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Chapter 21: Back Home Continued...

"I know Papa, Henry showed me the story, I was never mad at you. I knew you wouldn't abandon me on purpose. I love you, Papa." She looked into his eyes and saw how a tear escaped his eye. Taking her thumb she wiped it away with her thumb. She was so happy to see him, she knew he would always come back for her.

He couldn't help but smile. That was his girl, always having faith. Now she knew the real story and knew she was right, he would never leave her on purpose and now, he was never going to leave her ever again. His last deal with Regina or any villain for that matter was over. He was retired, all he wanted was his daughter.

Ruby watched from a distance from Granny's front door. Daughter and father have reunited once again after years of being separated, even before the curse happened. She only wished that her mother would have been different, that she wasn't scared of the humans killing her and her pack, that she never tried to eat Snow. Then she would have a mother and brothers and sisters.

"Ruby! Those tables won't waitress their selves," Granny said walking up beside her grand-daughter with a tray of lasagna and grilled cheese.

"Yes Granny," She said with a smile. Granny was all she needed in life.

They were now in the towns' cemetery, the one place where Nicholas hated to go. It was creepy to think that you were walking around hundreds of dead bodies that were rotting only six feet beneath you. "So, what are we doing here?" Nicholas questioned, looking all around him as quickly as he could.

"Regina's' vault is here, and I think that there could possibly be something inside that could let my parents come home, or at least have a way to communicate with them," Henry explained as he looked down at the illustration of The Evil Queen standing in front of her vault in the Enchanted Forest. "There!" Spotting the same symbol that was in the book he ran over to the building. It was a mausoleum.

All stopping they looked at the symbol, this was the real vault. "Come on, let's go," Ava said walking ahead of the boys. The doors wouldn't budge though, they were stuck. "They're locked, what are we going to do now?"

Henry thought about it for a moment, his father was a bail bondsman for ten years, maybe he could have told him a way to get into a place that's locked. Nothing he could recall was popping into his head.

"Well, looks like we have to head back now," Nicholas said as he started to walk off, back towards the exit of the cemetery.

"Wait! I think I have something that could help us!" Henry exclaimed as he struggled off his back pack and dug his hand into the front pocket, revealing a ring of black skeleton keys. He had never put them back when he took them to show Emma how Regina framed Mary-margaret for the murder, and he's glad he didn't.

"What are those?" Nicholas asked turning around, looking even more frightened knowing that they weren't finished here.

Henry walked up beside Ava and started trying some of the keys, " They're skeleton keys, Regina uses to open any door in the town." Placing a key inside the hole, it went in. Turning the lock the door swung open.

"And exactly why do you have them?" Nicholas questioned.

"Uh, that doesn't matter right now. Come on." He was the first to walk in, then Ava and lastly Nicholas who was hugging himself tightly.

Nicholas spotted the resting place that read Henry. It was a dead person, right in front of him. "Yup, this is real."

Ava looked around and only saw small cubby holes that were occupied by vases, she didn't see anything that would be considered 'magical.' "I thought you said this was Regina's vault? It doesn't look like a vault to me, just a resting place for...Henry Mills."

Looking around he spotted what looked like a white light coming from the bottom of the casket that Regina's father rested in. "There. Here, help me push this."

"Oh, great. Now we're disrespecting the dead." Placing his hands on the casket carefully beside his sister and Henry, they all started to push.

It started to move little by little, but once it was as far as it could go a stair case was revealed. Henry was the first to walk down with Nicholas being the last of course. Right away they could all hear the beating of hearts and decided to stay away from that wall where red lights were glowing.

"So, exactly what are we looking for?" Ava asked looking around at the almost cleared out space.

"Just something that would be useful at opening a portal, like a bean or some potion...they left in a hat so maybe there's another one of those," Henry exclaimed looking around at all cleared out spaces. There wasn't much left, but hopefully, something that would help them.

Looking around Ava moved her finger a long one of the tables, collecting dust on her finger. "Well, I don't see anything like that, but I would say nobody's been down here in a while." She rubbed the dust off of her finger just in time for her to spot a dust covered box laying in the corner. "What's that?"

Henry, being the most ambitious one, walked over and slowly unlatched the box. When he opened it, the last thing he expected was a long green scaley snake that one body, but two heads spring out from the bottom and snap at him. He knew of these snakes, these were the snakes that Regina had used to kill her husband, his grandfather, Snows' father.

