Otto VII

The afternoon was crisp and chilly, with a hint of fresh excrement in the air. Thunderous bellows rumbled throughout the barren hills, causing small pebbles to jump and prance about like tiny dancers. A sigh of piney wind brought the mammoth scent to him, over fainter smells that spoke of stag and hound, boar and bear, even other wolves. Winter sniffed the air and growled. Prey was nearby.

The magnificent white Direwolf threw his head back and howled, summoning his packmates to his side. Winter leapt from his boulder and bounded toward the scent of flesh and fur. Dozens of wolves followed with bloodthirsty snarls. Dust peeled off to the left flank while Shina took the right. Winter himself claimed the centre. He spurred his pack forward, emboldened by the intoxicating stench of unwary prey. The mammoth herd was still completely oblivious to their impending doom.

Winter tossed his head and Dust veered away from the main group, leading half a dozen seasoned hunters. The brown Direwolf disappeared behind a cluster of boulders. Shina accelerated toward the herd with two of the pack's swiftest following hard on her heels. Though elderly, the beta female was long of limb and surprisingly quick for her age. She would cut off the mammoths' retreat. Winter himself remained on course, leading the bulk of his force for a head-on assault.

His paws stroked the icy ground, crashing through snowdrifts and sending great clouds of soft white powder into the frigid air. The wind tugged at his fur and howled in his ears like a wolf in mourning. Winter cherished the sensation, his tongue dangling and eyes gleaming. He never felt more alive than during the hunt. Especially with such mighty prey.

The mammoth herd consisted of a relatively standard family unit; an elderly matriarch, her five female relatives, and three of their calves. Nine in total, against Winter's nineteen. Aside from sheer numbers, the wolves also had surprise on their side. By the time the mammoths realized their danger, it was already too late.

The matriarch lifted her head in alarm as she sensed the incoming pack. She tossed her trunk into the air and trumpeted to warn her family of the approaching enemies. The mammoths hastily shuffled into a defensive circle, with their young tucked away inside. But the herd had been caught off guard and they were slow to react.

Dust exploded from his cover on the left, and charged into the centre of the ring before the mammoths could close the gap. All six of the beta's followers formed a wedge behind their leader, snarling with glee. Three frightened calves bellowed in terror as the predators joined their ranks. But the wolves weren't after the younglings; they had larger prey in mind. Their target was a large grey female, crippled from some recent accident. The wounded mammoth had been left slow and feeble from her incident, and the Direwolves were quick to take advantage of her weakness.

Having realized the predators were behind her, the injured mammoth turned to defend herself. Dust pounced on the beast's tusks, using his elevated position to snap at her face. She flinched away from the vicious attack, tossing her head to shake Dust off. The other Direwolves charged at her flanks and locked their heavy jaws around fur and flesh. The mammoth bellowed in agony, backing away as swiftly as her injured leg would permit. The fatal mistake would be her last.

After being separated from her herd, the mammoth was easy prey. Dust's group persisted their attack relentlessly, while Winter charged into the battle with his packmates close behind. An endless wave of Direwolves pummeled the mammoth away from her island of safety. The other herbivores were helpless to do anything but watch as their sister was slowly overwhelmed. A handful of Direwolves clambered onto the wounded beast's back. Others harried her flanks with tooth and claw. The bulk of their force was concentrated on her front, with Winter leading the charge. However, the mammoth wasn't going down without a fight.

She swung her deadly tusks from side to side, sweeping Direwolves away whenever they got too close. Occasionally, she would rear up on her hind legs and come crashing down with all her weight. Fortunately, none of Winter's packmates were trampled beneath the heavy beast. As fatigue claimed the mammoth, her stomps came less frequently and eventually ceased altogether. Bloody, battered, and broken, the mammoth finally realized she couldn't overpower her attackers.

With a grunt of distress, the wounded beast turned tail and hobbled away. . . only to find Shina and her followers blocking the path to freedom. They snarled and barked to keep the mammoth at bay. The momentary distraction was enough time for Winter's group to encircle their quarry once more. Direwolves surged forward in an endless stream, snarling and snapping with renewed vigor. The injured mammoth backed away, swinging her tusks to hold her attackers off. It wasn't enough.

