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Kamen Rider Drive Re-Play Opening: Surprise Drive by Matsuoka Mitsuru.

Ameagari break Cloud sukima-kara

Aozora ga te maneki shiteru

Alright sorosoro ikou ka

Dare ka ga iu Logic shinji nai

Chokkan wa shinjite itai

High Time hajimari wo sagashite

Fire Up, Ignition

Heavy-na Pressure bukkowashite

Accel fumikome

Surprise sekai-chu ga Drive

(It's faster than ever)

Feelin'High mezameru you na

(Drivin' Show me)

Hajimaru unmei ni wa

(keep chasin' forever)

Back Gear wa nai...

All We Need Is "DRIVE"

(2084: October 13)

(I.S Academy—Class one—05:13:05 AM)

"Everyone's here, right? Then, let's start the student homeroom meeting." The vice homeroom teacher, Yamada Maya said to everyone as she stood in front of the blackboard and earnestly smiled at them. The students.

Ichika ignored the green-haired bespectacled teacher speaks as he sighed and begin to think back of why he was even here in the first place.

After discovering that he was able to use the I.S, crash landed on a crowded place and waking up on a hospital the next day, the world immediately find out about his unusual ability to pilot the I.S. The S.C.T.P.H, the Drive crew, and his only family was no exception as they shared a various reaction.

Getta have a disbelief look on his face, Yondo just infinitely ask random question to his face, Keira was so happy that she practically suffocate him into her breast, Makura is also happy and hopeful that the males will once again, rise to the top, Risa have the same look as Getta, Belt-san is intrigued, Chase is Chase, and Chifuyu just said "How troublesome..."

And right now, he was forced to attend the prestigious I.S Academy by the Japanese government to learn how the I.S work. Translation: To observe/protect him, much to his massive chagrin.

"Orimura Ichika-kun." Maya called.

Ichika sighed as he muttered "Here we go." With a very low voice before looking toward the class.

"Ore no namaewa, Orimura Ichika. I will not say anything else, cause right now, I'm not happy..." He said that with a stare, but apparently, they doesn't seem to notice as the class gone into an uproar.

His eyes twitched as several girls began to shriek.




"I'm so happy that I'm on the same classroom with the youngest detective~!"


Ichika silently grit his teeth in frustration as he keeps hearing the girls' mindless screeching.

Then, he hold his arm out and catch a hand that is about to hit him with a blue attendance book.

Ichika looked on in surprise at the one who try to hit him. "Chifuyu-nee?" He asks with well-surprise evident in his voice.

"Ah, Orimura-sensei, is the meeting over?" Maya asked.

"Yamada-sensei, it must've been tough on you, forcing yourself to make these girls and this guy here to introduce themselves." Orimura Chifuyu said as she pulled back her hand from Ichika's.

"Oh, no! It's nothing, really!"

The black-haired teacher nodded in understanding before facing the class.

"Everyone, my name is Orimura Chifuyu, and my duty is that for this one year, I'll be training you in the operations and controls of I.S. Everything I teach, you have to remember, and understand. To those who can't understand, I'll teach them till they can. My job is to thoroughly train you during your first year from the age of 15 to 16. You can dislike my attitude, but you still have to do what I say. Understood?" Chifuyu waited for a response.

'3, 2, 1.' Ichika mentally counted.



"I came to this school from North Kyuushuu because I admired you, onee-sama!"

"I came all the way from southern Hokkaido!"

"I'm so happy to be taught by Chifuyu-sama..."

"I'll gladly die for you, Chifuyu-sama!"

Chifuyu and Ichika stared at the chattering girls with a disheartened look in Chifuyu's case while Ichika is that of an annoyed one.

'Useless no-name fangirls.'/"It's really quite a sight to see so many idiots gather here every year. What a surprise. Or is there a special reason? Are these fools only here to attend my class?" Chifuyu raised her eyebrow in a scary manner. Again, the girls doesn't seem to notice the gesture.




'Masochistic freak.' He continued.

"So, Chifuyu-nee. You-" Ichika stopped himself as he grabbed his sister's hand from hitting him with the attendance book again.

"Call me Orimura-sensei, you dimwit." She commanded with a glare.

"Hai, hai. Orimura-sensei." Ichika nonchalantly complied as he release her from his hold.

"Eh...? Then, that means that Ichika-sama is Chifuyu-sama's younger brother...?"

"You've just realized that now!?"

"Maybe that has something to do with him being the only male in the world that can use the I.S?"

"Ah~~, I really wanted to switch him over now...~"

Ichika suddenly felt a stare bore through his head. Looking to where the feeling is, he saw his childhood friend, Shinonono Houki who he noticed with surprise earlier back was now looking from outside the classroom, to him.

'Oh, great. What does she want?' Ichika thought curiously. '...Ahhh... Never mind, I'll ask her about it later.' Just as he was thinking that, the bell rang.

"Oh my, S.H.R is over." The green-haired teacher said.

Chifuyu speak next. "Everyone, I'll have you memorize the basics of I.S within the next 6 months. After that, it's practicals, you must let the basic maneuvers sink in as a part of your body's instincts within half a month, okay? If you understand, answer me, whether it's acceptable or not, otherwise respond to whatever I've said."

'Hah, piece of cake.' Ichika thought with a mental smirk as he sit down on an empty chair.

Orimura Chifuyu, the elder sister of Orimura Ichika was the first generation I.S pilot that represented Japan and was undefeated in every actual match and nicknamed Brunhilde for winning the first Mondo Grosso tournament. However, on the second Mondo Grosso, she forfeits her 99th match and announced her retirement before dissapearing.

And it seems that she work on the I.S Academy all this time...

(05:51:04 AM)

The first theory class for I.S is finished, and it is now break.

As Ichika starts to get up, he heard someone speak to him. "Excuse me for a moment."

"Hmm...?" Ichika look to the one who said that.

"Houki." He acknowledged.

In front of his eyes, stood the childhood friend whom he last saw six years ago, namely, Shinonono Houki. She and Ichika used to train together in the art of kendo during their childhood, and always lose to him in every match in her family's dojo.

'Look like she doesn't change her hairstyle at all.' Ichika noted her more than shoulder-length hair.

"Is it ok if we talk in the corridor?" She asks.

"Sure." Ichika nodded.

Houki then hurried to the corridor, and the girls gathered there stepped away immediately.

Even though they came out to the corridor, Houki and him were still surrounded by others, gathered outside.

"By the way, Houki," Ichika started as they walked their way through the crowd of students.


"Last year, you won the world kendo championship, right? Congratulations." He smiles.

After Houki heard that, her mouth immediately took the shape of 'へ', and her cheeks turned red.

"How do you know that?" She stammered.

"How? It's because I saw it in the newspaper, silly." He snickered.

"Why did you see it in something like a newspaper?"

He stops.

Ichika could hear the wind blows outside as he stared at his childhood friend with an incredulous look.

"That's a dumb question, Houki. I always read the newspaper everyday. And you haven't changed a bit from the last time I've seen you, via, your attitude, and your hairstyle." He pointed out.

Houki slightly blushed in embarassment when he pointed out the first one, but start to play with her hair nervously as she heard the second one.

"At-at least you still remember that." She huffed.

"Oh, you know I can't forget something like that!" He said with fake shock. "We are childhood friends, after all." He continued with a friendly grin.

A fierce gleam flashes in her eyes, making him stop.

'Uhh... okay, what's with that look?' A slightly confused and wary Ichika thought.


'Oh, break's over, huh?' Ichika thought to himself as the bell rang the start of the second period rings. The many people that had flooded the corridor consequently dispersed as they spread out to their classes.

Ichika look at Houki in the eyes. "Saa iko, let's go back to class." He said as he walked off.

"I-I know." Houki quickly answered with an unhappy face.

(Class one—06:00:02 AM)

"...thus, the basic operations of I.S have to be guided by the country. If no permission is granted, we have to pursue criminal responsibilities." Maya continued with her lesson ever so eloquently.

Five heavy books were sitting in front of him as he flip to the top page, he only sees columns and columns of text.

'Damn, I really don't get it with all this I.S stuff.' Ichika thought as he skims through the words and the complicated matters of them all.

He took a peek at the girl on the next table and could only see her listening to the green-haired teacher's words, noting away and jotting down notes from time to time.

Feeling somewhat foolish, Ichika lowered his head, and peeked over at the girl who was jotting down notes.

"Is-is there something wrong?" The girl asked Ichika when she noticed him looking at her. She expressed surprise and nervousness, and showing a forced smile that conveyed a certain kind of expectation.

"Ah, no, it's nothing. Sorry for bothering you." Ichika apologized as he return to his normal position.

"Is-is that so?" The girl showed him a look of relief and disappointment before returning back to working in her notebook

"Is there something you don't understand, Orimura-kun?" Maya asked as she noticed him talking to the girl.

"Ah, that..." Ichika looked back to his textbooks.

"If you have any questions, please ask me. I'm a teacher, after all." Maya lifted her well endowed chest up and answered confidently. Ichika begins to contemplate the situation.

Deciding to test it out, he called out the green-haired teacher's name.


"Yes, Orimura-kun?" She answered with enthusiasm.

"...I don't understand anything about this at all." He bluntly said.

Everyone blinks in surprise.

"Erm... ev-everything...?" Maya asks, looking extremely bothered and was wearing a completely stiff expression.

