Chapter 1: Field Trip announcement!

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At Springfield Elementary School, Principal Skinner decided to choose students who are capable of good behavior to go to Elwood City Woods for a camping trip.

On the announcer, Principal Skinner announces, "To the students that I'll be announcing: Kyle Database, Isabel Gutierrez, Milhouse Van Houten, Sophie Jensen, Janey Powell, Booker T. Report, Lisa Simpson, Cosine Tangent, Allison Taylor, Alex Whitney, Ralph Wiggum, Uter Zorker, Becky, E-mail, Ham, and Wanda. Would you please report to my office?".

Milhouse is worried that she got into trouble somehow. Lisa wonders if there's a special field trip. Uter thinks that they would serve food for "being a good student". The rest just goes to the Principal's office.

When they're in Principal Skinner's office, Skinner says, "Thank you all for attending this meeting.".

"W-what are doing here? Are we all in trouble?", asked Milhouse nervously.

Skinner chuckles and says, "No. Today, I call you on here for having good behavior for the first semester and I want to thank all you you guys the field trip to Elwood City!".

The kids cheered and Lisa asks, "...What is the purpose of this field trip?".

"Good question Lisa. The purpose of going to Elwood City is that you people will do some excavation of dinosaur bones in Elwood City woods AND you'll be camping there for a WHOLE week! You people don't have to worry about your attendance because best of all, this counts towards your GRADE!", exclaimed Skinner excitedly.

They cheer even louder. Even Lisa is truly cheering happiness.

"Now, I can't make your parents sign the form because we don't have enough school paper to do so, If you want to go to field trip, you guys can come to my office tomorrow to show me that you're prepared to go to Elwood City. It's up to you guys and I have the attendance sheet. We'll be leaving at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. Okay?", questioned Skinner.

The kids agree happily and they have sounded so excited. The kids leave Principal Skinner's office. Lisa grabbed Milhouse's shirt and requested, "Look Milhouse, if you wanted to go on a date with me, you must NOT tell my all! He'll ruin the field trip!".

Milhouse imagine about the situation.

Milhouse and Lisa were holding hands at Elwood City Park. "Milhouse, you look cool when you wear glasses.", said Lisa happily.

"Yeah. I am so cool.", said Milhouse.

When Lisa walks over to a piles of leaves, she scream falling into a deep hole. Then, Bart comes out and laugh while Milhouse tries to help Lisa. Bart decided to kick Milhouse's butt down the hole and Bart walks away laughing out loud.

"You've got yourself a deal Lisa. I won't tell him anything!", exclaimed Milhouse proudly.

"Stop yelling Milhouse and go back to class!", yelled Principal Skinner. Milhouse runs to his classroom quickly filled with joy in his eyes. Lisa eyes rolled as she walks back to her class.

Meanwhile, in Lakewood Elementary School, Arthur and his friends were discussing about what's Mr. Ratburn's biggest surprise.

"I bet that he's not going to give us homework for a whole week!", speculated Arthur.

"Good choice, but I think Mr. Ratburn will give us a history lessons of alien conspiracy theories!", suggested Buster.

"No way, I bet we're going to learn about the development of the Olympics!", guessed Francine and they are still discussing about what's it going to be.

"Alright, settle down class. I'll be telling you all the biggest surprise.", said Mr. Ratburn. The kids inside the classroom were quieting down until it was silence.

"Thank you. Okay, the biggest surprise the field trip. The field trip is that in Elwood City Woods, they found a dinosaur that we can go to excavate with another class, from another school, and from another state. Isn't this exciting class?", asked Mr. Ratburn with excitement.

Arthur and his friends were discussing with their concerns and excitement.

"We're going excavating with another class that's different from the state? I don't know if it will be a good idea after all…", worried Arthur.

"I can feel you Arthur. If there's another 'tough customers' from another state, I don't know how safe we are while being on a field trip.", said Buster.

