They laid naked together in El's bed, only partly covered with a thin sheet.

Mike softly played with her hair while she hummed feeling satisfied from their recent intimacy.

"You know what I've noticed? El asked, turning over on her side to look into his eyes.


"That no matter what happens.. You always find me." She said softly.

He gave her a half smile. "Looks like even the universe can't keep us apart.. I guess we were always meant to be."

He moved his face closer to hers and he could feel her warm breath against his lips.

"Yeah always." She repeated, suddenly lost in his gaze.

He then brushed his mouth against hers.

Eleven never forgot what Mike had told her that day.

It was honestly true, because so many things had come against them.

Everything that happened could've torn them apart for good, and honestly it should've.

El wasn't supposed to escape Hawkins Lab.

Mike wasn't supposed to be out in the woods with his friends on that rainy night.

El wasn't supposed to kill the demogorgon and survive.

And Mike definitely wasn't supposed to remember her after his memories were stolen.

Also who would've predicted that Mike and El would be at the same exact party on the exact same night six years later?

It was crazy, it was unheard of.. It was fate?

Yes, fate. The only plausible explanation.

It was fate that kept them together despite the constant ongoing obstacles in their way.

Fate that told them that no matter what happened they would still end up right where they belonged.. and that was together.

And that's how they spent the rest of their senior year.. together.

Even though they still went to different schools, they managed to squeeze in phone calls, dates, and even some alone time despite their busy schedules.

Hop had apologized many times for being so hard on El and he really started warming up to Mike.

He knew Mike only had good intentions and him and El were so happy together.

Although, he was still wary of the two being all touchy feely and stuff, she was his daughter after all.

Mike and El also eventually told their friends about the whole ordeal. They would have to admit it wasn't the easiest thing to do by any means.

Their friends all reacted differently to the new information from their past.

Lucas refused to believe any of it, Will was skeptical but yet he trusted them, and Dustin just prayed they were telling the truth because according to him it would be the most badass story in history.

But just like with Mike, El helped each of the boys to remember.

They came to terms with it and learned to accept their dark past. They grew a definite bond with El because of it, but also oddly enough they grew an even closer bond with each other.

But since Max wasn't there that year in Hawkins, El had to fully explain it to her. It was hard though.. because unlike the boys, Max didn't take the news very well.

She was furious that her best friend had kept such a secret from her for all those years.

However, after a few blow ups and crying sessions, El and Max were eventually back on good terms.

1 year later

"Mike, where are we going?"

"You'll see." He smirked, keeping one hand on the steering wheel while his other hand was busy holding onto hers.

El rolled her eyes playfully. "You've been saying that for the last hour though."

"Exactly, it's only been an hour did you really expect a different response?"

She laughed and shoved him gently. "You're such a mess, ya know"

"True, but I'm your mess." He replied, with a wink.

El fidgeted in her seat restless. "Ugh, You're gonna drive me crazy if you don't tell me where we're going."

"Well, what if I said we're here?" He answered her with a smile.

El sprang up excitedly in the passenger's seat and gazed out the window.

They quickly passed rows of palm trees and the smell of sea salt began to fill the car.

"The beach?!" She shouted excitedly.

"You told me that you've never been so I thought why the hell not? It is spring break after all."

She slightly frowned. "But.. I didn't bring any swimwear. I didn't think we'd be going here."

Mike let go of El's hand and reached towards the back of the car. "Good thing I've got you covered." He said handing her a bright pink bikini.

El bit her lip. "Hmm, I have a feeling you brought me here just because you wanted to see me in this bikini." she said, waving it around.

"Pfft.. what? No.." Mike scoffed mock offended, as he put the car in park.

"Mhmm sure." El teased. "But race ya there!" she said suddenly opening the car door and bolting out.

"Hey! Wait! No fair! You had a head start!" He shouted, grabbing all their things and chasing after her.

Mike watched as she ran off into the white sand, glancing over her shoulder at him with the brightest smile on her face.

He stood there for a second, captivated by her, the moment, and the ocean breeze.

"Thanks for finding me too, El."

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