The wounded beast retreated another few steps, only to find herself pressed against the edge of a cliff. There was nothing but a sheer drop behind her. The panicked mammoth struggled to distance herself from the edge, but it was already too late. Winter pounced on the beast, throwing all his momentum into the attack. The mammoth was forced back a single step, but it was enough. She went tumbling off the cliff, flailing and trumpeting as the icy ground rushed to meet her. Then, there was silence

The pack was already charging down the snowy slopes to claim their prize, howling with glee. The enormous mammoth carcass would feast them for days. Winter loped toward the fallen beast swiftly, savouring the scent of their fresh kill. But mixed with the smell of blood and forest was something else. . . something new and exciting that Winter had yet to encounter.

He snapped his head toward the direction of the scent, but whatever beasts had created it were long gone. In their wake was a trail of footprints, small and ovular. Winter growled at the tracks, his fur bristling. Before he could investigate further, he was interrupted by the distant screech of a circling Argentavis. Glancing around, the great white Direwolf noticed scores of crows roosted on some nearby trees, waiting for their turn to feast upon the mammoth.

Winter snarled at the carrion birds, scattering them into the sky. The great black cloud took wing, only to settle down upon a grove of trees farther away. The alpha shook his head, making up his mind. The trail would have to wait. For now, there was a feast to be had.

Otto awoke in the Den, craving for flesh. His stomach rumbled loudly as he pushed himself into a sitting position. Otto pressed a hand to his forehead and it came back covered with beads of sweat. He groaned and stood up, clutching a wooden wall for support. His senses felt dull as they always did after wolf dreams. Everything felt so much more alive when he saw through Winter's eyes; the rustle of wind stirring the trees, and the sharp scent of fear clouding the air. Every sensation was enhanced by the Direwolf.

Otto shook his head and pushed himself off the wall. His senses of sight and smell were already fading away. Soon his hearing would return to normal as well. However, he was still able to detect Joseph humming outside and the crunch of bone as Willam fed Argentum. Otto tugged his fur cloak around his neck before shouldering through an oaken door to join his friends.

Today, the Den was a ghost town. The customary mass of direwolves swarming about was nowhere to be seen, instead replaced by three humans and a young Tyrannosaurus Rex. The pack was off hunting, Otto knew. Winter had departed the previous night with all his strength in tow. Mammoth herds rarely travelled through Direwolf territory, but the shifting northern climate had forced a premature migration. Otto knew that a single mammoth could feed the pack for days on end. If the wolves managed to pick off an entire herd, they would be set for weeks. Such a rare opportunity would not be passed down, especially with the threat of fall looming closer every day.

Young and old, the Direwolves had flocked to their alpha's side. Even the pups were accompanying the pack, although they were simply along to watch and learn. The Den had been completely abandoned, save for Otto and his friends. He had no idea about when the wolves would return, but he assumed it would be tonight.

Until then, Otto and his friends could defend the Den themselves. Enemy attacks were extremely unlikely. Hardly any beasts trespassed on the pack's territory; the scent of nearly twenty wolves was more than enough to drive most creatures away. Even then, the Den was completely hidden and outsiders could only stumble upon it by chance. In the unlikely event that anything did attack, Otto and Joseph had recovered enough to provide formidable resistance, and Argentum was the size of an average Direwolf by now. The two warriors and their resident Tyrannosaurus would be enough to make most creatures think twice about invading.

Joseph glanced up from his seat and acknowledged Otto with a nod. The large man returned to his previous task of sharpening his Sabertooth dagger, silently humming the whole time. Otto clapped his friend on the back before descending down a rocky slope to greet Willam and his pet. The old man waved when he saw Otto, while Argentum bounded over to nuzzle his chest in greeting. Otto grinned and stroked the young beast's scaly head. It was certainly easier now that Argentum stood at his shoulder. Incredibly, the Tyrannosaurus shared a height with his owner Willam.

When he was satisfied, Argentum thundered back to his master's side and nestled against the old man. Willam smiled and gestured at his pet. "He'll be looming over me before long."

"Any day now," Otto agreed with a smile of his own.

