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It was the year, 2074. Morning comes, and people do their usual routines. Adults go to work, teenagers and childrens go to school, it was truly a normal day.

However, it's not going to be normal in the future.

(仮面ライダードライブ 再プレイ)

(January 22)

(18:04:40 PM)(1)

"Hah!" In an empty field, a boy around the age of 5 is playing a soccer alone. He had raven black hair, brown eyes, and wearing a simple shirt and pants.

His name, is Orimura Ichika. "Sorya!" He kicked the ball hard, but too hard as it flew into a building. "Ah! My ball!" Ichika exclaimed as he ran into the building, trying to get his ball back.

As he run into the building, he stopped midway as he recognized the tall structure.

Many years ago, after the building began to age and are about to be demolished. A car noise is heard, and something suddenly attacked the workers, fortunately, no one is killed except for a few bruise and broken bones.

Nobody knows what attacked the workers, one of the workers said that he saw a glowing lines of light, but before he can see anything else, he was knocked out.

The paranormal investigator are interested about the news, and tried to investigate it, but before they could even enter, they too, ended in the same state as the workers.

Until this day, no ones want to enter the building out of fear of being attacked.

And now the boy is about to enter the dreaded structures. Ichika gulped as he stares at the building in front of him.

He shook his head and took a deep breath to steel his resolve before heading towards the building.

As he enters and inside the building, an uncomfortable feeling begin to surround him, and so, he began to sing in a quiet tone in order to comfort himself-or at least, tried to lessened that feeling

"Ameagari break Cloud sukima-kara Aozora ga te maneki shiteru Alright sorosoro ikou ka

Dare ka ga iu Logic shinji nai

Chokkan wa shinjite itai

High Time hajimari wo sagashite Fire Up, Ignition Heavy-na Pressure bukkowashite Accel fumikome Surp-oh, there you are!" Ichika exclaimed happily as he found his ball near an open door of what it seem a basement.

"Finally I found you," Ichika release a breath as he walk down the stairs and pick his ball up. "Hah, now let's get-" before he could finish, he sees a glowing red line inside the basement.

"Huh? What the...?" Ichika blinked as he stares at the basement.


(O_O;) 'Uh oh...' Ichika realized as his heart begin to pound heavily.

Before he can run back home, he saw something else in the room that was really out of the ordinary.

'Wait, is that a... car? What's a car doing in a place like this?' Ichika thought to himself as he furrowed his brow in confusion, his fear and thought about going home left forgotten.

Deciding to investigate, Ichika began to walk toward the basement slowly while still holding his ball.

As he entered the basement, the 'basement' is revealed to be some kind of ruined garage. "What is this place?" Ichika said to himself as he look around the room.

Finally, he returned to what brought him here.

'The car!' Ichika thought as he widened his eyes and look toward where the car is.

'Two belts, a bunch of toy cars, a bunch of toy bikes, a sword, an axe, four guns, a brace, a toy trailer, two Go-karts, and two bikes. Huh?' Ichika thought as he stares toward the equipment surrounding the car with a bewildered look.

'Just what the heck is this place?' Ichika wondered as it is not an everyday subject for a car to be surrounded by a so many odd equipment.

The first belt is really weird as it is bulky, the center bearing a round glass, and the right side seem to look like a red key switch...?

The second belt have a blue color while having an empty pad in the right side, the left side have a metallic silver color and raised upward, it's also seem to have a hole in it, as well as a button on the top.

The brace seem to have the same empty pad as the blue belt, it look like something was able to put it in there, and it is bended sideways.

The toy car is... how could he describe this? Colorful, as well as the toy bikes, maybe they're the one who attacked the workers and the investigator...

Nah, that's just too ridiculous.

The sword seem and look like it was a real sword with a neon blue color blade and has a steering wheel placed on its hand guard, and in the middle of the wheel, it has the letter (R).

The gun also look like a real gun, shaped to look like the mysterious car's door.

The second gun seem to be partially resemble the front wheel of a bike, and was colored white.

The third gun seem to resemble a tekko with a purple color.

The fourth gun resembles the third except that it was colored red and gold.

The axe seem similar towards a pedestrian crossing sign and is colored silver and purple.

The toy trailer is just look like a normal toy with the exception of the back that have a huge hole in it. It is colored blue.

The Go-karts is practically identical with the only difference was that they're colored red and blue, the under seem to have a spinning blade of some kind and the back have two tires acting as a spoiler.

The two bikes seem that they were based on Honda NM4 Vultus with the first bike having a white color with red stripes while the second bike is colored black with purple flames and having a skull on the front.

