Travels in Time and Space

By Lumendea

Chapter One: End of the World: Impressive

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.

AN: Welcome to Travels in Time and Space! We are finally here after so many years! Rose is traveling with the Doctor! This is a major rewrite of Doctor Who and if you haven't read the earlier 'seasons' in Guardians of the Universe please go and do so or you will be very confused. This season will have a mix of original episodes and rewrites from different Doctors with a completely original season arc!

"I'm finally home."

The hum of the TARDIS echoed around Rose and the Doctor. She was home and her announcement of that feeling had put a look of shock on the Doctor's face. His blue eyes were wide and shimmering with a mixture of emotions. For a moment they just stared at each other, bathed in the soft green and orange glow of the TARDIS. Then the Doctor's expression shifted to a manic grin and he leaned lazily against the console.

"Right then, Rose Tyler, you tell me. Where do you want to go?" the Doctor asked with a smug smile. "Backwards or forwards in time. It's your choice. What's it going to be?"

"Forwards," Rose breathed after a moment. She crossed over to the console and gently put her hands on the edges. Unable to help herself, Rose ran her fingertips gently over the edge of the console. She fancied that she could feel the TARDIS hum in response.

"How far?" the Doctor asked as he threw a nearby lever.

"Oh let's see," Rose said dramatically. She tilted her head, sending her hair falling over her shoulders and gave the Doctor a tongue on teeth smile. "How far do you think you can manage?"

He blinked in surprise and then his grin became impossibly wider. "Is that a challenge?" Excitement and amusement spilt into the Doctor's voice, warming Rose.

"Might be," Rose replied evenly with a growing smile.

She wanted to hug him and laugh but was keenly aware that they weren't there yet. Flirting would have to be enough. Rose reminded herself not to scare him off. He was good at running. Very good at running and saving planets. The Doctor stared at her and Rose fancied that he might even be blushing a little. Without a word, he began changing the controls. The TARDIS shook and Rose heard them materialise with a soft thump.

"Two hundred thousand years in the future," the Doctor announced with a dramatic wave of his hand towards the door. "Step outside, it's the year 202008, the Third Renaissance."

"You think you're so impressive," Rose teased around her smile even as she faked boredom. Third Renaissance did sound interesting and she made a mental note of that. Couldn't let it be that easy for him though.

"I am so impressive," the Doctor protested looking genuinely offended.

"You wish," Rose countered, dropping all pretence as she smiled so wide that her face ached.

"Right then, you asked for it," the Doctor announced seriously as he pointed at her. The smile reappeared in seconds. "I know exactly where to go. Hold on!"

Gasping slightly, Rose gripped the console tighter as the TARDIS shuddered around them. Next to her, the Doctor fanatically pumped the odd lever with a manic grin on his face. His eyes were locked on her as he adjusted the other controls. Then he dashed around the console, hitting a few buttons and then ringing a small service bell as they came to a stop. Rose's heart was pounding and despite her prior trips in the TARDIS, this one felt like the first time all over again. The Doctor kept glancing her way and Rose couldn't keep the awe off of her face as the central column pulsed. Then they landed with a thump and the Doctor rang a small bell. The sound echoed in the console room as Rose caught her breath.

"Where are we?" Rose asked eagerly. The Doctor just gestured towards the door. "When are we?" Rose tried again.

"Go outside and find out," the Doctor said. He raised his chin, clearly pleased with himself.

"Is that a challenge?" Rose questioned, echoing his earlier question which earned her a grin.

"Might be," the Doctor agreed in a warm voice.

Nodding, Rose let go of the console and turned to the doors. Her footfalls echoed softly on the ramp and she took a breath as she placed her hands on the door. Then she pulled them open and stepped outside. It was a small room with a set of stairs leading down to a large sheet of metal covering something. Along the stairs were layers of lit benches which made the room somewhat resemble a lecture hall or amphitheatre. Rose heard the doors of the TARDIS open again and the whirl of the sonic screwdriver as she walked down the steps. Now closer she could see that the sheet of metal was shaped like a giant blind and grinned when it began to drop.