Argentum grew at an astonishing rate. It seemed like yesterday that the infant had hatched. In reality, it had been a month and a half ago. Even now, the beast was already large enough to be useful during hunts. It had only been a few weeks ago that the youngling graduated from eating prepared chunks of meat to freshly-killed prey. Argentum was a naturally born hunter and capable of taking down beasts his own size and smaller. He often struggled with larger prey, but the infant's friends were always nearby to help.

Argentum had not only grown physically, but mentally as well. The childish infant had matured to a certain extent. Presently, he was better at controlling his emotions and actions. Argentum's tantrums were becoming much less frequent, and he was getting along better with everybody as a result. Even the Direwolves began to accept him. . . at least enough to allow the infant into their home.

It had only been a week since Otto and his friends officially moved to the Den. Their living arrangements had been carefully prepared earlier, and certain measures had been taken to ensure a smooth transition into the new home. Otto's group had slowly but surely gotten the Direwolves accustomed to their presence through periodic visits.

Even Argentum was allowed in the Den after being introduced to the wolves one at a time. Previously, the pack had harassed Argentum simply because of his drastic physical differences that caused him to stick out. The quarreling had gotten so serious that Argentum had been isolated from the pack and kept at the Lookout Hill. However, small groups of Direwolves had been brought over at different intervals and introduced to Argentum on more equal terms. This greatly improved peaceful interactions between the infant and his former aggressors. Argentum was able to bond with the wolves individually, until the collective finally accepted him as an ally.

Getting the wolves to cooperate with Argentum was a vital step toward peaceful coexistence, but certainly not the only one; possessions had to be transported, boundaries established, and shelters constructed. It had been roughly a month since the wolves and humans first allied with one another after Winter's takeover of the pack. In that time, virtually every valuable item from the Lookout Hill had been brought over to the Den by sleigh. Otto and his friends had claimed a small portion of the Den as their own, and built a crude log cabin to live in.

The shelter resided on a cliff above the main clearing, where the Den itself was located. The cabin had taken roughly a week to construct. First, Otto and his friends had excavated a rectangular pit and filled the hole with gravel. Next, trees had been cut and dragged to the cliff, where they were transformed into planks and logs. The gravel foundation had been covered by a layer of wooden planks, and four logs had been jammed into the ground at every corner to provide the basic framework for the building. The remaining logs were trimmed and notched to fit together like puzzle pieces. This particular method eliminated the need for nails or adhesives to hold the entire building together. Afterward, walls had been constructed by interlocking logs at every corner. Finally, rows of sticks had been overlapped above the walls to make a mesh, and weaved with thatch to form a primitive roof. Fire-hardened clay tiles were smeared with mud and packed above the thatch to waterproof the entire structure.

In the end, Otto and his friends were left with a rectangular wooden lodge to call their own. It was roughly four meters long and six meters wide, large enough for all three humans to live comfortably. Two wooden doors had been constructed on either side of the cabin for easy accessibility. Argentum was still small enough to fit through the doorways, but just barely. A wooden overhang had been constructed outside for when he grew larger. Currently, the cabin interior was sparsely decorated. Three cots were packed along the floor, and there was a chair tucked away in the corner. A single wooden shelf stored some meagre possessions while the remaining items were clustered together on a table.

Otto admired the cabin. It was the closest thing to a home that he had known on the island. Even when the Direwolves were at the Den, the sturdy wooden walls made him feel safe and secure at night. Moreover, the structure kept its inhabitants warm and insulated during colder climate. It was true that the Den was located farther south than the Lookout Hill, but the temperature could still occasionally dip well below freezing. For the most part, the new human home was warmer and more secure than their previous base.

Otto and his friends had abandoned the Lookout Hill a week ago, and had not returned since then. However, as a precaution they had stored a handful of emergency supplies in the igloo. The Lookout Hill would serve as a secondary home, in case the Den should fall to enemy hands. The scenario was extremely unlikely, but Otto's time on the island had taught him to prepare for the worst.

A primal growl pierced the air, sharp and ravenous. Otto flinched for a moment, until he realized the noise was coming from himself. He had not eaten since the morning and his stomach was protesting for food. The wolf dream had only aggravated his starving body, with the broken promise of Mammoth flesh. Willam glanced over in alarm and Argentum stirred from his sleep. Even Joseph poked out from the cliff above, an arrow nocked to his bow. Otto smiled sheepishly as they noticed the source of the outburst.

