This is a oneshot I wrote a few weeks ago, I haven't read it through, but I hope you enjoy.


At first, he had not noticed anything different. After all, he had known what would happen and how it would end and expected that it would not affect him in the slightest.

It never did.

Not that he had been with an outrageous number of women, but Itachi Uchiha was well aware that he had been with a fair share of different women. And he had never been the one to pursue a woman. She would find him attractive, seek his attention and he would asses her in his own particular way, before deciding if she could share his bed.

He had refused many women and he knew that he was entitled to do just that, because of who he was, how he looked and how the woman acted. He would never repeatedly seek a woman out, if she wanted him for more than one night, she would show it. They almost always did. And that was not because of who he was as a person or how good he was towards the woman for the night.


It was because his name was Itachi Uchiha they would seek him out again, try again. Gain favor. Behave in an unladylike manner to simply get closer to his name, and not him.

Through the years he had grown accustomed to it, learnt how to use it to his advantage, since that was only fair. They wanted something from him, which they were prepared to give so much for, but they were never enough, because they never saw him for whom he was.

He had often seen how a woman would change right in front of him when he introduced himself. Sometimes so much so, he would leave right after a simple introduction.

When he was a child, he had grown isolated, because many children often asked him why their parents wanted them to be friends with him. He had his cousin, his brother and one other friend, who had stuck with him.

As a way to escape the children who did not understand him and did not want to be his real friends, he studied hard instead.

He went to university when he was fourteen, after his father pulled some strings and it was there he made his first friend. A tall guy had approached him on his first day and told him the university campus was off limits for kids.

Itachi had ignored him and just showed his student ID while walking away. Only two days after, he found out that the guy was persistent. Many questions followed him every day, many rumors, and many complaints.

The most common thing he heard was that it was sad how he would fail all exams, unless his 'daddy' could bribe his way through. It had been hard and Itachi had considered taking an off campus education instead of going to classes every day.

When he was running out of patience after a month, he was about to let his cool and collected exterior crumble and snap at an older student. The student had commented on how he must have had the most luxurious childhood and it had made Itachi freeze. It was the last straw.

He could easily have taken the guy, even if there was a big age difference. Being the heir to Uchiha Security meant he had to know just how their people were trained. Since Itachi had been able to walk, he had been able to fight. He just disliked using physical violence.

In the moment he turned and was ready to act, something strange happened. The guy, who had tried to talk to him since his first day, had the obnoxious student in a tight hold around the neck.

"I think you should shut up before the kid kicks your ass, don't you know anything? Fight him and you're done. Challenge his intelligence and you're done" the words he had spoken had made Itachi so confused. Someone was speaking up for him, and without him demanding something beforehand like kids did when he was younger. They would play with him, but only because he had the cool toys.

Itachi had offered nothing to this student and yet he had stood up for him.

"Hoshigaki-san, it would be wise of you to release him" Itachi said, noting the one who was being choked seemed to be getting weaker and had trouble stranding up. The tall student with the dark blue hair released his victim and scoffed "I have no idea how you even got into this school if you can't think for yourself" he said, then turning to Itachi "come on kid, I know this great sushi place where we can get lunch"

Since then, Itachi had never gotten a new friend, but he had not cared much about it as he grew older.

He could trust his brother, his cousin and Kisame to be all he needed. But now, he was aware that something was wrong. It disturbed him immensely that he could not figure out just what it was that had him unnerved.


"Ni-san, come on, why are you staring at that?" the voice brought him back to his current situation. His brother was standing besides him, looking very annoyed and a little confused. Itachi tore his eyes away from the wallet he had been looking at in the shop window and looked to his brother.

"Let's go Sasuke, mother is expecting us" he said and started walking, but stopped when Sasuke did not follow. A silent moment between the two brothers and intense eye contact was all it took.

"I can't take this anymore" he said to Itachi, giving him a glare. Raising his eyebrow, he knew his brother would get the unasked question. "You have been looking at pink stuff for the last month." The words rung in his ears, as they were spoken, and settled deep within him.

Sasuke was right.

His brother had seen what he had not, what he had subconsciously done since he got back from his trip to Washington. And now that he had a timeline and an idea of what was going on, Itachi quickly sorted the problem out in his head.


That girl.