"Henry, look out!" Ava shouted as she watched the two headed snake get ready to attach.

Letting out a gasp he fell to the floor as he tried to get away from the cage. When he looked back he could see red in their eyes and their tongues slithering out. They were about to bite down on his skin, he was too scared to move. He covered his face, thinking that maybe his magic would kick in and it would save him, but nothing was happening. He was about to scream when

He was about to scream when suddenly a foot came down on the box and latched it back up again. Looking up he saw his grandparents looking down at him. His grand father's hands on his hips and his grand mother giving him a stern look. "How did you know I was here?"

"We went to pick you up from Ava and Nichola's but when we got there, Micheal said that you guys left this morning," Snow explained feeling a little upset that she had almost lost her grand son the same way she had lost her father.

"And then some people said they spotted you heading towards the cemetery so we knew that the only place you'd come here for, was to find something in Regina's vault that would perhaps tell us how to get your parents back," David then also explained how they were able to find the children at the cemetery, just in time too. "What were you thinking?

Henry brushed off his pants and hands that were slightly skinned, "I just wanted to help, I want them back, it wasn't supposed to be this way. I should be over there with them, riding horses, learning how to sword fight."

"I know, I know. It's going to be okay, and we are going to do this, together," David said calmly.

Snow, being the sweet and innocent women knelt down and placed her hands on his shoulders, looking him dead in the eye. "We all miss them, and I know it's hard not knowing where they are or when you'll see them again, but I know they will find a way back if it means fighting for the rest of their lives, because there's only one thing in all the realms that they care about...their family."

He could feel his lip start to quiver as he fell against Snow, his arms around her neck. "I just want to know if they're alive."

David felt horrible that there was no way he could help Henry with getting his parents home. They've tried everything and so far there was no luck, no even a single speck of it. He had faith and hope that everything would be alright and they would find each other again, but when you're stuck in a time where there's barely any magic and portals are extremely rare in this land, sometimes it's hard.

After having some time to rest, and get just a few small berries in their bellies, they were off once again. Walking through the forest in the dark with the only light coming from the torch in Mulan's hand.

Emma was tightly holding onto Killian's hand as they walked right behind Mulan and Aurora behind them. Walking with him in the forest brought back memories of when they first started their relationship and were starting a family. All the times they had small strolls along the trails when she was pregnant, the time they went on a horse ride to a field full of flowers, and the time he took her to the lily pond and proposed to her. Now they were going back to where it all began.

"We're getting close!" Killian shouted loud enough for the group to hear before he looked down at Emma whose skin was sparkling in the moons pale light and her curls softly dancing in the small breeze. So far she seemed alright like nothing was bugging her, but he was trying to keep a close eye on her just in case.

She couldn't help but smile when she caught him from the corner of her eye. She had caught him quite a few times actually through their walk, and she knew what he was thinking. "I'm fine" She whispered over at him.

"You sure love? You seemed like you were in quite some pain earlier, perhaps we need to stop again?" He questioned. He only wanted to make sure everything was alright with her, he didn't want her to push herself and make her be in more pain than she already was.

She had a soft chuckle escape her lips. Who would ever believe her if she told them she was married to a pirate who cared more about her than himself, cared more about her than gold or any rare jewel of the realms. "The only thing that would make me feel better right now is having a hot bath, in our home."

He smiled as a soft blush came his cheeks. It wasn't his or hers anymore it was ours. Except the one thing they never talked about was where they were going to live if they were going to live in the apartment or ocean front house. He assumed the house since it was more room, but there was also the fact that they had to privacy for their activities because it was mostly just one room with a bathroom. They needed to have a talk about building on.

Aurora grunted as she got her cloak caught on another bush once again. She was cold, frustrated and wet from the dew that was on the leaves and trees. Everything was a lot simpler when she lived with the fairies and wore rags. Whatever happened to the fairies anyway?

"Aurora keep up!" Mulan stated firmly as she never stopped to look back, but only continued on forward with the torch in hand. She wanted to get there as soon as possible.

"Sorry, but I'm not exactly dressed for the woods! It's cold out here!" Aurora exclaimed as she rubbed her arms together, trying to create some sort of warmth.