"Th-Then... except for Orimura-kun, is there anybody else who doesn't understand the current lesson up till this point?" Maya raised her hand to prompt the class.

Nobody reacted.

"...Orimura, did you read the reference book before entering the school?" Chifuyu asked as she walked to her younger brother.

'Reference book?' Ichika thought as he furrowed his brow in confusion. Then, he widened his eyes as he remembered.

"Umm... I think I mistook it for the old telephone book that we have, and... I kinda... threw it away." Ichika said sheepishly.


This time, Ichika let his sister hit him with the attendance book as he felt he deserved it. "I'll issue you another copy later, but you must memorize it within a week, got it?" She ordered with a glare.

"Hai." Ichika sulked in his chair as he looked down shamefully.

Whether it's in terms of mobility, firepower or suppressing ability, the I.S far surpasses all the older weapons in that aspect. If you don't understand this weapon thoroughly before operating it, accidents will occur, and that is the reason why Ichika is here.

Heck, he didn't even wish to be here, he has a job and duty to do, the only reason why he was sitting on the chair the school provided, is that a bunch of black-clad men snuck up behind him, knock him out, then him woking up in the infirmary of the I.S Academy. And then, one of the staff said something about "We'll protect you" or something weird like that-AND, was told that he can't leave the school without the principal's permission, thus, forcing him to enroll back to school.

"You're thinking that you didn't come here of your own choice, right?" His sister asks him.

'Damn.' He cursed mentally.

"No matter whether you wished for it or not, people can't get away from an interactive life. If you want to abandon it, abandon your identity as a human first."

Chifuyu's right. Ignorance maybe can comfort you, even if you doesn't make any fault. And everything can happen, so you need to accept it no matter how hard it was.

Ichika gave her an annoyed look. "I know that, Chifuyu-nee, you don't have to tell me."

Chifuyu scowled, but stay silent and return to her spot.

"...Th-Then, Orimura-kun, I'll teach you everything that you don't know, so you must work hard? Alright?" Maya said as she tightened her hands and closed it.

As she's shorter than Ichika, it naturally make her to shyly looking away from him. "Hai. I'm sorry for troubling you," Ichika apologized as he bowed to her before sitting back down.

"Ah! No, no, Orimura-kun, it's okay, in fact, I'll gladly help you to reach the top." Maya said quickly.

"Yamada-sensei, can we get back to business now?" Chifuyu asked from her position.

"H-hai!" Maya frantically yelped as she tried to move back to the podium... and failed.

"Uu-itai..." she whimpered.

(Class one—06:29:44 AM)

"Ahh, can I have a moment?" Someone unfamiliar asked.

"Hmm?" During the break for the second period, Ichika was again, confronted by a person in his seat, this time, by a foreign girl who is naturally blonde and blue eyes with face that is unhappy.

Her hair was slightly curled up, giving off a sense of nobility, she has a demanding air around her which is the one that women normally give off in today's society.

In current day society, due to the I.S, women are given higher status. It's not just a privilege, even the archetype of 'women = great' came into being. At the same time, men were relegated to being slaves. It's not really rare to see men being abused by women they never met on the streets.

Right now, in the minds of the women nowadays, men are basically considered servants to to them. In Ichika's eyes everyone and everything deserves freedom. And that is one of the quotes of the Kamen Riders.

On a side note, since the I.S Academy has the duty to accept a large number of students, it's not really rare to see so many foreign students enrolled there. As a result, only about half the girls in the class are Japanese.

Ichika took a look at her face and remember her from his class.

"Yes? Is there something you want?" Upon hearing his reply, the girl deliberately increased her volume.

"Wait a second! What are you saying? Just the fact that I'm talking to you should be enough to make you feel greatly honored. Shouldn't you have a better attitude towards me?"

'Not this again.' Ichika inwardly sighed, he hates dealing people with attitude like this, but since he was a cop, he need to bear with it, and it's not like his school years is 'peaceful' either.

"I'm sorry. But I have no idea on who you are." His reply didn't seem to bode well with the girl as she narrowed her eyes to slits and said in a tone conveying complete contempt with regards to men.

"You don't know who I'am? You don't know who Cecilia Alcott is? You've never heard of me? The representative candidate student for England and the top scorer on the school's entrance exam?" The now named Cecilia demanded/questioned.

Ichika mentally beat himself up again for throwing the reference book away. "Uhh... can I ask what's a representative candidate student is?" He ask sheepishly.


Several girls eavesdropping on their conversation suddenly collapsed onto the floor as if it were an Anime.

"A-a-a..." Cecilia stuttered out before setting herself in motion. "Ahh-Ahh, Are, ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" She demanded angrily.

"Yeah, wasn't I said it in class before that I throw my book away by accident?" Ichika answers plainly.

Cecilia forced herself to calm down as she pressed her thumb against her temple when a headache started to form. "I can't believe this, this is really quite unbelievable. Though this is a land to the far east, this is not some under developed country." She sighed to herself before looking at him.

"This is common knowledge. Common knowledge! Don't tell me you don't have a television?" Cecilia questioned before explaining.

"What's a representative candidate? A representative candidate is a top student chosen by the government to represent their country, as well as the one who must participate in a tournament such as the Mondo Grosso. You get that? Or did you need more through explanation?" Cecilia mocked him.

"Now after that, that does ring a bell." Ichika mentioned as he adopt a thinking pose, ignoring the hidden insult like he usually do.

"That's right! We're elites!" Cecilia gloated as she pointed her finger at him, the tip nearly touching his nose. "It's a miracle for you to get into the same class with the chosen ones... you should feel blessed. Do you realize the situation that you're currently in now?" She asks him pridefully.

"Is that so? Oh, how fortunate of me." Ichika replied sarcastically as he realized what she wants.

"Are you trying to make a fool out of me?" Cecilia demanded when she heard his tone.

"Wasn't you're the one who told me how lucky I was?" He taunted to her.

"In the first place, you knew nothing about the I.S, and yet you were able to make it into this school. When I first heard that you were the only male in the world who could pilot an I.S, and a good detective, it had me expecting a lot more of you." Cecilia told him.

She then scoffed. "But no. It seems those things about you being 'great' was just exaggerated, but since I'm an elite, I'll even be nice to people like you." She raised her head high.

"If you don't fully understand anything regarding the I.S..." Cecilia began to think. "...If you cry and beg me, I may be inclined to teach you. After all, I'm an elite amongst elites, the only one who defeated an instructor during the entrance exam."

Ichika discreetly snort when he heard 'only' said so strong by her. "Are you talking about initiating the I.S?" He asks.

"What else?" Cecilia haughtily said.

"Well, I managed to beat an instructor as well." He replied nonchalantly.

"...Huh?" Cecilia blinked.

It's true, when he was forced to enroll, he was asked to defeat an instructor to enter the school. He was about to make himself lose, of course, but the staff warns that if he do what they are thinking, he will be locked up in the school without any means to get out. Government's order, thus, he was forced to fight the instructor, with a little bit of difficulty.

Cecilia widened her eyes in disbelief at that. "But-but, I heard that I was the only one..." She trailed.

"Maybe the rumors doesn't spread?" Ichika give a thought.

"In-in other words, I'm not the only one?" Cecilia asked.

"Yeah?" Ichika shrugged his shoulders off-handedly.


The bell for the third period interrupted their conversation.

Cecilia spoke first. "I'll be back! Don't run away, all right?!" With that, she run back to her seat.

Ichika sit down on his seat as well. 'What a troublesome girl.' Ichika sighed tiredly

(Class one—06:37:17 AM)

"...For the remaining time, we'll mainly be describing all sorts of equipment that can be used in actual combat, and their characteristics." Chifuyu who replaced Maya who's only taught the first and second period lessons said as she stood at the front of the class. Behind, Maya took out a notebook.

"Ah, but before that, we have to decide on the class' representative who'll take part in the inter-class tournament." Maya said.

The class representative is kinda different in I.S Academy, the class representative will not only compete in the inter-class tournament, but will also attend student council meetings and committee meetings as well. On a side note, the inter-class battles are meant to gauge each enrolled class' ability. Though there isn't much difference right now, competition will encourage further improvement to each.

The class started to become abuzz, not knowing what was going on. Ichika and some other students deduced that they're going to decide on who's going to be the class' rep.

'Hmm... I pity the one who will have to take the responsibility, that person will have a hard time ahead of her.' Ichika thought. He had seen his chief do all kind of things during the past year, and everything ended with him moaning in exhaustion. Not to mention that he's the class rep and council president of his old school, so speaking from experience, that job is hard.

"Sensei, I recommend Orimura-kun!"


"I think that's a good idea too! He's a graduate and a police officer, right? So he could probably take it."

'Wait, what?' Ichika's eyes snapped.

"Then the candidate will be Orimura Ichika. Is there anyone else? You can either nominate yourself or another person, both are fine." Chifuyu informed the class.

"NO!" Ichika shouts as he stood up. What struck him were the piercing stares of the students, even without looking, he knew that they conveyed irresponsible expectations of 'if it's him, he can do it.'

"Sit down, Orimura, you're a troublesome sight." Chifuyu commanded quietly.

Ichika refused. "No! Orimura-sensei, I'm sorry, but I can't take that position anymore, and you know the reason."

"It's different here, and besides, no matter whether you nominated yourself or someone else nominated you, the one nominated doesn't have the right to refuse." Chifuyu countered before looking to the class. "Isn't there anyone else? If so, Orimura will be elected without a vote."

