"Warriors Fell down to the forest everyday none of the Warriors made it...until two lucky guys Named Mason and Matthew were lucky enough to survive the fall thanks to a magician girl." "The Girl who Mason saved didnt get to see him at this time..." "Argh!"*the girl witnesses the two Knights Falling down from the sky*

*Mason's POV*

"OOHHH CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!"*Matthew and I were falling in the skies*"Mason! Ah Crap Mason you okay?!*matthew tried his best to wake me up be he couldn't* "Sorry..."*the girl witnessed this and uses her magic to revive me* "Hey! hey! HYAAH!"*I instantly woke up as good as fresh!*"I'm Gonna steal everything you got! gob-gob!"*a goblin prepares to attack the trio!* "Oh yeah you scare me AHHH!"*in a taunt voice i do,the goblin attacks me But he misses* "Not so Bright are you?"* "It's...a goblin!"*the girl realizes the attacks on me,but me and Matthew Defeat them.*

"Repeat this after me! Gob-gob-gob-gob I'm dead! Ahahaha!"*matthew taunts the defeated goblins.* "Thank you. The forest is dangerous. Let's get out of here!"*the girl leads the way for the two warriors.* "I Feel bad who put it those crates here, but break the barrel and crates and let's go! and by the way my name is Lily,Princess Lily" "My name's Mason." "Yo I'm Matthew! Pleased to meet you!"*the 3 of us arrive at the final place to exit the forest but a bunch of Goblins attack me!* "Mason! NO!*she was crying out for me,is she falling in love with me?,but i blast them out of my way and turn into rage mode!* "Let's get em! Mason!"*matthew being confident,we both attack the last of the goblins.* "Wow,the outside world is truly an amazing place! i'll have to post this on Happy Book"*lily truly fell in love with me!;i was unaware of the feelings.* "And you The Rowdy guy also deserves some fame too!" "One at a Time Princess."*matthew replied to the princess but the captain arrives.* "Princess! Are you alright!? and HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!"*he spots matthew in a Dark Kingdom Outfit* "That Uniform Looks Dark Kingdom-ish to me! You're the one attacking her?!"

"Chill Out man! I'm not one of them! My Name is Matthew Kane Pleased to Meet yo-LOOK OUT!"*matthew pushes the captain aside since a big boss goblin was about to attack him by surprise!* "You and Mason are protecting her? On the Behalf of the Order of the White Dragon,I Thank You and...Your Friend. we'll get to Talk Later."*the goblin succeeds in attacking the captain* "Who on Earth would dare to lay a finger on my folks! *Matthew and i say "WE DO!"* *he turns to see Princess Lily* "Wh-What stunning beauty!" "You're Mine!"*but I Surprise kill the big boss goblin!* "I'm afraid and I think NOT!* "My beautiful Girl! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"*he died due to blood loss and the backstab* "Matthew WE DID IT ! WOO! We saved a Princess!"*i scream out of happiness and joy*

"Thank you for saving me from that guy My cute-and brave Mason the Knight!"*she removes Mason's helmet and she kisses him on his lips!* "Such a Brave and cute good boy! hehe!~" *I Blushed in deep red* "L-let's just g-get out of here before i pass out." "Right. Let's get out of here."*matthew replied* "You both are true heroes Mason and Matthew! You really are." *the captin chuckled* *and the 4 of them head back to a castle where the captain is* (Story continues on Chapter 2:Mason and the love Ogre) (I hope you enjoyed the Chapter!) (Credits to toylogic.)