A/N: Watched Mulan tonight, because my sister and I were in a "Let's find slashy subtext in Disney movies!" mood. So of course Mulan HAD to be on the to-watch list. ^_~ Totally her fault this fic was written. Thank or flame her at your will.

Mmm, warnings . . . well, sort of pseudo-slashy, as it's dealing with the idea of Shang having feelings for Mulan when she is still Ping. Gender-bending is fun, and I'm sure you can deal with it.

Shang's POV.
"Memories of Forever"
I remember a night, where you told me that I was a great captain. When you stood there in the dusk and called it out to my back. I thought you were lying- but you weren't, because it was what you believed, even if it wasn't true.

I remember a morning, where I stepped outside of my tent and an arrow hit the earth at my feet. When I looked up, you were there: perched atop the pole that no other had mastered, weights slung casually over one shoulder and smile so very proud.

I remember the first time I saw you. When you looked at me, my first thought was, "Lovely." Then you opened your trap and made a fool of yourself, and I forgot.

But now I remember. And I remember thinking, "what a waste." Because you were so lovely, yet seemed to have nothing behind that fair face.

I remember an evening, where I sent you home. You didn't go. I remember how I felt when I found out.

But let's pretend that I don't. Let's pretend that I don't look at you all the time, and that I've never caught you looking back.

It is enough to remember. To remember:

How beautiful your face is.

How beguiling your eyes are.

The way you laugh.

The way you look at me.

To always, always remember you: the soldier with no skill to speak of, barely competent but with just the briefest hints of a mind like a knife behind those lovely eyes, who brought an army to destruction with one shot, a general to death with one sword, and a captain to his knees with one smile.

And always, to remember that priceless day when you sat up in that tent and looked at me with what I was sure were your bedroom eyes, nothing but bandages keeping your modesty. The day I saw you in war; the day I saw you do with a slipper what most men wouldn't have done with a brick.

I remember the day I returned your helmet. And I remember what I thought when you smiled at me.

Dinner would be great, but . . .

Yes, I think I really would prefer "forever."

It's already been one anyway.
* ende *
. : love me now, or love me never; but if you love me now, love me forever : .