(PAM) Cecilia Alcott dramatically slammed her hands against the table as she stand up. "This kind of election's outcome is totally unacceptable! Having a man as our class' representative is totally disgraceful! Do you expect me, Cecilia Alcott to endure this embarrassment for a whole year?!" She screams.

Everyone stays quiet as they look at her.

"In terms of ability, it's obvious that I should be the class' representative. It'll be troubling if some rare far-east monkey is to be chosen because he is a rare breed! I came to this island country to polish up my I.S skills, and I have no interest in joining a circus!" Cecilia shouted.

Ichika closed his eyes and sighed heavily as he took note on everything she says. 'She has to be the most idotic and prideful woman I have ever met in my life.' He thinks.

"...Isn't that right!? Only the most talented can be the class' representative, and I'm the most suitable one!" She continued, and he could definitely hear the hint of excitement in her voice.

Ichika's left eye twitched with irritation.

"In the first place, living in such a country with an underdeveloped level of culture is excruciatingly painful for me..."

The only male snapped as he turned and looked at the pompous girl, he also noted that some of the students including Maya looked annoyed at Cecilia's words, especially the Japanese ones. "Even if Britain's a 'powerful' country as you said, you're far too arrogant on your part, how many years has it been, since your country won the world's worst cuisine award and not getting any better?" Cecilia shooked in rage.

"You, you, you! Are you insulting my country!?" She demanded.

"Weren't you also just insulted our country? It will only be fair if I do the same." Ichika glares.

"That's it! I challenge you to a duel!" (PAM) Cecilia slammed her hands on the table again.

Ichika, too bothered to care, raised his hands in a mocking manner. "Oh, greaat! Bring it on, then. It's better than a debate, anyway." He says.

Chifuyu looked at his back with a dissapointed gaze.

"You talk big. Since you deliberately asked for defeat, I'll accept you as a servant-no, a slave!" She arrogantly declared.

"Pfft, yeah, yeah, whatever." Ichika closed his eyes and waved his hand nonchalantly.

"Such manners..." Cecilia sneers at him before getting back to business.

"Perfect timing, this will be the opportunity for me, Britain's candidate, Cecilia Alcott to display her ability!" She declared.

"How much of a handicap do you want?" Ichika asked her in 'no joke' tone.

"Oh my, asking for a favor so soon?" Cecilia inquired haughtily.

"No, I'm asking how much of a handicap I should give you." At that, some of the girls in the class erupted with laughter.


"O-Orimura-kun, are you serious?"

"Isn't a man being stronger than woman a story of the past?"

"Orimura-kun. Maybe you're a skilled police and can pilot an I.S, but that's just overdoing it."

The male twitched.

'I'm seriously sick of the way women treated us.' Ichika silently gritted.

True, men are overwhelmingly weaker than women. They're powerless against them. It's true that only a few can pilot an I.S, at least that's what the higher ups hopes, but all females are potential I.S pilots. In reality, men logically can't pilot an I.S at all. If a war happened because of a difference in views between men and women, the male faction probably wouldn't even last 3 days. If there's a champion, they'd likely be suppressed within 3 hours. This is all because as a super weapon, I.S far exceeds fighter planes, tanks, and anything that of the past.

"...Then I won't give you a handicap." Ichika decided, his eyes covered by his bangs.

"Yes, that should be the case. More accurately, it bothers me that I don't have to give you a handicap. Hm, hm, saying that men are stronger than women, Japanese males really have quite a sense of humor." Cecilia commended, though, with a contempt expression.

The laughter had died down as a girl sitting diagonally behind him spoke. "Hey, Orimura-kun, it's not too late, you know? You can still get Cecilia-san to give you a handicap?" The girl sincerely advised. However, the expression of hers, the laughter and smirk that she was visibly holding back made him even more angrier.

"A man have his own pride to keep. I have no need for a handicap." Was Ichika's reply.

"Hai? A representative candidate is being looked down on? Or is it that you don't know what an I.S battle looks like?" Cecilia queried.

"To be honest, I had never seen a real I.S battle before. But I imagined it's going to be intense." Ichika admitted.

Chifuyu nodded in confirmation. "Then we have a common understanding. The battle will take place next Monday in the 3rd arena. Orimura and Alcott, make sure you are well prepared. Now, let's get back to the lesson." Chifuyu clapped her hands to end the conversation.

Ichika was deep in thought as he sit down. 'I can master the basics in a week. It wouldn't be too much of a problem, however, if I win, I'll be taking the position of class representative. Though it's a headache, I can't back down now.' Ichika thought.

'...Yosh! time to pay attention to class.' Ichika immediately opened the textbook on the table.

(After school—Class one—02:46:00 PM)

"Ugh..." Orimura Ichika moaned as he tiredly sprawled his upper body to the table.

"No, I didn't understand anything at all, I'm too used on using the Drive system." He moaned pitifully.

"Ah, Orimura-kun, you're still in the classroom? That's good." Ichika lifted his head at the call, it was his vice homeroom teacher, Yamada Maya walking towards him while holding a book and thankfully, she doesn't seem to hear his words earlier. And if she did, she did good job at not showing it.

"Your dorm's ready." She said as she handed him a key with a brown rubber keychain that has the number 1025 in it.

The I.S Academy is also a boarding school, and the school requires all students to live on the campus. Most likely to protect I.S pilots who have massive potentials like Chifuyu. These individuals are integral to the future defense of countries. Ever since the Academy started, there have been some news about countries trying to tempt Japanese pilots into their forces ranging from minor 'Hook, line, sinker, to extreme kidnappings. The latter one is rare, but it has happened.

Speaking of which, he remembered a recent news some week ago about countries trying to lure over elite/above average pilots in the I.S Academy, but failed. 'Wait, does the reason why I'am here is because of that?' Ichika wondered to himself.

It makes sense, considering his circumstances last day, not in the protection of the higher ups usually meant an easier confrontation and/or abductions.

"Wasn't my room still undecided on? I heard that it might take a week." The male said, recalling what the staffs had told him during their explanations.

"That's the case, but special circumstances require special solutions; it seems like you were forced to change rooms for a while..." The green-haired teacher lower herself to his head. "Orimura-kun, have the government call you or anything?" The last few words were said so unusually close to his right ear.

Ichika shook his head.

Maya continued. "Because of those circumstances, the government created a special directive. Anyway, you'll live in a dorm until your room is prepared in a month. So until then, please endure and live with the others." The endowed woman said, still close to his ear.

"Well, okay then, and Yamada-sensei. Will you please stop breathing next to me?" Ichika asked, annoyed.

She pulled back like a bullet being launched out of a pistol. "Ah! No, this is because... it wasn't on purpose!" She stammered out with a red face.

Ichika gave her a disbelieving look which sends her into another shade of red.

He then sigh. "Forget it," he mutters.

Ichika focused to her again. "Anyway, since there's a room for me, I need to to go back and get my stuff. So can I go back home today?" He asked, eyes gleamed with a hidden hope.

"Ah," Chifuyu, all of a sudden, entered the classroom and walks towards them.

"That's no need. If it's luggage, I've already arranged everything. Be sure that you are thankful for this." She warns him as she finally stops besides the two.

"Hai, hai." Ichika answers with a tone that basically said 'I-don't-really-care'.

She ignored this as she continued. "It's just some daily necessities." She said. "Some changes of clothing and a cellphone charger should be enough." As expected of an unrefined and careless individual. In truth, she's right. But personally, he feels that everyday conveniences are important as well.

Maya, after a moment of silence, spoke up. "Then please use this time and head to the dormitory. For dinner, please be sure to head down to the first-year dorm cafeteria from 4 to 5pm. On a side note, each room has a shower, and there's also a large public bath. The time to use it differs by school year." She explained.

"Well, currently, Orimura is not allowed to use the large public bath yet." Chifuyu reminded her fellow teacher.

"Eh? Why? You know that I like bathing in a large public bath." Ichika questioned.

"Are you an idiot or something? Do you want to bath together with girls of the same age as you?" Chifuyu raised her eyebrow at him.

"Oh... right. Forgot that everyone's a girl here." Ichika scratched the side of his head in embarassment.

"Orimura-kun, you want to bathe with a girl!? No. We can't allow that." Maya shook her head fiercely.

"Oh, no! It's not that, I don't want to bathe together-" Ichika was interrupted by the green-haired woman who loudly spoke in... is that dissapointment he hear? "Wha-? You're not interested in girls!? That-that could be a problem..." She mumbles.

Ichika felt he ran full speed with Drive and crashed into a hard wall as he heard the words, "not-interested-in-girls".

Immediately the same time that words left Maya's mouth, it spread around rumors like a broken telephone. The girls who overhears in the corridor started to gossip.

"Don't tell me, Orimura-kun's only interested in guys..."

"However... that's not bad."

"We'll need to check his background starting from his school days! It'll be done soon! The results will be here in 2 days!"

'...Shit.' Ichika rubbed his forehead as he groaned.

Maya looked depressed at that moment before quickly recovering. "...Then, we have a meeting to attend to, so goodbye, Orimura-kun, please head to your dorm room, and don't wander about aimlessly." She told him before leaving the classroom.

Chifuyu stays as she called to her fellow teacher.