Finally, now Ichika has a better look at the car, it look like it was a modified 1992 Honda NSX. The car body color was mainly red with two white lines that disconnected from the hood to the top of the car, there's also a black color on the side skirts. The bumper seem to be pointed on each side of it, with two round headlights and a silver metal that was right in front of the window. The rear seem to have two tires acting as a spoiler and the number is Tridoron-3000.

'Tridoron? Is it the car name or something?' Ichika pondered in thought.

"Hmm... this is really strange... why is this..." Ichika looks around him. "Garage doing in this building and how is it even here along with..." Ichika then gaze at Tridoron and the equipment. "Them...?"

"There might be some clues in here." He said.

'First, the drawer.' Ichika thought as he put his ball down and walk toward an old drawer. "Aha! Gotcha!" Ichika exclaimed as he grabbed an old journal from inside the drawer.

Ichika opened it.

Year 2014, six months ago, one night, a massive slowdown incident happened to the east asia region, slowing down everything except people's consciousness, causing destruction and death. It is unknown how such thing can happen. Some people says that the end of the world has started and some says it's the work of Aliens. The incident was later called, Global Freeze.

The scientists predict it might happen again, so they create a Density Shift detector App for the public to warn the police of the slowdown, but I know what are causing them. Roidmude! Also called, Kīkai Seimetai, a robotic monster created by a mad scientist named Banno Tenjuro who wants to change the world in his own image.

The Roidmudes have a sentient minds and they seems to seek perfection, but in order to do that, they have to form a pact with humans, and that is to grants their host's strongest desire.

The police didn't want to investigate the Slowdown seriously, so... we, Keishichō Tokushu Jōkyōka Jiken Sōsaka, (Metropolitan Police Department's Special Circumstances and Incidents Investigation Division) or, Tokujōka ( Special Investigation Unit) for short, are created. Our group are consisted of six people, and one of them is...

Tomari Shinnosuke, our primary Detective.

Shijima Kiriko, Shin-chan's bodyguard. (^_^)

Honganji Jun, our unique leader.

Genpachiro Otta, our muscle.

Saijo Kyu, our brain.

And me. Sawagami Rinna. The greatest scientist in the universe. (/^_^)

Now let me reintroduce myself, my name is Sawagami Rinna. The scientist of Tokujōka and the inventor of Kamen Rider Drive's arsenal, the Roidmudes was able to create a slowdown waves through their Core Driviar. They are based on three animal types. Spider, Bat, and Cobra.

They are able to evolve into their next stage if they'd succeeded in their pact. After they've evolved, they are more powerful, and gained additional ability like, magnet, electricity, etc...

On a side note, their body is also changed.

While the Roidmude are on their base form they are able to utilize the ability of that animal. For example, Spider-types are able to shoot web and climb walls, Bat-types are able to generate bat wing and create sonar screech, and Cobra-types are able to shoot sharp projectile and has the strength of a cobra bite.

Now the Drive system is what we use to counter the Roidmude's attack. At first, it was used by a friendly Roidmude, Proto-Zero, numbered, 000, or, Chase. But in the middle of a fight, he was ambushed and defeated by the first three Roidmude. 001, 002, and 003, or, Freeze, Heart, and Brain, and was supposedly, killed.

If not for him, the world would probably have been ruled by the Roidmudes by now...

The Drive system was created by a man named Krim Steinbelt, he was also the one who created Roidmude Proto-Zero, but he too, was killed by the first Roidmude trio, luckily. Before his death, he was able to transfer his consciousness inside a belt, and that belt is called, the Drive Driver.

"Masaka..." said a shocked Ichika as he torn his eyes from the journal and look at the bulky belt with wide eyes.

Krim and Banno are once friends, they're the ones who created the Core Driviar for the Shift Car, Signal Bike, Tridoron, and the Roidmudes, but their opinion on their creation are different. Krim want his creation to be helpful for humanity, while Banno wants to do more research, now this wasn't so bad if he doesn't torture Roidmude 002 for resisting his order to gets what he wants.

Krim saw his friend torturing 002, he was completely shocked, horrified, angry, and disgusted. As Krim saved 002, Krim angrily demand Banno if he's going to sacrifice everything around him just for his research. Banno said. "Yes."

Krim was completely disgusted and scared of Banno at that time, so much that it led to the end of their friendship, and partnership.

Soon after, Banno began to implant a chip containing human's negative emotions to the Roidmudes, starting off with 001 and 003.

