Dean slowly began to stir from a much needed rest. He frowned into his pillow, slowly looking around the dark motel room. The alarm clock beside the bed flashed with red numbers, reading 3:19 am. A low whine echoed in the otherwise silent room, and he cast a worried glance to the underside of the nightstand. Sam was quietly whining behind the wall of books Dean had set up earlier that night. He grimaced, imagining his tiny brother squirming in his nightmare induced state.

It had been months since the nightmares of his capture had begun to fade away, shortly after his arm had healed. Dean was glad to see them go; he hated the feeling of hopelessness that came from knowing there was little he could do to help his baby brother.

They had stopped at this little hotel the night before, just travelling around in search of a case. So far they had found nothing, so they were taking the time to relax. It was nice after the recent events. He hated fairies.

Then Sam screamed, long and loud. Dean was instantly awake, flinging the sheets off and nearly tumbling off the bed in his haste.

'Sam? Sammy?' He called. No answer.

There was a blinding light that pierced through the gaps of the books, engulfing strands of the room in a warm glow. Dean blinked away the sudden spots in his vision as he yanked one of the books aside.

'Sammy? Are you alri-' He paused when he caught sight of the tiny figure that sat, panting, on the doll bed. They turned to Dean, their breath hitching in fright.

It wasn't Sam.

Sam woke with a start, panting for breath. His lungs burned from the lack of air, his throat hoarse like he'd been screaming. He rubbed at his chest, where he could still feel a suffocating pressure. After a moment the tight feeling dissipated, leaving Sam to sit on a slightly damp cloth.

He glanced around, confused to see not the familiar sides of old books, but a huge expanse of darkness. He wasn't under the nightstand. He was laying on a folded piece of green cloth – which smelt of earth and woodsmoke – atop a desk. Dark shadows loomed in the distance, but it was too dark to make them out. He frowned. He distinctly remembered getting into his doll bed the night before.

Where is Dean, he wondered.

He flinched when a door was roughly knocked open, the force causing it to slam against the wall with a crunching BANG!

'Eyes.' A rough voice muttered. It was all the warning he got before lights were switched on. Sam winced, temporarily blinded by the sudden light.

'Alright brat, what is it? Did ya have a nightmare or som-'

Sam went rigid as that strange tingling sensation spread over his neck, only light to show that he had been spotted. No malice, at least. A giant paused mid-step as he had been coming over, staring at him. Sam quickly assessed the stranger. He was humanoid, wearing dark jeans and a dark red shirt. The black boots and worn out leather jacket were similar to Dean's, if it wasn't for the copper spikes on the shoulders. Black fingerless gloves adorned his hands, a black watch wrapped around the left wrist. He looked like a young human, mid teens at the oldest. But the eyes and hair...

The eyes were a deep blood red, intense and calculating. The red hair seemed to crackle like flames, waving in the air with every slight movement.

Sam inched off the cloth, his hand automatically reaching for the comfort of his silver knife. Was this thing some sort of demon? It couldn't be human, he was sure of that.

The movement snapped the creature out of his shock. He frowned, stomping forward.

'Who the fuck are you?' He demanded, unperplexed by the existence of a tiny man on the desk. This made Sam shiver. Had this creature had prior experience with smaller folk like himself?

Then the red eyes narrowed. The persistent tingling grew stronger in warning, causing Sam to stiffen. The giants frown shifted into a snarl. He let out a low, animalistic growl.

'Where's Takota?!'

Sam bolted to the back of the desk. He rushed under the monitor for a strange looking computer, grabbing onto the cords that trailed behind it and scaling down. It was a bold move that could prove disastrous, but without his hook and a giant reaching for him, he had few options.

The giant... thing, that he now dubbed Red, reached into the crevice after him, but Sam was already out of easy reach. Red growled, leaning forward and trying to snatch him up. Sam prepared to be shaken up by the quake that so much mass impacting wood would cause... but there was nothing. He could clearly see that Red was leaning against the desk, but there had been no impact. As if there wasn't really anything there.

He didn't dwell on it. Red's hand had grown closer, the long fingers almost touching him. He let go of the cord, dropping to the wooden floor with a huff. He landed in a crouch, thankful it hadn't been a long drop. With a quick glance at Red's angry face above, Sam began to dash away, looking for any access into the walls. A hole, a vent, just something so he could escape this thing and find Dean.

He became a bit distressed when he realized the walls were made of solid rock. He trailed a hand over the cold stone. It was seamless, and scarily smooth, like the polished wood beneath his feet. The stone was pristine and whole, and the only vent he could spot was on the ceiling, well out of reach.

Red growled from outside Sam's temporary safe spot. A hand wedged under the solid desk. With barely any effort, the entire desk – computer, stacks of books and all – was thrown nosily to the side. Sam yelped at the noise it caused, staring fearfully at the maybe-demon who'd carelessly dumped the desk on its side. He growled, eyes flashing slightly before he pounced for the borrower.

Sam bolted to the side, narrowly avoiding the hand.

'STAY STILL YA FUCKING RAT!' Red boomed, swinging an arm to try and knock Sam down. He managed to duck under the huge appendage, turning to bolt to the nearby couch.

Until a hand slammed down on his back, knocking him painfully to the ground. He lay dazed for a moment, taking deep breaths to fill his suddenly empty lungs.

Then the fingers began to move, wrapping around his torso. Sam yelped, struggling against the strong grip even as it solidified and rose. The giant smirked, still crouched by the couch.

'You're more trouble than I thought.' He sneered, eyes narrowed menacingly.

Sam twisted about as two fingers pinched at his chest and back, suspending him high in the air. He gasped out in pain, the thumb adding too much pressure to his torso. He was sure he'd get bruises from that, at the very least. He took a deep breath, reaching into his vest and grabbing his knife. He sliced at the thumb, causing Red to flinch back and drop him.

Sam landed hard, but quickly jumped to his feet, holding the tiny knife out defensively. He limped slightly, the jarring landing doing nothing for his aching legs. Red was staring down at his hand, where there was the smallest of cuts along his thumb.

'Did you just...'

'And I'll do it again if you try and touch me!' Sam declared, backing away as Red continued to stare at the dollop of blood, 'Now stay back!'

Sam knew it was a useless threat. He could slash at the giant all he wanted, but there was little he could truly do to fight against such a large being. He'd been painfully reminded of that plenty of times, after all.

He gulped as Red's hair almost glowed, the flame-like movements becoming erratic. The eyes glowed bright as he growled, glaring down at Sam's retreating form.

'You will pay for that!' He hissed, holding up his fist. Sam widened his eyes in fright as the fist began to rush towards him, ready to make him a stain against the wooden floor. He cried out, holding his arms in front of him in useless defense.

And the tingling sensation suddenly doubled.

He waited, but he was never crushed. He cautiously looked up to see a second giant with a firm hold of that deadly fist, mere inches above Sam. The two giants glared at each other, then the newcomer glanced down at Sam. He lowered his other hand, which held a clear vase, over the tiny borrower. With a loud thud against wood, Sam was trapped under a glass prison.