"Here." Emma released her hand from Killians and slipped off her jacket, handing it over to Aurora. She may have just attempted to kill her only a matter of hours ago, but she was still her friend and she understood that she was upset about Philip's death. If it were Killian, she would have done the same.

"But I just tried to kill you." She looked at the red leather thing that she was holding in her hand. It was like nothing she's ever seen before, it looked strange, how did she even wear this thing?

"Believe me, you're not the only one messing up lately," Emma muttered before walked back over to Killian and taking his hand in hers as they looked over the horizon. There it was.

"That it?" Mulan asked trying to get a good glimpse of exactly she was looking at.

"Yeah, that's our home." It wasn't much of a home now. It was falling apart and just looked like a pile of rubble now, there was no full structure to it, just some bricks in a pile.

Emma looked at what once used to be so beautiful turn into something that was destroyed by darkness. Flowers used to grow up the walls in summer and trees were grown everywhere. The castle stood up as a grand home, now what she hoped would be her home once again was something that would take a lot of time to rebuild. "Or, what's left of it anyway."

Killian pulled her close in front of him as he wrapped his arms around her. He could sense the unease she had. "Don't worry love, the wardrobe will still be there." He kissed her on the cheek before looked out at their home.

Giving him a weak smile she knew it would still be there, the only thing that mattered to her was what kind of shape would it be in and if it were in good shape, would it still work considering it only had enough magic to carry two people away from the curse. "That's not what I'm worried of," She mumbled high enough only he could hear.

After he had supper with his grandma and grandpa he decided to go to the one place where he felt close to his mom. Her yellow bug. It was easy to distinguish in such a small town, considering she's the only one that drives such a thing here.

God, he missed his parents so bad, it just wasn't the same here without them. He missed his mothers' hugs and her smiles and the way his father was protective of them. If only he could learn to use his magic, he could maybe be able to create a portal if it were strong enough.

"Don't do it, Henry, your magic isn't what you think."

"What?" He looked around to where he heard the voice. Nobody was there, did he just imagine it? Or was he just speaking to himself and he didn't notice.

His thoughts ended up drifting up into the clouds and just washing away from him to the point where it was like they never existed because he heard the sweet sound of a young girls laughter of joy. Looking up he recognized the man dressed in midnight black holding a blonde haired girls hand. It was Grace and Jefferson, they were finally reunited, which made him smile.

That smile soon disappeared back into a sad line across his face. Grace now had her family, but he didn't.

"Hey, Henry." It was Snow. Holding her bundle of joy in a soft baby blue blanket, that swept across his face making the infant fall and stay deep in his sleep. "Your grandfather and I were talking about what you said, about you being there, in the Enchanted Forest learning how to ride horses and sword fight," She began with a smile as David stood behind her. "Well, we know we can't go to the Enchanted Forest, but we can do those other things, starting with sword fighting."

Just then David flicked his wrist that he was hiding behind his back, revealing two strong wooden swords. Obviously, it wasn't like the real thing but he thought it would be best if he didn't let his eleven-year-old grandson use a real sharp sword that could end your life at any moment.

"Wait. Are you serious?" Henry, being the excited eleven years old he was jumped out of the bug as quickly as possible.

"Absolutely, I know it's not the real thing, but we'll definitely work our way up to it," David said passing him the other sword. The only thing that may go wrong with using these was getting a splinter, which he liked a lot more than getting slashed and bleeding to death.

He just couldn't help but smile. He only wished his father could be here to see him, his only son work a sword, something he was skilled at with being Captain Hook of course.

Both boys positioned their selves, Henry obviously copping David since he didn't quite understand the foot work yet.

"On guard!" David declared as he swung his sword gently and playfully at Henry. Immediately he struck back, blocking his attack and start making his way up into the side walk benches. Each slash was getting stronger and faster, it was remarkable on how fast he was learning, but his father was a pirate after all, it was in his blood.

David was pretty surprised at how quickly he was learning, they would move to the real sword in no time.

The time they approached the large castle doors the moon was already at the highest peak in the sky, which meant in just a couple of hours dawn would be upon them and the sun would kiss their icy cold skin and brighten the color of their complexion.

