she knows about my past. she knows that i'm scared to touch, and she's trying to respect that. i appreciate that, but with her, i just know it would be okay.

"Sherlock" she exhaled whilst walking towards him. he was stood before the wall of crazy with his hands on his head. joan knew he was pushed to the limit although she was no longer his sober companion, she still cared, just as a best friend does. she placed herself on the corner of the red table in the middle of the room, placing both feet on the chair which was in front of her. "It's going to be okay" she said softly not wanting to startle him.

"Is it Watson? it is?" he snapped back at her, at this point sherlock turned around and could clearly see that he had made her jump, "I'm sorry, i didn't mean to startle you watson. i'm just incredibly stressed as i'm sure you're aware." he almost whispered.

"I know, i know" she repeated, "I'm going to go upstairs, please do not stay up much longer and you know where i am if you want to talk." she lowered her tone to match his. he softly nodded in reply and she jumped down from the table and walked upstairs. joan had been upstairs trying to fall asleep for around two hours but she simply couldn't fall asleep, she was worried about sherlock. she decided to go and talk to him and she could still hear him downstairs, as she got out of bed and put her slippers on she heard a loud exhale from sherlock. joan walked downstairs and was greeted by sherlock who was now flunked out on the sofa,

"Couldn't sleep watson?" he questioned barely moving from his position.

"Not really" she replied, knowing this was a bad idea but she couldn't bring herself to stop what she was doing she walked to the sofa where sherlocks feet were and carefully moved his feet from the sofa before siting on it and placing his feet on top of her legs. "I'm worried about you" she mumbled, she could feel sherlocks eyes looking straight at her but she refused to make eye contact.

"I'm fine Watson, there's just a lot going on at the moment." he said calmly, at this point sherlock had swung around so he was now sitting on the sofa instead of lying. joan has moved up one spot and they were now sitting side by side. joan placed her hand on top of sherlocks which was resting on his upper thigh. sherlock flinched but didn't move.

"It's going to be alright though, you know that i'm going to help you and that i'm always here if you need to talk. I might not be your sober companion but it doesn't mean i don't care." she replied wary at what she had just done. sherlocks head had fallen gently onto her shoulder and without her realising he had fallen asleep, joan chuckled to herself as this must have been the first time he had been asleep in days. joan gently intertwined their fingers, she fell asleep shortly after.