At the same time, he secretly stole Krim's mind uploading technology. Ironically, Banno was also killed by the three Roidmude, but it was soon revealed to be one of his plan.

He was able to upload his mind inside a tablet that 002 stole and become its precedure.

Tomari Shinnosuke was once an elite police officer and detective, solving cases like he was walking on a park. But after he can't save his friend, Akira Hayase from being injured. He became a veeeery lazy person! X( always slacking from work, but when there is a case, he returned back into a Hardboiled detective. :D

He was sent to investigate a murder attempts, doubled with a Jūkasoku (Heavy Accelaration) by our chief, Jun. On order, he entered Tridoron and met Krim, nicknamed, Belt-san (Mr. Belt) for the first time.

Belt-san then lock him inside Tridoron and let the car drive itself to the location with Kiriko-chan onboard. Before Shinnosuke made it to the crime scene, I asks him and Kiriko-chan to wear my Heavy Acceleration Particle Measuring Device to sense the Heavy Accelaration.


As Ichika continued reading, the Shift Car and Signal Bike behind him beginning to react.

(19:05:11 PM)(2)

Ichika read it all, Global Freeze, the promised number, Banno's plan, Sigma Circular, everything. "To think all of that happened 60 years ago..." Ichika said in an amazed tone.

"I wonder why in the history book, they're doesn't seem to have anything on Global Freeze." He said curiously.

Suddenly, he felt a presence behind him.

On reflex, his body duck itself, narrowly passing by a glowing red line. Ichika look up to see the one who attack him, it turned out to be the red Shift Car, Speed, if he recalled, lights glowing with hostility.

It doesn't end there as he heard noises behind him. He looked back, and saw all the Shift Car and Signal Bike is activated and began charging at him like an angry bees.

"WHOA!" Ichika yelped in shock as he immediately somersault to the left to avoid being in the same state as the workers and the investigator.

He remember in the book, the Shift Car and Signal Bike maybe small, but they're really strong. 'How the heck this kind of thing happen to me? I just want to get my ball and get out of here! Curse my curiousity!' Ichika berated himself as he keep dodging and somersaulting left, right, back, and front.

'Belt-san.' Ichika realized. "BELT-SAN! WAKE UP! BELT-SAN!" Ichika shouts as he tried to wake the belt up while still dodging the mini vehicle's assault.

"Ugh, what?" Groaned a voice.


"Huh? Who's that!?" A red L.E.D face suddenly appear on the center of the bulky belt.

"BELT-SAN!" Ichika screamed.

"A child? STOP!" With that said, the Shift Car and Signal Bike immediately stop their assault.

"Daijobu, boya?" The belt asked worriedly.

"*Huff* *huff*, yeah, I'm just... tired, *huff*." Ichika panted as he tried to regain his breath.

"I'm very sorry about them, they were meant to protect this building." The belt apologized to him.

"That's okay, they were just... doing their, job, *huff*." Ichika pant for the last time as he finally regains his breath.

"By the way, boy, who are you? And what are you doing here? And how did you even find this place?" The belt asked.

Ichika straightened himself. "My name is Orimura Ichika, what I only want is to find my ball, and I only found this room by accident, Belt-san, or should I say, Krim Steinbelt-san." Ichika snickers discreetely when he saw the belt grunted in shock.

'I always want to do that.' Ichika grins mentally.

"W-what!? H-how?!" The now named Krim said, shocked to know that there are other people who knows his true identity.

"I read a journal that was once owned by a woman named Sawagami Rinna." Ichika said as he pointed at the old journal 'Rinna...' Krim thought as he stared at the old journal. Old?

"Ichika-kun, what year is this now?" Krim asked the 5 year old boy softly.

"2074." Ichika replied. 'That's right, its been 59 year since he sealed himself.' Ichika thought.

Krim grunted in surprise. '2074!? I've been asleep for 59 years!?' He thought.

"I-I see..." Krim said as he took a moment to speak.

"Ichika-kun, can I trust you to keep all this quiet from the outside world?" Krim asks seriously. "It would be disastrous if this get out."

Ichika shrugged casually. "Sure, it won't get out, I promise you." He swears.

"Good." Krim sighed in relief.

After that, suddenly, a red wave of energy passed them and make Ichika slow as a snail. "Guh!" Ichika grunted in surprise as he fell down in slowmotion.

"Nani!? Jūkasoku!? Nānde!?" Krim said in shock as he sees what's going on around them.

After a while scaning their surrounding, Krim yelled with authority in his voice. "SPEED! INTO ICHIKA'S HANDS, QUICK!" At that command, the red sports car type Shift Car complied, heading his way into Ichika's hands while honking on the way.