"We'll keep watch while you go check for the wardrobe," Mulan stated as she stood next to the closed doors with her hand on the hilt of her sword, keeping a strong eye out for anybody who may have been lurking in the shadows of the night. Something was off to her, she could feel an evil lurking.

"I'll stay with you," Aurora said as she too stood next to Mulan. She was a bit frightened and a bit scared and the only person she felt most comfortable around at the moment was Mulan. She had tried to kill her long lost best friend and then her husband tried to kill her, Mulan was the safest choice at the moment.

Killian did a slight nod, telling them that he understood both their decisions, which he didn't mind, it would just give him and Emma more privacy to go see the one place that would break both their hearts the most. Their son's nursery, or suppose to be the nursery. Holding out his elbow for Emma to take they both walked into the place they once called home.

You could hear everything in the stone walls of the palace. Every step they took would echo in the corridors, every trembling breath they took would ring back in their ears, and the pounding of their hearts could be heard from every villain out there, craving to stretch their hands into their chests and collect the heart they shared.

" exactly how I remember it," Emma said looking around at all the family portraits and all the cabinets that had rotted through out the years, "Just a bit more torn down."

Killian smirked and looked down at her, "Well, having a cursed strike through every corner, smashing every window and then not being here for ten years, may be the cause of that," He said in a joking voice.

She smiled, she loved how cheeky her husband, her pirate was. But that smile faded away quickly when she stopped next to a closed wooden door that was on her left, she remembered exactly what was behind that door. Behind that door was where she and Killian spent many hours together, wrapped in each other's arms, mesmerizing the feeling of each other's skin under one another, the place where they made Henry.

"What is it, love?" He asked as he saw how she paused like she was frozen like something washed over her. Her face was blank as she stared down the darkened corridor that was no longer lit by the candles that they used for lightening.

"That room." She turned and pointed to the door. She wanted to go inside, but she had a feeling what she would see would cause tears to stream down her face. Before two days ago she thought she was an orphan that nobody loved and would never have a family but now she was a mother that was fighting as hard as she could, no matter how much pain she left, and no matter how many obstacles she had to get through, she had to get home to her son.

He smiled, he remembered all the moments they shared in there as well. The thoughts brought a tightening sensation to his groan as he slowly reached around Emma and wrapped his arms around her petite waist, pulling her snug against him to where there was no space between. "We shared a lot of lust and sensual Moments in there, how about we make another?" He asked nuzzling his lips close to her ear and started to place soft kisses down the delicate skin on her neck.

Even though she knew this wasn't the time, she still couldn't help but laugh at how impatient he was. "You'll have to wait," Said Emma as he carefully loosened the grip around her stomach, the tighter he would squeeze the more she just wanted to scream at how the pain would just suddenly strike her. One minute there would be no main and the next it would feel like her stomach was just being ripped open.

"Of course, it's not like all I've been doing for the last eleven years is wait," Killian said as a small grunt escaped from his throat. He was frustrated, he missed her touch, he missed the feeling of her skin, and he hated to say it but he desperately needed her.

"Hey, be patient." She placed a small kiss on his lips to make up for the long wait. It wasn't that she didn't want to have fun with him after all these years and after being cursed, it was just the pain that was killing her inside, she felt like if she did she would destroy herself.

Killian only smiled at her in response, he wasn't going to force her if she didn't want to, he wasn't like that and never was like that. He was a man of honor. But watching her closely he saw how her hand trembled to open that door, she was hesitant over something, probably scared of what she would see but when the door finally did creak open he watched as her eyes widened and she was forced to step back by an invisible shield of terror.

Peering over her shoulder he could see why she was so frightened, it almost looked as if the room had been untouched for all these years, everything still stood in its original spot, pictures still clung to the walls, jewels still hung from her vanity. But the one thing he knew was frightening her the most, was the bed.

Blood, she could see a pool of blood stained in the bed sheets. It was where she sat when she saw herself giving birth right before the curse broke, this was the spot where their family was created, complete and ripped apart. She squeezed her eyes and looked away as she clenched her stomach, the feeling of a baby once there was now gone and left with the feeling of emptiness. That was her pain, emptiness, she was no longer carrying her son, and now she had to deal with the price.

