For the Drabble Game Challenge (KevinJoaquin, "You don't have to leave.", requested by Bex)

Kevin opens his eyes, blinking rapidly, his mind fuzzy. He doesn't recognize the peeling wallpaper or the tattered blue blanket that drapes his bare chest. Even more unusual, arms are around him, holding him close.

He turns, smiling to himself when he sees Joaquin. The smile doesn't last long when he notices the clock on the bedside table announcing that it's six in the morning.


He rolls out of bed, pouting as Joaquin's arms fall away from him. He shouldn't have stayed the night. If his dad has noticed his empty bad, he's going to be in for one hell of a lecture. Maybe he'll get lucky. Maybe his dad stayed overnight at the station.

"You don't have to leave," Joaquin murmurs.

"Actually, I sort of do," Kevin says, grabbing his shirt from where it had been carelessly discarded the night before. "I have to go to school. My dad might overlook me staying out all night, but skipping class is basically telling the world I have a death wish."

Joaquin sits up, the blanket falling to his lap. Kevin's eyes sweep over his body, and he shivers. It isn't fair for anyone to look so tempting. For a moment, he finds himself wondering if his education is really that important.

"I can teach you things that aren't in any textbooks," Joaquin says, wiggling his brows.

Kevin groans. He doesn't think that he has the strength to resist Joaquin. For a moment, he considers dropping to his knees and praying. But, really, that position might give his boyfriend other ideas. "You have no idea how much I don't want to leave," he says.

"Then don't," Joaquin suggests, climbing out bed and resting his hands on Kevin's shoulders. "A day off never hurt anyone."

"Has anyone ever told you that you're a bad influence."

Joaquin smirks. He taps the serpent tattoo on his arm. "Oddly enough, I've heard that a few times. Personally, I think I'm a damn saint. Well, maybe not."

His hands fall, and he grips Kevin's waist, his thumbs trailing teasingly over his hip bones.

"Oh… My God. That's, uh… That's… I really should go. I have to-"

Joaquin silences him with a kiss, fierce and bruising. Every excuse, every shred of logic and reason just melts away into oblivion.

He's had perfect attendance all year. One day won't hurt.