Willam chuckled and Joseph laughed. Argentum gave him an irritated snarl before curling up and returning to his slumber. Otto shrugged apologetically. "It's been a long day and the sun's almost down. How does supper sound?"

"Supper sounds great," Joseph grinned.

Otto lurched to his feet and wandered off in search of food. Through a process of excavating and replacing rocks, the humans had created a ramp between the clearing and the cliff. Otto started up the ramp toward the cabin, where all the provisions were stocked. A deep pit had been excavated beside the lodge and covered by a wooden board to insulate the food inside. The ground below was frozen solid and excellent at keeping perishables refrigerated. Otto hauled the cover away and peered inside the frosty vault.

A large haunch of venison sat in the corner, flanked by two fine salmon and a few chunks of Ovis mutton. Argentum was especially fond of the meat, Otto knew. He extracted all the mutton before returning to his search. The other side yielded a bowl of frozen berries, some roots, and a handful of nuts. Otto snatched the bowl up in one hand and the venison in his other. He left the salmon untouched; he was growing sick of eating fish every day.

Joseph appeared to help with the mutton, and the friends descended down the ramp together. Willam already had the fire blazing by the time they reached the clearing. He had polished off some nearby rocks for the three friends to sit together. Argentum was still curled up in the corner but he awoke at the scent of frying mutton. The Tyrannosaurus immediately bounded over and sat by his master's side, happily gnawing on the meat.

The humans feasted on plates of venison fried with roots and forest nuts. While they ate, the berries were thawed and placed on the side as a sweet afterthought. Otto enjoyed his meal as Willam produced the Dossier and began their nightly tradition.

"This behemoth towers over many creatures on the Island, and does not seem to fear anything," the old man intoned. "They generally thrive in colder areas, and have a herd mentality. They graze on plant life, and must spend much of their time travelling in search of food to sustain themselves."

"Mammoth," Otto answered immediately.

"Correct." Willam began flipping through the pages to find another creature.

The old man had practically memorized the Dossier front and back. It was for the benefit of Otto and Joseph that they played this game, to educate the men about the Island's many inhabitants. It was much more engaging than spending hours hunched over the Dossier.

At that instant, Otto felt unexplainably unnerved by his surroundings. It was as if something cold and calculating was nearby, watching him, studying him. The feeling was gone an instant later, so quick it might have been his imagination. Otto shuddered and scanned the camp, but there were no movements aside from the crackling fire and the bushes shifting in the wind. Argentum was asleep again, slumbering in the corner. The beast had not sensed anything amiss, but that did little to reassure Otto. Before he could investigate further, Willam glanced up from his book with a new creature in mind.

"Found along the Island's many rivers and streams. Exceptionally adept at hunting fish and foraging for shiny treasures. They have become particularly cunning as a result of local competition for food and their diminutive size. They are distinguished by their elongated bodies, bushy tails, and webbed feet."

"Otter," Joseph began as the bushes rustled. Alarmed, all three humans whipped toward the noise as its source appeared.

A slim pale woman emerged from the undergrowth, silent as a shadow. She was pretty, there was no doubt. Silky waves of golden hair cascaded to her shoulders, framing a set of delicate features. Her deep blue eyes glimmered like sapphires, bright and dazzling. It had been a long time since Otto laid eyes upon a new human face, let alone a female one. The woman's sudden appearance caught him off guard. Otto was so distracted that he almost missed the dagger in her hands.

The woman was behind Willam in an instant, her blade tucked against his throat. She forcefully yanked the old man up, and dragged him a few steps away. The dagger never left his neck.

"You sure have a lot of knowledge," she smiled. "Too bad it won't help you now."

Joseph and Otto shot to their feet at once, their weapons in hand. The woman only pressed her dagger closer to Willam's throat, drawing a thin trickle of blood. The old man gasped for breath, his face flushed purple from the exertion. Argentum's eyes suddenly flared open and the Tyrannosaurus was up at once. Joseph pulled an arrow from his quiver, and Otto raised his own blade against the stranger.

"Let him go. You're one against three. Cut his throat and we'll return the favour. Release him, and we can forget this ever happened."