"Ah, Yamada-sensei, can you please go on ahead? I need to speak with Orimura in private." For some unknown reasons, Maya's face goes red as she quickly nodded and closed the door of the classroom.

After that, suddenly, fast as lightning, Chifuyu's fist came down on her brother as he expectedly, instantly dodged her punch.

Ichika look at his sister in shock. "What was that for, Chifuyu-nee?!" He demanded.

"You idiot!" She hissed. "Accepting her challenge like that! I thought you better!"

Ichika grimaced as he realized what she's talking about.

"Yeah, I know accepting it was a stupid idea... but my mind is not thinking straight at the time! I can't just let her speak her mouth off without consequences!"

"And she will considers what she said and apologize." Chifuyu glares.

He snorted. "I'm sorry, but I have to doubt you on that one." Ichika began to move.

As he's in front of the door, he turned his head to her again. "And one more thing, can you please prevent those girls from invading and showing my privacy? Thanks."

With that, he left the classroom to the hall of murmurs.

(Dormitory02:52:36 PM)

"...1022, 1023, 1024... ah, here we go. Room 1025, right?" Ichika confirmed the room number in the key before starting to insert it.

He stopped doing so when he saw the lock position.

'...Eh? The door's already unlocked?' He thought in surprise.

As Ichika opened the door, he widened his eyes slightly when he saw that the inside look like a five star hotel room with the items neatly placed.

He gave it a look of approval before walking inside and closing the door behind him. He dropped his stuff on the table in the left side of the room before going to the two bed in the center.

Ichika lay his body in the left bed and sighed at the softness. 'Man, what a looong day,' He thought as he stretched his body and winced at the crack.


'...I wonder, how is everyone doing right now?' He pondered before chuckling. 'Not even a full day here and I already miss them.'

"Is someone in there?" A muffled voice cautiously asked from inside the bathroom which is on Ichika's right side. Said boy opened his eyes and looked at it.

A moment later, the voice continued. "Ahh, you're my roommate, right? Please take care of me from this year on." The door opens. "I was using the shower, so I'm sorry for looking like this. My name is Shinonono... Houki...?" The girl stopped as she look at him.

"..." (Ichika)

"..." (Houki)





After five seconds staring at each other dumbfounded, reality snaps in, and Houki's face became extremely red. "Do-don't look!" She yelped as she put a hand on her towel-covered chest and turn her body to the side.

"S-sorry!" Ichika quickly turned his head to the right and tried to not think about how well she has grown.

"Wh-why are you here?" She stiffly asked.

Ichika, still with his head to the right, answered. "Well... I'm also staying her-" He quickly dunk his head down to avoid an attempted slash to the neck by a bokken before jumping out of the bed and to the door.

(Slam) Ichika breathed out as he rest his back.


Then suddenly...

(Chi Dong) The sound of the door splitting is heard as the bokken break through beside his head. Ichika look at it and saw that the tip was missing him by 2mm.

With a surprised face, he continued to look at it for a second before chuckling.

'To be able to stab a bokken through a wooden door... you've improved, Houki.' Ichika thought as he gained a nostalgic smile.

The blade sank back through the door. 'Is she letting me off?' He thinks.

Ichika widened his eyes as he move away from the door just in time to avoid a barrage of stabbing to his head. (Ci Ci Ci CI DONG)

'Nope.' He tells himself as he look at the door with five holes.

"Oi Houki! Are you trying to kill me or something!?" Ichika yelled.


(Click) "Ah, it's Orimura-kun!"

"Huh? so Orimura-kun lives in that room? That's a good piece of information~"

With all the commotion that was caused, the other girls started to emerge from their rooms, and what was troubling was the fact that they were wearing simple nightgowns, completely oblivious to a guy before them. Some of them had even taking it a step further by only wearing a shirt and panties.

He twitched as he looked at them. 'Seriously, girls, should you really be revealing yourself so casually? In more ways than one!? There's a guy over here, damn it!' Ichika screamed in his head.

He looked at the door again. "Houki! Oi, Houki! let me in! I'm sorry about what happened, okay!? I thought I was the only one in there!" The only response he got from the room was silence, however, the bokken was pulled back. He hoped that she wouldn't lock it right there, and thankfully no, but it was silent for about 2, 3 awkward minutes.

During that time, Ichika thought to himself.

'Why am I have to be put in this situation? Couldn't it have been someone else instead?' He cried despairingly as the girls took a photo of him with their phone.

Then finally, the door opened and showing Houki in an unfinished kendo attire.

"Come in." She said.

"Finally!" Ichika exclaimed as he run inside the room.

After Ichika entered, he was greeted by a fierce glare in the face courtsey of Houki.

"Oh, now what?" He asked exasperately.

Houki sat down on the bed while having an angry look as she quickly tied her wet hair back into a ponytail.

"So you said that you're my roommate?" She asked.

"Yeah." Was his plain answer. But after he said that, he was again being glared at.

'This girl is, seriously, this girl definitely need to take a chill pill.' Ichika thought while having an irritated look.

"What-what's your purpose?" She demanded.


"I'm asking what you were thinking? Boys and girls can't share the same bed after they turn 7. It's common sense!"


"Was it because you asked for this...? To be in my room?"

"That's a stupid reason. Why would I purposely endanger myself and choose something like this? Besides, I did not-" Ichika was again interrupted by Houki who bring down the bokken toward him.

He easily caught the bokken with his left hand. "Mattaku, will you please stop that?" Ichika glared.

"It's really stupid for us to bicker like childrens!"

"Stupid? Stupid!? You're saying that's stupid!? So it's like that, huh?" Houki said as she pushed the bokken down with all her might.

'This girl is... (sigh), never mind.' Ichika thought as he hold the blade in place despite she uses more power than needed.

"Waaah... Shinonono-san, very bold!"

"You shouldn't take the lead~"

"Orimura-kun is not bad at it either."

"Wh-wh-wha...?!" Houki was greatly surprised when she heard the girls' voice in the opened doorway, so much that she immediately pulled back her bokken.

'Okay, I gotta say that I owe these girls... nah!' Ichika thought as he inwardly smirked. 'No way in hell.'

"Ah, it's already finished?"

"The feeling obviously wasn't bad."

'Do high school girls nowadays say 'the feeling wasn't bad' when they see a fight?' Ichika thought with a bewildered look as he watch Houki quietly chased the girls out.

'...Dramas.' He amended as his childhood friend whole-heartedly closed the door.

"...Ichika..." Houki called.

"What?" He replied as he crossed his arms.

"If you want to stay here, then we need a rule placed in this room." She said.

Ichika gives gives her an inquiring look.

"That means that drawing a line in the aspect of living is needed." Houki clarified.

"I know that, what my expression meant is "What is your conditions?""

"First is the bathing schedule. Mine is from two o'clock to three. Yours is from three to four."

"Uhh... isn't it better if mine is earlier?"

"Do you want me to wait with my body drenched by sweat from my club activities?"

"Club activities? You already joined? Let me guess, it's kendo."

"Ye-Yeah, they made me captain immediately after I join."

"Seriously? Damn, looks like your reputation precedes you. Never mind what I said, doesn't clubs have showers?"

"I don't feel easy if it's not in my own room."

"Well, if you say it like that, then I can't object to it, I also think that the washroom at home is better than the ones at school anyway." Ichika nodded in understanding of her reason.

"Oh, speaking of which, there's no toilet in our private rooms, right?" He continued.

"Yeah, there are only two at either end of each floor."

"Great, just great, that is pretty far away from where we are now."

He sighed.

"Do I really have to use the women's bathroom?" He contemplates with himself. 'No, it will be too embarassing. Besides, I don't think that the toilet will be that much of a problem. I can run very fast, after all.'

Unfortunately, Ichika didn't realize that he was overhear by Houki about using the women's room and so, the girl let out a killing intent that was soon felt by the male.

Ichika look at the K.I source and saw Houki gripping her sword tightly as she pointed at him. "You... you! We haven't seen each other for a long time and you've already engaged in these perverted interests... I've misjudged you!"

"Hey! Why would I become of what you said?!" Ichika tried to defend, his face grimacing at the accusement.

"Weren't it obvious?! Wanting to go into the women's bathroom... if you're not a pervert, then what else could you be!? Never mind, I'll just execute you right now!"

"Hah! Like I'd let you!"

As Ichika argued with Houki for the past few minutes, he found a shinai at the edge of her luggage which is under the wardrobe near the mirror on the left bed. Without wasting anytime, the male pulled out the sword and blocked Houki's attack.

Suddenly, the girl began to act strange, opening and closing her mouth like a goldfish, panicking and looking freaked out.

Ichika furrowed his eyebrows at this but quickly find the reason as he noticed something unusual attached to the front of the shinai. It has a structure of two parallel triangles attached together-

"Re-return it to me!" Houki throws her bokken to the left bed and grabbed the thing attached to the shinai in which she quickly covered with both of her hands.

"Houki..." Ichika started, he did not saw what he SAW and THINK, isn't he?

"Wh-what?" Houki asked in an embarrased voice.

He looked at the gap between her arms and saw a light pink, light blue fabric. Ichika visibly smirked.

"I see that you started wearing bras...~" He teased.

And then a nuke happens.

(2084: October 14)

(I.S Academy—Cafeteria—05:52:12 AM)

"Mattaku, just how long are you going to be angry?" Ichika asked the girl in front of him.

"I'm not angry."

"Don't lie."

"I'm not lying!"

