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The summer had been incredible to say the least. Dahlia was in the process of moving into Sirius' home, 12 Grimmauld Place that once belonged to his parents. It was dirty and dusty, even with the cranky house elf Kreacher cleaning all day. Dahlia helped along with Sirius and Harry when he stayed there. Aberforth and Albus had given their blessing for the teaching assistant to live with the ex-convict. Neither of them had seen her so happy, with the exception of when she graduated. It could be said of Black as well, there was always a gregarious smile on his face which had been filled out along with his lithe body being in the Ravenclaw's presence. He put on a healthier weight and his eyes held the radiant light they once had. His vitality had returned and with it his charming and expressive personality.

Sirius and Dahlia enjoyed their time alone together, getting to know one another again, learning everything again. She still only took two sugars in her tea, no milk, she liked to dance and sing while doing housework. Sirius could have watched and listen to her for hours, until the end of time really, the way she moved was more than just her Veela heritage, it was mesmerizing, almost as if she was living through the song. The smile that was carved onto her beautiful face while fully involved in music rivaled the one she wore just for him. Dahlia on the other hand just loved to watch him do mundane things, read the Prophet, fix a meal, as it turned out he was a wonderful cook, or just relax.

That last part, him relaxing was just the most amazing thing. He hadn't been able to relax in so long that it was a physical reaction. When he snuggled up with her, his whole body sunk into hers or the piece of furniture they happened to be occupying. The way his face eased, the worry lines and wrinkles that were only somewhat visible disappeared entirely when the witch was in his arms and the weight of Azkaban melting away every day he was a free man. While his worry free and love struck face was by far the witch's favorite thing to see, she also adored the way he dressed. It was so formal but the air about him made it informal. The gold pocket watch he wore in his vest, the jacket that was expertly tailored to him along with his perfectly pressed trousers just added to the charm that was Sirius Black. His now tame dark chocolate curls he wore to his shoulders were absolutely swoon worthy. To say they were happy was an understatement.

Dahlia had taken a sabbatical from the Ministry once Black was cleared, the time off helped acclimate him to what he missed and her to acclimate to him. The bond they shared while deep could only help them survive so far; they needed to be in one another's presence, spend quality time together, and recover from that spring's debacle. The reality was that Peter was on the loose and had more than likely reunited with Voldemort, a harrowing thought to be sure. Sirius still assured Dahlia that he would never let any harm come to her. The very picture of an over-protective boyfriend, but for a very good reason and for that reason Dahlia never protested.

The lilac haired witch did accept her uncle's offer to once again assist DADA again with another member of the original Order of the Phoenix, which was in the very beginnings of forming again, Alastor Moody. Sirius had offered Albus his home as headquarters when the Order was fully formed and functional again, which the Headmaster agreed to, but it was kept secret for the time being. Dahlia was once again excited at the prospect of teaching with an incredibly talented, seasoned, and somewhat frightening Auror. She remembered his stories weren't as comforting as those from Sirius and Remus, but entertaining to say the least. It was the week she was offered the teaching assist position again that she found herself in the Ministry of Magic once again in Arthur Weasley's office as Albus was finishing his business with Fudge and Barty Crouch of all people.

"You're going to the World Cup?" she asked in awe. She had wanted to go so badly, but the circumstances being as they were couldn't get tickets in time.

"Yes, Amos Diggory was kind enough to extend the invitation," Arthur said intently scrutinizing a ball point pen. He turned to Dahlia, his eyes magnified looking somewhat insect like under the magnifying headgear, "Do you have any idea how this works?"

She took the pen trying to conceal her amusement, "I think it works like a quill but without the ink pot because, from what I understand," she examined the round clear plastic tube, "the ink is on the inside."

"Fascinating," Weasley said taking back the writing implement. "How's domestic bliss?"

She giggled, "Blissful."

"I'm happy for you Dahlia," he said thoughtfully, "so is Molly, please feel free to visit any time you and Sirius would like."

She smiled widely, "Thank you Arthur," she hugged him.

The moment was interrupted by Albus, Moody, and Fudge entering the tiny office. "Dahlia," her uncle addressed her, "Cornelius would like to speak with you for a moment if we can borrow you from Mr. Weasley."

"Of course Albus," she nodded leaving Arthur to his work following the trio of wizards out the door. "Minister," she asked sweetly.

"Dahlia I was wondering if you and Sirius would be my guests for the World Cup," he paused looking hopefully at her.

Dahlia beamed, "Of course," her words tumbled out, "Thank you Minister!"