It was a very painful price to pay but it was all worth it in the end for her. She had caught something glistening off the corner of her eye, it was laying on the wooden end table that had a wooden bowl and old rage next to it, the rage used to dampen her forehead during labor. When she got close to see what the object was she was taken back and her breath hitched as her mouth gaped open. She couldn't believe it, it lasted all these years. She held it close to her chest, not wanting to ever let go.

"Love, you alright?" Killian asked with an arched brow as he stood in the doorway. He could see she was memorized over something but he couldn't quite see what it was. What would be so important in here, other than the scene of a woman giving birth?

She shook her head from her thoughts and took a deep breath as she hid the object into her pocket and whipped away her tears as she spun around. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine, come on, let's go see that wardrobe." She brushed past him but stopped a couple of steps down the corridor, looking back at him. His face was covered with worry, worry for her, she felt back she was making him worry, she didn't mean to. Placing out her hand she let him grasp onto it as they could walk down together.

"This is it darling, ready?" They stood hand in hand at the closed door that leads straight into their sons' nursery. Both were just anxious to get back home and be the family that they were always destined to be.

Killian was the one that opened up the door, and Emma steps inside looking down, not ready to look at everything that was lost with the curse. Everything she left behind was here, about to haunt her. She knew what to expect but she didn't think it would affect her the way it did when she finally got the courage to look up. Her face frowned as she looked around.

Everything was covered in dust and debris. Small glass shards laid out on the floor, the crib was tipped to its side and all the toys and stuffed animals lay on the floor, untouched since they were placed there.

"You sure you alright Swan?" Killian could sense the unease as she looked around.

She looked over at him, her eyes were glassy, which meant she did have some unshed tears that were stinging her eyes, but she took a breath and calmed herself down before she even thought about what to say. "It's just strange to be back here is all," She lied, that wasn't why she was so uneasy, but she wasn't ready to say why she felt this way yet.

He sensed the lie, he was going to make sure to ask her about it when they got back to the camp and they were alone once again. Now wasn't the time. "Well love, don't get too used to it because this is our ticket home." He walked over to the wardrobe that now was missing one of its doors and placed his hand on the bark. It still felt like new, it still looked new even, it was the only thing in the room that wasn't covered in dust and debris, it was enchanted after all.

"Right, so how did you get it to work the first time, some kind of on switch?" She searched around the wardrobe, looking for a way to turn this tree on. But she knew it was going to take a lot more than just a simple button to make this thing work, It was built to outrun a curse.

Killian chuckled, "I think it's absolutely adorable that you think there's always a simple way to everything," Killian said making his wife blush, "But no, we need to somehow restore the magic that was once inside. We need to bring it back to camp, maybe somebody will have a way to recharge it."

Even she knew that idea wasn't going to work, they couldn't just strap it onto their backs and lift it up, this thing probably weighed more than a ton and even if they could push it, it would take them twice as long to get back to camp since they would have to walk through the forest which consisted of trees, bumps, and rocks and not to forget that she was in incredible pain, she wouldn't be able to push anything. "And how do you expect us to do that?"

"With help from an old friend."

As they turned around they were shocked to see Lancelot there in the doorway. How did he know where they were or where they were going, neither one of them discussed their plans with him, they didn't even tell Mulan and Aurora until they were ways from camp.

"Lancelot, what are you doing here?" Emma asked in a high pitched voice. She was surprised that he would be here.

"Well after you left, ogres were spotted going in this direction, so I came to make sure you guys were alright," Lancelot spoke with his hand on his sword as he walked more into the room.

"Oh, where are Mulan and Aurora?" They were their look out, they would have come up with Lancelot.

"I sent them for food, tonight we'll make camp and tomorrow morning we'll make our way back to the Safe Haven." He stopped next to the couple and stared up at the wardrobe that he had heard so many of the kingdoms folks speak of, he just never thought it was true. "So, this is it? The wardrobe?"

Emma nodded, she had no reason not to trust Lancelot but for a strange reason, she had felt like something wasn't right here, like something was hidden in plain sight. "Same one that helped Henry and Killian escape the curse."

Killian watched carefully, There was something off about this so called Lancelot. Something strange was going on and he didn't like the feeling it was giving him deep in his gut. There was something Lancelot wasn't telling, and he was going to find out.

"Remarkable," Sighed Lancelot, not being able to take his eyes off the beauty.

