senseless to the ground.

The smaller, more good-natured dragon could not see anything, nor think clearly. For a second he thought he was in his bed, asleep, but no, that could not be. The blood that normally rushed to his brain was in a secure prison.

Back to the fight, Kibamon performed an Animal Martial Arts, which ended in him spiraling to the ground.

"Crystal Cloud!" cried Sorcerimon, raising his staff to the air and emitting a silvery cloud which trapped the unjust dragon inside.

Yuka, as Mikemon, widened her eyes. "You got him!" she cried happily, raising a paw to the air and spinning around in a victory dance.

"I don't know," buzzed Mekanorimon. "Looks to me like he can get out."

Jikimon, having good eyesight, was able to see what was happening before the rest of the group. "Yes - Naoki, he's breaking through!"
"No way!" Sorcerimon shouted, as his opponent tumbled out, flying directly at the white wizard.

FWOOM. Sorcerimon's staff was knocked clean out of his small hands, leaving him standing in horror at the evil dragon's mercy. Defenseless, he covered his eyes as the reptile lunged at him . . .

"Twin Beam!"
Electricity hit the large dragon in the eye, blinding him for a moment.

"Sorcerimon, get out of there!" his rescuer, Mekanorimon, called. "This is my fight now."

Naoki, in Digimon form, collected his fallen staff and stood behind his robotic savior.

"Twin Beam!" Mekanorimon cried again, clapping his machine-like hands together and releasing a gigantic electricity beam at the blinded dragon.

ImperialLightningdramon instinctively jumped and evaded the attack. "Enough of this battle!" he roared, charging at the nearly immovable iron mechanoid.

"Oh, no," Mekanorimon buzzed, sparks coming from his body as the large dragon seized him with both hands and stretched his wings, then fluttered a few feet above the ground.

"He's getting away!" Sorcerimon shouted, raising his staff above his head, then crying:
"Crystal Cloud!"
A blue beam came from his half-moon staff again, but this time ImperialLightningdramon roared and the high power of the roar knocked the beam back to the ground.

By this time, the large dragon was above the trees.

"Come back here!" Jikimon yelled, wrapping her vines around the dragon's leg, which proved to be a huge mistake.

"No," cackled the villain, "I think I'll take you with me instead!" With a lot of strength and power, he lifted his leg, sending Jikimon high above the ground as well.

Mikemon gasped. "No!" The feline jumped high in the air, her smooth claws glowing elegantly, and swiped at the rising dragon and his two captives, but alas, they were both far away by now, and she was off her mark miserably.

ImperialLightningdramon laughed, then, with even more force than before, took to the skies, flapping his wings slowly.

"Catch me if you can!" spoke the low voice of the sinister dragon as he sped away from view, high above the buildings, to a faraway place.

It was at this time that Hiamon and Kibamon both came to, and within minutes they had learned of what happened and were growling in fury, wondering where their friends were now . . .

* * *

Takumi tapped his fingers on the table, like he always did when he was anxious. The garlic smell of the Italian eatery didn't help, either. The restaurant was vacant, almost everyone had cleared up after ImperialLightningdramon's arrival in the Real World. It was not the most suitable place for planning how to rescue their friends with the other members of the digital humans, but it was growing darker outside and the one thing they needed was light.

He stared up at the dim light of the bulb over the table in which they were sitting on. He stared at Naoki, sitting beside him, who was explaining to everyone the map of the city they were in, and the best way to find Shun and Miho.

Such a little kid, he thought, but so smart.

Sighing, he rubbed his eyes from exhaustion. It had been a long, long day, and at eight o' clock, he planned to be reading a nice book in bed, not at an Italian restaurant, helping his friends on a rescue mission.

"Alright, now," Naoki explained, "ImperialLightningdramon has hinted that he still needs us, therefore I don't think he would do away with Miho and Shun, and he's just holding them for ransom."

"Good thinking," Ryota mumbled, resting his head in bore.

"With that reasoning, I think it is not very likely that he would be keeping them in a place far away from the Kanto region. If we split up and look for them from there, watching the signals on our devices, then we just might be able to find them."
"Or get captured ourselves," Ryota observed, sitting up. "We couldn't beat him with all six of us combined. If we split up, we'd be very vulnerable."
Naoki considered this for a moment. "Hmm . . . good point . . ." He was about to say something more, but a sudden beeping from his device interrupted him.

