Disclaimer: The usual, I don't own THE CSi characters they belong to CBS, Bruckheimer etc.

Author : Bigearsbabe

Rating : General

Summary : Another Brass short.

Jim Brass fought for air. He was suffocating. His eyes widened and his hands became redundant in mid air. He attempted to pull his head backwards but couldn't. No room to move.It was stifling hot and there was no clean air to take in.

***Try breathing through your nose*** he thought. No good. He could no longer concentrate. His brain was now reeling in confusion. His hands grabbed wildly as his temperature rose steadily.

Jim felt his face burn as his body tensed to rigidity. Trying desperately to keep his composure he fought to relax his brain if not his anatomy.

***This cannot be happening to me.*** He drew air up his nose. His lungs were greatful for the effort. A single tear of sweat ran down the side of his face. Confusion reigned supreme.

***I think I'm gonna pass out here.***

A sudden release and a rush of air entered his mouth. He let out a heavy sigh, his hands grasping for the nearest object.

'What the hell was that all about?' he gasped taking hold of her hips.

'It was a bet,' she replied not moving from his grasp. 'They bet me I daren't kiss the next guy who walked in here.'

'Guess it's my lucky day then.' He tried convey his best look of serene calm.

'Actually we both got lucky. I won fifty bucks and you won me for the evening.'


'It's simple big guy. Let me get my coat. You've pulled!'