"So what do you have on your schedule?"Fitz asked.

"Nothing to big at the moment I'm getting a fence and security booth put in at our house plus getting it fully decorated picking up where you left off."Olivia said.

"Sounds good."Fitz replied.

"I want everything to be perfect."Olivia said.

"It will be."Fitz replied.

"I know."Olivia said.

"Huck showed me the feed he has linked to the house,"Fitz replied.

"Yeah he wanted to make sure we had a way of knowing what the workers were upto."Olivia said.

"Good I should have asked him to do that before but I never thought about it."Fitz replied.

"That's what I'm here for to think of the things that don't cross your mind."Olivia said.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."Fitz replied.

"Neither would I."Olivia said.

"I know because we are where we are meant to be with whom we are meant to be with."Fitz replied.

"I know that now."Olivia said.

"Then don't ever forget it."Fitz replied.

Meanwhile at OPGA.

"Liv didn't get to see the whole house but Fitz provided us with the blueprints."Huck said.

"It's pretty nice."Quinn replied.

"Fitz asked me what type of security features I thought should be added to the house before he had it 's a smart house with a panic room connected to the adjoining offices.

"Olivia's office is a total replica of her office here and Fitz's is a replica of the oval office.

"Each one has a remote control operated bookcase that reveal hidden closed circuit television's which will also be in the panic room."Huck said.

"Okay what else?"Harrison asked.

"There are cameras covering every inch of the property. they even have close circuit tvs hidden in their bedroom a silent alarm will trigger from the security booth should anything suspicious happens."Huck said.

"Sounds like it's as secure as the Whitehouse."Abby replied.

"That's my intention the house sits in a seculed area so it needs all the protection it can everything is solar powered so power outage's won't effect them."Huck said.

"What does that have to do with the rest of us?"Quinn asked.

"Fitz is counting on us to make everything perfect for Liv so that we can continue what we do either here or in Vermont or both."Huck said.

"The guest houses look nice too."Harrison replied.

"Yes, it's everything Fitz and Liv ever dreamed about."Huck said.

As the hussle and bussle of the day continues Olivia dives head first into her work in her office.

Olivia knew that today alot of work was being done at the house in Vermont and she couldn't help herself thinking about the way she discovered the house in the beginning.

Fitz was a man who provoked strong emotions out of and Edison could only provoke anger and pity in Jakes case.

What bothered her most about Fitz was his use of power over her.

He could make her angry but he could also melt her heart.

"Hey,what are you thinking about?"Fitz asked.

"Our home."Olivia said.

"What about it."Fitz asked.

"I'm happy you didn't sell it."Olivia said.

"When you asked me not to it gave me hope to fight harder for us."Fitz replied.

"I asked you not to because I realized that was your way of making our future real."Olivia said.

"I know anything I can do for you not to just visualize it I will you are the love of my life the beat of my heart the breath to my lungs i love you Livvie."Fitz replied.

"I love you too Fitz."Olivia said.

As they kissed their hearts seemed to skip a beat.

"What are you thinking about?"Fitz asked.

"That we've come a long way we went through a lot to get here at this place that so much circumstance tried to keep us from it that it's still surreal to me."Olivia said.

"I know which was why I had the house built because we both didn't need the dream or picture anymore we needed the reality."Fitz replied.

"You made real for me that was for sure if i hadn't of left the next morning you probably would have taken me on a sexual tour of our house."Olivia said.

"That was the plan but that can wait till we have moved in."Fitz replied.

"I like that plan."Olivia said.

"Me too."Fitz replied.

Everything was coming together at the house the people working there were made to understand what styles Fitz and Olivia loved and followed it to the letter.

"It's looking really great their really doing a good job."Olivia said.

"Yes I'm glad Huck gave us access to cameras to watch the progress."Fitz replied.

"Yeah he's a keeper."Olivia replied.

"Yes I agree."Fitz replied.

"I'm excited to go back there though I know it's going to be a while with everything going on."Olivia said.

"Yes, but when we do it will be the way we want it."Fitz replied.

"It will be perfect."Olivia said.

"My feelings exactly."Fitz said.

Fitz could never get enough of holding Olivia in his arms especially when they slept

As the next morning dawnd Olivia woke up feeling Fitz arms still loosely wrapped around her.

Getting up she made her way to the bathroom turning the shower on waiting for it to get to the perfect temperature steam wafted in the bathroom fogging up the mirror fifteen minutes later she sat in front of her dressing mirror as she fixed her hair and makeup wearing her robe.

"Your looking radiant Liv."Fitz said.

"You think so?"Olivia asked.

"Of course I do I would think that the fact even before we were married I couldn't get enough of you would have told you that."Fitz replied.

"I guess I missed the signs."Olivia said.

"You were dealing with a lot that's what happens when there is a lot going on."Fitz replied.

"Yes we both were dealing with a lot."Olivia said.