"Well, I'm not allowing bullies from other states to ruin our day. I wanted to have a peaceful time in the woods. If they tried to ruin our day, I will teach them a lesson.", said Binky.

"I think it's a great idea! I mean, kids from another state will have different state cultures that is different from us. In fact, maybe we do have some similarities from kids who are from another state.", responded Sue Ellen.

"I agree with you Sue Ellen. I think it's nice to have kids from another state do some excavating with us! I mean, we could talk about what their town is like and what's different from our town.", said Ladonna.

Mr. Ratburn told them to be quiet. When the students are quiet, Mr. Ratburn says, "Okay class, I've heard your concerns and excitement about the field trip. There's more I want to say. Not only will all the class excavate some dinosaurs, you'll also be camping in the woods for a WEEK. All of you don't have to even worry about homework.".

Arthur & his friends cheered and they have a discussion again. "Wow...we're going to be camping in the woods, just like when we were at Camp Meadowcroak…", dozed off Arthur.

"Yeah, it's a great time that we're competing with each other! And we work together at the end to beat those people who are at Camp Horsewater.", said Buster.

"I remember the time that I've wore Muffy's fur coat and it scared the Horsewater kids away and we've won the game! Best of all, we got a trophy!", exclaimed Brain in happiness.

"Yeah, you did borrow my fur coat to win but...after that, my fur coat smells like a pet shop which then I have to put it in the laundry…", trailed off Muffy unhappily.

Mr. Ratburn gets his paper out revealing to be field trip forms. "Settle down class. I have a form that your parents must sign for the field trip. Principal Haney has approved the field trip because he had a good relations with another principal from another school. His name is Principal Dinner? Or was it Principal Skinny?", said Mr. Ratburn while passing out permission slip to students.

The students were laughing at Mr. Ratburn's misremembering a Principal's name from another school. "Okay class, you all should remember tomorrow to hand in the permission slip if you want to go on the field trip!", exclaimed Mr. Ratburn and the class is over in Lakewood Elementary.

After school, Milhouse was on the bus trying to keep his excitement down due to Bart, his best friend, was willing to find out what was going in Principal Skinner's office. "Hey Milhouse, what did Skinner called you out for?", asked Bart Simpson.

"I was called in for...okay, I confessed about the prank.", said Milhouse pretending to be sad.

"Milhouse!", yelled Bart.

"I confess that I was the one who wrote 'El Barto' on the school wall!", exclaimed Milhouse and he is pretending to cry.

"What the? I heard Skinner called out Lisa too...Lisa isn't in any trouble with Skinner. What is this all about?", thought Bart.

"Um...Bart? If you're wondering why Skinner called my name, it's because that he wanted to know who wrote 'El Barto' at school and I was about to tell Skinner the truth, but I'm surprised that Milhouse was the one doing it. I guess he must've cared about you as a best friend. You should be happy about it.", explained Lisa.

Milhouse kept pretending to cry and said, "Bart, I would have to face my punishment tomorrow early morning at school!".

Then, Nelson stands up, points at Milhouse, and says, "Haw-haw! You have an early detention!".

When the bus stops at Milhouse's home, Milhouse gets out of the bus excitedly and they see him skipping to the door.

When the Simpsons get home, Bart decided that he should be spying on Milhouse and Lisa due to Milhouse not being honest with him. He already had suspicions that raised the red flag on him.

The Simpsons family were eating at the dinner table and Lisa tries to explain about the situation without letting Bart know about the field trip.

"So friend Janey wants me to stay at her house for a week.", said Lisa.

Marge swallows her food very quickly, drinks water, and ask, "Why Lisa? Why would Janey ask you to stay at her home for a WEEK?".

"Uh...Janey's parents have some lessons to teach us that they don't teach in Springfield elementary school like cursive handwriting, computer science, etc. The point is that the Springfield elementary doesn't have enough funds to do what Janey's parents are teaching us. Is that okay mom?", requested Lisa.

