He sat there holding her hand as the hours passed without her waking up again. He heard the commotion outside and knew that Edward had arrived.

"You" He came in raging with a finger extended towards Sonny. "This is all your fault." He turned back to the nurse that had chased after him, "I want you to find security now and have this hooligan thrown out."

"Sonny's not going anywhere Edward." Jason came up behind him.

"You" he waved a finger, "You don't start with me. She's your wife, you should have protected her."

"Ms. Barrett is your wife?" the nurse asked, confused by the commotion and she'd come on thinking the man sitting with her was her husband.

Jason shot a look at Edward, "She was. It was annulled. How is she doing?"

"She seems to be holding her own." The nurse said looking over at the battered Brenda, they'd been amazed at the strength she'd shown after surgery, no one had expected her to last as long as she had.

"That means she'll recover" Edward said in a strong voice, unable to think of losing her again.

"The doctors are optimistic" she said honestly, hours ago that would have been a lie.

"Brenda's strong" the gruff old man said walking over to her, his hand looking for a place to rest, in the end he decided the cast would be strong enough to stand the gentle weight of his hand, "She'll be fine. She's been through worse." His eyes went over Brenda's body and glared at Sonny.

"You all can't be in here, only one at a time." The nurse said hoping she wouldn't have to call security to remove anyone.

The two men remained locked at her side as Jason and the nurse looked on.

"I promise they'll behave or I'll physically escort them out myself." The blue eyes connected in confrontation as Sonny's remained downward.

The nurse sighed, calling security, which was the only way to get any of these men out of here was bound to cause more issues than they'd create if she left them alone. "Press the button if you need anything" was all she said as she left the room.