"Aye, Geppetto carved it out of an Enchanted tree, but...there's no magic left," Explained Killian, watching this so called 'Knight' like he was a wanted prisoner in the brig of the ship that was worth more than any pirate could ever wish for.

Placing a hand on the wardrobe he traced his hand along the rough skin of the bark, mesmerizing every little detail. It looked beautiful. "A portal this powerful, there must be another way to recharge it." He started to look around the majestic creation, seeing exactly what it would take to recharge this.

"Why are you so interested in the wardrobe, mate?" Killian asked as his facial expressions started to tighten, his teeth started to grind and his hand rested lightly on the hilt of his sword as his hook was getting ready to pull Emma back from an attack. Emma must've noticed his unease because before he knew it she was looking up at him with worry, she knew something wasn't right as well.

Looking over at the two, there was a feeling that they figured it out, 'his' secret. "I just want to make sure you get back home to your family, and son, Henry," He finished with a smile at the two.

"And son, Henry." Those words immediately rung in his ears and then he knew what was going on, this wasn't Lancelot, this was... He grabbed Emma by her shirt and pulled her behind him with his hook as he drew his sword and waved it straight into this impersonators face. His grip on his sword was so tight that his knuckles were starting to turn white, you could hear the cracking of his cheek bones tightening. "Emma stay behind me! This isn't Lancelot, he isn't who he says he is."

Emma didn't understand, she knew something was off about Lancelot but she didn't think he was pretending to be somebody else, she knew him. He was her mothers' savior, her savior even. "W-What do you mean? Who the hell is he?"

His attention wasn't taken away from this 'man', his sword still held tight in his fist, his eyes burning into his components eyes, there was no escape from this, he was ready to kill if he had to, and he wouldn't have a problem with it. "There's only one person who heard Henry's name, and it wasn't Lancelot."

That's when it clicked in her brain. At the camp, there was only one person that overheard her speak Henry's name. But that person was imprisoned, she had no magic, was it possible that she was behind this. "Cora..." Suddenly there was a plume of purple smoke that surrounded Lancelot and once that smoke vanished into thin air, there she was...The Queen Of Hearts.

"Clever girl," Cora smirked coldly as she placed her hands on her hips and stared at the blade of Hook's sword.

"Where's Lancelot?!" Emma demanded an answer, Lancelot was too good of a man to be taken advantage of like this.

A smug grin then appeared on Coras' face, a murderess one of you will. "Oh, he's dead, I killed him ages ago." She never cared if she killed an innocent man in cold blood, it wouldn't be the first time she's done it.

"And you've been posing as him ever since, haven't you?" He could feel his blood starting to boil. thought she could just come and destroy his and Emma's happy ending? Well, she wouldn't, he loved her and Henry more than his ship, with them he had everything.

"Well they've never listened to me, besides, every kingdom needs a hero, don't you think?" Cora chuckled darkly through her own words.

Killian wasn't going to let this woman get into his head once again, not after everything she put him through last time with giants and dead people and ripping out hearts. No, this time was different, this time, he was the hero, not the villain. He swung his blade forward, he was going to stab her, kill her even, but before he knew it he was being picked up by magic and pinned on the wall where he couldn't breathe.

"Killian!" She grabbed her sword out of her sheath and ran towards the witch but she was too flung across the room, all she could hear was her husband fighting for his breath, him struggling.

A snake like laughter escaped through Cora's red velvet lips as she watched the pirate struggle trying to get away from her magical restraints. "Thank you Hook, I've been trying to find a way over for so long," Slithered Cora.

The impact of her body hitting the cold stone ground made double the pain shoot up into her body. It felt like everything was just about rip out of her. Her vision went blurry from her head hitting the ground, she could feel the blood run down her arm from getting cut on something, but that wasn't going to stop her, no matter how much pain she went through, her loved one's life was more important.

Picking herself up as quickly as she could she ran over towards Cora, but before she even reach the snake like women, Cora flicked her wrist, making the long red carpet that lay on the floor wrap around her body, making her fall right onto her stomach and making a high pitch scream escape her lips. She was damaging herself more than she already was, she would never heal, she would most likely die.

"I just never thought the person who would help me find it, would be you, Captain." A wide smile spread through her lips where you could see every pearly white.