There is absolutely no change in the second day of I.S Academy. Ichika and Houki are still arguing nonstop as if yesterday hasn't passed.

"Look, look, he's the famous boy~"

"He's also Chifuyu-neesama's younger brother, you know?"

"Huh? So both siblings are I.S users? Is he strong? On using the I.S, I mean?"

"I heard that he challenged Representative Candidate, Cecilia Alcott in his class..."

"No way! Really?"

"Hmph, I guess being famous is also being arrogant."

"Now, now..."

The male tuned out the girls' chattering as to focus on business.

"I already said that I'm sorry, Houki-"

"Don't call me by my name!"

"...Fine, Shinonono."

'You're getting worser and worser, Houki, you really need to learn, 'forgive and forget'.' Ichika thought dissapointedly.

"O-Orimura-kun, can we sit here, please?" Some girl asked beside their table.

"Hmm?" Ichika look at the one who said that and he sees three girls holding their trays of breakfast as they anxiously waited for his reply.

"Sure, as long as you and your friends stays quiet..." The girl heaved a sigh of relief at this and the nearby girls overhearing the conversation starts to chatter.

"Ah~I should have tried to talk to him earlier..."

"It-it's just the second day. Nothing to panic over!"


8 first-years, 15 second-years, and 33 third-years came over to Houki's and Ichika's table to introduce themselves but they were ignored as Ichika stare at Houki blankly.

"Wow, Orimura-kun! You do eat a lot in the morning."

"He's a guy, you know?"

"Orimura, I'm leaving now. " Houki said with closed eyes.

"Whatever," Ichika snorted as he rolled his eyes.

After Houki cleanly finished her food, she left her seat and move, leaving the fifteen year old boy alone with the 56 girls.

Ichika sighed sadly as he think back of how they meet.

When he was four, Chifuyu brought him to the Shinonono dojo to train, and from there, he meet Houki for the first time, since the Orimura's parents abandoned them, Ichika and Chifuyu were often taken care of by the Shinononos' parents and were invited for dinner. It really helped them a lot when they were poor.

However, instead of saying that their relationship was bad, let's just say, back then, it was terrible. Houki dreams to be a master swordswoman while Ichika dreams to be a police detective.

And then the Shinonono moved four years after...

"Orimura-kun, are you familiar with Shinonono-san?" One of the girls asked.

"Hmm...? Oh, yeah. We're childhood friends." Ichika answered. But after he said that, the girls screeched, making him jump out of his silenced state.


A clapping sound is heard.

"How long are you going to spoke nonsense?! When you're eating, don't talk! And be efficient! If you're late, you'll have to run around the field ten times!" Chifuyu's voice echoed throughout the cafeteria and everyone frantically return to their food in fear.

Ichika calmly finished his two minutes later before looking toward his sister, his hunch was correct as he saw her looking tired, even though she hide it well.

'It looks like Chifuyu-nee was acting as the first-years' dorm supervisor,' The male thought as he sighed. 'And it look like she wasn't getting any rest at all... again.'

Ichika lean back to his seat. '(Sigh) I give up, I couldn't think of any other way, on learning the I.S at all.'

The match against Cecilia is next week, but before that, he have to learn how to control the I.S before the second period ends.

When he accidentaly touched the I.S in the warehouse, he feel like he was completely familiar with it with many years of experience, even though he never bother with the thing.

'Hmm...' He pondered.

(Classroom—06:15:30 AM)

"...In other words, the I.S was originally created for space work, so the pilot is covered in a special armor. Also, the armor has the ability to increase body functions and keep the pilot in a stable state. This increases the heart rate, pulse, lung capacity, amount of sweat lost, Endorphins, etc." Maya explained.

"Sensei, is that really alright? It's kind of scary when the body is manipulated like that." One of the student said with an uncertain look on her face.

"The I.S has something similar to a human's consciousness that can converse with the pilot, in other words, understanding each other by living together. The longer the operation time, the more the I.S understands the pilot's characteristics, and the more you understand each other, the more you can use its utmost capabilities. You have to understand that the I.S isn't a tool, but your friend."

'That, seems familiar.' Ichika mentally smirked as he begin to think of a space-themed Rider that show up 73 years ago.

A girl raised her hand. "Sensei~, is it like a lover~?" She asked curiously.

Maya recoiled. "Well, that, umm... it should be that kind of feeling. I haven't experienced it before, so, I don't really know." She blushed as she lowered her head. At this point, the girls in the class started to chatter about things related to boys and girls dating each other.


"Ah, then, during the remaining time, we're going to start training on basic I.S braking in the air." The greenette told the class.

Other than practical skills and other subjects, I.S Academy are also in charge of all the basic training within 15 minutes of rest time to the teachers who have to head back to the office.

"Hey, hey, Orimura-kun."

"Over here~ over here~, a question~ a question~"

"Do you have time during the day? Do you have time after school? Do you have time at night?"

Once Maya and Chifuyu walked out of the classroom, half of the girls wound up gathering around Ichika's desk, as he heard the words, "I can't delay this any longer!" And, "I guess that it's not a mistake on my part," The male is, once again, annoyed, and while he was trying to finish what he wanted to say, he saw a girl giving away some sort of coupons, and even receiving money for it.

'Does she even know that I'm a temporary off-duty cop? Or is she just doesn't care?' Ichika raised his eyebrow at her.

Houki wasn't far away from the group surrounding him as she just looked on blankly. 'Okay, if she's still angry, then she and I need to talk.' The boy mentally add that to his brain.

'...And will all this girls ever stop?!' Even if it was only for a short time, it was brutally annoying to endure these 'hurry up and answer me' looks that the girls were sending him.

(Classroom—06:30:57 AM)

"Break time's over! Scram!" Chifuyu suddenly barked to the girls surrounding Ichika and making the desired effect before looking at him. "Orimura, your I.S needs some more time before it can be prepared."


"There's no available suit, so you have to wait for a while. It seems like the government is sending a personal suit for you."

Ichika blinked. "A personal suit...?"

"A-a personal suit?! For a first year?! And at this time?!"

"By the government themself?! Wow, how lucky."

"Ah~so good... I want to have my own personal suit..."

The male showed Chifuyu a confused look.

"...Page 6 of the textbook, read it." She muttered, and he did just that.

"Today, even though we have links to many countries and enterprises that provide I.S technology, all the information related to the manufacturing of the core is never revealed. The cores of the 467 I.S that exist in today's society are all created by Professor Shinonono. This core has been completely transformed into a black box, and none have achieved the success that Professor Shinonono has. However, the Professor has declined to continue creating more after a certain amount, and all countries, organizations and enterprises have started research, development and training of their own cores. The dealings of cores are against Title 7 of the Alaska Treaty, these are forbidden no matter the circumstances." Ichika readed.

"That's the case. You understand?" Chifuyu asked.


"Erm, sensei? Is Shinonono-san, a relative of Professor Shinonono?" A girl trembled.

Shinonono Tabane, the elder sister of Shinonono Houki, the complete genius who designed the I.S all by herself. She was also Chifuyu's classmate and childhood friend, and right now, she is a person who's placed under unique security that exceeds National laws. Even though she's not a criminal, the whereabouts of the person who has all sorts of technology in regards to the I.S are unknown. This makes every related person to the governments and organizations feel rather insecure.

"That's right, Shinonono's that person's little sister."


"This, this is great! We have two famous people's relatives here!"

"That-that, how's Professor Shinonono as a person!? She's a genius, right!?"

"So Shinonono-san's a genius too!? Teach me how to operate an I.S the next time!"

They were supposed to be having lessons now, but the girls were now gathered around Houki. Ichika visibly smirked.

'Now you know how I feel...' He thought, feeling smug.

'...Speaking of which, did Houki ever pilot an I.S before?' He wondered.


"I HAVE NO RELATION WITH THAT PERSON!" Houki's sudden loud voice stopped his wondering like a grenade thrown at his feet.

Looking over, the girls that surround Houki were also revealing similar expressions as they stared at her.

"...Sorry for using such a loud voice. However, I'm not that person, there's nothing I can tell you." Houki said as she sits back down and turned her head to stare outside the window.

Just like that, the girls' enthusiasm got doused, and every single of them was looking troubled and unhappy as they returned to their seats.

'...Does she take that promise seriously?' Ichika thought incredulously as he remembered his joke promise to her.

When they were nine, there was a Kendo tournament match, and Houki participate in it, she said to him that if she won, he would agree to become her boyfriend, of course he accepted... jokingly.

Unfortunately, the day of the tournament is also the day the I.S was introduced to the world, because of that, Houki and her family was forced to leave the Orimura for protection since her sister Tabane created the I.S thus, canceling her match. And for that, Houki starts to resent her sister for what's she's done. He knows, cause he'd seen her at the time.

"Then, let's start the lesson, Yamada-sensei." Chifuyu commanded.


(Class one—07:34:03 AM)

Ichika was having a bad day as Cecilia came over to his place and said this as she placed a hand on her hips. "Oh my? The victor's obvious already? It's really unfair though."

"Why the hell would you say that?" He asked exasperately.

"Oh my, you still don't know? Alright, let me tell you, an ordinary civilian. I, as the English representative of England, Cecilia Alcott... in other words, have my own personal machine." She boasted

"Oh, I see." Ichika nodded with a bored look

"Are you taking me for a fool?"

"...Where were you during the start of the last lesson?"