Then the Doctor was beside her as the view of the window opened to her. Below them was the Earth bathed in sunlight, all green and blue with wisps of white clouds here and there. Utterly beautiful, she never tired of this view. All the colours were vibrant and she could see the march of gold as the sun spread across part of the planet leaving others in the dark. To her slight confusion, the dark side was completely dark without any lights in sight.

"You lot, you spend all your time thinking about dying, like you're going to get killed by eggs or beef or global warming or asteroids," the Doctor told her as crossed his arms over his chest. "But you never take time to imagine the impossible, that maybe you survive. This is the year five point five slash apple slash twenty-six. Five billion years in your future and this is the day, hold on." Rose watched the Doctor's reflection check his wristwatch just before the sun flared. It turned a brilliant red colour that made Rose gasp. "This is the day the Sun expands. Welcome to the end of the world."

Rose looked up at him, utterly stunned. The end of her planet was his thought for a first date. She might have laughed or argued, but there was something in his expression. Something that she couldn't pin down. Then it hit her. He wanted her to understand, even a little what his life meant. Maybe he didn't understand that himself, didn't know why he'd brought her here, but Rose wasn't going to cry or ask to leave. If he needed her to understand even for only a moment what it meant to have your planet burn… well, then she'd watch the planet burn. Swallowing, she looked back at the planet. The red glow of the sun had changed the colour of the land and clouds which now carried a fiery hint of what was coming. She felt her heart start pounding faster.

"Shuttles five and six now docking. Guests are reminded that Platform One forbids the use of weapons, teleportation and religion. Earth Death is scheduled for fifteen thirty-nine," a computerised voice announced around them.

"Shall we join the party?" the Doctor asked, watching her reaction.

Giving him a smile, Rose extended her hand and let him take it with a noticeable hint of relief in his shoulders. Their fingers twined together and Rose felt a bit stronger. "Let's," Rose replied.

The Doctor led her up the stairs and through the doorway. Beyond that, the corridors were nothing special, closed in and decorated with what looked like wood panelling and metal. As they strode by in the narrow space, curtains covering who knew what billowed slightly.

"So do you think it will be mostly humans?" Rose questioned in a soft voice. "Since its Earth or have other sentient species evolved in the last 4 billion years there."

"Good question," the Doctor remarked with a smile. "Well, there will be several humans, probably a few trees-"

"Trees?" Rose repeated, blinking in surprise. She mustered a smile. "Okay then, no dolphins?"

"No," the Doctor laughed, giving her an approving look. "They left a long time ago. Though they were grateful for all the fish." Rose giggled and beamed at the Doctor, trying to keep her nerves at bay as they entered the main room. "Mind you while some will be descendants of Earth creatures most are just here for the party," the Doctor told her. "A gathering of the great and the good. Course when I say that I mean the rich."

"Why? To pay respects?" Rose asked, adjusting the strap of her shoulder bag and trying not to fidget. "Say goodbye?"

"Nah for fun." The Doctor laughed as he used the sonic screwdriver to open a large set of double doors.

"Oh… lovely," Rose mumbled as she followed the Doctor inside.

She paused to take in the room. It was lovely with a simple elegance. Long windows ran from above her head to the end of the room giving her ability to see the red sun and the Earth easily. The walls appeared to be made of stone with panelling black pillars and sparse decorations. It was nice in a blank slate sort of way, probably designed to adjust to whatever event it was called on to perform. The Doctor gave her a moment before they walked to the main window.

"Hold on Doctor." Rose shook her head, trying to gather her thoughts. "The transition of a star in its life cycle takes millions of years. For the sun to expand to a red giant would take a lot more than a day."

"You are a clever one." The Doctor grinned and pointed out the window. "Right now Earth is the property of the Earth Trust. They've been keeping it preserved. See down there? Gravity satellites holding back the sun."