"Ni-san, please tell me it's a gift for mom or another girl, you're trying to find" Itachi ignored his brothers' plea and walked towards his car in long strides. "Itachi!" Sasuke shouted, running after him and managed to get into the black car before Itachi drove off on his own.

After five minutes in the car, Itachi finally looked at his younger brother, poked his forehead and said "It's nothing you need to concern yourself with, Sasuke"


Itachi looked at the liquid in his class before bringing it to his lips and exhaling in pleasure. The whiskey had been a gift and with how the day had gone, Itachi had not held himself back from opening the expensive bottle.

Looking out into the night sky, he wondered which city she was in. Was she was still in Washington or had she moved back home to Kyoto? He knew he could find her if he really wanted to. Even at twenty-five, he was running some of the major branches of the family company and he knew that if he tried really hard, he could find her fingerprints.

Wondering why he was so set on seeing her in everything he saw that was pink, he considered the possibility of ordering someone to check the elevator in the hotel and in the room they had been in, to find her fingerprints. Maybe even some DNA.

It would be simpler to call the hotel and ask them to send the security footage, but if he wanted those, he would have to use his name and his power. It could tip off his father, and Itachi did not want the man to think he was stalking a girl who was his brothers' age.

Taking another sip of the delicious liquid, he closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

Thinking about what had transpired a month ago in another country, he thought of how she had moaned under him and how her green eyes had been so complex he had had a hard time looking away from them, even though her body had been so tempting.

Getting up from the chair, he felt himself grow slightly aroused by just the thought of her and bit his lip. Maybe he would find another woman tomorrow to take care of his tension. He had not been with anyone since the girl with the green eyes had made herself so strangely interesting.

Remembering their meeting, he felt himself smile a little. It had been strange, unlike him to do such a thing, but it had been worth it.


Itachi was tired, more so than usually and he wanted to went his anger on someone. It had almost frightened the waiter when he had ordered, but now something else was annoying him.

The girl sitting at the table in front of him in the café was using Skype to talk to her friend. What had caught his attention at first, was the color of the girls' hair, then the distinctive Asian features and then the fact that her and her friend were conversing in Japanese.

He could understand how she had a false illusion of being able to talk freely in her own language, and she did have a nice voice to listen too. Her friend on the other hand, was annoying.

He had sat down after her, but the waiter had gotten to him first, clearly because of his looks. However, his demeanor and glare had quickly given her the correct message about him not wanting to have anything further to do with her than bringing him coffee.

When the waiter reached the girl, he wondered for a second if she would have trouble with ordering, since Japanese was clearly her first language, but she had given her order in perfect English and Itachi had been a little impressed. It was hard to get rid of the last shreds of accent he had, but he had done it and it appeared she had too.

Itachi knew it was improper to listen in on the conversation, but he had nothing else to take his mind of the horrible meeting and told himself he would just observe.

"Girl, we have had this talk, you need to get out more. Go crazy! I know you miss us and we miss you too, but don't close yourself off to your colleagues" The blonde on the screen chided her friend, and Itachi mused over the different possibilities of what the original subject had started on.

"Pig," the girl in the café started to say and Itachi covered his mouth in a fluid motion to cover the small smirk. Interesting nickname.

"I'm not closing them off, they are just all so incompetent. Just because I'm the youngest they think they can boss me around. Meaning I have to do tedious tasks that some of them can't even do on their own" Her voice was filled with resentment and Itachi sent her a thought of agreement. Seems like he was not the only one who was having a bad day.

"Forehead girl, relax. This just means you will be promoted much sooner than any of them" a new nickname, this one was for the girl he could only see the back of and he had no idea of why she had such a nickname.

"Yeah, I hope they will send me back to Tokyo, then I can spend time with you guys again" her voice was low, but he still heard every word. It was clear to him that she was feeling homesick and he had to admit he understood how she felt.

Wondering how such a young girl had landed a job in Washington, Itachi took a sip of his coffee and then almost spit it out again. The girl had gotten up to get a napkin and he saw her face.

Pale, flawless skin, strangely captivating green eyes, rosy lips and… Itachi almost had a visible reaction when he noticed it now. Her hair was a soft pink, which he had all along thought to be dyed. Now that she passed closely by him, he saw that her eyebrows, eyelashes and even the small hairs on the arm had taints of pink in them.

Something so unusual was dangerous, because he knew that he was a curious man.

