*marcy daydreamed about the Day she First met Prince and rolled together a katamari*

"Ohh Prince he's just so cute that i Can't forget him"-Marcy said about the day..but Prince is seeen hanging out with Dipp,And Kenta

Kenta:There's no way Prince is gonna pull this Off!*but Prince succeeds in beating Katamari Forever*OH MY GOD! The greatest! he's the Greatest!

Dipp:Good Job Prince you finally did it!

Prince: close call thou-Oh god Marcy's here..


Prince:w-well i...i love you t-*marcy Cuts Prince off by kissing him on the lips.*

Marcy:we gotta adventure out just the two of us my Cute prince!

Prince:if you say so...(oh god she can be crazy at times..)