This is the novel I wrote for Camp NaNoWriMo April 2017. Since I was writing quickly, a lot got lost in translation, so I'll be attempting to (heavily) revise each installment before uploading it. I'd really like to thank my cabin mates in the Boot Camp. This group was a very important weapon in my journey to meet the 50k challenge. Though writers don't have to write fifty thousand words, I thought I was a cowboy and kept at it past the deadline to change my goals... I hope mini-meltdown toward the end was worth it.

First things first. This isn't an author's note. This is an author's warning. This story is told in a rather complex manner. There will be numerous perspectives within the same chapter. I also slapped on an altered timeline and a shit-ton of foreshadowing, so I don't want to hear questions or comments like the following:

1. That didn't happen in canon. (This ain't canon. If you want canon, there are at least four books for you to choose from. I've heard there are a couple movies, too. ;-) )

2. Leila wasn't that crazy… (Um, about that. Do many people come to peace talks packing in your neck of the woods? How would we know? ELJ left us hanging rather precariously in the epilogue.)

3. Why so many flashbacks and dream sequences? ('Cause I can. BTW, that's the reason for most shit that happens in this world, and just think, that answer was free.)

4. Is the narrator a dead girl? (Sometimes. Kinda. Yeah. Mostly, it's whoever I wanted to hear from.)

5. Don't you have other unfinished stories? (Yep, but I wanted to create a new work for NaNoWriMo challenge as suggested).

Thank you for reading. Hopefully, you'll continue reading. Though I like constructive criticism and lively debate, I'd thank you very much to withhold destructive feedback and nonconsensual beta activity.