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Orange Star High: The Cell Games

Chapter 1: Prologue

It had already been 3 weeks since Gohan's first day at Orange Star High School. He had a hard time fitting in, especially since he was considered the resident "nerd," having made perfect scores on every test they took since his 1st day. Gohan, being the boy he was, did not care what they said about him. He wasn't worried about their comments, he was much more worried about keeping his powers a secret to his friends and classmates, especially with Videl Satan, the daughter of the Hercule Satan, the man who supposedly "killed" Cell being suspicious of him. She took every second she had of the school day to glare at Gohan, trying to figure out his secrets. This made Gohan even more nervous. If she had managed to find out about his secrets, then it would lead to the whole school and quite possibly the whole city knowing that he is the Gold Fighter and the Delivery Boy from the Cell Games. He didn't need his family and his friends being in the limelight for the media, which is why he was so glad that Hercule had took credit for defeating Cell.

Gohan was sitting in class, thinking about training with Vegeta after school had finished. He had been keeping up with his training since the Cell Games. He took his father's death personal, blaming himself for his death, and vowed to keep training to protect his loved ones from any threats that came to Earth. Vegeta was extremely proud of Gohan's decision to keep training after the Cell Games, though his pride and arrogance never let anyone know that he was.

Suddenly, after what seemed like hours being lost in his thoughts, Gohan raised his head up after hearing someone call out his name.

"FINALLY!" Erasa said. Erasa was the bubbly blonde that sat next to him. She was always so happy and cheerful, even in the most difficult of times. It almost scared Gohan how happy she could be.

"Gohan, the teacher was calling your name. I think he wants you to pay attention." Erasa said.

"Oh, I'm sorry sir. It won't happen again." Gohan humbly replied.

"Good. Thank You for waking him up for me, Erasa." Mr. Toriyama told her.

"Now Class, as I was saying, tomorrow morning we will be going to the gymnasium to watch a very special video, brought to us by the Bulma Briefs from Capsule Corp." Mr. Toriyama told the class, enthusiasm clear in his tone.

"A special video? Why would Bulma send a video over to my school?" Gohan thought to himself.

"The Video that we will be watching is supposed to be something that happened 7 years ago, involving the fate of the Earth. Now I don't know why she decided to send us the video of this event, but I myself am excited to see what this video is." Said teacher continued.

'7 Years Ago? But that was when Dad died..' Gohan reminded himself.

"Hey Videl, what do you think the video is gonna be about?" Erasa said to her best friend.

Videl shrugged. "I don't know. But I think it could be something about the Cell Games. That happened 7 years ago."

Gohan froze after hearing what Videl said. 'Oh Shit... Why would Bulma send a video of the Cell Games over to my school? Is she trying to ruin my life? Does she know what would happen to me after everyone finds out that I beat Cell!?' Gohan yelled in his head.

Videl looked over to Gohan and saw that his expression had changed. He went from being calm as can be to seeming like he had seen a ghost.

"Hey Gohan, why do you look so scared?" Videl asked Gohan.

"Heh. Nerd boy is probably just scared that we won't be focusing on books for once." Sharpner, the muscle-headed, long hair blond boy chimed in.

"Shut up Sharpner, I'm talking to Gohan, not you." Videl replied to Sharpner.

"Whatever babe. I don't know why you're so worried about the bookworm over there. Why pay attention to a nerd like him when you could pay attention to a real man like me?" Sharpner said while he snaked an arm around Videl's shoulder. Needless to say that made Videl beyond pissed. Next thing he knew, Sharpner was laying on the floor, groaning as he clutched his stomach in pain and agony.

"Maybe that'll teach him not to be such a jerk." Videl told no one in particular. The whole class stared in shock, as well as fear after seeing their classmate take a brutal punch to the gut.

"Miss Videl, sit back down and control your temper while you are in class." Mr. Toriyama ordered.

"Sorry sir. I will." Videl answered as she once more took her seat.

She looked back over to Gohan who had tensed up a bit after seeing what had happened to Sharpner.

"You never told me why you seemed so scared after I spoke about the video." Videl said to Gohan while using her signature glare on him.

"Uhhh... I was just thinking about something that happened earlier on today at my house.." Gohan replied to her, smiling nervously as he rubbed the nape of his neck.

"Right.." Videl said while glaring at him. 'He's definitely hiding something.. Well whatever he's hiding, I'll find out.' She thought to herself.

Hours passed and it was finally time for the students to be released from school. Gohan went to his usual spot on the roof to power up to a Super Saiyan and flew up in the sky.

"Ah man... I hope that video isn't gonna be about the Cell Games.. I better go to Bulma's house to find out what the video is on. Maybe I could spar with Vegeta so that I could put today aside." Gohan mentally advised to himself as he flew faster.

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