Marge thinks about it for a moment and says, "Okay, as long as you're learning something that is school-related, I'm fine having you for a sleepover at Janey's. So, when's the sleepover?".

"Tomorrow.", answered Lisa.

"Alright, after dinner, I'll help you get prepared.", said Marge and she continues to eat dinner.

"How about you dad? Is it alright for me to go to her house and stay there for a week?", said Lisa and Homer nodded while he's eating.

"Alright!", exclaimed Lisa and she continues to eat.

While Homer was eating, Marge was asking, "Hey Homer, tomorrow, we have to go to help Selma find one of her ex-husbands...she seems to feel distressed when she can't find him to reconcile and she was ready for it.".

Homer stops eating immediately and said, "No Marge. Selma has been in a relationship too many times and it turn out so bad that a lot of guys would turn away from her. I don't think patching up with an ex-husband would've been helpful for Selma. Besides, she has Patty, and Patty can support her.".

Homer and Marge ended up arguing about whether Selma should hook up with one of her exes or not. Lisa & Bart were done eating and they've already brush their teeth. They're in their bedroom right now. Bart was thinking about his suspicions on what happened at school, Milhouse's ratting out on himself, and Lisa defending him.

"I don't know what they're up to, but somehow, I'll be finding out on what's going on with Lisa and Milhouse.", thought Bart and Bart put on his pajamas and goes to bed.

Lisa on the other hand thought, "Whew. That's a close call. If Bart finds out that I have a field trip, he'll be ruining it not just for me, but for all of us! I'm glad Bart didn't have to know.". Lisa was trying to pack her overnight gear. Lisa closes her door in her room and she managed to pack all of her gear herself without any help from her mom, Marge Simpson. Lisa went to bed afterwards.

Unfortunately for Marge, she is still arguing to Homer about whether Selma should seek an ex-husband or not.

"Look Marge, Selma has had too many bad relationships. Selma is the one that is a smoker and no one likes her as a smoker.", said Homer.

"But Homer, Selma still wants a man, but this time, she isn't looking for a new boyfriend which, thank god, I don't have to deal with THEIR issues of life. The point is Homer, Selma wants to try working out with one of her exes and to see if it had the potential for the future. Maybe back then, it didn't work out for one reason or another. This time, we're trying our luck and hope Selma have a good relationship with one of her exes.", explained Marge.

"And what do I get out of this?", asked Homer.

"Okay, if you come to help me with Patty and Selma, I'll let ice cream mixed with duff beer for dinner for a whole MONTH.", said Marge.

"Woo-hoo!", exclaimed Homer and he went to sleep.

Marge shake Homer to wake him up. Homer felt awaken and confused. "Homie, brush your teeth.", requested Marge and Homer reluctantly agrees. Even though Marge is relieved telling Homer to go to Patty & Selma with her, she wished that Homer would be more negotiable with going to Patty & Selma.

Marge already brushed her teeth and she thought, "Hmm...Homer, I wish that you would be more willing to try and work out with Patty & Selma. I mean, I only have them as my long-time friends. If only I didn't HAVE TO bribe Homer in order to get something out of him. Honestly, I really wished he would do more to Patty & Selma than just for ME.". Marge was sleeping feeling slightly depressed on how Homer and the twin sisters wouldn't keep working out.

Homer was in his pajamas and asks, "Ready to make love baby?". Homer see Marge sleeping and Homer gets on the bed. "Marge, I honestly think it's your best interest to estrange your plug-ugly twin sisters! They don't like me and they certainly didn't help you in life. I want you to be truly happy...with me.", thought Homer sadly and he went to bed.

Meanwhile, Arthur had explained to his parents about the field trip.

"Going on camping with your classmates for a week? It does seem to be an interesting idea that Mr. Haney has come up with…", said Jane Read (Arthur's Mom).

"It certainly does sound fun and exciting. I bet you'll get something good out of it in your camping trip.", said David Read (Arthur's Dad).