The British girl looked highly offended at that. "You mean you didn't see me walking out of that sliding door to save myself from having a headache of seeing you surrounded by girls?" She asked incredulously. "Hmph, to answer your question, I was in the maintenance area to see if there's something wrong with my I.S."

Ichika sighed. "Figures." He muttered.

"And what was that supposed to mean?"

"Ano..." A girl spoke up, making Cecilia to go to look at her. "Yes?" She asked politely.

"Alcott-san, you didn't hear this from Orimura-sensei but, the government has send Orimura-kun a personal I.S..."

This time, disbelief was etched on her face. "What...?"

Soon, that disbelief turn into anger as she let out a vicious snarl. "You... you...! Have you have no shame?!" She hissed.


"Do you even realize how one need to go through just to gain a personal I.S?!"

Ichika furrowed his brows. "No."

"Hardwork! One needs to go through very hard training and test to gain government's interest while you was given one without any of those!" Cecilia ranted.

"...How despicable... tsk. At least the battle will be fair and square..." With that, the blonde girl left the class.


Everyone was now staring at the male with varying degrees of emotions.

Ichika cough to break it before standing up. "Excuse me." With that, the young detective also leaves the class.

Unknown to him, Houki were giving a worried look before standing up.

(Corridor—07:38:41 AM)

"Orimura!" Ichika heard the familar voice as he stopped and look at the source.

"Shinonono." He acknowledged.

The girl stops in front of him as she spoke. "Are you okay?" Houki asked concernedly.

Ichika blinked. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" He asks as they continue moving.

"You know what I meant!" She hissed.

Ichika gave her a thoughtful look as he answered. "I'm fine. I'm just awkward."

"It's because of what she said, isn't it?"

He snorted. "Obviously, it does seems unfair, don't you think? She had to go through all of that while I got one because I'm special."

Houki hummed in thought. "I guess so..."

Ichika stopped.

Houki stopped.

She gave him a curious look as he opens his mouth.

"Shinonono. Let's go eat."

She blinked. "Eh?"

She was even more surprised when he grabbed her hand.

"Hey!" She blushed as she screams. "What are you doing?! Let go of me!"

But she went ignored.


(Cafeteria—07:39:23 AM)

"So, Houki? What do you want?" The boy move his eyes at his female partner's.

"...Anything's fine." The girl answers as she look away flustered.

"If you say so." Ichika look at the counter lady. "Obaa-chan! Two meal of the day sets, please? Ah, can I leave the coupons here?"

(07:42:09 AM)

"Here's your two 'Meal of the day' sets, sorry for making you wait."

"Arigato gozaimashita." Ichika smiled gratefully to the woman as he took the trays before turning.

"Oi, Houki, are there any empty... seats?" The young swordswoman were not in her position.

Ichika blinked as he look around the cafeteria and found her seated on a booth in the middle right.

The detective looked bewildered. 'Majii?' He thought to himself.

Ichika walked to the booth that the girl is sitting on as he put her tray first before taking his seat.

As they begun eating, Ichika started. "This may seem to be out of the blue, but..."


"...Can you teach me anything that related to the I.S? I mean, I'm not a girl, so, I did not take any test whatsoever. If this keeps up, I'll lose the battle next week without even trying."

"Who asked you to accept such challenge? Idiot." She chided.

"Look, if someone insulted your country, will you let that go unpunished? Wasn't samurais suppposed to defend their country's honor?" Houki became silent at this. Ichika took that as a continue.

"So will you please teach m-"

"Hey, aren't you that guy mentioned in the rumours?"

Ichika quickly suppresed the urge to glare at the person who said that as he move his head toward the voice. The culprit is revealed to be a third-year student identified by her red tie.

"Yes? Can I help you?" The boy answered with fake politeness.

The girl sat down beside him as she folded her arms and placed them on the table.

Houki gave the older student a narrowed glare, but the third-year doesn't seem to notice. "I heard that you're going to fight against that representative, is it true?" She asked.

"Yes, what of it?"

"...You're still an amateur, right? How long have you piloted an I.S?"

Ichika recall back his I.S accident and his I.S test. "Hmm... I guess about... 6 minutes."

Houki bit her lip hard to stop a small laugh from coming.

"You can't win if that's the case. The key to an I.S is the operation time. Your opponent's a representative, right? Then it's likely that she has exceeded 3 hours easily."

'3 hours, huh?' Ichika let that information sink to his brain.

"Do you want me to teach you about the I.S?" The older girl asked as she latched herself on his right arm.

Houki twitched.

The male was tempted to show his badge to the girl and tell her to back off, but since it's still in his suit that was in his and childhood friend's dorm, well...

'Hmm...' Ichika began to think. 'Maybe she could be a little help, plus, she's a third year, so she might have more knowledge than Houki who is a first year...'

"...Okay then, please hel-"

"No need. I'll be teaching him anyway." The childhood friend suddenly says from her seat.

The older girl raised an eyebrow. "You're only a first-year, right? Pardon me, but I think a third-year student would be more suitable to teach him." The girl replied logically.

"I-I'm Shinonono Tabane's little sister." Houki announced reluctantly.

"Even if you say tha-huh!?" Once the young swordswoman had said it, the third-year become stunned.

"Thus, there's no need to bother, isn't it?" Houki asked.

"H-hai. If, that's the case then, it can't be helped..." The girl awkwardly stand up, and leaves.

"...So..." Ichika began as he look at Houki.


"You are going to teach me?"

"That's just what I just said, isn't?"

"Wouldn't it have been much faster if you said it right from the beginning?" Ichika smirked.

"S-shut up! At least you got someone to teach you now." Houki huffed as she look away.

"Okay, okay, will you calm down? Sheesh..." The boy held his arms in defense.

"Today, after school."


"Come to the kendo arena later. I want to see if you've gotten rusty in your movements."

"But what I want is-"

"Just do as I say!"

"...Fine." Ichika sighed in defeat.

(After school—Kendo club—02:15:22 PM)

Ichika, once again, defeat Houki with no effort. "Mattaku, just how long is this going to go?" He asked as he blocked a slash from Houki.

"UNTIL I DEFEAT YOU! HYAAAH!" Houki shouts as she made another slash toward Ichika who blocked it much to her frustration, in the sidelines, the other girls who is in the club were watching the match with a stunned look. Why? Because they never imagined to see their idol/captain to act like this.

Ichika sighed as he begin to think back of how this happens.

After they enter the club, Houki ordered him to wear the 'men', but refused stating that he didn't need it, much to her dismay.

After the match start, the girl attacked first, but was soon defeated quickly, much to her shock.

After that, she demands a rematch but was soon defeated again.

And after that, Houki got sidetracked as she keep demanding more and more rematches. She act like this because in the past, she had made a vow to defeat Ichika after he keeps on beating her when they were five and declaring him her rival in kendo.

Ichika grunted as he blocked another slash. 'This is getting me nowhere.' With that thought, he proceed to finish the match once and for all.

As Houki made a downward slash, Ichika knocked her shinai into the air and jump high to catch the flying wooden sword before landing behind her and bringing the swords at her neck.

Houki grit her teeth as she move to try to grab her sword but the male pulled it back and said, "That's enough, Houki. You're tiring yourself more than I even do."

The girl clenched her hands tightly. "Why? Why can't I ever take you down? I've trained hard for the past six years but the result is still the same. I keep losing, and you've gotten even better than the last time. How...? How?!" Houki asked desperately.

Ichika stared at her for a few seconds before answering. "You need to find that on your own." He said simply.

Houki looks at him with a frustrated look before stomping to the changing room.

Ichika stared at her leaving figure as he heard the spectators speak.

"Wow... that was amazing!"

"I didn't think that Orimura-kun was that good with swords!"

"Did you see that jump he made?! That can't be natural! ...is it?"

He tuned out the rest before walking out of the club.

(Changing room—02:21:39 PM)

After Houki finished showering and changing her clothes, she had been thinking about what Ichika had said over and over again. "You need to find that on your own."

'Find the answer on my own, huh...?' She thought dryly.

After six long years, she and him had finally met each other again, and from the childish boy she remembered as a child, Ichika has become more mature, wiser and stronger from what she remembered, probably due to his job as a police detective. 'He also become more handsome and cooler.' She added.

Her heart started to race with that thought.

'No, get a grip on yourself, Houki! This is not the time to think like that!' The girl shook her head and slaps herself.

Removing the towel from her head, her silky hair scattered and extended all the way to her waist.

Even though six years have already passed, even though her face and other parts of her body have entirely matured, he already knew it was her before even hearing her name, and this made her extraordinarily happy.

The moment she heard the news about Ichika solving a kidnapping case last year, the bowl in her hands immediately shattered to the floor. Ichika also had said that he read about her winning the national championships, but those kind of reports normally don't have any photos.

However, he mentioned that he recognized her because of her hair, so does that mean that it was worth not to change her hairstyle?

"Huh?" She realized what face she was making in the mirror before quickly recovered.

She sighed, feeling rather embarrassed about the naìve expression she had make just now as she backed off.

Anyway, starting tomorrow, she'll be training him in the art of I.S. Besides, how troublesome can it be?

Houki folded her arms and nodded in agreement with herself. 'And besides,' She unconsciously thought. 'That means I have a reason to be with him tomorrow...'

'...Wha!? No! Focus, Houki, focus! I'm not. Supposed. To be. Thinking like that...!' The girl slapped herself multiple times.