"We're going to have our challenges but we're in this together no matter what."Fitz replied.

"What couple doesn't have their challenges."Olivia asked.

"We certainly did."Fitz replied.

"I know."Olivia said.

"And we got through it."Fitz replied.

"Yes we did."Olivia said.

They fell asleep in eachother's arms the sounds of birds singing outside their bedroom window woke them up like a gentle alarm clock.

"Good morning Liv."Fitz greeted as he kissed her lips.

"Good morning Fitz."Olivia said.

They had made it a tradition to take showers together every morning so that they could have as much alone time as possible.

Before he headed off to the oval and Olivia checked her tablet for her schedule.

She also checked the camera feed on the house seeing work was well underway.

Her security detail followed her out heading for the OPGA offices.

She had the G added to the sign to show who she had become.

"Good morning team."Olivia greets.

"Good morning."They replied.

"Our gladiating FLOTUS is glowing."Abby said.

"Really I hadn't noticed."Olivia replied.

"Yes I'd say it's a sign of sheer happiness."Harrison said.

"Well I am happy everything is going good in my life inspite of how rocky it was."Olivia replied.

"Enough lets not take Liv down the painful sideroad of memory lane."Quinn said.

"Thanks,so what's going on?"Olivia asked.

"Well you already know everything with the house is going well and interestingly enough your approval ratings are off the freaking charts better than Mellie's ever was."Huck replied.

"Let me see."Olivia said.

She looks at her ratings compared to Mellie's.

"I didn't want this all I ever wanted was to be a successful lawyer she was the one who wanted to be FLOTUS leading tours doing dinner parties photo ops with the kids."Olivia said.

"Liv don't you see Mellie was just a recycled version of FLOTUS'S that came before her and she was ok being a copy.

You redefined the role making it fit you and I believe that the American people noticed that."Stephen replied.

"What those other ladies did was all well and good but I have never been someone who copies I will always get it done my way."Olivia said.

"There is nothing wrong with that Liv."Huck replied.

"I know Huck."Olivia said.

"He's right Liv seems to me everything is going the way it should be."Marcus replied.

"Hi all."Anthony greets.

"Ant what's going on?"Olivia asked.

"Well Liv, we're going to help you gladiate you can always use more Gladiator's especially people who can get into securely locked doors."Anthony replied.

"Sounds great I'd love to have you guys working with us."Olivia said.

The day progressed with more scandal's to fix and by the time Olivia returned to the Whitehouse she was able to spend sometime time with Karen and Teddy.

Fitz walked into the residents seeing Olivia sandwiched between Karen and Teddy with the tv going with the volume low.

The nanny came in scooping Teddy up without waking him taking him to his room while Fitz carried Karen to her room.

Olivia stured noticing that she was alone until she looked up seeing Fitz looking down at her smiling.

"Hey,you look like you were sleeping peacefully."Fitz said.

"Yeah we were watching a movie and we just fell asleep."Olivia replied.

"It's good that you're bonding with the kids."Fitz said.

"They are great kids considering everything that's happened."Olivia replied.

"True I know this life hasn't been easy on them but they handle it well."Fitz said.

Fitz got in the bed pulling Olivia to him and held her as they fell asleep.

The next morning the got ready for their day as usual as they kissed and parted ways for the day Olivia's heart felt so full.

Checking her schedule for the day she was happy to see her team managing the work load at noon she had a lunch date with Quinn Abby Sydney and her Aunt's.

While Deacon and Broderick had meetings of their own.

"So Eli hasn't made a move."Broderick said.

"No but that doesn't mean he won't he likes to toy with people give them a false since of security. Eli believes Fitz stole Anthony and Olivia away from him what better way to reply to that by taking Jerry away from him.

He's smart arrogant and has a hot temper I'm just waiting for him to make his move so I can make mine."Deacon replied.

"Clearly, it was a mistake to put men with families in B613 because they have the most to lose and he gave up his wife and kids for it."Broderick said.

"Nothing can be done about that now but what we can do is make sure Eli and Mya don't ruin anymore parts of Ant's and Olivia's lives."Deacon replied.

Across town Olivia sat with her Aunts Quinn Abby and Sydney talking.

"So my dear it seems you are settling into marriage quite well."Aunt Lena said.

"Yeah It felt like i was married to him before we were even married except we couldn't be in the open."Olivia replied.

"That's because to the both of you in your hearts you were moment his heart was yours he saw you as his wife."Aunt Janet said.

"Really how did you know?"Olivia asked.

"Liv we know what staged is and Fitz and Mellie put on a good show but only a fool couldn't tell that's what it was for fact you practically had to hogtie those two to be in a room without cameras around spoke volumes."Aunt Lena replied.

"The way I see it Mellie was just holding your place til you were ready to step into it."Aunt Janet said.

"You know she's right."Sydney replied.

"Ambition and Power have no place next to love those three things you can't force people into they only work if the two involved care and love eachother."Aunt Lena said.