The woman cocked her head at Otto. "And why would I do that?"

"You're outnumbered," he retorted.

"Am I?" she grinned mischievously.

It was at that moment when Otto noticed the bone spearhead poking out from the bushes, the tip levelled at his chest. Another rustle of the bushes caught his eye, this one closer to Joseph. He cursed. Two more attackers were hidden in the undergrowth, their weapons poised to kill. The woman twisted Willam's wispy hair, eliciting a strangled gasp from the old man. Argentum snarled and prepared to attack, but Willam waved his pet away.

"Stand down," he managed to choke out. Argentum warily withdrew a few steps, though his ferocious eyes never left the intruder.

"Finally, someone with a thimble of sense." The woman turned to Otto and Joseph expectantly. "You'll drop your weapons, or die with them in hand."

Reluctantly, they complied. There's no other choice, Otto reflected as he threw his Sabertooth dagger to the ground. It bounced once and skidded to a halt, its tip pointing at the woman. "We're unarmed. What do you want from us?"

The woman chuckled. "Seems to me the captor should be asking questions. You'll keep your mouths shut, unless you want my friends to skewer you alive."

Otto grimaced, but said nothing. This was a dangerous woman and he did not want to push his luck. She gestured at Otto and Joseph. "You'll restrain that lizard to a rock. The first sign of treachery, and your friend dies."

Defeated, Otto shuffled over to Argentum and gently pulled him toward the cabin. The young Tyrannosaurus strained and snarled, but eventually allowed himself to be led away. Joseph disappeared inside the lodge for a few moments and emerged with a leather harness. He looped it around the Tyrannosaurus and secured the other end to a boulder. As soon as Otto released his grip on Argentum, the infant charged toward Willam. The harness held firm, and pulled the beast back before he could get anywhere close.

The intruder was satisfied with the result. She turned to the humans. "Down on your knees, and hands above your heads."

Otto did as he was told, and sank to the ground. He risked a glance at the bushes and found the spear still trained on him. Suddenly, Otto was acutely aware of every shift and sway of the leaves, every movement that could indicate his demise. The wind rattled against bony branches, stirring the great bushy mound like a storm-heaved sea. Every pigment of green became amplified a thousand times over. The sharp stench of sweat clouded the undergrowth, revealing the location of the hidden assailants. The enemies were close, and getting closer. He could almost taste the scent of man upon his jaws. . .

Understanding dawned on Otto.

"What do you want from us?" he blurted out, stalling for time. Instead of reprimanding him, the woman simply frowned.

"Your weapons and tools, for one. Your home and hearth. Your food and water. You'll hand it all over, if you value your lives."

Otto glared at the intruder. "We would have sheltered you all the same. Feasted you from our own cellars. There was no need for this," he gestured around at the tense stand-off.

"That's where you're wrong. Never trust anyone but yourself, that's what this damned island has taught me."

"No one but yourself? Pray tell me, who are those two in the bushes back there?" Otto's gaze never left the woman, but he saw the spear-wielder shift uncomfortably.

"Worthy friends, true and loyal."

"So you decide who's trustworthy and who isn't?"

"You'll keep quiet, or be silenced forever." The spear shifted again, aimed at Otto's head. He risked the woman's wrath.

"We were no threat to you. Two injured warriors, barely recovered from the last assault on our camp. An elderly man, who's never hurt anyone in his life. And a hatchling, not yet two months old. You had no reason to attack."

The woman scowled. "That's it, you bloody fool. I've had enough of your insolence."

She kicked Willam to the ground and advanced toward Otto with her dagger raised high. The blade flashed red and orange in the glare of dusk. Otto remained perfectly still as his attacker advanced. If he tried to escape he would undoubtedly suffer a gruesome end. The hidden attackers would easily skewer him with their spears if he ran, leaving him to a long and bloody demise. So instead, Otto stared death down with his chin held high. There was no hope left for him, but perhaps he could buy some time for his friends. Either way, he would not give this woman the pleasure of hearing him scream or beg for mercy. Otto would die with dignity.

The woman was right in front of him now, her blade in hand. She glared down at him, scowling. Otto returned her gaze without flinching. The dagger flashed upward, level with his throat. Otto closed his eyes and waited for the blade that never came.

