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"I can't believe I actually let you convince me into coming here" Mike muttered observing the house packed full of teens and obnoxiously loud music

Lucas slapped him on the back "Man, loosen up, It's the first party we've ever been to. Let's try to somewhat act like we've done this before"

"Yeah and Jennifer Hayes actually invited us! Dude do you know how lucky we are?" Dustin chimed in excitedly

Mike rolled his eyes "She only invited us so Lucas would do her english essay for her"

"Not true! I'm doing her essay because I want to help her out, also I'm closer to scoring her number.. I can feel it" Lucas smirked confidently "Here" He shoved a beer in Mike's face "You definitely could use this"

He waved his hands dismissively "Nah, I actually have to drive home tonight"

Dustin grabbed the beer "If Will didn't have SATs tomorrow we'd drag him here too, since both of you two could use some fun for once in your lives" he said, popping open the can

"What? I have fun!"

Lucas huffed "Sure, If you call spending the night alone playing atari fun. Don't get me wrong it's cool and all but Mike we're eighteen now and about to graduate soon. Learn to live a little."

Dustin nudged Lucas "You up for a round?" He said, pointing at the beer pong table

"Hell yeah" Lucas nodded in agreement

Mike grabbed his friends by the shoulders "Wait, what am I supposed to do?"

"I don't know, go mingle or somethin" Lucas called back, rushing quickly to the crowded table

"Yeah what he said" Dustin answered, catching up to his friend

Mike sighed, looking around at the growing party. More chaotic teens were piling in and more were definitely getting wasted.

This was not his scene at all. He would've rather stayed at home with a bowl of popcorn and an Indiana Jones marathon but no, he had to be that friend, the friend who's easily persuaded.

He cursed himself mentally as he found his way to the couch sitting down awkwardly between two couples making out.

"I can't believe you've never been to a party before, How can a friend of mine never have been to party?" Max asked rhetorically, marching her way through the door

El shrugged as she timidly followed behind

"Well my apologies for being a bad friend, but rule number one about these type of things" Max walked and grabbed a red cup from a nearby table "There are no rules!" She yelled excitedly, returning back to El

El examined it "Is that alcohol?"

"Only the best" Max replied, pushing the cup into her hands "Try some"

El grabbed it reluctantly and stared at the strange orange liquid

Max motioned for her to drink it

El took a gulp and winced at the strong taste of the hard liquor "What's in it?"

"Vodka and a little orange juice, your classic screwdriver, It's good right?"

She nervously faked a smile "uh.. yeah"

Max peered around the house "Wait right here, I'm gonna say hi to Jennifer"

Mike restlessly played with his thumbs as he grew bored. He wondered if it would be too early to leave and call it a night but he finally considered that maybe he actually should "mingle" or talk to someone to keep him preoccupied.

He quickly scanned the room for a prospect.

He scrunched his face in disgust as he witnessed one kid barfing into a potted plant "ew no"

"pass" he mumbled as his eyes darted towards the couple smoking blunts together

He shook his head at the jocks who were taking body shots off random girls "Don't think so"

His eyes drifted towards the door and he lifted his head up curiously

He hadn't seen this girl before, she looked as out of place as he did, but there was just something alluring about her that he couldn't quite put his finger on.

He anxiously made his way towards her, feeling his palms begin to sweat and his heart race a little faster

She was beautiful but her beauty wasn't forced by too much makeup or by outlandish outfits like most of the girls there. She was a simple kind of beautiful. Her sandy brown hair fell in loose curls right below her shoulders and she modestly hid her curves behind a large pink sweater and jeans.

"Hey, excuse me" He mentioned tapping her shoulder

She swung around startled, accidentally spilling her cup onto his shirt

El cringed "Sorry!" she exclaimed quickly patting him dry "I'm so sorry! I bet there has to be napkins around here somewhere"

"It's okay, It's not even that bad" he laughed, rubbing the drink out of his shirt, "but I'm Mike by the way and you are?"

She then took her attention from his soaked shirt and placed it on his face for the first time "M-Mike.." She stuttered, her eyes growing wide

"Well technically Michael, but everyone calls me Mike"

"C-could you give me a m-minute" She put her hands to her head and quickly turned around

"Uh sure.." Mike softly said, hoping he hadn't already messed things up

El immediately ran up to her best friend pulling her away from the others "Max I-I don't think I can be here.."

