This is a companion to XCOM: The Advent Directive containing supplementary material relating to the story, characters, events, organizations and aliens that I have established throughout the course of writing my XCOM trilogy

This collection may contain content some may find disturbing

This collection will contain spoilers for XCOM: The Advent Directive, as well as my previous XCOM stories

Primary Beta Reader (Files 1 – 33): BloodsplatBOOM

Occasional Consultants (Files 1 – 33): Thuzan117 and Johnclaw Dragonhelm

Beta Readers (Files 34 – 70): BloodsplatBOOM, Thuzan117 and Johnclaw Dragonhelm

Beta Readers (Files 71 – Present): BloodsplatBOOM, Edumesh, Thuzan117 and Johnclaw Dragonhelm

This is somewhat of an experiment, and also an idea I've had for a while now. In preparing for writing the Advent Directive, I've written a lot of documentation about the various organizations, aliens and politics within them and while I plan to cover quite a bit in the actual story, there is much that will not be completely relevant and only be covered as it becomes important.

To that I've decided to create this, which will document and detail a lot of different aspects of the world I've created, and from multiple alien and human perspectives. This will be updated each time a chapter is released for the Advent Directive, usually expanding on some of the content in the chapter. That is why I strongly encourage you to be familiar with the latest chapter, otherwise you will be spoiled on certain parts. I'll try not to make them too large, but I can't make definite promises.

In addition, I am also going to allow a limited amount of suggestions for this, specifically if there is a particular aspect, event or character you want to know more of, you can send me a PM/email (Email address is in my profile) and I will see about adding it, provided I haven't planned it beforehand I can come up with enough material to warrant a document. Those who make suggestions I implement will also be mentioned at the end of an appropriate document. I will also make it clear that any submitted through reviews will be immediately dismissed as that is not the purpose of the review function.

The formation of the chapters will be organized in a non-linear way. It will be sorted by category, not date of upload. Apologies for the inconvenience, but in this particular case I will be valuing organization over the straight uploading of a chapter.

Hope you enjoy it!