"Camping trip for a whole WEEK? That's gotta be so boring...", trailed off D.W.

"D.W.!", exclaimed Arthur. Kate is laughing.

"What? I'm just saying my opinion. We DID went on a camping trip and it was one day. For a week, I don't even know how you could survive the boredom!", explained D.W.

"We'll be changing our responsibility temporarily for a week and we'll get by just fine.", suggested David and he got to think about it. When he's done, he turns to D.W. and said, "While Arthur is gone for a week, D.W., you must walk Pal around the neighborhood. Pal needs to exercise.".

"But I'm not good at walking that dog dad. Dad, can't Arthur just bring Pal to his field trip? He can exercise over there.", questioned D.W.

Jane holds up a paper and answered, "According to this permission slip, Arthur is NOT allowed to bring his dog.". Jane gave the permission slip back to Arthur and says, "Besides, you're old enough to have some responsibility with Pal.".

D.W. thought, "Hmm...I'd rather be dealing with the Tibbles than taking care of Arthur's crazy dog. Arthur's crazy dog hates me for some reason, and I don't know what bothers him!"

"I'll be feeding Pal for a week and mom will clean up after Pal. Isn't that right dear?", questioned David.

"No, I wanted to feed Pal and you clean up after him. I have a lot more work to do and cleaning him gives me too much time.", responded Jane.

David gave a look on Arthur and D.W. and says, "Arthur, after you're done eating, prepare for your field trip tomorrow and go to bed. D.W., same thing except about the field trip.".

Jane gave Arthur his permission slip and they continue to eat while their parents are arguing about who's responsible for Pal. After D.W. and Arthur finish eating, their parent are still Pal's responsibility.

As D.W. and Arthur went up the stairs, Arthur tells D.W., "D.W. You can go ahead and brush your teeth first. I'll get prepared for my field trip tomorrow. I don't know when are they done arguing…". D.W. accepted the offer and D.W. went to the bathroom while Arthur gets prepared.

After Arthur had gotten prepared for his field trip, his parents came up stairs and apologize to Arthur about the argument about Pal. Arthur accepts the apology and Jane asks, "Can we help you prepare your field trip or are you done?".

"I'm done mom. And, it's okay, I understand that you guys do have work and taking care of Pal is another form of work. I wouldn't mind if you at least do a little bit for Pal. Pal's at least obedient to understand that I couldn't be around from time to time.", responded Arthur and the parents happily leave Arthur's room.

They came to D.W.'s room, awakening D.W. and asked, "Mom…? Dad…? What".

The parents had apologized about the argument earlier and waking up D.W. She forgave her parents and Dave says, "Okay, we agreed that I will feed Pal, but your mom here is going to clean up Pal's bowl. D.W., you have to clean up after him due to us having schedule conflict between work and Pal. The work that we have to do is a lot, so I want you to take care of Pal a little bit more.".

D.W. reaction is unsatisfied and angrily said, "I agree with the walk, but I don't want to pick up his POOP you know!".

"Look D.W., how about this, if you can take care of Pal for a week, you can have the biggest sundae that you can eat in sugar bowl, alright?", suggested Jane.

D.W. sighed and says, "Alright. I'll take care of Pal…". Jane kissed her goodnight and both parents leave D.W. room.

"(Sigh) I'm...not happy of their offer! I would've wished that they could just let me have a sleepover at Emily's for 3 days instead...Arthur's crazy dog...oh boy...I'd rather be dealing with the Tibbles instead…", thought D.W. unhappily and she went to sleep.

What D.W. doesn't know is that while the parents were talking, Arthur overheard the whole thing and when the parents were done talking, Arthur thought, "(Sigh) D.W., couldn't you have tried to understand Pal at least? It may be difficult, but I know that I can trust you with this kind of responsibility. You don't have to make a bigger deal than what it is. Please try to understand Pal D.W.".

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