"No need to thank me my dear, please consider it as a personal apology." He turned to Dumbledore, "Albus, Alastor," he said politely before departing.

The lilac haired witch looked at her uncle, "That was your doing," she stated.

Albus nodded pulling her into an embrace, "Yes, it took some convincing," he laughed pushing her out to look at her. "Now I have discussed this with Alastor already but this year Hogwarts will be hosting and participating in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. It is my hopes that you will help those chosen and participate in the activities planned around the Tournament as well."

She lit up like Christmas, "Of course! This means a Yule Ball," Albus nodded, "Wonderful! Now I have an excuse to buy that dress I've been eyeing. What other schools are participating?"

"Drumstrang and Beauxbatons," he told her, "Madame Maxine is most curious to meet you."

Dahlia nodded, "I'm curious to meet her as well, my almost headmistress." She paused for a moment, "Drumstrang," she said thoughtfully, "Igor Karkaroff is their headmaster correct? He's a former Death Eater?" Albus nodded as she spoke, "is that wise Albus?" an involuntary chill swept down her spine. Learning that Dolohov was her father at the beginning of summer, it unnerved her to have another Death Eater close by.

"Don't fret lass," Moody piped up, his gruff Scottish brogue broke her tension, "I'll never let him out of my sight. Magical or otherwise," he pointed to his false but charmed eyeball that could see in every which direction giving her a wink. "Gave my promise to Albus and I'll make the same one to Sirius, no harm will come to you with me around, goes for Potter too."

"Never doubted you for a moment," she hugged the wizard. "I should get home and tell Sirius the news," she laughed slightly, "not sure if he'll be as excited as I am. The Irish have a bang up team this year but Krum," she continued to spout off Quidditch stats of both the Bulgarian and Irish teams until they reached the entrance of the Ministry. "I should be getting back," she hugged her uncle, "I'll see you at the start of term."

"Give Sirius my regards," Albus said looking at his niece, "I love you Dahlia."

"I love you Uncle," she hugged him tighter. "It was good to see you Alastor. I look forward to teaching with you." Moody nodded in return before she apparated home. "Sirius," she called from the sitting room.

"Dahlia," the familiar voice of Harry Potter met her ears.

"Harry," she ran to hug him. The two had gotten so much closer during the summer. "You look like you've been starved," she never liked his muggle guardians; the stories she heard were unfathomable. To think that woman was the sister of Lily Potter. Before she could throw any condemnation towards the Dursleys an incredible appetizing smell wafted in from the kitchen, "But I smell that the problem will be fixed straight away."

"Who knew Sirius could cook?" he asked amused.

"My only guess is that Kreacher knew," she laughed.

"James knew," he piped up from the kitchen, his black pin striped button down under his brown velvet vest had the sleeves rolled up to his elbows revealing the newly strong muscles and the numerous tattoos that covered his skin. He put the frying pan down to embrace the lovely witch, "Welcome home little love," he kissed her lips lightly.

She smiled into his mouth, "It would be inappropriate to let dinner burn, yeah," she whispered.

Sirius chuckled, "Very, but we'll revisit those inappropriate notions of yours later," he winked at her before returning to the stove.

"Alastor sends his regards as well as Albus," she turned to Harry, "that extends to you as well Harry. How are things in the land of muggles?"

"Boring really," he answered watching Sirius.

"Hmmm, figured," she told him leaning back in the dining chair, "I spent the better part of the afternoon explaining a pen to Arthur Weasley," she smiled, "His enthrallment with muggle things is almost refreshing." That drew a chuckle from Potter and Black. "Oh! Sirius, Fudge invited us to the World Cup, if you'd like to go."

Sirius nodded, "That's fantastic news!"

"Indeed," she beamed turning to Harry, "I'm sure that invitation extends to you too Harry."

"Oh," he paused, "Ron invited me weeks ago to go with his family, but…"

"Go with Ron," she said, "I'm sure you'll have a much better time with them than in the stodgy old Ministry box. So that means you'll be heading to the Burrow next week?"

"Yeah, right before the game," he told her.

"We can definitely meet up during the game." She looked at the two wizards thoughtfully, "I've had a brilliant idea."

Sirius chuckled slightly, "Do you have non brilliant ideas?"

"Hardly ever," she retorted with a giggle, "You two should spend the day together tomorrow, without me."

Sirius turned a smile carved onto his handsome features, "That is a brilliant idea, what do you say Harry?"

"Fantastic!" he beamed.

"Good that's settled," Dahlia smiled, "now can we please eat, I can't take just smelling it anymore."

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