The Final Boss (Part 2)

Sunny Bay: Iris's house

At Iris's house, the Princesses were sitting in silence and gloom as they thought about their previous battle.

"We were completely useless! We were supposed to keep the Power Gems from the forces of evil, but we blew it!" Carissa ranted.

"And with our Power Gems, we also lost out elemental powers." Lyna said,

"Not only that, but Cabax took a lot of damage." Talia said.

"Uh, hey Talia, do you think maybe you can fix Cabax?" Auriana asked.

"Me?" Talia asked.

"Yeah, you can build robots, so maybe you can fix one as well." Iris said.

"Okay, I'll try." Talia said, and she began by inspecting the damage caused by Galactus.

Right before Talia could do anything, a holographic message of Cabax appeared.

"If you are seeing this message, I am most likely no longer with you." the message said. "I can tell you might be feeling down, but this isn't the time to grieve over me. When I first met the five of you, I had a feeling that you would be the ones who will defeat Galactus and protect the Power Gems. So please, keep doing what you've been doing all this time."

"Cabax, he believed that he could count on us." Iris said. "And I say we prove him right. I don't know how, but we've got to get the Power Gems back!"

"You're right. Count me in." Lyna said.

"We won't let Cabax's end be in vain." Carissa said.

"Let's find out where Galactus is with a spell." Auriana said.

The Princesses cast the Crystal Locatum spell, and a small, glowing, locator orb was created, which began heading for Galactus's location.

The Princesses got on Amaru in his pegasus form and began following the locator orb.

Sunny Bay: Forest

Amaru and the Princesses followed the locator orb to the forest, in which they spotted Galactus's ship.

"So that's where he is." Carissa said.

"Okay, so what's the plan?" Lyna asked.

"Well, I guess first we sneak aboard that ship." Talia replied, and she cast a spell to try to find an opening that could lead them inside. "I found an opening, up there."

Lyna used her Crystal Levitus spell to lift herself and her friends up to the opening.

The Princesses got into the opening just as the ship fired its engines and began ascending.

Outer space: Galactus's ship

Soon, the ship was back up in Earth's orbit, and the Princesses began looking around the ship.

"We have to find the Power Gems and get out of here." Iris said.

"But what about Galactus?" Auriana asked. "When he realizes the Power Gems are gone, he'll come back to Earth to take them again."

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there." Talia replied.

The Princesses continued looking around, but then, they encountered a group of Crushers.

The Crushers got their weapons ready as the Princesses changed into their magical dresses.

Using their magic, the Princesses overwhelmed the Crushers, but unfortunately, one Crusher managed to activate the intruder alarm.

A siren blared throughout the ship to signal the presence of intruders.

"This is bad." Lyna said.

"Quick, this way!" Iris said, and the Princesses ran into a hallway.

However, when they got to the end of the hallway, an elevator came down onto that floor, with Galactus inside.

"So you ignored my warning." Galactus said. "You won't be leaving this ship in good condition."

The Princesses moved in to attack, but Galactus created a flash of light to blind the Princesses.

"Where'd he go?" Carissa asked.

Galactus revealed himself from behind the Princesses and shot a stream of fire, which they barely managed to dodge.

Galactus spread ice on the floor to freeze the Princesses' feet, making them unable to move.

"He froze out feet!" Auriana said.

Galactus created a ball of electricity and slammed it into the floor, electrocuting the Princesses.

"This power is great, and who better to use them on other than my enemies!" Galactus said, and he called some Crushers to restrain the Princesses.

However, when the Crushers grabbed the Princesses, the Princesses managed to call on the strength to fight back.

"What?!" Galactus said.

The Princesses used a spell that restrained Galactus and the Crushers in crystal.

Auriana used the Ribbon of Volta to retrieve the Power Gems from Galactus.

"No!" The Power Gems!" Galactus said.

"Hurry, to the bridge!" Talks said. "I have an idea."

The Princesses arrived at the bridge, where the control panel for the ship was.

"Okay, here's what we'll do." Talia said. "We'll tamper with the ship's control so that it will self-destruct and hopefully take out Galactus in the process."

"Okay, let's do it!" Carissa said.

The Princesses tampered with the controls by smashing and busting it, causing the console to short-circuit and explode.

