Ch 17
Galadriel and Ulmo prepared the mirror while Elrond removed Legolas from the table. "Please gather round we are ready." Elrond carried him across the room.

"He will not be allowed to hold Legolas while this takes place," Thranduil growled.

"Fine," Elladan snapped as he took Legolas from his father.

"Nor, you," Thranduil continued. "Your dislike for me may cause problems."

Before Elladan could respond Glorfindel stepped forward and reached for the elfling. "You shall not either," Thranduil insisted!

"Why not?" Glorfindel snapped indignantly.

"Your loyalties are to Elrond! It is not fair to me!"

Losing his temper Manwe stepped forward and took Legolas in to his arms and placed him on his hip. "Do you voice objections to me?" he growled at Thranduil!

"N.. No my lord," he cowered.

Legolas took a deep breath and noticed that Manwe smelled like a spring forest just after a rain. Galadriel took his hand, "This will be a bit different Legolas for all must see what is in your mind. When you look in to the water you must hold the side of the bowl. Do not break contact until it is over or all shall be lost."

He nodded his understanding and took a hold of the large silver bowl with one hand while still clinging to Manwe with the other. Steadying himself he looked into the 'mirror'. Ten hands clasped the silver dish and were given a direct link into Legolas's mind. In a matter of minuets the council stepped back and glared at Thranduil. Legolas, whom was openly sobbing after having to relive the painful memories, was handed to Elrond and Elladan whom tried to comfort him.

Thranduil, sensing his impending doom, tried to flee. Elrohir thwarted his attempt; "You shall stay King of Mirkwood and face your punishment like you have forced your child to do!"

Azaghal forced Thranduil into his chair, "He is right elf. You distribute punishment but cannot accept it? That makes your elfling more of an elf then you!"

"You knowingly and willingly forced magics and physical as well as mental abuse upon Legolas Thranduillian. You caused a child's torment with out regret!" Elendil growled!

"Guards!" Manwe called out. Four elvin guards entered and flanked Thranduil. "We shall adjourn for a moment to discuss punishment." With that the council stepped into an adjoining room.

Elladan sat in a chair placing Legolas in his lap, "Shhhh little one, everything will be alright. The hardest part is over now."

Elrond knelt in front of them and lovingly wiped Legolas's tears away with his thumbs. "I'm sorry you had to endure that little one but you were very brave." Legolas took in a hiccupped breath; Elrond smiled and kissed him on the forehead, to his surprise the elfling hugged him tightly.

"You always were weak Elrond," Thranduil bristled. "It's disgusting how you lave attention on your offspring and even more disgusting that you show 'love' for one that is not your blood. You are as weak as my wife was."

Elrond, still encased in Legolas arms, kept his back to Thranduil as he spoke, "What you consider as weakness I consider a gift of Valor," he paused "as did your wife."

"You are weak," he growled! "You disgust me. The two of you deserve each other!"

"And each other we shall have," he smiled as he laid Legolas back against Elladan. "Regardless of the out come here Legolas will have our love and support, always."

The large wooden doors swing open and the council seated themselves at the table. Elrond placed Legolas in his seat then took his own. Manwe turned to Thranduil, "King Thranduil this council has reached its decision. Will you abide by it willingly?"

Thranduil's heart raced; he knew he had no choice but tried anyway, "If I object?"

"Then you shall face the trials of Valor to see if you are truly tainted by shadow," Manwe answered calmly.

Thranduil shivered at the thought, "So be it. I shall abide by your rule."

"Legolas," Manwe turned to him. "Will you accept our decision and abide by what we say?"

"Yes sir," he said firmly.

Manwe took a deep breath, "Thranduil of Mirkwood, stand before us." Thranduil stood. "We, the Council Of The Elders, find you guilty of abuse and willing torment of your heir both physically and mentally. You are guilty of using dark magics upon this child, magics given to you by the evil Sauron, before he was defeated, and shall face a stiff punishment. You will retain the title 'King of Mirkwood' but will have no power. Until Legolas reaches his majority Mirkwood will be run by the decisions of Celeborn, Glorfindel and this council and you will act as nothing more then our mouthpiece. You, Thranduil, shall sit upon the thrown and take orders from your elders yet act as if nothing is a miss. When Legolas is of age he shall then take over the rule of Mirkwood where he will reign as King until he wishes to sail to the grey heavens. You shall sign this parchment which holds your sentence in great detail and accept this as your new life Thranduil." The parchment was handed to Thranduil to review and sign.

"Legolas pleases stand," Manwe instructed. Legolas stood before them. "Legolas, you are not guilty of causing your mother's death and you are not responsible for Mirkwood nor it's people yet. Do you understand?"

Legolas fidgeted, "No sir."

Ulmo smiled, with the dark magic freed from his mind his child like actions were already returning. "Legolas, your father used dark magics to trick you into blaming yourself for your mother's death. He used those same magics to age your mind beyond it's years so that you could fully understand and accept the blame and guilt you were placing on yourself. This has caused great stress to your small body and that compiled with the grief of your mothers passing has made you very ill."

"But why would he harm me so?" Legolas asked, still confused. "He does not care for me and I am his son. Does that not make me evil?"

"No child, it does not," Este sighed. "Your father whither possessed by evil or of his own will, has a black heart. It is not your doing child. He wants power and privilege no matter how he has to obtain it and knowing that you are his heir and that his people already tire of his actions he considers you a threat to his power. He will go to any length to stop his own fall even if that means forcing his own flesh and blood to fade. It is not your fault nor your heart which causes him to do this for you child are the true embodiment of light and warmth just as your mother told us."

" mother told you about me?"

