Text Types


"Hello?" = Character Speaking


""Can anybody hear me?" = Character Thinking

Character Action

"Hello! Can anybody hear me! I am trapped down here! SOMEBODY!" I shouted to no one as I sat at the bottom of a whole thinking… "Remember… Your Name… Knight the Hedgehog… You have to remember… You have to! Please… Wait… What was that?"

"Man, Never thought Eggman would leave a base like this so empty right Tails?" I heard a person say his voice sounding so familiar…

"I know right. This place has some early sketches for Metal Sonic… And oh look at this Sonic! It looks like some prototype Metal Sonic armor…" I heard.

"Um… Hi! If you can hear me can you um help me get out of this room?" I shouted to the two persons I could hear.

"Stay here tails it might be a trap." I then heard a loud sound like VROOOOM as the one called "Sonic" dashed over to my location.

"Um… Who are you?" Sonic asked me and I sensed a friendly aura from him just by the way he looked and talked. "Can you um assist me in getting out of this cage?" I asked him pointing at the key on the lock

"Um sure." Sonic said staring at me the whole time. He then unlocked the key and I walked out and gave him a huge hug. "It has been years! Well for me if I think I just turned 16 January 23. I said smiling at Sonic. "Okay… So how did you get here?" Sonic asked me a concerned look on his face. "I was running through this um… Green Hill Zone place where I ran into a portal and it transported me here." I said and I stepped out and followed Sonic and Tails outside and I looked at Sonic with a smirk on my face. "Race me Sonic." I asked him out of the blue. "Are you sure you have been locked up in there for three years?" Sonic asked me out of concern.

"Yes please." we then indicated a race field around the whole world to this point and we got in a racing position. "Prepare yourself." Sonic said to me and I replied with a simple "Same to you." And as soon as Tails said start we dashed off

I ran in front of Sonic my speed topping his only for him to burst from behind me passing me but I followed closely behind him keeping up when we saw a gigantic loop and I dashed forward using some new speed I gained somehow passing Sonic. "Come can't the world's fastest Hedgehog beat a person who hasn't ran a race in 3 years AND has been locked in a room?" I shouted which made him growl and he started going at full speed leaving burn marks on the ground. Suddenly, I ran at full speed and I felt everything slowed around me as Sonic ran alongside me running at the same pace then I passed him and then… "Sonic I feel like if I run any faster something bad is going to happen." I said to the blue hedgehog who then looked at me dead in the face. "It is natural just let the speed flow through you close your eyes and breathe and then just run." I did as he told me too and I ran I then opened my eyes to see I was at the finish line in front of Tails.

'How did I end up here' I thought and Tails looked at me shock covering his face. "You just broke the Multiversal Barrier. Something only Hyper Sonic can do… Knight… You… Are…"

"I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT!" Shadow the Hedgehog shouted at Tails and Sonic as their friends looked at me surprised. "So you are Knight the Hedgehog. Nice to meet you since I am the last one here I guess you haven't heard about me. I am Amy Rose… Sonic's one and only…" "Okay see Sonic said you would try something like this so I know you are not his Girlfriend. I then walked towards the Shadow and offered a hand out to him but then he stared at me with a glare. "Um Hi I am Knight the Hed-" I started but then he grabbed me by my hair and ran off with me with Sonic following closely behind us and the he threw me to the ground in some forest. "I don't know much about you. Where you are from how those idiots found you but I am here to make sure you really are the quote on quote "Fastest Hedgehog Alive" He then threw a punch at me but then like with Sonic time slowed and I dodged the punch and struck Shadow in the face with a hard swing knocking him back and then he kicked me across the face sending me into the mud.

Shadow then leaped into the air and curled up into a ball and homed into me smashing into my body and sending me into the water and I looked up and saw energy forming in his hands. "CHAOS SPHERE!" I heard him shout as two yellow projectiles were sent at me and I dodged both expertly before leaping out of the water and landed a strong kick to the Black Hedgehog's face leaving a mark on his cheek. "My memory is slowly coming back to me now… Yeah… I was an experienced knight by the the KING! Yes… KING LANCELOT!" He shouted as he started giving Shadow a beatdown faster each punch until the Hedgehog gave a whimper once he brought his fist in for another punch. "Scared? Likewise. Not many people have lasted fights with me. Most have died. I remember some more of my past though so thank you. Goodbye, Shadow the Hedgehog." I then ran back the way we came leaving Shadow their in the forest.

Shadow's POV

I lost… To a Hedgehog who is inferior… Speed and Strength how do you match that… Sonic is speed and I am Strength how do beat a person who bested us in both of those things… he must be Selkadoom's reincarnation… Yet… I feel like… He isn't…

Shadow didn't notice a dark energy flowing from the ground toward him and as soon as he felt it's presence it lashed at him entering his mouth strangling him before fully going down his throat engulfing him in the darkness causing his eyes to go completely red and the red on his black spines turning a dark purple and he screamed "KNIGHT THE HEDGEHOG!" Into the air before with a smile dashed forward ready to kill the Hedgehog himself.

Third Person POV

"And that is what happened." He said to Sonic who looked at him with a somewhat look of admiration but a small tinge of fear that he hoped Knight couldn't notice. "He bested Shadow… My superior in strength…" Sonic then left the room his head down. "Hey Tails," Knight said to the two-tailed fox who looked at him to the calling of his name. "Yes?" "Do you know where King Arthur's Kingdom was?" "Um… Yes I have it mapped. Why do you want to know?" "Easy."

My sword is waiting for me

(OP/ED Theme - Endless Possibilities)

Sooo… Yeah this is a AU but I would have to canonically base it around a year before Sonic Forces so there won't be much Eggman until I decide to start taking my own spin on the plot we know of with if I remember correctly Eggman taking over I think 99% of the world. So Knight will have a Central Role in things (In a Bad Way) and yes the breaking of the Multiverse Barrier is Knight's current top speed putting him above both Sonic and Shadow in speed and strength respectively. So give a good reason if you think this story is bad so I can change it BUT Knight stays this story would be nothing without him.