Plunking herself down in the seat next to her friend, Jenna let out an exasperated sigh. "Honestly, Deb, did you even finish that book?"

Deb looked at her friend, raising one eyebrow. "I did, and I liked it. It leaves it up to your imagination what'll happen next."

"Imagination indeed. You'd have to have an imagination to take that book even remotely seriously. I mean, wizards and witches with wands and broomsticks. How cliché can you get? And I still can't get over the end." She huffed again before putting extra effort into her voice, making it sound pompus. "Death is the next great adventure."

"It's just a book, Jen, you don't need to take it seriously." Deb shook her head and stood up, waiting for the other woman to lead her to her car. "We have to hurry up. Jamie's meeting us there at four and we're already running late."

"Don't get your panties in a knot. We've got plenty of time," Jen said as she stood up and grabbed her keys off the table. "But death isn't an adventure. When you die you die, and that's it, so you have to take what pleasure you can from life."

Deb rolled her eyes again as she slipped into the passenger seat. "How epicurean of you."

Jenna snorted and started the car. After several minutes she spoke again. "And why do we have to rush over there. We're just meeting him at his apartment."

"Punctuality is a good skill to develop, my feather brained friend."

"You're just lucky I didn't make you walk."

The rest of the car ride was uneventful. They pulled into the visitor parking and made their way up to their friend's apartment. They had only known him for three years, but already he'd been drawn into their circle, even if Jamie Evan remained a secret to them.

They didn't bother knocking on the door when the reached his flat. He was supposed to be waiting for them, and they'd never bothered knocking before, much to their friend's chagrin. When their eyes focused on the scene before them, they wished they had.

Jamie was talking to an older looking man with greasy dark hair in what appeared to be an animated discussion. Neither noticed the two girls walk in.

"You're a difficult man to find, Evan… or should I call you Jamie now?"

"Neither until you explain how you got into my rooms," Jamie replied, his voice hard in a way they'd never heard before from him. He must have been really angry.

"There's no need to get sharp with me," the man countered just as sharply. "If any one has a reason to be contrary it would be me. I find out I've been shagging my rival's son, and then he buggers off to America. And you left quite a mess behind you."

The girls shared a look, unable to believe that their friend was gay. It was as though they were watching a soap opera; very cool.

Jamie's face paled and his eyes dropped. "I see you found that."

"As if there was any doubt. You have no worries. As far as everyone's concerned, that monster was destroyed by his own followers."

"So if you're not here about that, why are you? And better yet, how did you find me? Why did you want to find me?"

"Your mutt of a godfather is getting married, as I'm sure you know. He was a little furious that you refused his invitation to the wedding, and wished for someone to go retrieve you. He would have come himself but his fiancée is forcing him to help make the plans."

"That doesn't explain why you of all people are here."

The older man faltered a little and coughed. "As to that… I've had a lot of time to think about it… three years to be exact, and I've come to the conclusion that you had your reasons. You're not the boy I taught all those years ago, nor did you become your father. My only regret is that you didn't bother to tell me before you made your little confession to the rest of the staff."

Jamie ducked his head sheepishly. "So I'm forgiven?"

"Not exactly. Remember, I've had three years to stew over it. You'll have to make it up to me."

"Why Sev, you've grown soft in your old age."

"I've told you not to call me that."

The two girls backed out of the apartment as they saw Jamie close his lone green eye and lean in to kiss the greasy haired man. As much as they might have enjoyed the free show, they weren't going to invade his privacy as he 'made up' with his lover.

"I still think that book was horrible," Jenna pouted as they shut the door behind them. "We never got to know if he hooked up with that Potion's Master."

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