"Yes," Goldberry smiled. "She often talked of you even while you were in her womb. She knew of your destiny child and she knew that evil would try to take you from her. What she did not know was that the evil was in her own home. She had asked us to look after you and help in protecting you all we could and we agreed. Thinking you were safe after Sauron's fall we let our guard down, not expecting the attack when it happened." "You mean Thranduil had something to do with the attack on Legolas's mother?" Elladan asked angrily.

"Yes," Ulmo said sadly. "He enticed the orcs to the forest by placing rotting carcasses through out the woods on the trail he knew his wife and the others would be taking. He did not however foresee that she would insist on leaving the elfling behind. When she was killed and Legolas lived he panicked and sent him to Elrond in hopes that he would wipe all memories from the child's mind in order to help him with his grief but Elrond sensed that there was much more going on and sent for Galadriel."

"Narihea was my closest friend and I know well of her wishes for Legolas," Elrond said sadly. "I feel responsible that I did not force her to come here with me on my last visit. She expected that Thranduil was trying to kill Legolas but we never thought he would harm her. I should have known better."

"You could not have know Elrond," Manwe insisted. "None of us knew the depths of his conceit."

Thranduil was ghastly pale, "How, how do you know this?"

"A well placed hand during Legolas's reading," Galadriel smiled. "When we placed our hands upon the bowl I placed my other upon your shoulder. We saw what was in your mind Thranduil both past and present."

Thranduil lowered his head in defeat. He had not expected to be tricked as such and knew that he had no leeway to fight for his freedom at this point. He could only hope that they were merciful and swift.

"That is why he was so stricken when you broke away," Elladan said, of Legolas's reaction to what was seen in the mirror. "You allowed him to witness what was in his father's mind."

"We had to or else he would never have believed us," Este assured.

"Legolas," Manwe broke in, "It is our decision to foster you to Lord Elrond. You will stay in Rivendell under his care and tutelage until you reach majority. Upon majority you will return to Mirkwood where you shall reign as King. Lords Elrond, Celeborn and Glorfindel shall then teach you the ways to rule. Until then you shall act as an elfling should or face us again for your own punishment," he said in mock anger.

Este smiled at Legolas's look of confusion, "What Lord Manwe means is that it's time for you to learn what it means to be happy. You shall run, play, sing and make merry all your youth."

"That means you, young one, for the next three thousand years are free of the weight of a kingdom," Ulmo smiled.

"We have also decided, in honor of your mother Narihea, that from this day forward you shall be known as Legolas Greenleaf," Manwe said proudly.

Ch 18

The council had adjourned and Thranduil had been taken to a room and guards placed around its perimeter at all times until all the details were worked out. The council members themselves were milling around and talking. Ulmo approached Legolas and knelt down in front of him, "You are exhausted little Greenleaf why don't you sleep; it is all over now."

"No!" Legolas screamed, pushing him before he ran to Elladan.

Everyone looked on, shocked at the elfling's violent reaction. Elrond turned to the child, "Legolas, return here this instant!"

He slowly walked to Elrond, dragging his feet, biting his lip and wringing his hands behind his back. Before Elrond could scold him he looked at Lord Ulmo, "I'm sorry sir."

"Explain your actions Legolas," Ulmo said firmly.

When he did not respond Elrond put a firm hand on his shoulder. Legolas laid his head all the way back to look up into the Elvin lord's eyes as Elrond looked down into his while arching an eyebrow. The child looked back at Ulmo, "I.. I do not wish to sleep."

"You must sleep to heal."

"No," he whined, burring his head in Elrond's robes.

"Why do you fear it so?"

"I see things," he said shakily. Tears flowed from his blue eyes once again, "I see my mother and she dies. She begs me to save her but I can't."

Este walked to them and held out her hand, "Legolas would you accompany me to your room to try something? Lord Elrond and his children can come as well if you would like."

Reluctantly he took her hand and allowed her to carry him to his room. When they entered a strange man was setting upon his bed. "Hello young prince," the man smiled.

"This is my husband Lorien," Este said as she sat on the bed with Legolas. "Do you know who we are, besides being elves of Valor?"

"No maim," he whispered and looked to Elrond for reassurance; he smiled back at him.

"I am gifted with the ability of healing sleep. It is my gift from the Valor. Now, before you get upset I want you to know I will not make you sleep with out your permission. The reason I asked you to accompany me up here is so that you could meet Lorien for he is the master of dreams; the elves call him Vala."

"If you allow me Legolas I can take away your nightmares and make your sleep peaceful once again," Lorien explained.

"What would you do to stop it?" Legolas asked fearfully.

"When you go to sleep I will sleep as well. I will become a part of your dream then shape it. Once they are under control Este will put you in to a healing sleep so that your body may heal," Lorein explained.

"Will I be afraid for long?"

"You will only dream for mere seconds before I appear," he assured the elfling. "I may not appear as I am now. I could be an animal, bird or even a tree but I promise you will know it is me." He looked in to the bright blue eyes, "Will you allow us to help you?"

"Yes," he said softly.

Este picked him up and laid him on the pillows, " Sleep my prince." Legolas was so tired that the moment his head hit the pillows he drifted into dreamscape.


Legolas was setting next to a stream, the clear water rippling by as the bright sun shone down on him. He heard branches snapping in the woods to his right and began to panic. Suddenly a deer jumped into site and he knew that it was Lorien. Relief flooded him as he felt safe and happy for the first time in a long while.

***********End Dreamscape*************

Lorien opened his eyes with a smile and nodded to his wife. Este chanted a few words and Legolas's eyes closed as he fell into a deep healing sleep filled with wonderful dreams.
The End