Instead, it was followed by a muffled gasp and a few hasty steps backward. Otto's eyes flared open. There was a great white shadow crouching protectively by his side. The woman had stumbled away in shock, her dagger lowered apprehensively. For the first time, Otto saw fear in her large blue eyes.

The wolves appeared without a sound. They slid from the bushes and leapt from the ledge. They sniffed and circled around the intruder, their bloodthirsty eyes never leaving her face. More beasts were hidden in the undergrowth, but they made their presence clear by rustling the leaves and shaking the branches. Otto could hear the sound of spears clattering to the ground as the woman's companions lost their courage.

Otto stood with a smile and brushed the dirt off his clothes. He placed a hand on Winter for support. The Direwolf's glare never left the woman. Winter growled, deep and menacing. All around the clearing, the pack took up the cry.

Otto grinned at the woman. "It seems the tides have turned." He gestured at her dagger. "I would drop that if I were you."

The blade quickly found itself abandoned on the ground. Otto glanced at the undergrowth, where the woman's companions were concealed. He could sense their fear.

"Show yourselves," he demanded.

A tall scrawny man stumbled into the clearing, his spear abandoned to the shrubs. He was pale and unshaven, with an unkempt beard and thick brown hair. Although he was of a height with Otto, his skinny frame and slouched posture made him seem much smaller. The man's awkward stance gave the impression that he was trying to hide.

Otto scowled impatiently. "And the other one?"

The man and woman exchanged a hesitant look. Finally, the female gave a slight nod to her companion. The man whistled, sharp and shrill. A moment later, a scruffy otter bounded out of the bushes. It immediately bolted toward the man and clambered up his body. The beast curled around his neck, trembling anxiously and eyeing the nearby Direwolves.

"Clever trick. You had me fooled." Otto nodded toward the small mammal, which he had mistaken for another human. Hidden in the undergrowth, it had been impossible to tell.

Otto gestured for his friends. Joseph and Willam had already gotten to their feet and now glared at the intruders contemptuously. At Otto's signal, they each departed to complete their own tasks; Willam knelt by the rocks to untie Argentum, while Joseph retrieved their weapons. When he was free, Argentum immediately charged at the unwary woman, his eyes blazing. It took Otto and Willam together to haul the enraged infant off. Even after he was removed, Argentum kept snarling at the intruder who had harmed his master.

Joseph appeared by Otto's side and offered him his dagger, hilt first. Otto accepted the blade and sheathed it in his belt. He turned to his friend. "Bind their hands and take their weapons. I'm not taking any risks with these two."

"Just their hands? What if they run?"

Winter appeared at Otto's side. He stroked the Direwolf's shaggy mane. "They won't get far."

Defeated and dismayed, the captives complied without a struggle. By now, most of the Direwolves had dispersed around the camp and returned to their own affairs. However, Otto did not doubt their predatorial capabilities. They could easily kill the prisoners within a moment's notice. The two intruders were perfectly aware of that fact as well. They caused no trouble as Joseph tied their wrists and shoved them down by the fire.

Otto glanced at the unusual pair curiously; one small but headstrong, the other large and weak-willed. The woman caught his eye and Otto inclined his head. "By the way, I never recieved your names."

"Don't have much of a choice, now do I?" She laughed bitterly. "Alysanne, if you must know."

Otto turned toward the man, who immediately averted his gaze and found interest in his feet. "Daven," he mumbled.

"And your pet?"

The man seemed to have forgotten about the otter curled around his neck. "Patches. Because of his fur. The otter. His fur. It's all torn. . ."

Otto brushed a rock off and sat down by the fire. "Otto Weiss. I would say it was a pleasure to meet you, but that would be a lie." He leaned in closer. "Now I'm still not sure why you attacked us, but I'll find out by the end of tonight. You'll live or die by your answers."

Winter stalked up to Otto and settled down against his master's side. The great white beast growled at the intruders, causing Daven to flinch away and Alysanne to shift uncomfortably. Patches buried himself in his owner's neck, trembling violently.

Otto unsheathed his dagger and studied the blade, turning it over in his hands. "We've got a long night ahead of us. So, who wants to share first?"

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