Then, the ship's machinery started to explode.

"This ship's gonna blow." Talia said. "We need to go, now."

"Wait, I found this: The Ancient Box." Iris said. "We should get rid of this first."

"Good call, Iris." Talia said, and the Princesses combined their powers to break the Ancient Box.

"That evil artifact is history!" Lyna said.

Then, the Princesses formed Crystal bubbles around themselves.

"And now for our way out." Talia said as she blasted a big hole in the wall.

The hole created a vacuum through which the Princesses were sucked through out into space.

Lyna used her magic to guide the bubbles down to Earth.

Earth: Forest

The Princesses landed gently in the forest close to Sunny Bay.

The Princesses got out of the bubbles and came together to reveal each of the 5 Power Gems that they got back from Galactus.

And then, as the Princesses looked up, they saw Galactus's ship explode in outer space.

"We did it. We really did it, didn't we?" Auriana asked, but then, Galactus came down to Earth, landing behind the Princesses.

"You think you've won? Think again!" Galactus said. "I will annihilate you right here and now, and then, the Power Gems will be mine again!"

"We'll see about that!" Iris said. "We won't let the Power fall into your evil hands again!"

The Power Gems glowed and enhanced the Princesses' magic.

Carissa slammed the Clubs of Calix into the ground, sending a wave of electrified crystals towards Galactus.

Iris transformed the Scepter of Ephedia into a laser-bladed sword and used it to send flying laser slashes at Galactus.

Lyna threw the Ring of Borealis into the air over Galactus, where it grew in size and sent down a tornado of crystal shards at Galactus.

Auriana used the Ribbon of Volta to grab Galactus by the wrist, and then lit the ribbon on fire to burn Galactus.

Talia slammed the Wand of Xeris into the ground, sending a wave of crystals and ice towards Galactus, freezing him in place.

"Impossible! What is this new power?!" Galactus asked.

"It's the power to defend what's right!" Talia said.

"It's time we finished this once and for all!" Iris said.

The Princesses began glowing and then, the Penta Power Beam and Crystal Quinta were shot into the sky.

The Princesses combined into the Unity Power Ball and flew up high into the sky.

The Penta Power Beam, Crystal Quinta, and the Unity Power Ball all came together to form a single, golden beam that came down to strike Galactus.

"This can't be! How could someone like me be defeated by the likes of you?!" Galactus asked as he exploded.

The Unity Power Ball then split back into the Princesses, who cheered at their victory.

"We did it!" Lyna said.

"Galactus is finished!" Auriana said.

"It was a difficult task, but we managed to pull it off." Carissa said.

Sunny Bay: Iris's house (Few days later)

The Princesses were back at the house, and Iris, Auriana, Lyna, and Carissa watched as Talia was working on Cabax.

"Okay, here we go." Talia said as she finished up her work.

As the Princesses watched hopefully, Cabax turned on and spoke.

"Huh? Where am I?" Cabax asked.

"Cabax!" the Princesses shouted in joy that their mentor was back.

"Wait! What about Galactus?" Cabax asked.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about him anymore." Lyna said.

"We saw your message, and we went to take care of him for good!" Carissa said.

"The Power Gems are safe now." Iris said.

"Thanks everyone, but now I'm afraid it's also goodbye." Cabax said.

"Wait, what?!" Auriana asked.

"Now that Galactus is gone, I can leave the Power Gems at a proper resting place." Cabax said.

"I see, so this is goodbye." Talia said.

"Yes, but I will miss you all." Cabax said.

"Us too." Iris said.

Sunny Bay: Forest (Few days later)

Cabax boarded his repaired spaceship, and inside, he secured the Power Gems and before the ship took off, he gave a friendly look to the Princesses, who returned the gesture.

And then, Cabax's ship took off, leaving the ground and eventually the Earth as the spaceship flew away towards the edge of space.

Back down on Earth, the Princesses discovered that Cabax had left them a parting gift.

"Our ball forms and the Unity Power Ball." Lyna said.

"Let's go into our ball forms." Auriana said, and the Princesses changed into their ball forms.

"Cabax, wherever you go, we'll always be thankful for everything you did for us." Iris said as she looked up at the sky.

The End