When Speed made contact with Ichika's hand, Ichika found himself able to move normally again. "Argh!" Ichika cried as he finally fell down to the dusty floor.

"You okay?" Krim asked.

"Yeah, don't worry about it." Ichika assured him as he stands up and dust himself off.

"...Is that-" Ichika began. "Yes, there's no mistaking it, my sensor says that it was truly a Density Shift." Krim said in a serious tone.

"Everyone! Search where that slowdown signal coming from, and show it to us!" All the Shift Car and Signal Bike honks before going toward the location.

"What are we going to do now?" Ichika asks the belt.

"We wait..." Krim responds.

(19:09:09 PM)

Krim's transmitter made a beeping sound, signaling that the Shift Car and Signal Bike have made it to the location. Krim opens his transmitter and letting out a video of what's the Shift Car seeing, more precisely, his own preferred Shift Car, Speed.

"W-what?! H-how!?" Krim said in disbelief as it is shown that Roidmude 029, 042, and 088 have been brought back to life and is walking normally while everything around them move like snail, they're also carrying of what it seem an empty bag.

"This doesn't make any sense! How did they come back!? We've destroyed them completely!" Krim said frantically, trying to figure out how they're back.

Krim grunted in realization. "Except," Krim muttered.

"Krim-san?" Said a very confused Ichika.

"Banno must've written some kind of journal just like what Rinna write, and someone found it! That means those Roidmudes are a brand new robot with a new core, and that also means they must've not remember me or even Banno." Krim theorized, seemingly to doesn't hear the 5 five year old.

There is no way the Roidmude suddenly returned, their core are their soul and memory. If the core is completely destroyed, the memory they have when they are living also dissapear. There is also no way to fix a completely destroyed core. The only way is to replace them with a new one.

Unbeknownst to him Ichika is also having the same thought as him.

Ichika is very confused right now, here he was, beginning to start a friendly conversation with Krim Steinbelt, only to be interrupted by a sudden slowdown waves by the first three Roidmude that Tomari Shinnosuke encounter, and they was supposed to be destroyed! How could they come back to life? He read everything in the book, Roidmude's core are their everything, if they're destroyed, then that means bye-bye universe.

'Except,' Ichika thought. 'Did Banno write a journal just like what Rinna-san write?' He pondered.

Back to reality, Krim and Ichika continue to watch as the Roidmudes walked the road.

The Roidmude trio seem heading toward a bank, just across their left. 'A bank? Why would they be heading towards a bank?' Ichika thought in confusion.

Krim just stared at them with calculated eyes.

As the Roidmude enters the bank, 029 speaks to his companions. "Oi, you two know what to do?" 029 questioned.

"Hai!" 042 and 088 answered as they nod together.

042 and 088 then goes to the money vault while 029 begin to wreck all the money dispenser.

'Huh? What kind of Roidmude steals money?' Ichika's still innocent mind, thought in bewilderment as he look at the trio who was now grabbing the money and putting them in the bag they hold.

'Hmm... it looks like the person who recreated them is a greedy one, or just need the money for something.' Krim thought as he watched their movement and speech.

Having enough, Krim raised his voice. "GRAVITY! SPIKE! FLARE! FORMULA! PROCEDE TO ENGAGE THE ROIDMUDES!" Krim ordered.

The designated Shift Car in the area complied and begin to assault the Roidmude trio.

First, Gravity crash into the left shoulder of 029 causing the android to go flying into the wall.

042 and 088 look on in shock at their leader who just got smashed.

Before they see who attacked their leader, 088 felt something smash through his back as he exploded, the number 088 float where the Roidmude once stood. Core 088 panicked as he quickly fly away from the bank.

042 look toward where his friend once stood, unaware that Flare is heading towards him.

Something sharp struck his face, and before he know it, his body starts burning before exploding. Core 042 quickly fly away from where his body was before heading outside, screaming like a girl. "AHHHHHHHH!"

"Uhhh, that hurt..." 029 moans.

A Formula F1 is heard. "Eh?" 029 jolted.

He doesn't see anything else as something fast as the wind quickly smash through his chest before exploding in a big ball of fire.


In the ruined Drive Pit, Ichika stare in awe at the Shift Car's display. "Whoa..."

Back at the bank, in the middle of the explosion, core 029 quickly flies away from the bank.


All the Shift Car and Signal Bike heard their creator's command as they honked before heading back to base.