When the girl sat down again, she turned her screen and he could no longer see the blonde girl, but he could still hear her next words.

"I'm telling you, stop missing us so much and live. Talk to a stranger in public, find a man, just do something. If I find out you went home after this, I'm not going to visit you next week" the words were harsh, but Itachi could see the logic in the words. Of course, he was not one to judge others for keeping to themselves, as he himself did just that.

"Whatever pig, say hello to Naruto and Shikamaru when you see them" he knew she was trying to hide it, but the girl was sad. He could hear it in her voice and as the two friends said their goodbyes, he wondered again what had brought her all the way to this particular café.

Emptying his cup and paying the waiter, Itachi got up, but as he did so, the girl closed her laptop and put her head on top of it.

Normally, he would consider the action childish, but he wondered if he should say something. The chance was she would find him creepy for listening in.

Turning back to the waiter, Itachi made up his mind, he would be a generous stranger. "I'll pay for what she is having" he said, handing a twenty dollar bill to the waiter who now looked amused and not frightened of him. "Of course sir, that will be eight dollars" he turned away "keep the change" and walked out.

Itachi walked in thought about the girl, and managed to walk a few feet, before someone tapped him on the shoulder. He shook the hand away and frowned, it was a wonder people did not get the idea from his face that he was not having a good day.

About to say something, Itachi turned to see who was disturbing him and suddenly he had no words to say.

Her small sheepish smile, her green eyes and her pink hair. It was the girl from before.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but you forgot your phone in the café, I was leaving right after you and saw it," she said in English, handing him the black leather case he knew held his phone.

A feeling close to embarrassment rose up within him as he took the phone, from her small hands. He had no words for her and he could see she was starting to feel awkward, which was why she took a step back and said. "Well have a good day, and thank you for the coffee. It was a nice gesture" she mumbled in English and the smile she gave him was enough for him to make his decision.

Someone so exotic looking was hard to come across and now that they had made contact, he saw no further need to hold back.

As she was turning to leave, he made up his mind and softly took a hold of her arm. "I can be your stranger for the day" he said in a calm voice he knew was something most women found attractive. As he said it, he saw her pale skin flush with pink and he knew exactly why. She had seen him sitting behind her and now that she heard him speak Japanese, she knew he had overheard everything.

Stepping to the side so that people could pass them easier, Itachi waited for a response. He knew it was a foolish thing to offer her, but he wanted to forget the meeting where his assistant had messed up his papers and delayed the entire thing. She would offer a welcome distraction if she were to agree.

The girl in front of him looked so shocked he was starting to get irritated, but after a few more seconds, she managed to say, "Uhm, I don't know you" her age and her steady job proved her to be a competent woman, but the words were stupid and it made Itachi smirk.

"That it why it is called meeting someone new" her blush deepened at his words and she softly shook her head. "Sorry" she muttered and looked down nervously. "I'm not very good at talking to strangers" it was weird how he felt he needed to convince her, when he had never in his life had to convince a woman before.

"You are talking to one right now" as he spoke and she looked up, he knew she was going to agree, something in her emerald eyes told him before she even spoke. "Okay then, can I get your name?" the question would under all other circumstances have been answered by him, but he saw the glint in her eye and chose to say instead, "Then I would no longer be a stranger" the younger woman huffed at his words and looked irritated for a second, before nodding. "No names, and just for today?" her proposition was good and he nodded, gesturing to her to walk alongside him down the road.

Feeling he needed to take the lead, as he was clearly older and the one who had offered her companionship for a day, he asked, "Have you had lunch yet?"


And she had not had lunch, which led to her showing him a small Japanese place she knew. She told him about how she went there when she missed her home and how she was from Kyoto but had studied in Tokyo.

He answered her questions and sometimes inquired for a detail, but she got the idea that he was not the most talkative person and seemed to understand.

As the lunch progressed, it became clear to Itachi that while he had considered it to be obvious there was a sexual undertone in his offer from earlier she had not. And somehow, it did not bother him.

Her smile and her company was enough and it was refreshing that she did not throw herself at him. It made him see her in a more innocent light than he saw most women in.

Itachi learned she was five year younger, the same age as his brother, who he mentioned to her and she laughed when he told her about his brothers' attempts to beat him in material arts when he was only three and Itachi was eight.