"Who could that be?" Yuka asked from across the table.

"Devin, probably," was the answer as the eight-year old held up his device in the center of the table so everyone could hear.

A sound from the device. "Are you kids there?" asked a familiar voice.

Naoki smiled, happy that the voice was a friendly one. "I knew that you would call us sooner or later, Devin." He quieted down everyone. The others held their ear to the device, listening intently.

"So, any news?" spoke Devin's voice.

"Yes, lots. Shun and Miho have just been captured by ImperialLightningdramon - he just showed up in the area!"
Ryota scoffed. "Yeah, right. Just."

The younger leader held up a finger to silence him.

"What!?" spoke the voice on the other end.

"Yes, they've both been captured. We put up a -"
"They're here right now, with me. I found them at the school."
"What!? No way. How?"
"They're just - here. They're fine now.

"Do you know the school?" Naoki inquired.
"Yes. It's called -"
The children listened carefully . . .

"East Yokohama Middle School."

Naoki's face fell. "And where might that be?"
"Our school," Ryota spoke up, pointing at Takumi, then back at him. "Come on, lead the way."
Within seconds, the kids had all transformed into their Digimon forms - Hiamon, Kibamon, Sorcerimon, and Mikemon, leading the two latter, younger children to their elders' own school. They evolved in plain sight, doing it in private would be foolish, nobody was out to see them, and even if they were, it wouldn't have mattered, because the afternoon had been very crazy anyway.

They arrived at the large school, the Digimon stopping in front of it and looking up to the second floor.

"Miss Andrews' class is up there," Hiamon commented.

"So is Mr. Katsumata's," Kibamon grunted, the former being is strict, balding teacher, who loved to give homework on weekends.

"Where do you think they could be?" Sorcerimon asked, floating to the second floor, peeking inside all of the windows.

The rest of the team waited patiently, hoping that the answer to their questions would come soon.

"Aha!" The sorcerer's signal. Hiamon flew to the top, Kibamon on his back, and Mikemon on Kibamon's, making the small dragon nearly overloaded.

He "parked" in a position near the window so the two on his back could see as well. They nodded, and after much thought, Sorcerimon broke the window with his staff, allowing Hiamon and the others to get inside and de-digivolve.

By use of the D-Monster, Sorcerimon transformed back into a small eight-year old boy, Naoki Reda.

The classroom was rather small and very dark. Takumi always loved overhead projections in math class - if school was pitch black, he wouldn't mind, it would be a lot more fun than staring up at a dimming light for seven hours straight. He always wondered what the school looked like completely dark., but this was too dark for even his liking.

"Guys, over here!"
It was Devin's voice.

"Come and help us!"

The high-pitched voice was the only female one of the group, Miho's.

Takumi's eyes were able to adjust to the darkness, and within a few short seconds he was able to see clearly in front of him, with only small difficulty. He could make out Shun, Miho, and Devin together. He ran up to the trio, grinning, before he halted and gasped.

The threesome were trapped in a cell!

"Hahaha!" a low rumble came from the far corner of the classroom. Takumi could now see that a light was on - light from the computer screen. "I've been waiting for you!"

"That was most certainly ImperialLightningdramon's voice!" Ryota hollered, as the rest of the group saw what was happening.

The giant dragon cackled and blocked their way to the prison cell. "Don't worry, they're all right here. Oh wait! I forgot a very important part. I'm here as well." He chuckled.

Naoki pointed a finger at the beast. "You sent us the message!" he accused.

The dragon Digimon shrugged. "Yep. Sure did."
Takumi interrupted, confused. "But Devin -"
"You really think that I've lost all of Devin's human qualities?" He stretched his wings, blocking Devin and Miho's faces. "Sorry. I'm just a spectacular voice actor, and I wanted to show off my skills. Well, it seems to have got you here." He smiled a malicious smile.

Ryota growled. "That seems to be the only thing you are good at, besides threatening other people!"

ImperialLightningdramon shook his head. "I really am sorry, but you guys just didn't listen. All I was asking for was a little help, and you rudely denied it, even after I spared your lives. Some people just don't know how to thank others back, and when push comes to shove, I -"
"Cram it, psychopath!" Ryota burst. "You weren't very thoughtful about sparing lives when you were about to kill Devin, were you?"
ImperialLightningdramon breathed loudly. "That's besides the point. What is the point is that I need the password. Now. And I know that one of you, at least one of you, must know it."