"Big Gerry looked at Fitz like he was a loser and needed him around to guide Fitz where Big Gerry wanted him to be."Olivia replied.

"That was Big Gerry's failure not Fitz's."Aunt Janet said.

"Oh,I know I'm just glad he can't cast a dark shadow over our marriage."Olivia replied.

"That's because you won't give him the Power to like Fitz and Mellie did."Aunt Lena said.

"You're right I won't."Olivia replied.

They talked a little while more before partying ways for the day.

Olivia Abby and Quinn headed back to OPGA to finish their work before Olivia headed back to the Whitehouse.

They gathered in the dinning room for dinner.

"Hey Liv, I missed you."Fitz greeted.

"I missed you too Fitz."Olivia replied.

"How was your day?"Olivia asked.

"You know the papers having meetings with long winded people and Cyrus having his usual temper tantrums."Fitz replied.

"It's a hard knock life for a president."Olivia joked.

"Remind me again why I wanted this job?"Fitz asked.

"Because inspite of what you were always told you are the best man for the Job."Olivia said.

"She's right Dad when you ran you weren't just saying things you believed the people wanted to hear you said it and followed through."Karen replied.

"That's because I am not going to make promises and break them this country needs a leader who stands by what he represents."Fitz said.

"And you do that well."Olivia replied.

"Thank you Liv."Fitz replied.

At the end of dinner they kissed Teddy goodnight gave Karen a hug and headed for their bedroom.

Olivia put her nightgown on and Fitz put his pajama bottoms on.

"Hey,penny for your thoughts?"Fitz asked.

"Oh,sorry I was just thinking about my lunch with The Aunts and Sydney."Olivia said.

"What about it?"Fitz asked.

"Nothing bad it was nice to sit back and just enjoy each other's company."Olivia replied.

"That's true."Fitz said.

"It was nice to not worry about a scandal for once."Olivia replied.

"I can imagine my mother loved to have many luncheon's especially with family."Fitz said.

"I can imagine."Olivia replied.

"She was truly opposite from Mellie and my father."Fitz said.

"Opposites still do attract."Olivia replied.

"Yes especially with us."Fitz said.

They fell asleep soundly.

The next morning when they woke and finished their morning routines kissing each other goodbye after breakfast and heading off to their offices.

"Good morning Liv."Abby greets.

"Good morning Abby."Olivia replied.

The team gathered in the conference room while the secret service took up their positions.

"So what's going on so far?"Olivia asked.

"The usual people have problems needing our special talents."Harrison replied.

"And your Uncles stopped by bringing some new equipment for us and you especially."Huck said.

"Alright I'll look at it."Olivia replied.

Olivia looked at the equipment pleased with everything she had managed to fix another scandal that threatened to topple another political career.

With another successful day behind her she couldn't wait to get back home and relax.

When she arrives at the residence she goes right to the closet pulling out Fitz Navy sweatshirt and some leggings takes a quick shower and heads down to dinner.

Olivia walked into the dining room kissing Fitz and Teddy giving Karen's shoulder a squeeze she sat down.

"How was your day Fiz?"Olivia asked

"You know the usual things that make Cyrus stress out."Fitz replied.

"Yes there is always something that does."Olivia said.

"It's just his nature."Fitz replied.

"I know it's a very stressful job we have."Olivia said.

"Don't I know it back in the Navy there were guys who would say that was stressful."Fitz replied.

"And they would not be lying there is a dangerous aspect to that job like there is with other dangerous jobs."Olivia said.

Olivia takes the remote to the stereo and Smokey Robinson begins to sing Cruisin.

Baby let's cruise, away from here
Don't be confused, the way is clear
And if you want it you got it forever
This is not a one night stand, baby, yeah so

Let the music take your mind, ooh
Just release and you will find

You're gonna fly away
Glad you're goin' my way
I love it when we're cruisin' together
The music is played for love
Cruisin' is made for love
I love it when we're cruisin' together

Baby tonight belongs to us
Every thing's right, do what you must
And inch by inch we get closer and closer
To every little part of each other ooh baby, yeah

So let the music take your mind
Just release and you will find

You're gonna fly away
Glad you're going my way
I love it when we're cruisin' together
The music is played for love
Cruisin' is made for love
I love it when we're cruisin' together

Cruise with me baby
Cruise, cruise

Baby let's cruise, let's flow, let's glide
Ooh let's open up, and go inside
And if you want it you got it forever
I can just stay there inside you
And love you baby

Let the music, take your mind
Just release and you will find

You're gonna fly away
Yeah, I'm glad you're going my way
I love it, when we're cruisin' together
The music is played for love
Cruisin' is made for love

I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it
I love it, when we're cruisin' together
The music is played for love

The music faded and Fitz and Olivia found themselves in their own personal paradise of the love they share.

As Fitz wrapped his arms around her holding her close it brought love and comfort to them both.