After they had shared a comfortable lunch, which Itachi said he was paying for and there would be no objections, she offered to show him around. He took her up on the offer and as they walked through the busy city, he shared the event from earlier in the day that had aggravated him. She had frowned and Itachi noticed there was something almost attractive about her frown, but chose to stay silent.

She then told him about her work, how she was in the legal department for a company he did not get the name of, and how she knew seniority was important, but not so much so that it should all be dumped on her.

They found companionship in their shared discomfort with people who did not do their work properly and Itachi had to reassess his evaluation of her several times through the day.

When it became time for dinner, he said he would choose the place and brought her somewhere nice. He had been planning to go there on his own, but now he found it was better with company who could actually string intelligent words together and form a sentence.

The girl had stopped outside and protested, saying it was too expensive, but Itachi choose to ignore her words and took her hand as he almost forced her to follow.

She had looked so uncomfortable with the menu that he took it from her "are you a vegetarian?" he asked and she shook her head. "Good, I'll order for both of us" and that was just what Itachi did. He also selected different kinds of wine and she hissed at him when the waiter left their table to get the wine.

"I'm not twenty-one yet" her voice was filled with nervousness and he again realized she was younger than him. It had slipped his mind a few times, since she did not act like the average girl her age.

"Have you had alcohol before?" he asked, she nodded "do you know your limit?" she nodded again and he gave her a small smirk that brought a feeling of satisfaction up within him, because she had blushed.

"Then I wont tell if you wont" and knowing the waiter, he would not ask Itachi for his ID, because he knew many waiters in different countries had trouble telling the ages of Asian people and could end up asking someone much older than him, if they were underage. Plus he had the money to pay for it and knew that at these upscale places that was what was most important.


Three courses of food with his selection of wine had both of them in a good mood and it made him more comfortable with her, when she clearly knew a little about wine.

When they left he could feel the warm tingle of alcohol, but he could see she was a bit more affected. Not that she was drunk, but her giggle told him she was tipsy at least.

Walking all the way back to his hotel with her at his side made him very aware of the fact that he did not know who she was, and then again still felt he knew her. Before they got to his hotel, she stopped and pointed to the underground and said, "It will be easier for me to go down here and take the train" and her voice was filled with confusion, as if she realized the same thing as he had just done.

"No, I will get a car for you at the hotel. You have been drinking" he did not want her to go home tipsy when he would never know if she made it home. It would make him feel better to at least know she had gotten home safely.

In only one day, the girl had learnt it was not easy to refuse Itachi when he had made up his mind, so she nodded and followed him. When he could see the hotel, he became very aware of how close she was and that she had linked her arm with his.

At the entrance, he asked the valet to call a car for her and waited with her. When it finally arrived, she looked at him with large eyes "I guess this is goodbye, mister stranger" her voice was strange and Itachi slowly drew her in and bent his head so their lips were mere inches apart, wanting to see if she pulled away. Her pink eyelashes fluttered before they slowly closed and it was enough for him.

Itachi had rarely gotten so much out of a kiss, as he did when their lips met. Hers were soft and tasted of a little of wine and something else could not place. It was a delicious combination and he wanted to deepen the kiss, but he remembered they were still in a public place.

Slowly letting her lips go, he kept her close and whispered, "do you want to go home?" his question registered in her and her eyes widened as she breathed out against his mouth.

Itachi was about to regret his words and pull away, when he felt her hand grip his arm a little tighter. As she exhaled again, the word "no" came out. Softly moving his hands up to cup her face and look into her eyes, she answered him before he could ask "I'm sure" her words were barely a whisper, nonetheless, Itachi smiled softly and closed the space between their lips again, moving one hand to her hair and feeling how soft it was. Her lips followed his movements and he knew he had to stop himself again.

Taking her hand, he led her past the entrance, paying the valet and telling him they would not need the car.

When the elevator doors closed and they were alone, Itachi turned on her, cupping her face again and bringing his lips down to meet hers. He pushed her up against the back, moving one hand to her hip to hold her even closer. The movement made her release a small moan that lit in fire in him. A desire like this was not something he had felt many times before and as he nibbled on her bottom lip, he knew there was little chance he would be able to stop himself should they take it any further.

The elevator opened and Itachi was pleased by their uninterrupted trip to the correct floor. Reaching his room, he quickly opened it and was surprised by how quickly she closed the door behind them and sought him out again.