Rose studied the planet below, being mindful not to look into the sun too long. "Hold on, why does Earth look like it does in my time. The continents should be in different locations after billions of years or did this trust freeze plate tectonics." The question was a bit higher pitched as Rose struggled to believe it.

"Yes, they did." The Doctor laughed at Rose's disbelieving face. "Time travel and transdimensional boxes no problem, but controlling plate tectonics throws you off."

"So uh how long until- uh Earth Death?"

"About half an hour and then the planet gets roasted," the Doctor told her gleefully.

"I'm going to assume since you're excited about this that the planet is empty."

"Has been for years," the Doctor assured her. "No one left." He chuckled and shook his head fondly. "Mind you, humans are spread out across sixteen galaxies by this point. Plenty of hybrid variations too."

"Well we've always known that was our future ever since the first science fiction books," Rose countered with a laugh, the knot of nervousness easing a little. "Sleeping with aliens is practically a human fantasy pastime." Her words earned a laugh from the Doctor. "But yeah…" she breathed looking down at the planet below. "We survive for a billion years. That's amazing even if it means leaving Earth behind. Suppose everyone and everything leaves home someday."

"Who the hell are you?" a voice demanded behind them making Rose spin around. A humanoid with bright blue skin and goldish eyes was storming up towards them.

"Oh, that's nice, thanks," the Doctor retorted.

"But how did you get in?" the man huffed. "This is a maximum hospitality zone. The guests have disembarked. They're on their way any second now."

The Doctor quickly pulled out a small billfold and held it up. "That's me. I'm a guest. Look, I've got an invitation. Look. There, you see? It's fine, you see? The Doctor plus one," he assured the man. "I'm the Doctor, this is Rose Tyler. She's my plus one. Is that all right?"

"Well, obviously," the man told them still sounding a bit put out. "Apologies, et cetera. If you're on board, we'd better start. Enjoy." He turned quickly and rushed over to a lectern.

"The paper's slightly psychic. It shows them whatever I want them to see," the Doctor whispered to her and Rose smiled softly. "Saves a lot of time."

"And you could never be bothered to give me one of those," Rose teased softly earning a grin in response. "Would have been useful any number of times.

"We have in attendance the Doctor and Rose Tyler," the steward announced. "Thank you. All staff to their positions." At the words, a small legion of more blue people appeared from behind the curtains and out of the hall. "Hurry, now, thank you. Quick as we can. Come along, come along. And now, might I introduce the next honoured guest? Representing the Forest of Cheam, we have trees, namely, Jabe, Lute and Coffa."

A humanoid woman with dark bark textured skin entered the room in a stunning red gown. For a moment Rose was stunned, but then her eyes took in the two similar escorts behind her. "They're trees," Rose breathed earning a chuckle from the Doctor. "Oh, they're lovely."

"There will be an exchange of gifts representing peace. If you could keep the room circulating, thank you," the steward announced. "Next, from the solicitors Jolco and Jolco, we have the Moxx of Balhoon."

Another blue alien entered the room on some kind of moving platform. Unlike the staff, he was mostly head and body. Rose thought he might be holding some kind of pipe, but there were more coming in after him.

"And next, from Financial Family Seven, we have the Adherents of the Repeated Meme," the steward announced as a group of black-robed bipeds walked into the room together. "The inventors of Hypo-slip Travel Systems, the brothers Hop Pyleen. Thank you." Rose tried to keep herself from smiling like a fool as she watched the other guests enter. "Cal Spark Plug. Mister and Mrs Pakoo. The Ambassadors from the City State of Binding Light."

There was a pause in the line and Rose let herself look around the room which was beginning to fill. The small groups were largely lingering together and several were turning their attention to boxes they were carrying.

"Lord Adam Tyler of the Mal Lupa Consortium and Chairman of the Earth Trust," the steward announced drawing Rose's attention as she recognised the Bad Wolf reference and the name Adam Tyler. Rose tensed, shifting her hand to be ready to summon her sword as she turned her attention to the man.