(October 20)

(I.S Academy—Corridor—02:30:01 PM)

"Hey Houki." Ichika began as the two walked toward the 3rd Arena.

"What now, Ichika?" Houki questioned.

"About you teaching me how the I.S work, thanks a bunch about that, I understand and learned a lot from you." The boy smiled at the 15 year old girl.

Houki blushed.

"I-it was nothing." She told him as she look away.

Ichika grinned. "Well, if you say so.~"

"By the way, how's your I.S doing, has it made it yet?" She asked.

Ichika shook his head. "I don't know."

After he say that, they heard the familiar voice of their bespectacled teacher.

"O-Orimura-kun! Orimura-kun! Orimura-kun!" Maya called out as she came running to them with Chifuyu following behind.

The green-haired woman stopped as she tried to regain her breath and causing the male to raise an eyebrow.

"Hm...? Yamada-sensei? Doushita?" Ichika nonchalantly asked which resulted him getting hit in the head by Houki.

After Maya finished regaining her breath, she finally answered.

"Th-that, there! It's here! Orimura-kun's personal I.S!"

"Huh?" Ichika blinked.

"Orimura, hurry up and get ready. It's in the 3rd Arena, I'm sure you can find it no problem. Oh, and you can only use the arena for a limited time, so make this match yours." Chifuyu told him.

He blink again. "Huh? O-O-Oh, right." He turned to his friend.

"Houki..." He gave her a heavy look.

The girl flinched. "H-Hai?"

Then, his face brightened. "Wish me luck!" With that, he took off.


(3rd Arena—02:30:19 PM)

The cargo doors of the base leading towards the arena opened, letting out a blunt sound. The slanted patterned fireproof doors opened, letting out a heavy sound. On the other side, was his I.S, and scarely enough, it has a resemblance towards Proto-Drive from the color, to the armor parts. The only thing different from him was; 1. It doesn't have a helmet. 2. The chest doesn't have a tire, but rather it was large circle in the middle. 3. The back have a booster similiar to Type Formula. And 4. The feet have little wheels similar to Type Tridoron.

"So this is mine, huh?" Ichika mused as he inspect the black/purple mech.

He gets an uncomfortable feeling the more he stares at it.

'Why the hell does it so similiar?' Ichika furrowed his brows as he touch the I.S. 'If this is the Default Setting and they're trying to based this off of Drive, then they're pretty spot on." The I.S' circle glows white as it opens, and inside, was a folded black white-striped full bodysuit.

The male raised an eyebrow as he pick it up. 'Well, at least they were considerate enough about this.' He thought dryly as he unbutton his uniform.

He froze midway as he stopped and look around the place.

Surely enough, there was a camera on 12 o clock of the I.S, and it was staring right at him.

He look at the camera for a few moment before heading to the back of his I.S.

A few minutes later as Ichika enters the exo-suit. He frowned. 'Hmm... strange, I didn't get that feeling of when I touch the I.S like the last two times.' The male thought as the machine closes up on him.

'And why is there a paper on my chest?' Two holographic words were made from his glowing chest.

Ichika widened his eyes. 'Light-Drive...?' He thinks.

'No... it can't be a coincidence... is it?'

His I.S making a sound snaps him of his thought as the machine let out a hologram and information of his opponnent.

[I.S detected: [Blue-Tears].]

[Generation type: 3rd Gen.]

[Battle type: Area Long-range.]

[Armaments: Starlight MK. III Sniper rifle. [Blue-Pierce.] 4 Interceptor BITs + 2 Missile pods.]

[Equalizer: Unknown.]

[Pilot's name: Cecilia Alcott.]

'Well, that is rather dull...' Ichika thought. 'Giving your enemy knowledge...'

The [Blue-Tears] has an interesting parts that he look over first compromising of four floating wings with the front two having pinchers-like design and a very bulky legs. That's it.

He now wears a worried expression.

'Does she know about my I.S? Cause I don't.' After bending down slightly, the [Light-Drive] floated in the air using its feet before jetting forward to the cargo doors.

"Oh, my, so you didn't run away." Cecilia with her I.S floated above the ground as she placed a hand on her hip while the other casually holding a huge blue sniper that look like the American M200, giving off the spoiled, but odd princess vibe. But Ichika doesn't care about right now as he look at his surroundings.

The arena was 200m in diameter, and he estimates the time for her sniper to reach him was about 0.4 seconds or more in their current positions.

The bell rang, indicating the start of the match. "I'll give you one last chance." Cecilia moved the hand that was on her hip and pointed her index finger at him, the muzzle of her sniper pointed downwards.

"Chance? No thanks, it's obvious that I'll be winning no matter what. Thus, if you don't want to end up being seen in a battered and pathetic state, I may as well forgive you if you apologize now..." Ichika mocked.

She narrowed her eyes at him.

[Warning: Enemy pilot's in locking mode.] [Light-Drive] informed.

Despite this, the male continued. "...In other words, that chance wasn't yours to give."

"Oh, really? That's a pity, if so..."

Ichika tensed.

"It's farewell with this!" With that, she shot her sniper.

The flash was fast, but his reflexes was faster.

Dodging the laser beam, the detective waste no time as he boosted towards his opponent who widened her eyes.

Cecilia quickly unleashes a barrage of lasers from her sniper rifle as Ichika lands on the ground and uses [Drive-Light]'s tires to maneuver through them.

The foreign girl goes into shock.

"WHA-" But that was all she can get as Ichika kicked her hard on the stomach and gives her another one as it sends her away from him.

But he's not done, the male quickly follows her.

Thanks to her shield, who only drops by a few tens, Cecilia immediately recovers and raised her right arm as the pinchers on her wings de-attached as they flew forward.

Ichika saw the whole thing and realized that those were the 4 BITs his I.S was talking about as he boost back to gain some distance and analyze the situation.

As the BITs quickly approached him and open fire, on instinct, the male summons a gun similiar to Door-Ju except without the Shift Car slot and with the door on both sides. He immediately uses his Type Technic experience to bring down the drones with precise precision and jump back a bit to avoid a laser to his chest.

As the last of the BITs were down, he waste no time to shoot the gun toward Cecilia's sniper, knocking it out of her hands.

Right now, the blonde girl is beginning to look panicked and desperate as she watched her BITs and rifle get destroyed/thrown aside. With that, she swept her left hand and deployed another 4 BITs from her wings that began to charge at him.

However, it was pointless as Ichika brings them down with ease as quickly as they were launched.

"H-how did you...?" Cecilia asked, shocked when the smoke dispersed from her face..

(Control room—02:38:05 PM)

"Ooh... Orimura-kun's amazing!" Maya exclaimed as she watched the live broadcast on the screen. Truly, the way the boy is fighting doesn't look like one who has just mounted an I.S for his third time, it's like he was a veteran in terms of battle.

Chifuyu looked on the screen with calculated eyes as she noticed Ichika (unknowningly) clenched his left hand.

"He's going to make a mistake." She remarks.

"Wha...? How do you know?" Maya asked, surprised.

"Look at his left hand." Chifuyu pointed.

The greenette noticed it too, but still having a confused expression as she stares.

"That's a habit he have since he was still a child. When this happens, he'll start to make a very simple mistakes." Chifuyu answered her colleague's question.

"To be aware of that... you two really are siblings!" Maya said in awe.

The woman looked stunned for a second before recovering.

"Ye-Yeah, I mean... he is my brother."

"Aww, are you embarrassed? Are you embarrassed?"



"The one thing I hate the most, is to be made fun of."

"Yes! Yes! I know! I know! Pease let me-OWWWW!" Houki was completely unaware or ignoring the commotion her teachers was making as she intently stare at the screen.


(3rd Arena—02:38:08 PM)

With no time to waste, Ichika point his gun toward Cecilia with the intent to finish the match.

As he pulled the trigger, something happens.

He expected laser to come out of the muzzle, but nothing came, signalling it's out.

His opponnent seeing the chance, deployed her secret weapon.


The skirt-shaped armor spread from Cecilia's abdomen and started to move, letting out two missile pods on each side that began to point at him. "I'm sorry, but this is my victory!" The missiles were then launched at a very high speed.

'Shit!' Ichika thought as he began to move to the side.

That seems to be fruitless as the launched weapon also move to his direction and so, the male dashed towards the other end of the arena as he look at his gun, trying to find a way to reload it.

Ichika found three black button on the back of the grip as he frantically pushed the middle one and it rewards him with a charging sound.

Unfortunately, the time he pushed that button was also the time the missiles hit him.


(Control room—02:38:10 PM)

"ICHIKA!" Houki shouted.

Maya and Chifuyu who were squabbling about just now looked serious as they stared at the screens' image of the male pilot that was covered in black smoke.

Then, nine seconds later the latter snorted.

"Hmph, you got saved by the machine, you idiot." The smoke that covered him scattered, and the once black and purple machine has turned red.

(3rd Arena—02:38:15 PM)

[Formatting and optimizing of settings are complete, please touch to confirm.]

"Wait, what?' Ichika thought as he stared at the window that suddenly appeared from his chest.

Doesn't know what to do, he decided to do what it told him.

After he touch it, a large wealth of information came to his head. After that, lights surrounded him.

As the lights dissapeared, [Drive-Light]'s color has turned from black/purple, to red and white.