She glanced at her with concern "What's wrong?"

"It's Mike he's-" El blurted instantly before stopping herself. She knew Max had no idea who Mike was or better yet why she was going through a sea of different emotions right now.

Mike and the boys had no recollection of ever meeting Eleven but yet she still remembered all of them, especially Michael Wheeler.

"Who's Mike? Is that an ex-boyfriend or something?" Max snorted, rolling her eyes "You'll be fine, take these and you'll forget him in no time" she said, handing El two shot glasses

El held them with an uneasy expression on her face "But-"

Max ushered her along "No buts.. Now go have fun"

El gripped the glasses firmly in her hands.

She was nervous and excited but it also pained her terribly to see him. Her emotions wavered back and forth while she fought with herself on going back to him or leaving for good. She had a feeling that this day could possibly happen and that she'd run into him again but she never imagined it being here, or today, or right now.

She took in a deep breath before rapidly swigging the two small shots

"Hey Mike"

"You're back" He replied, his face lighting up "I mean that's cool" He lowered his voice to mask his excitement "I never did catch your name though?"

She couldn't help but observe the attractive guy in front of her, he had changed so much. He was much taller now, she roughly guessed he was around six feet. He was also slim but moderately toned. She then gazed at his face, he had a little stubble along his chin and upper lip and his jawline was noticeable. His messy black hair was styled shorter than she had remembered. However, his freckles and dark eyes were the same from when they were kids and that's how she knew it was him.

"I'm El"

"El" Mike repeated under his breath "I haven't seen you around Hawkins before, are you new here?"

She began to feel real funny and lightheaded "I live in Jasper, right outside of Hawkins"

"Jasper huh? Nice place, I have a cousin who lives there"

The roaring music felt like it suddenly got louder. El couldn't take it, it was honestly making her head pound.

"You think we can go some place quieter? This music is way too loud" She asked, covering up her ears

"Um okay, I'm not sure where though" Mike replied, searching around for a quiet spot

"Upstairs maybe?" El answered, leaving hurriedly

Mike followed.

She led him down the hallway until they reached a small room at the end of the hall. She carefully twisted the knob hoping nobody was inside.

She proudly smiled once she saw the room was empty "Here" she waved Mike over

They sat in front of the bed on the floor of the vacant guestroom

"Soo how's Hawkins?" El asked, her words slurring

"Hawkins is nice, but not much happens. I've lived here all my life and I think the craziest thing that's happened is someone accidentally setting their house on fire" he chuckled

He didn't remember. He didn't remember any of it. The realization hit her like a wrecking ball but still she understood. He couldn't have remembered, his memories were taken from him.

"Well I reallyy like Hawkins"

"Really? what do you like best about it?"


In her drunken state she had spat out the first thing on her mind and she didn't regret it. She would always associate Mike with the first good thing that ever happened in her life. Her eyes drifted down to his lips and for some reason she suddenly craved them.

Mike faintly blushed, fully aware that she had too much to drink "Maybe we should grab you a cup of water" he said, getting up

El quickly pulled him back down "No, stay"

Mike felt the nerves in his stomach tighten but suddenly Lucas's words rang in the back of his mind "Learn to live a little" He sat beside her as he decided to let down his guard for the first time since the party had started. Maybe he should just give this a chance.

"Stay with me, okay?" El said, stroking his cheek softly

Mike looked into her hazel eyes and noticed there was sincerity to them. He then swallowed a hard lump as he saw her face getting extremely close to his.

Before he knew it they were kissing.

He could taste a trace of liquor as her tongue slipped into his mouth but he accepted it without hesitation.

Soon their kissing grew more heated and passionate.

They managed not to lose each other's mouths as she stood up slowly, grabbing him by the shirt and forcefully pushing him onto the bed.

She began to straddle Mike while he held onto her hips.

Out of nowhere his mind suddenly flashed to a girl with a shaved head standing in the dark woods drenched by pouring rain.

He blinked his eyes rapidly unsure of why he just pictured this. He then shook his head slightly desperate to clear his head of this random image.

He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer, doing his best to ignore what had just happened. In return, El responded by letting out a small moan and tilting her head to the side to deepen the kiss.