Takumi gritted his teeth. "Well, you're not getting it!" he spoke, before the other members of the digital humans could stop him.

The large dragon chuckled, showing his ugly yellow teeth. "Well now, taken that way, I'm guessing that you do know the password?"
The others gave Takumi a rather exhausted look and sighed, a real, deep sigh. The boy spoke the only words that came to his mind:
"If you want the password, you're going to have to take it!"
Ryota scoffed. "Here's our point: You're not getting the password, bottom line!"
Looking sad, ImperialLightningdramon said:

The others jumped back, a bit puzzled.

The lightning dragon spoke again. "I guess that means I'll have to kill your friends. No password, no more friends. That's okay, right?" Disgustingly, he grabbed a lightning bolt from deep in his throat, then pointed it at the head of Shun Oshiro, who started trembling involuntarily.

"Now, give me the password," the dragon spoke. "If not, friend go bye-bye. If you still don't give it, other friend go bye-bye. You get it now."

"Why do you need it?" Takumi asked innocently.

"Because. I already told you. To delete the great dragons."
"The great dragons. You know, this is the main computer. The head computer. It contains the great dragons' data. All I need to do is delete the data. Now, which would you rather have: Friend go bye-bye and feel lots of pain, or four dragons go bye-bye who don't feel anything? If you choose the former, I guess you really don't like your friend." ImperialLightningdramon made a face as though he felt sorry for Shun. "I guess they don't really care about you, then. Is it okay if I kill you? C'mon, it'll be quick, and everybody's going to die someday, why not now?"
"No!" Takumi shouted, under immense pressure. "Fine. I'll give you the password." He narrowed his eyes at the chuckling dragon, feeling like he had betrayed his friends - betrayed the great dragons who protected the Digital World.

"Excellent," ImperialLightningdramon sneered, smiling and almost rolling his eyes back into his head in his insanity. "Now, tell me what it is, and your friends shall live a good life."
"It's -"
"Come along now, don't be afraid," the cold dragon smirked. "It's now or never. Tell me the password, little human."
Takumi looked down at his shoes. "It's 'Satoshi'*," he confessed, sighing deeply. The great dragons were doomed.

His friends were depressed too, but not as sad as he was. He had failed the four guardians of the Digital World, and now the area he had visited but a few hours ago would be destroyed as well in their deaths. The world would be a place filled with disorder and chaos, and soon would collapse unto itself.

"Thank you oh so much," spoke the evil dragon, logging onto the computer. "Now it's very simple. The great dragons folders are in here somewhere - oh yes, here it is."

Takumi put his hands on his forehead, not from a headache, but from the pain of losing the Digital World through his fingers like grains of sand.

"Now," laughed ImperialLightningdramon, "to delete all four folders. Here's one for Megidramon - next, Azulongmon - now, Magnadramon - and of course, Goldramon. Well, that's all of them. Let's see? 'Are you sure you want to delete these four folders?' Yes, of course! OK. All done!"

Takumi was furious at him treating four deaths as though they were nothing. It was cruel, inhuman - well, not natural. It was sick.

"Now for the rest of the Digital World. So lucky it's all stored on this computer! Great dragons done, now we begin with mega Digimon and descend -"
A sudden laughing from the prison cell caught ImperialLightningdramon's attention. The children were astonished that anyone would laugh at the current situation, and it appeared that the evil dragon even thought it strange as well.

"Who's laughing?" he growled from the large desk. "What's so funny? Come now, I love a good joke as much as the next person, what are you laughing at?"
Takumi's eyes had quickly adapted to the darkness and he was able to make out Devin, in the prison cell, raise his hand.