Killian looked down and saw how Emma was holding two pieces of rocks, flat and smooth surfaced rocks, perfect for lighting fires. Then he knew what she was up to, she was saving them both, saving Storybrooke from having to face Cora's wrath. He had to distract her somehow. "Why? Why are you doing this?" He was able to make out from the feeling of barely getting air into his lungs, the feeling of choking.

"I want to see my daughter again, and I would love to meet my grandson, Henry." She saw the fire that sparked in the Captain's eyes as he flung himself around trying to get loose, trying to escape the restraints. You could see just how furious he was when he looked you dead in the eye with grinding teeth and his face as tight as could be.

"No, you won't!" Emma exclaimed as she struck the two rocks together, creating a small spark that quickly turned into a large flame around the wardrobe. Their way of getting home was now on fire, but if she learned anything from her parents it was to never give up hope, there is always another way.

Seeing the flames Cora gasped and acted fast. She shaped her hand like she was holding a ball and forced all the flames out the wardrobe and into her hand, flinging it right at that stubborn princess. Except instead of hitting the princess that warrior, Mulan jumped in front of her making the fire ball bounce off her sword. Of course, how could she not remember, her sword deflected her magic!

"We're not done here!" She grunted towards the Captain before she disappeared with a flick of her wrist, making all her magic leave the room and having Killian fall to the ground, being released.

It took her no longer than a second to reach her husband, of course, she never bothered to actually walk over to him, just crawl over, but it was still just as fast. "Are you okay?" She asked cupping his face with worry written all over her face, she was so scared she was going to lose him and this time for good. She was breathing heavily and her heart felt like it was going to pop out of her chest.

Picking himself up onto his knees, he looked into her emerald green eyes and saw only worry and panic inside them. She was scared for his life and he felt bad she felt that way. So, before he answered her he smashed his lips against hers and brought his hand behind her head to make her stay in place. Their lips moved in sync, expressing their love and feeling each others tongue fight for entrance.

Before they got carried away and done something that wasn't appropriate for this time, she ended up pulling away and looking at him with a cocked head and arched eyebrows. Where did that come from?

"You don't have to worry about me, love, I'm a survivor." He placed another strong kiss on her lips once again, he didn't care who was around, he was going to express his love.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and carried his hand down her form until he was just above her limits. He could feel the way she tensed and started to warm up in his arms, and him being the horny pirate he was couldn't help but get the same issue he had on their first date. His pants were getting tight around his waist, a little too tight actually.

Aurora looked away from the couple expressing their love, she just couldn't watch it when Philip had just died. So she turned her back and started to walk out the door, trying not to shed any tears, but she failed and felt the warm drop flow down her cheek and drop on stone.

He was kissing her so passionately but yet so rough she didn't want to pull away, but she remembered Mulan and Aurora were here, they didn't want to see this, besides they had to figure out another way to make a portal. So she ended up pulling away, immediately missing his soft lips on hers.

"We should...go set up camp," She said softly, looking right into her husbands' eyes, the Ocean blue that she would dream about when cursed, she didn't know what it meant until now.

"Aye love." He picked himself up and gave her a hand. While he helped her up he noticed how swollen her stomach looked, it hadn't noticed before, was it always like that or was this something new? Was she...pregnant again. No, it couldn't be possible...could it?

Were they just going to ignore what had happened in here? She thought something was off about Lancelot when she had first seen him walking up to them outside but when she woke up and remembered Lancelot having magic to knock them out, she knew something was wrong and immediately rushed inside and followed the voices. "What happened to Lancelot?"

"It was never Lancelot. Cora killed him and was impersonating him ever since" Emma explained to Mulan who looked confused.

How could she not have seen it? She was always around Lancelot. "How could I have been so stupid, I should have known something wasn't right!"

"Trust me, you weren't the only one that was tricked. The whole shapeshifting thing threw me off as well." Emma said placed a hand on her softened stomach. "Now come on, I'm tired and hungry!"

"As you wish, Milady." Killian picking her up bridal style surprisingly, getting a soft chuckle out of his princess. He carried her until they were the whole way out of the castle. He carried her in bridal style when they first got married, so he was going to carry her out for the last time in bridal style.

She couldn't help herself, she had to look back one last time, but when she did, all she saw was how the nursery used to look with bright colors and a crib still standing. She could hear the sounds of a baby crying and laughing with laughter. That was what she wanted, and she never got the chance to even hold her son, not even once. She had to turn around as she felt the tears welling up in her eyes. She missed everything.