'Masaka!' The recolored I.S again, let out a dim glow that erased all the damage he got from the missiles.

'So it is the Default Setting,' Ichika thought and realized that something were covering his ears.

He goes to touch it and found out that it was a Drive's spoilers/headphone mix.

(BGM: Surprise Drive Instrumental)

His eyes sharpened as the smoke dispersed and look at his target.

"So, you achieved your First Shift, huh? That's good, but still not going to help you!" Cecilia with her sniper back, exclaimed as she point it at him together with her missiles pods.

The two pods reloaded themselves before sending the missiles.

Ichika, this time, summons a sword that is similiar to the Handle-ken with the difference is the wheel was replaced by a bike handle and the blade were colored blood red.

With no fear, the male burst forward even faster than before as he cut the missiles and creating a huge explosion.


Cecilia was so caught off guard by his speed that she pull the trigger on her [Blue-Pierce] by accident and making her lose focus of her target as he instantly appeared in front of her.

As Ichika prepared to slash her by an indefinite amount, the buzzer rang, signalling the end of the match as he stopped.

"Ending the match: Winner, Cecilia Alcott."

(BGM: End)

The boy twitched, Cecilia slightly opened her mouth, and not just her, all the spectators in the 3rd arena was the same including Houki and Maya who were watching from the control room.

Everyone was shocked except Chifuyu who's only sighed.

The boy twitched again as he thought.

'At least I doesn't lost by defeat.'

(02:38:40 PM)

"Well... that was something..." Houki said awkwardly as Ichika deactivates his I.S that turned into a colorless bracelet on his right hand as he look at his sister.

"You didn't tell me that the time was that short, what was that? Eight minutes?" He raised an accusing eyebrow at Chifuyu.

"It's not like I expected you to win, anyway." Everyone gave her an incredulous look.

She amended. "Your I.S is still new, the time setting malfunctioned this morning, and we had no time to fix it as it would take all night."

"And you didn't even bothered to tell me that." Ichika shook his head as he sighed and turned around.

"I've said to 'make this match yours', hasn't I? And you did. I have to admit, Orimura, I'm impressed." The detective turned back to look at her.

"No pilot has ever summons their weapon instantly like you do during their first time. Ignoring the missiles, you did a pretty good job at avoiding damage to your I.S, as well as giving Alcott a few hits and almost landing a finisher."

He refrained from rolling his eyes at that. 'Those were nothing. Still could've officialy win, though...'

"And regarding your I.S, Orimura-kun, you can summon it anytime you need, however, there's rules to abide, so please read this." Maya handed out the large book she was holding since she came there.

The boy raised an eyebrow at the size as he took it.

"Anyway, that's it for today. Head back and rest." His sister ordered.

Ichika finally rolled his eyes at the tone. "Hai, hai."

"Let's go." Houki said before she walked out of the door.

However, the male still stays.

Chifuyu raised an eyebrow. "Didn't I tell you to head back?" She asked inquiringly.

"Are you serious? Do you want me to leave the place like this?" Ichika gestured at his bodysuit.

Maya blushed when she realized this as she look down.

"...Fair point. But there is a camera in here..." The black-haired woman move her eyes to it.

"Don't worry about it." The male raised his right hand and summons [Drive-Light] before getting out. "Now can you please leave? I need to change back to the school uniform."

After a moment, Chifuyu finally leaves while Maya took a bit longer than that.

Ichika sighed as he goes to the back of [Drive-Light] and unzipped his bodysuit.

Once he is partway through, he ripped a black paper that is on the chest of the suit and read it.

"Hey Ikkun, ;-) I hope you enjoy the gift I gave you."


He goes pale at this.

(02:39:50 PM)

The hot water continued to spurt out from the shower head as Cecilia Alcott let it rush down her body as she pondered deep in thought.

It was unknown what would have happened to her if the male had continued that attack of his...

'I won the match, but I wasn't satisifed by it...' She thought botheredly.

Cecilia still remembered the guy with those eyes, that kind of look reminded her of her own father.

'But daddy would always go according to mommy's whims.' Her mind told her. Having married into a wealthy family, her father must have felt extremely inferior to her mother, and having such a father during her growth, Cecilia had thought. "I don't want to marry such a man." And after the I.S was rolled out, her dad's attitude got increasingly sulkier. Her mom must have felt that such a man was a dissapointment that she didn't want to talk to him.

Her mother was already an impressive woman, even before society became a women-strong, men-weak, she had already managed numerous companies and was an accomplished person. Though she was extremely strict, Cecilia had always respected her a lot.

Yes, 'had', her parents died in a train accident 3 years ago. Why were they together on that day? They had been working separately since she was ever known. There were once rumours of conspiracies, but the accident removed that posibility.

After that, time flew, and Cecilia had a vast amount of inheritance, and in order to protect them, she studied hard to learn everything about politics, and during an I.S suitability test that was part of her learning curriculum, she got an A+ grade and gained the attention of the government.

With the deal that they could protect her parents' inheritence, she had the condition of being her nation's representative, and she had immediately agreed.

Cecilia was chosen to be the first test pilot of the 3rd Generation armament, [Blue-Tears]. In order to obtain operation information and battle experience, she came to Japan to attend the prestigious I.S Academy. And then she met Orimura Ichika. She had met the ideal man who had such a firm and strong looking eyes.

"Orimura, Ichika..." She said his name out loud.

Unbelievably, she felt her chest start to heat up and her heart begin to pound without restraint.

Cecilia gently stroked her lips. 'What's with this feeling?' She thought.

Before she knew it, her heart begin to overwhelm her as it start beating faster and faster.

'I want to know.' She wants to know its true identity, she wants to know what's behind this feeling. 'I want to know. I want to know about... Ichika-san...' Only the sound of water flowing echoed throughout the bathroom the whole time.

(2084: October 21)

(I.S Academy—Class one—05:05:21 AM)

"Then, the class representative of 1-1 will be Orimura Ichika-kun. Ah, it sure is nice to have a '1' for everything!" Maya said delightedly.

Ichika raised his right hand slightly. "Sensei, I have a question."

"Oh, yes, what is it? Please say, Orimura-kun." The greenette answers as she look at him.

"I definitely lost the match yesterday, so why did I still become the class representative?" He queried.

"That's because-"

"That's because I gave up on it." Cecilia suddenly stood up and quickly put her hands on her hips.

"Huh?/EH!?" Ichika and every students looks at her with an incredulous expression.

"Hmm... even though you lost... that was to be expected, since your opponent was this Cecilia Alcott!" The male's eyes twitched as the memory of yesterday replayed in his mind.

"Ahem!" Cecilia coughed. I have reflected on my actions for being unable to control myself, so... I decided to hand over the class representative position to Ichika-san."

Said person blinked. 'Ichika... san?'

"Ooh, Cecilia-san is really professional!"

"That's right! That's right! Since he's the sole male in the world that can use the I.S and we're in the same class, we have to support him!"

"We can gain valuable experiences and sell the information to other classes! Orimura-kun's presence here can kill two birds with one stone!"

Ichika flinched when he heard that as he look at the girl.

Cecilia continued. "Also, I would like to apologize to everyone about what I said over the last week, I've said some disgusting things about this country, and I wish that everyone in this room forgives me for that. If not, that's okay."

Everyone gave her an awed look including Maya as Chifuyu gave an unnoticeable smirk.

Ichika sighed as he lean back to his seat. 'At least she finally realized her flaws...' He thought as the classroom erupt to her speech.

"I forgive you! Cecilia-san!"

"Yeah! Yeah! No harm's done, right?"

"It's always forgive and forget, isn't it?"

Cecilia gave them all a beautiful smile. "Thank you, all of you."

Then, she looked at Ichika and broke her image. "And if this outstanding, graceful, elegant and perfect person that I'am were to teach you how to pilot an I.S, you would definitely imp-"


Houki without warning, slammed her hands into her table as she stood up. "Sorry, but Ichika already has an instructor. He already asked me directly!" She said as she glared at the foreigner with intense killing intent. But the blonde noble wasn't fazed as she took the Japanese girl head on and stared back, looking rather satisfied.

"Oh, my, I.S grade C, Shinonono-san? Is there anything you want to talk to this grade A me about?" She asked haughtily.

"This-this has nothing to do with level! I was requested! Ichika begged me earnestly for this!"

"First of all, I doesn't beg, secondly, you're grade C?" The male said as he stared at Houki.

"I-I said that it has nothing to do with level, right!?" She glared at him.

Before anymore problem could escalate, Chifuyu smack them both. "Sit down, you pair of idiots!"



Despite the pained cries, the woman continued her assault. "Your level's like that of trash. The way I see it, each one of you are flocks of a feather. Don't show your superiority before you break through your shells!" Cecilia couldn't argue back at that.

"I should have mentioned before that even representative candidates have to learn everything starting from the beginning. Though I would say that it's a youth's privilege to bicker over something trivial, unfortunately for you people, I'm in charge, so you better respect yourselves more."

Chifuyu gave Ichika a quick triumphant look which he realized a second later that it was because of the conversation a week ago as he shook his head to say that he was not sure.

"Then, the class representative will be Orimura Ichika. No one has any objections, right?" Maya asked the class.

"Nope." Everyone except Ichika replied.

Said boy sighed as he fold his arms across the table.

'How troublesome...' He thought.

Kamen Rider Drive Re-Play Ending: Re-Ray By Matsuoka Mitsuru.

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