Devin stopped his laughing abruptly to answer:
"You're a bit slow, you know. You really think that the whole Digital World is stored on one computer?"
"Huh?" ImperialLightningdramon grunted. "Who are you to question my intelligence like that, you ignorant young -"
The red-haired boy interrupted, "I, in the future, live in an age of computers. It's impossible to have the whole Digital World stored on one computer. Data from thousands of other computers are connected and come together to form everything in that particular world. If you wipe out everything on one computer, you'll probably only delete one hundred millionth of the Digital World. It's illogical to think that everything is stored on one computer."
ImperialLightningdramon looked murderous. "Fine! But only if you want me to. I'll destroy all the computers in the world. Both the Real World and the Digital World shall fall! I may perish as well, but I'll get the last laugh. I always get the last laugh. I -"

Suddenly, the computer that he was using began to glow. The evil dragon turned his neck and gasped. "What's going on?" he demanded, his eyes dancing wildly. "What's wrong with this blasted thing? Somebody screwed with it!"
Devin was the first to speak again. "Before you deleted the great dragons, I made copies of their data. It's called copy & paste. You'd think a ruler of the Digital World would know that by now!"
"But how does that explain what's going on now?" Shun spoke up.

"Yeah, that's freaky!" Miho commented.

The computer glowed brighter and brighter, until suddenly four beams of light came from it.

"No! No! I can't believe this! The great dragons!"

The four beams of light swirled around Takumi, Ryota, Naoki, and Yuka.

ImperialLightningdramon looked stressed. "I can't believe this! The great dragons have the power to communicate with the other worlds." His face then lighted up in the darkness. "But I have an idea."
He extracted from his throat a lightning bolt and threw it at one of the four beams of light.

"Take that, great dragon spirit!"
But the lightning bolt missed miserably, leaving a mad, mad ImperialLightningdramon, who looked more vicious than ever.

The beam that had been hit hovered over Yuka's outstretched D-Monster for a moment, then entered it. She looked inside of it and gasped in wonderment. "The - the dragon - the dragon's entered my device!"
The boys gasped in astonishment and held up their D-Monsters, too.

Takumi watched in excitement as one of the spirits swirled above his device for a moment. His eye followed it like a dog follows a chicken leg, until the spirit entered his D-Monster. He peaked inside of the cage of the device. On the LCD screen was the picture of a red dragon, with hazard marks all over his body and gigantic yellow wings.

"It almost looks like an upgraded version of Hiamon," he said happily.

Ryota and Naoki also looked pleased, but ImperialLightningdramon was beside himself with anger.

"That's it! You're all going to DIE!" he roared, lunging at them.

The children gasped and ducked, narrowly missing being hit by the mentally ill dragon. After a brief moment on the floor in fear, they got back up coolly without a scratch.

However, ImperialLightningdramon fell out the window.

"Come on," said Yuka, "I'll go and free the others. You three go get that mad dragon!"
"Right!" the others agreed, jumping courageously out the window.

Takumi fell through the air and felt like he had been in his dream a few weeks ago - flying. But if he didn't act soon, he'd be chewing gum on the road! He pressed his D-Monster, not knowing what would happen. Something unexpected occurred -

"TRANSFORM . . . Megidramon!"

He didn't know how he knew the name, it just came to him, like instinct. Just before hitting the ground, he used his large yellow wings to help him dodge the ground, then he swooped back up the next building, like a skateboard trick he had seen on television. He landed on the roof with the other three great dragons; they had transformed in mid-air as well.

Judging from their D-Monsters that were hanging on their necks, a blue, hazy dragon that was covered from head to tail in a bizarre-looking chain with a horn and a beard was Ryota; a yellow dragon with a helmet and a smaller beard was Naoki.

"Azulongmon!" shouted the azure dragon.

"Goldramon!" cried the gold dragon.

ImperialLightningdramon stood on the roof of East Yokohama Middle School, staring up at the three dragons.

"This adds insult to injury, transforming into my old enemies! How can one forgive this utter blasphemy?!"

Back at Miss Andrews' classroom, Yuka was employed to free the others from their prison.

"TRANSFORM!" she cried. "Magnadramon!"
She glowed a pinkish color, and in a few seconds a Digimon of the same color with horns and a long body emerged. Her long claws shined, and without much force she was able to break the lock into tiny little pieces.

Shun opened the door and allowed Devin and Miho out first, then exited himself, and after thanking the pink dragon, Magnadramon joined the battle with her peers, the other three dragons.

ImperialLightningdramon turned around and grimaced, staring in hate at the pink dragon. "You!" he stammered. "I'll make sure you die first!"

He charged at her, horn-first, but Magnadramon swooped to the side just in time. The chaotic dragon switched paths too and aimed again, but it resulted in failure. His enemy, the pink dragon was too fast.