(Drive Pit—19:10:59 PM)

Krim turned to face Ichika. "Ichika-kun, I'm sorry about this, but... will you help me fight the Roidmudes and find the one who recreate them? If you don't want to, that's fine. I understand, I also didn't want to make a child fight against the Roidmude. But you're the only one who found the secret hidden from the world, so... will you please, help me?" Krim begged.

Ichika was about to refuse, but then stopped himself as he remembered Banno's plans to erase all lifeforms, and transform it into a machine world that he could control.

'What if the one who recreate the Roidmude have the same plans as Banno's?' Ichika thought to himself. 'I can't just let the world be demised and get ruled by some kind of madman... or women.' Ichika contemplate himself on the matter. Then, he thinks of his sister. And after that, he decided.

"Okay, I'll help." Ichika answered with a determined look.

"Are you sure? If you say yes, then there'll be no going back," Krim questioned for the final time.

"Yes, I'm sure. I can't let the Roidmude do everything they want." Ichika replied. "Besides, I've read everything in the journal, there is no way I would let this world be doomed just because I'm too scared." He said.

A minute passed as Krim and Ichika stared at each other. Krim was the first one to speak. "Okay! Tomorrow, we will begin your training!" Krim said in a happy tone.

'At least I won't be alone in this.' Krim secretly thought.

Ichika blinked at that. "Wait, training? What training?"

"Why, training to become Drive, of course!" Krim replied.

Ichika blinked.

He blinks again.


He then finally registers his words. "Wait, WHAT!?" Ichika yelled in shock.

"Hmm...?" Krim look at Ichika with curiousity. "What's wrong?" Krim asks.

"B-b-but... we don't even know that if I was compatible with Drive!" Ichika replied hurriedly.

"We don't know until we tried. And that is the reason why we are going to train. To make your body get used to Drive's speed, especially Type Formula." Krim retorts.

"O-okay, but, when will we began to test the Drive armor?" Ichika asks.

"9 years from now, if you don't slack off, that is." Krim answered.

If this were Anime or Manga, Ichika would have sweatdropped at that last sentence. "Don't worry, I'm not going to slack off or anything." Ichika assured the belt.

"Okay then, please call me Belt-san from now on." Krim, now Belt-san said, the 'face' of the belt turn into a smiley one.

"Okay, Belt-san." Ichika smiled the same.

"By the way, you should probably return home, it is already 19:11 PM now." Belt-san informed.

"!?" A bell ring in Ichika's head. "EH!? NĀNDĀTE!?" Ichika shouts, alarmed.

Ichika's eyes snapped. "I'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW IN 10:19 PM,(3) BELT-SAN!" Ichika grabbed his ball and ran toward the door leading upstairs. 'Crap, Chifuyu-nee's going to kill me.' Ichika thought with fear etched in his face.

Belt-san watched as Ichika ran upstairs. "(Chuckle) what an interesting boy, truly." Belt-san said to himself.

(Unknown location—19:15:37 PM)

"How is it that you three failed in your mission as simple as to rob a bank? Give me a good reason as to why I shouldn't destroy you three!" In a dark room lit by a burning fireplace, is a golden-haired man with golden eyes, green shirt, brown pants, and white trench coat.

The man is currently sitting on a wooden victorian chair and is facing the core of 042, 088, and 029 with a scowl.

Core 042 and 088 whimpered in fear, while 029 explains why they failed. "We're sorry, master, but something attacked us before we put the money in. I didn't know what it was because they were so fast, but I did see a glowing blue lines before it struck my chest."

The golden-haired man widened his eyes in realization. "I see..." the man's face wander off the three as if thinking something.

The man finally get his bearing before speaking to them again.

"Go! You three are dismissed." 029, 042 and 088 gasped, happy that they are not going to be turned into scrap metals. Then, the core trio heads off somewhere.

'Hmm, it look like they have finally awaken.' The golden-haired man thought as he pick up an old journal that has the word...

'Banno Tenjuro.'

Kamen Rider Drive Re-Play Ending: Re-Ray By Matsuoka Mitsuru.

Mirai he leading to the future Kizutsukiore ta tsubasa Itami mo tsure te iku no sa Mabushiku hikaru re-ray Sekai no owari he to tsuduku nara Kumo no kirema ochiru hakumei kousen Umare ta imi o mina sagashiteru Kire ta yubisaki nijimu re-ray Makka ni moeru taiyou senaka uke te Furikaera nai aisare ta hibi no shoumei Aishite ta kimi o ude ni otoshi ta namida ha Boku no naka ni stay seigi to aku ha dare ga kimeru?

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