She was of small stature, which made it easy for him to pick her up and take her through the small sitting room towards the bedroom. It was a suite in a nice hotel and the bed would serve him well for the evening.

Gently releasing her on the bed, helping her get her jacket off, he took his own off and pushed her down on the bed while moving his lips to her neck. The action drew another moan from her and he felt himself grown more aroused from just the simple sound.

Itachi paused his actions to look at her face and into her amazing green eyes. "Tell me when to stop," he whispered, letting his hand move over her stomach, lifting up her shirt in the proses. She helped take it off and started unbuttoning his shirt, which she was making fast work of and he quickly disposed of the unwanted clothing.

Underneath him, she was panting as he cupped her breast, while opening the zipper in her skirt with his other hand. Dragging it down her legs, he caressed her thighs as he made his way back up. She bit her lip when he grazed her panty line and the sight did many things to him, which he could not describe.

Kissing her collarbone, he whispered again "tell me when to stop" and her hand lifted his chin up where she met him in a kiss. Her eyes told him how much she wanted him, but the words "don't stop" made him let go of all restraint he had left.

Itachi knew by the way she acted that she was not a virgin, but she was not experienced either, which made it different for him and in a way more fun. He guided her hands, whispered to her, asked what she wanted and where she wanted to be touched.

When he finally had her naked beneath him, he took a long time to make her ready, wanting her to moan more and louder. As he used his fingers to pleasure her, he kissed her breasts and nibbled lightly on the perfect skin, leaving marks on her. The reaction he got was almost better than the act itself and the moan she tried to hold back when he hit the right spot inside of her, cut his idea of taking it slow a little shorter.

As he entered her, he buried his face in the crook of her neck, breathing out heavily of the pure pleasure he felt, he forced himself not to move. He could see it even though she tried to hide it that she felt some pain and he wanted her to get adjusted to him, in case it could hurt her too much.

Kissing her neck and leaving a small mark on her collar bone, he moved back to her lips and used his hand to caress her side, moving up to her breast, slowly massaging as he tried to make her feel more pleasure.

"Move" she breathed out against his lips before kissing him again, this time biting his lips, seeking entrance on her own. The action was bolder and he knew as he moved slowly out and then back into her, that even though she was inexperienced, this was far better than what he usually got.

When he hit the right spot again, her nails dug into his back and he hissed in pleasure moving back to focus his hand on her breast.

The girl beneath him started to match his movements and it made it hard for him to hold himself much longer. Both started to move faster as he felt his own release grow close. A few seconds before he came, she released one of the most delicious moans he had ever heard from the opposite sex and bit down hard on her lip, almost drawing blood. She had climaxed right before him and at the sight he let himself go.

Both panting and out of breath, he moved to lay beside her, holding her close while he felt himself grow tired. She moved around a little to get comfortable and kissed his chin softly, before closing her eyes.

It did not take long for her to fall asleep, but as she did, Itachi watched her and wondered just how they ended up like that after only ten hours together. He decided that in the morning, he would ask for her name and give his.

With that thought in mind, he drifted off, more comfortable than he had been in the same hotel room the night before.


Picking up the glass, Itachi drank the last whisky and went to the kitchen. She had left that morning without him noticing and left a note, which he still had in his wallet. Taking it out of his coat, he looked at it again, glaring at the small piece of paper.

"I wish we could have been more than strangers"

The words were clear and they still bothered him. If she had really wanted that, why did she leave?

That thought had caused him to have questions, and no one to answer them.


It had been two more weeks and Itachi was bothered. After his brother had pointed out the clear interest he took in pink things, he had not been able to get her out of his head. She was probably still in Washington and had just kept the memory as something irresponsible she had done.

The phone she had once given back to him vibrated on his desk, meaning he had gotten a text. Kisame had texted that he and Shisui would be waiting at the bar they usually drank at. Realizing the time, Itachi took his jacket and left the office, he needed a drink anyways.


"Seriously, what has been going on with you?" Kisame asked and Shisui sniggered "Itachi, you need a woman, you threw out the one from last week before you even got to do her" the words were crude but true, and Itachi knew he had not thrown the woman out for the same reasons he told his cousin.

