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"I don't ever want to go back," Marcus whispered, kissing the bare skin between her shoulder blades, using his arm to pull Hermione back to him. "Let's just move here," he tried to convince her, enjoying the way that gooseflesh popped up wherever he kissed her.

Hermione chuckled into his skin, before attempting to get up once again. "Marcus, you just never want to leave the bed," she rolled her eyes, but could agree that their month long honeymoon stay in the Greek Isles had been exceptionally lovely. "You have training starting next week, and I have to return to work."

"Fuck work," he said with a cheeky whisper.

"Oh, are you saying you want to give up playing Quidditch?" Hermione asked smartly. Although she would never dream of asking Marcus to give up his job, knowing how much he loved the sport, she couldn't pretend as though she wasn't dreadfully fearful for his safety every time he went out on the pitch. Though, the uniforms were nice. "It will be fine. I will still be there when we get back to England, and our bed will be too."

Despite only being a bit more than a year since Marcus had returned to England, he somehow found himself married to Hermione, a girl he never expected to see again after he'd left Hogwarts. When he thought about all the times he almost lost her for good because of his low self-esteem, he was glad that he made the right choice to finally open up to her.

It was no surprise to any of their friends when Hermione and Marcus had emerged from her flat the year prior that they were an item. Marcus played his best game ever against Puddlemere United, knowing that Hermione, his girlfriend, was watching from the boxes. Adrian had tried to congratulate them after the game, only to be informed that he had some serious explaining to do. He let Hermione sort out Weasley, but he never asked her what specifically had happened.

Her friends were quick to warm up to the relationship, seeing how happy it made Hermione, and perhaps how serious Marcus was about her. While he had previously been so positive that she couldn't like him as more than friends because of his poor self-esteem, that had quickly changed once they had started dating officially, although it did take time. His low self confidence quickly morphed into an odd kind of possessiveness that Hermione thought was rather charming. He didn't get overtly jealous of her talking to other men, but he did have the habit of leaving little love bites on her neck, just in case she forget that she was his. She didn't mind, knowing the thrill that she got from seeing her own marks left on him.

That wasn't to say that their relationship was perfect. Marcus did have a difficult time expressing his feelings at the beginning, but with Hermione's patient encouragement and her own openness, he got better at sharing the things he was feeling. He was hoping that they could keep the assumptions to a minimum now that he knew Hermione was just as crazy about him as she was about her. Not only that, but they had other issues to work through, like his lingering anger for his dead father, and some of Hermione's memories of the war. Talking to each other helped each of them move on in their own way.

Their relationship progressed, quietly and confidently, out of the public eye. Marcus once commented to her about their lack of media coverage, seeing as many other members of the Quidditch community had it much worse, and Hermione had just given him a wry smile, telling him that she had personal history with Rita Skeeter, whatever that meant.

They attended Adrian and Daphne's wedding together announcing their relationship to the broader wizarding world, and got some mixed reactions. Unfortunately, there were still a few old pureblood holdouts, even after the war, who looked down on Marcus for being a blood traitor and Hermione for being a mudblood who was ending one of the last pureblood houses by dating Marcus. Marcus never saw much sense in it to begin with, having set any dreams about him being better than Hermione just because of who he was born to. She was better than him in just about every metric that he could think of.

Their autumn had been a busy one. Marcus was playing for a Falmouth team that was in the title race for the first time in nearly sixty years, and his couch was even impressed with his improved skill from over the summer. Marcus figured having Hermione believe in him was probably the reason for it. Hermione was kept busy with the Weasleys. First it was Ginny Weasley who was not afraid to ask for Hermione's prodigious planning skills. Then it was with Ronald (who she'd finally forgiven a few weeks after she joyfully reunited with Marcus) and Susan Weasley who welcomed a son in the middle of November, a boy called Edgar, of whom Hermione was godmother.

It was around that time that Marcus thought seriously about proposing. He knew that it was a bit sudden, seeing as they'd only been dating for a few short months, but Marcus knew that there was no one else for him but Hermione. There never had been. She completed his life in a way that he didn't even know he needed.

She'd been helping him clear out his ancestral home, and locating some of his mother's things that he rather liked and wanted preserved, while destroying most of his father's leftover items, when he realized he wanted nothing more than to have him as his wife. After that, it hadn't taken him long to find a diamond and opal ring that had belonged to his mother to propose to her with. He'd sweat over how to ask her with Adrian for a week, before deciding just to ask her while they were out for a walk on the grounds. "I have so many memories from growing up here, almost all of them negative. But, I'd love to make new, happier ones with you, if you'll have me. Hermione, will you marry me?"

Hermione had been all tears and smiles, and eagerly agreed to the proposal, placing the ring on her hand and sealing it with a kiss.

By the time that the Potters officially tied the knot, both Hermione and Marcus agreed that it a big elaborate wedding was not for them. Hermione told him she didn't care where they got married, just that they were married.

Waiting an acceptable amount of time to show the public (well, more like her friends) that she was not expecting a child, they asked a few close friends to meet them at the Ministry's offices, where Hermione wore a smart white dress and he wore polished but casual robes, to oversee their union. The whole thing took less than a half an hour, and they all went for dinner afterwards, enjoying champagne and cake. Weasley and Potter had taken him aside to say that they might have forgiven him, but they would never forget the way he'd hurt her previously, and if he ever tried something like that again, they wouldn't hesitate to step in.

Marcus was still floating from the thought that he was looking at Mrs. Hermione Flint and the knowledge that in twenty more minutes they would be whisked off to the Continent for their honeymoon, he hadn't paid them much mind.

But now, their month long honeymoon was over. It had involved a lot of exploring ancient sites and museums, laying out on the beaches, exploring just how tan Hermione could get, inspecting her for new sunkissed freckles, even a Quidditch match, and of course, lots of mind blowing sex. He was infinitely glad that they had agreed to put all the money they would have spent on the wedding towards the fabulous vacation. He was not so happy that they had to leave.

It would be hard to leave their little slice of paradise, but Hermione was right. She would still be there in England, and that was what he was really enjoying. Getting to spend time with her for the rest of their lives, maybe even have a kid or two along the way. He couldn't believe that he'd ever thought that he wasn't sad to leave her back at Hogwarts, to think that he was better off without her.

Now he knew without a doubt that he'd just been pretending the whole time. She was his pipsqueak, and he was her brute.