Azulongmon, Goldramon, Magnadramon, and Megidramon surrounded him, growling in ferocity at their foe.

Takumi finally felt as though they had overcome the dragon, that his time had come. This new sensation of power had revived his strength and mind. He would fight for the Digital World - he would battle for both worlds.

Devin, Shun, and Miho stood on the sidelines, watching the dragons in amazement.

"They're beautiful," Shun admired, staring up at them in wonderment, "They would look just great on a painting of some sort."
"Yeah, please!" Miho retorted, though she too was gazing up at them.

ImperialLightningdramon was beginning to understand that he was beat, but he wasn't going to surrender; he was going to go down fighting.

He reached into his throat and grabbed yet another lightning bolt. "Time for all four of you to go bye-bye!" he laughed, holding it high up in the air -

"Quick, everyone!" Azulongmon ordered. "Combine your attacks!"

The dragons radiated their respective colors, then held their hands out, each conjuring an energy ball.

"Rainbow Flares!" they shouted together, releasing their energy sphere at the same time.

ImperialLightningdramon gasped and his eyes widened before the four spheres hit him on various places of his body. His body collapsed, and all that remained of him were the lightning bolt that he had held in his hand, as well as little data bits, which floated to the sky before dissolving completely. The lightning rod fell through the sky, but dissolved before it reached the ground.

The four great dragons glowed a brilliant color, then returned to their respective human forms: Takumi, Ryota, Naoki, and Yuka. The humans floated back to the buildings, and the dragon spirits emerged from their devices before they went back to where they came from: the computer world.

* * *

"I had a great time," said Devin Marsuuki, after showing the digital humans his time-traveling device, which largely resembled that of a motorbike with no wheels. "Thanks."

"Thank you, Devin," smiled Takumi. "Without your help, ImperialLightningdramon would probably have finished us, and might have succeeded in destroying both worlds and messing up my future, and your present."
Ryota, Naoki, Yuka, Miho and Shun nodded in agreement, admiring his time-traveling machine. It was early morning, the day after the events of ImperialLightningdramon occurred. Takumi had invited Devin over to stay at his house for the night, which his mom happily accepted, for her son had few friends and it was a pleasure to have them over. After a much needed rest, the group had met again to say good-bye to Devin. He would be heading back to his own time, stating that he had been trapped as ImperialLightningdramon for months, and he needed to go back and see his family, whom he sorely missed.

"You were awesome out there!" cried Yuka.

"You were too," grinned Devin. "Too bad that your great dragon forms left you."

Naoki shrugged. "I guess it was sort of a one-time thing. I'm quite happy with my Digimon form: Sorcerimon!"

Devin nodded. "Speaking of Digimon forms, mine was left a while back. If it hadn't been for me, you guys wouldn't have to have gone to all that trouble, and you two wouldn't have been captured," he explained, indicating Shun and Miho.

"It was no trouble at all," Miho said untruthfully.

"Well, you all did a good job. All I must say is the future looks bright. It really does! The world I live in is a great place, and I think that a lot of what it is now is thanks to you. I haven't met any Digimon there, yet."
The children smiled as Devin hopped on the time machine.

"Bye, Devin," Takumi waved good-bye.

"Have a nice trip," said Ryota.

"Thanks a bunch!" thanked Naoki.

"Have a fun time in the future!" hollered Shun as the machine flew away, over the trees.

"Come back soon!" screeched Miho just before the time bike disappeared from view.

Back on the time machine, Devin steered his bike through the clouds. "Well," he said to himself, "it's a pretty good place in the past. But not as good as the future, of course." He laughed. "I'm going back to the future - where they have cherry chocolate bars!"
And so the machine shined a bright purple color and disappeared from the world of the digital humans. The small device ripped through time and space, and zoomed back towards Devin's home - the future.

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*Satoshi Akimoto, in the main series, is Takumi's gym teacher and Miss Andrews' crush. He is lately suspected by Takumi and friends that the Shadow Gang wants him to become a Digimon. In this chapter, 'Satoshi' is the password of the computer. It is only the password because Miss Andrews selected the name and liked Mr. Akimoto. So don't relate the two in any way. Besides, this special chapter is out of continuity of the main series, which will continue after I complete this chapter.