"Look at that, she's probably more than willing" Kisame said, gesturing to a blonde woman who had her back to them when Itachi looked up. Her figure was alluring, but did not tempt him enough. Then he heard her speak into the phone and he stiffened, he knew that voice from somewhere.

"I swear to god Naruto, just be here in less than five minutes, I have a table ready. Shikamaru and Kiba are already here" her voice was shrill, annoying and those names… He looked at her again and he was not sure if it was her, as the chance was minimal, and he had seen her from a distance and on a screen.

"Interested?" Kisame asked, smirking at the thought of him finally picking out a girl the Uchiha would have nothing to say against.

Itachi shook his head, but could not look away from the table where the woman had now sat down. She looked to be the correct age and he wanted to ask her, but what would he say?

"Do you have a friend with pink hair that calls you pig?"

No, he could not ask her like that.

"Why are you staring so intensely at them?" Shisui asked, looking a little worried about his cousins' sudden behavior. Itachi shrugged and looked around. It was an expensive place and as he remembered it, she had told him she had only gone out such places on very special occasions.

A blonde boy in a suit quickly made his way towards the table "Sorry I'm late, Hinata called" he told the others, who nodded, but Itachi wondered whom they were waiting for more, as they were all turned towards the doors.

Shaking his head, while looking away and telling himself to stop thinking and try not to go crazy, he heard Shisui whistle lowly.

"Now that hair is what I call a fashion statement" at those words, Itachi controlled himself to just look up slowly and follow his cousins' gaze.

If it had not been for her hair and her eyes, he was almost not sure if he would have recognized her. She was walking in high heels that made her legs look even better than he had thought possible and the beige dress she wore was enough to make him forget how to breathe for a second.

"I call dibs" his cousin said, smirking at Itachi who finally tore his eyes away from the girl to look at his cousin and an idea appeared in his mind, while it was also a way fro him to talk to her without giving it away that he knew her. He did not know if she would be comfortable with him showing up while she was with her friends and was finally back in Tokyo.

"If her hair is natural, she's mine, if not, you can have her," Itachi said, hiding his smirk by drinking. The others laughed, "fine by me, means I get the girl tonight"

Kisame laughed, "How are you going to find out?" and that gave Itachi his way, "I'll ask" and with that he stood up and moved towards her table where she had just sat down.

When he reached the table, they all looked up at him, but he was only looking at her and when she turned to face him, her eyes grew wide and her face looked shocked.

"Excuse me, but we were wondering at our table if we could get an answer to a question" he said, not breaking eye contact the blonde girl looked between him and the pink haired girl "We are actually celebrating our friends' birthday, make it quick" the boy with shaggy brown hair said.

Realizing just whose birthday it was, he tried to hide the smile but he could feel his lips twitching. "We were wondering if your hair color is natural, ms…" he trailed off, wanting someone to say her name and she did.

Her voice was soft as she looked him in the eyes and said "my name is Sakura Haruno, and yes it is natural" she looked confused because she knew just how much of her body he had seen and that there was no question it was natural.

"Thank you, it seems I was correct" he nodded to the table.

"Have a great evening" and he turned to walk away, forcing himself to look away from the girl who had haunted him for weeks. The girl named Sakura.

"Wait!" she called out and got up from her seat, quickly closing the distance "I never got your name" she muttered shyly, ignoring the weird looks her friends were giving her. "Depends on if you want to get to know me" he said with a smirk, trying to keep the calm façade up.

She smiled "I already know you" her eyes showed she still knew how to play their little game and he leaned towards her, whispering in her ear "Well, Sakura Haruno, my name is Itachi Uchiha" he felt her cheeks heat up at how close he was and as he slowly drew back, her eyes revealed her feelings to him yet again. She had missed him and she was happy.

Not letting her get away, he slowly bent down and gave her a soft kiss "Happy Birthday" he said and caressed her bare arm.

"I'll be waiting till your little party is over" he continued and slowly turned her to pull out her chair, ignoring her friends completely.

"I'll see you later then, Itachi" he nodded at those words, turning to leave, feeling much lighter than he had done in weeks.

Taking his seat back, he did not say anything to his two friends as both continued to stare at him, confused by the scene they had just witnessed.

"So… I am guessing you already know her?" Kisame asked after a minute of silence and Itachi turned his eyes towards Shisui "Yes, and I know for a fact that her hair color is natural"


They met again. Yay.

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