Bad Moon

Light Kingdom Bootcamp

Pvt Nichols

Mason's Squad

1900 Hours

*Nichols is seen in a Bootcamp with his other 3 Squadmates: Mason,Lucas and Miller*

Miller:Yo Mason, Who's this rook?

Mason:Nichols. His name is Nichols.

Lucas:Hey You there! You're Nichols right? Come and get your weapon. Francis says he will give you 10000 Happy stars if you get 4 Helmets in a row!

*Nichols approaches and picks up his weapon*

Lucas:There you go Nicky. You hit 4 in a row, you get 10000 Happy stars

*Francis Hits a Helmet*

Francis:Bang! Y'see that Nichols? I coulda hit a goblin from 30 Yards. They don't stand a chance against us!

*Then Nichols speaks for the first time*

Nichols:Psshh...Yeah, You're something else,Frank.

Francis:Hey! You think you can hit those helmets from here?

*Nichols approaches Francis's Position*

Francis:Give it a try!

*Nichols hits 4 helmets in a row*

Francis:There goes my 10000 happy stars.

Matthew:Not bad for a Private.

Miller:Everybody Pipe Down, Mason's coming here.

Mason:Listen up, we've gotten intel that the Dark Kingdom and the goblins have POWs. We couldn't ID the POWs but we'll have lend em a hand. Understood?

Everybody:Yes sir!

Mason:Move out! Nichols,get on that helicopter And Somebody turn off that damn radio that ain't no fighting music!

Gersh(I decided to include him,poor guy):(In Nichols's Head in Nichols's view it turns yellow everytime he speaks)You've done it. Now you need to help your friends as much as possible Hurry! They're getting nearer!


Miller:Somethings wrong with the Rookie here.

Matthew:Hey Nick! You okay?

Nichols:...Yes. I'm fine.

Matthew:I hope you're right, Nichols.

Gersh:(To Nichols)Drifting in and out of existence, appearing and disappearing in a blink of an eye...Nichols...This has to end...

Nichols:I've heard voices in my head..and this...voice is the only one it impacts me...

Miller:The hell you talking about,Nichols?

Matthew:Something is happening to Nichols...Turns out this not a simple Private.

Miller:I agree with you Yuri.

*Then the Helicopter is hit*

Pilot:Jesus! We're getting shot to death! Get ready!

Miller:Move it! Move it! Move it!

*Nichols in a slow-mo he barely escapes the helicopter*

Nichols:Gersh...*The Helicopter explodes but Nichols is Shellshocked*

Locke:Get Nichols to Cover! *Gives The M16 Assault-Rifle that Nichols dropped in the blast* Take this and take cover!

Miller:(To Nichols)Hold on buddy,we gotcha Covered!

*Nichols takes cover and fires at the Dark Kingdom Riflemen*

Mason:Frag out!*He throws a Grenade and kills several Dark Kingdom MG gunners*

Miller:Hey Nichols! Shoot man Shoot!

*Nichols Keeps firing at the riflemen,then it all goes slow-mo*

King:Night Mission?

Nichols:Night Mission. My squad helicopter took some heavy AA fire and we had no choice but to jump out.

King:Were you wounded?

Nichols:So far as i Know i wasn't...I sure hope this lasts a good time.

*Then it's back to normal*

Nichols:Miller! Get a Rocket Strike on that MG nest!

Mason:Get some rockets on that Fortress!

*Mason Calls in the Rockets*


King:45 seconds.

*The Rockets hit the MG Nest* King:Target Hit! *A few seconds pass as the Rocket strike is available* HE Barrage Available.

Mason:Get moving on that Stronghold!

*Nichols Provides covering fire for his team*

Miller:At it, Nichols! You're experiencing more and more!

Gersh:(To Nichols)Impossible things, seen only in a fleeting moment...

*Nichols Hacks the 1st door open*

Gersh:Three more Nichols! NO! STOP IT!

Nichols:(To Gersh)What's wrong G? is everything okay?

*There was no response from Gersh right now*

Nichols:Damn...I'll have to find a way to communicate with Gersh...

*Nichols keeps providing covering fire for his squad*

Nichols:Eat this!

Gersh:(To Nichols)The Portal gate is opening. Destroy it!

Nichols:Portal...? *Spots a hostile truck trying to escape* *Nichols fires at the Driver and the Truck suddently gives Nichols Noises about Kassimir Mechanisms in Nichols's Head.*

Voice:Kassimir Mechanism activation in progress...Error. No Power detected.

*Nichols walks over to his squadmates but he blacks out*

*Then Nichols wakes up and he sees that he's dragged*

Miller:Gettin' real tired of draggin' your sorry-butt around, Nichols. Come on let's go!

*Nichols sees the POWs in another Helicopter*

Mason:This is mission was a success after all...How did we do?

Lucas:All POWs are alive. Thanks to Nichols's Covering fire we got all of them.

Nichols:It reminds me of St Lo for a moment...

Miller:It does?

Nichols:Yep. I even won against Leroy in a bet of helmets. Guy didn't even pay me my 5 bucks.