"I love you," I whispered roughly into her ear before setting her down and placing one last soft kiss on her creamy lips.

Mulan walking around the camp, making sure nothing was lurking around or that there was nothing that seemed like a threat to them. She watched Aurora with a smile as she sat in her sleeping area looking up at the stars. Aurora was beautiful when Philip and she were searching for his princess and he described her beauty she had no idea she would ten times as better as he said.

It was weird, every time she was around Aurora she felt a tingling feeling in her stomach, she would get nervous and her palms would get sweaty and when she spoke it was like angels were singing. She didn't know what was happened to her, she never felt like this before...well once, but that was just a simple fling.

While Killian was setting up there sleeping space, Emma sat by the fire, staring up at the rattle she had found earlier in hers and Killian's room. It was just lying there, never touched, not dusty, it looked brand new. It was supposed to be Henry's, she was going to give it to him the moment she held him in her arms for the first time, but it never happened.

She brought it up to her ear and gently shook it, closing her eyes as she listened to the rattle and imagined a baby boy smile. She felt the tears roll down her face so she quickly whipped them away before anybody would notice.

"What's that?" Killian asked as he sat down next to her on the dirt. He saw her holding something up to her ear, and he heard it rattle.

He startled her, her heart rate went sky high before she realized who it was. "God, you scared me." She calmed herself down by taking slow deep breaths. When she felt her heart slow down she then looked at her husband and showed him the golden rattle.

He remembered that rattle, they had waited months for it to be delivered, they had gotten it specially made for their baby, this was before they even knew they were having a boy, and he never even got to use it once. "That's Henrys."

"Yeah, I found it when we looked into our room, it was just lying there, untouched, I can't believe it lasted all these years," Emma said astonished look at the rattle glow in the light of the fire. I was well shinned with little to no scratches, she couldn't believe she found it.

He watched her adore the object in her hands, but there was one thing he wanted to know ever since the curse broke and she saw Henry for the first time. "How do you feel about this? Henry, that is."

She swallowed hard as she felt the ball in her throat grow bigger. She knew that question would come up eventually, she just thought she would have more time to think about it. "...Well...I missed his entire life, I touched him for the first time when the curse broke. I never got to hold him before the curse hit, I never got to see his first walk, or hear his first words...I missed...everything." A tear found its way down her cheek and landed on the rattle, having a small glow that nobody noticed as the tear sank inside.

Feeling sorry for her he placed his arm around her shoulders and brought her into his chest so she could listen to his heart beat. "But it wasn't your fault love. Henry forgives you, we're all together now and that's all that matters."

She leaned into him as her tears soaked into his blackened top and she felt the warmth coming off of his body. "But there could've been another way, there's always another way, we could've been together, we could've broken the curse together, we could have been a family like we always wanted to be."

Leaning back and cupping her face with his hand he looked at her glassy red eyes, "There was nothing we could do, blue told us it was the only way and it could only take two people." He remembered what August told him about his father lying so his boy could escape, he couldn't tell Emma, it would devastate her even more. "And love, we could always try for another baby," He said with a flirtatious eye brow raise and smirk.

"Yeah, not anytime soon, I'm still healing from giving birth to Henry and I don't you think Henry would think we were trying to replace him because I never got to be with him?" Emma asked placing her hand over her stomach.

"Healing? It's been eleven years," He was confused now, how could a woman still be healing from giving birth, but then he thought about it and that would explain why she was having such bad pains in her stomach and why he kept sensing her lying when she said she was only hungry.

"Yes, but I was also cursed for eleven years and when I woke up, everything went back to how it was supposed to be," Emma explained as she looked down at the small swollen area where she had last remembered Henry being.

He didn't know what to say, he only wished that his wife wouldn't have to go through this pain anymore, that she would heal and they could get back to their son and maybe have another go at being a family. "Come on, let's go to bed, long day tomorrow." He carried her over to their bed and laid her down softly as he jumped next to her and snuggled her close as her head lay on his shoulder. "Goodnight princess."

"Goodnight Killian, I love you so much and I want to try to have a family again..." She reached up and kissed his cheek before falling back down and resting

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