She traced her hand down his body until she reached his pants. She then tugged down on the zipper.

Mike pulled away and the two struggled to catch their breath "No, we can't.." He breathed heavily, zipping his pants back up

"Why?" El pouted, clearly disappointed "Don't you want me? I want you" she said, leaning into him

"You're drunk" Mike gently pushed her away before making his way off the bed "We shouldn't have done this, it's not right.." He mumbled guiltily

Once the two of them made it down the stairs he could tell the party had died down.

"Who's your ride for the night?" Mike asked her, noticing the mess of bottles and cans on the living room floor

"Um..Max but looks like she's not here, oh welll"

He had heard of Max before, apparently Dustin had met her at band camp in middle school and swore she was the hottest chick ever. But Mike personally didn't even know what she looked like and he knew he couldn't leave this girl who could barely walk straight here by herself.

"Can I take you home?" He asked while helping her walk

"You can take me wherever you'd like" She slurred happily, staggering into him

"You wanna know a secret? I've never had alcohol before tonight" El whispered

"I can tell" Mike replied clutching the wheel of his old station wagon "By the way what's your address?"

"You know you're pretty, really pretty" El said with a dopey smile

Mike purposely ignored her "Your address?" he asked again

"We could always just go to your house" she giggled

"El, come on. Just tell me"

"Fine, mister grumpy pants. Forty-five forty-five Sunnydale drive, or was it.. fifty-four-fifty-four" El shrugged, slouching down in her seat

He slowly exhaled knowing he'd probably end up driving all over Jasper.

"Mike" she said as a small yawn escaped


"Thanks for finding me again"

He wrinkled his eyebrows in confusion "Wait, what do you mean?" he asked quickly, but there was no answer.

Using his peripheral vision he saw that she had passed out in the passenger seat softly snoring while the passing street lights danced across her face.

"Well since the other house was boarded up, guess this must be where you live" Mike mentioned, putting the car in park. He then looked over to see her still sound asleep.

"El, wake up, we're here" He said, softly shaking her

She didn't budge

Mike panicked for a second but was soon relieved as he saw her chest steadily rise and fall with each breath she took.

He went to the passenger side and opened the door. He then scooped El into his arms and began to carry her to the little blue house.

Once he approached the door, he used his elbow to ring the doorbell

The door creaked open and suddenly he was met with a familiar face

"Um Hopper?"

"Mike?" replied the older man in definite surprise. His eyes then darted to the girl in his arms "El! Is she okay?"

"No worries, she just had a little too much to drink. She's fine though."

Jim's expression turned into mixture of disappointment and aggravation "I told her not to go to that party, Ugh.. Bring her inside" He motioned.

"I didn't know you had a daughter Hop" Mike mentioned as he placed the sleeping girl onto the sofa

"Well.. yeah..I adopted her some years back"

Mike looked over at Hopper whose beard now had some gray in it "So is that why you stopped being Chief of Hawkins? I haven't seen you in ages"

Truthfully, Hopper left Hawkins in hope that things would be easier on El. After she had killed the demogorgon, he knew she was still alive and he went to find her. However, once Eleven discovered that the boys memories of her had vanished she fell into a deep depression. Hopper knew it would be best to get her out of Hawkins all together so she wouldn't have to endure her own friends not knowing who she was. So that he did, but he could now see that things still didn't go quite as planned.

"Partly, I just felt like I needed a new start kid" He hesitantly answered, scratching his beard "But uh how do you know El?"

"We just met tonight" Mike said, averting his gaze as he remembered what their night had consisted of

Hopper sighed contently and smiled "Okay, well thanks for coming and dropping her off Wheeler. Tell your folks I said Hi" He said quickly, trying to rush Mike out the door

Hopper was glad that they had only met and the fact she was drunk meant she'd probably wouldn't remember much in the morning. He knew Mike meant well but he also knew that it would be quite hard on El to basically start over their friendship.

"Um okay.." Mike confusedly said, walking out the door. He then quickly turned "Wait, so what happened to her parents?"

"Goodnight Wheeler!" Jim yelled out, instantly closing the door

Mike walked off to his car with so many questions running through his mind. He had no idea why Hopper was acting so sketchy and it unnerved him. He was also intrigued by this new girl, he didn't know why but deep inside he knew that there was definitely something more to her.